Dolphin Dialogue_ December 2011 - Toms River Regional Schools by pengxuebo


									                  Dolphin Dialogue
     Volume 4, Issue 2                                                                            December, 2011

                         Principal’s Message                                                      Inside This Issue
Dear Parents and Guardians,
                                                                                                Principal’s Message       1
We are now into the hustle and bustle of the season. The holidays are approaching quickly
and the anticipation and work will seem to last an eternity compared to the holidays            Dates to Remember         1
themselves. As the excitement for the holidays build, we know that our students will
continue to work hard throughout the second marking period.
                                                                                                Parent’s Guide to Halt-
In the spirit of the season, I would like to recognize and commend our students, parents, and   ing Cyber Bullying
staff for their efforts in giving back to our local community. The TRIN family has shown its
caring and compassionate nature through our successful food, coat and toy drives. There is      Students of the Month
nothing more gratifying than to watch our students develop into responsible, giving citizens    September, October,       3
of our community who remember those in need.                                                    and November

I would like to thank the students, parents, and staff members who helped make the PTO Gift     High Honor Roll 1st MP    4-5
Auction, “Welcome to the Neighborhood” a wonderful success. It was an exciting night and a
great time to spend together as TRIN’s school community.                                        Honor Roll 1st MP         6-7
Our winter concerts are upon us and the School Musical, Willy Wonka, Jr. is just around the
corner. Please mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Our winter sports have just       Student Council News      8
gotten under way as well. We hope to see you at a game!
                                                                                                School Play               8
Thank you for your continued support and involvement in your child’s education here at TRIN.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. On behalf     Sports News               9
of the entire TRIN staff, I wish you warm thoughts and best wishes for you and your family
during this holiday season and throughout the New Year.                                         What’s Happening at       10-
                                                                                                TRIN                      11
Always my best,
Lynn M. Fronzak                                                                                 Band News                 12

                                 Dates to Remember                                                Lynn M. Fronzak
    ♦    December - 15 - Band & Orchestra Winter Concert—7:00 PM                                          Principal
                    26 to 30 - Closed for Winter Recess
                                                                                                   Janine M. Lange
    ♦    January - 1 & 2 - Closed                                                                   Assistant Principal
                   3 - Reopens
                   11 - Winter Vocal Concert—7:00 PM                                                  John Oberti
                   16 - Closed for Martin Luther King Day                                           Assistant Principal
                   20 - 8th Grade Dance—6:30-8:30PM
                   26 - End of 2nd Marking Period                                                   John Coleman
                                                                                                  Supervisor of Student
    ♦    February - 3 & 4 - School Play
                    9 - Science Fair
                    17 & 20 - Closed for Presidents’ Weekend                                       Intermediate Level

    Halting Cyber Bullying: A Parental Guide
The Ocean County Human Relations Commission will present “Cyber bullying: What You
Need to Know as a Parent” Thursday Dec. 8 at 6:30 p.m. in Ocean County Library’s Mancini
Hall at the Toms River branch, 101 Washington St.

The program will feature the movie “Sticks and Stones.”

The movie examines the dangers and consequences of cyber bullying through the
experiences of a young man who is taunted by a bully and abandoned by his
friends. “Sticks and Stones” looks at several relevant issues that face today’s teens that are
of concern to parents, particularly regarding the dangers of Internet bullying, harassment,
peer pressure, the role of the bystander, hate speech and suicide.

Detective James Hill, High Tech Crime Unit Supervisor in the Ocean County Prosecutor’s
Office, will introduce the movie and offer suggestions for how parents can help their
children to deal with the dangers inherent in online communications.

Tom Mongelli, Shore News Bureau Chief for Townsquare Media, will be the emcee for the
program and facilitate a discussion with the audience after the movie is shown.

Anthony Pierro, Supervising Assistant Prosecutor in the Juvenile Justice Division, will
explain the new anti-bullying laws in New Jersey.

The presentation is free and designed for parents, teachers and other interested
adults. Because of the sensitive nature of the film, anyone under the age of 18 will not be

Registration for the program begins Nov. 10
and can be made by contacting the library
operator at (732) 349-6200 or (609) 971-0514,
or online at .

Continuing education credits are available.

The presentation is co-sponsored by the Ocean
County Library, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s
Office, Jersey Shore PFLAG, and the Ocean
County College Office of Multicultural Services.

                             September, 2011
 611    Georgia braun          711    MARK BAKER           811    vittoria tsaptsinos
 612    DONALD KROBATSCH       712    MICHAEL MARA         812    Theresa abapo
 613    SAMANTHA TESTA         713    KYLE NAVALANCE       813    frances sunga
 614    EMILIO EMNACE          714    JACLYN EMM           814    victor flores
 621    Thomas spiwak          721    shymira reeves       821    Rebecca Dodgson
 622    amy woodruff           722    Julia flatly         822    kaitlyn abdilla
 623    DANIKA IBARROLA        723    Julia mazza          823    jesal bhatt
 624    JACK BEIRO             724    jared small          824    garnet Clarke
 631    brett Schneider        731    MICHAEL GUTHNECK     831    Kevin rochette
 632    Kayla mCcann           732    Jamaal Williams      832    THEA McLEOD
 633    Elijah pirl            733    nikolas lattanzio    833    jared Quesada
 634    mark mogarte           734    Michael ricciardi    834    Andrew foti
 641    dante fernandes        741    Dylan peters         841    anna degisi
 642    alesondra nicol        742    jaida fields         842    JUSTINE FARRELL
 651    Victoria kaufman       743    Kenneth faber        843    lana kaykov
 652    cesar luna             744    JENNA STRAGAPEDE     844    GIANNA FLORIA
 653    jack vuyovich          751    nick craig           851    decoishia bromell
 654    EDWARD BRAGG           752    nora mosqueda        852    david geller
                                                           86     matthew voelbel

                              October, 2011
611    SAMANTHA MILLEMANN     711    sarah callazzo       811    dennis dugan
612    CHRISTOPHER KONTER     712    Victoria solly       812    Victoria gilham
613    MICHAEL KLOCK          713    grace duryea         813    GARRETT ROSENBOOM
614    Madison desmond        714    colin lerner         814    NAOMI ALTENBURG
621    riley Kennett          721    JAMES CAULDWELL      821    ryan wall
622    NICHOLAS PETRUCELLI    722    Marianne molloy      822    Andrew jeans
623    KEVIN HUYNH            723    george psaradakis    823    darius martinez
624    MAGGIE REED            724    Gabrielle puleo      824    jorden Vasquez
631    charmi patel           731    Noelle debiase       831    Amanda schron
632    Shannon healy          732    abagail Lorenzo      832    Jacob geller
633    Christopher lupo       733    BRIANA DIPPOLD       833    ZIAJAH WARDELL
634    leena domadia          734    alexa rozell         834    ALEXA RAMLALL
641    joseph romangnuolo     741    Amanda romano        841    HANNA FERNANDEZ
642    Jessica velasquez      742    liana rotem          842    KORY KOCH
651    Daniel Schreiber       743    martin west          843    Daniel smoke
652    casey Finnegan         744    Justin Farley        844    carlo blaquera
653    EVELINA ADAMCZYK       751    Rebecca newell       851    Andrew geller
654    ZOE FRIEDMAN           752    jamaurio mCmillian   852    JOHN LITTERIO

                             November, 2011
611    Caitlyn townsend       711    kaitlyn dawson       811    andrea pontrelli
612    Mackenzie morgan       712    Christopher cancel   812    Jessica craft
613    maha khan              713    jose Dejesus         813    alyson suchodolski
614    Erica hetrick          714    evelyn velazquez     814    alba velazquez
621    jerry cheng            721    jade hughes          821    kaitlyn o’connor
622    allaina leo            722    Samantha gorlick     822    jenna rudd
623    bryan Schlesinger      723    Madelyn dechicchio   823    jean marie lomer
624    HAYLEY SAMUEL          724    Benjamin arroyo      824    sarah barnable
631    Abraham fragoso        731    SKYLER RINALDO       831    timothy Petersen
632    Dylan zupan            732    Mitchell reed        832    thalia Santana
633    Natalie dragos         733    raekwon bromell      833    ANMOLJIT KAUR
634    Alicia winters         734    Tristan Willard      834    mary-angelique
641    Xavier benson          741    Athena petrizzo             tresvalles
642    Christopher mancini    742    Jennifer miles       841    HYRUM LOWER
651    jenna royson           743    amy lazarus          842    ZACHARY HICKEY
652    SHAWN VERSAGE          744    esiah santamaria     843    taylor Burgoyne
653    ryan dineen            751    Salvatore cagnina    844    trisha livera
654    ANTHONY URSO           752    IMANI CLARKE         851    Mackenzie walsh
                                                          852    Anthony lucas

                                     Grade 6 — 1st Marking Period
Adamczyk, Evelina   De La Torre,          Hirschy, Alyssa       McCann, Kayla       Rosal, Brianna       Ullmann, Gabrielle
Alfonso, Lazaro      Kimberly             Hynoski, Catherine    McGowan, Karly      Ross, Joshua         Urbanski, Thomas
Armstrong,          Delaune, Casey        Ibarrola, Danika      McHugh, Kaylyn      Royson, Jenna        Varga, Donovan
 Jonathan           DeLucia, Matthew      Jarman, Vanessa       Menack, Zachary     Salas, Spencer       Versage, Shawn
Azarcon, Roven      Desmond,              Karu, Elizabeth       Merlino, John       Salera, William      Vogel, Jonathan
Berroa, Isaac        Madison              Katz, Jared           Merlo, Michael      Sales, Khyla         Vuyovich, Jack
Bhandari, Vineet    Dineen, Ryan          Kaufman, Victoria     Mine, Christopher   Samuel, Hayley       Wanamaker,
Bischoff, Megan     Domadia, Leena        Kellerman, Derek      Mogarte, Mark       Sandler, Jacob        Samantha
Bontempo, Shea      Emnace, Emilio        Kelley, Stephen       Morton, Logan       Schille, Stephanie   West, Jared
Bragg, Edward       Everett, Nicole       Kennett, Riley        Murphy, Lauren      Schreiber, Daniel    Wilhelm, Melissa
Braun, Georgia      Finnegan, Casey       Khan, Maha            Onni, Emily         Scro, Olivia         Wilkin, Jayani
Briggs, Ian         Flavin, Tara          Klock, Michael        Ortiz, Lauren       Semanchick,          Williams, Isabella
Buell, Kelli        Fleury, Allison       Konter,               Pardes, Andrew       Rachel              Woodruff, Amy
Burke, Derek        Friedman, Zoe           Christopher         Patel, Charmi       Shapiro, Devon       Yuan, Simon
Burns, Joshua       Galis, Bianca         Larsen, Craig         Payba, Phoebe       Shenouda, George     Zumsteg, Jaclyn
Byrd, Justyn        Genty, Frank          Leatherman,           Pesso, Jessica      Sobieski, Allison    Zupan, Dylan
Cabey, Lindsay      George, Kelly          Ashley               Petrick, Summer     Spiwak, Thomas
Caruso, Katelyn     Germann, Ryan         Lee, Daniel           Petrucelli,         Straub, Nicholas
Cheng, Jerry        Gorsak, Erik          Leo, Allaina           Nicholas           Sweador, Angelica
Cocanower, Grace    Grollimund, Caitlyn   Lomer, Sarah          Pirl, Elijah        Tamburello,
Colasurdo, Victor   Gui, Cynthia          Macapagal,            Pitta, Sasanka       Anthony
Costello, Kaitlyn   Harrison, Edward        Megan               Poll, Alex          Tano, Jason
Coto, Ci Elle       Heagen, Caroline      Mahon, Leah           Ponticello, Emily   Tarabocchia, Peter
Cuevas, Diego       Heagen, Luke          Mara, Zachary         Pontrella,          Taylor, Mark
Cunha, Gabriela     Hernandez, Edwin      Marzario, Nicholas     Christopher        Testa, Samantha
Damon, Aiden        Herrera, Aaron        Massarelli, Kaitlyn   Reed, Maggie        Thievon, Kolin
Daniluk, Andrew     Hetrick, Erica        Mayer, Matthew        Repole, David       Thornton, Joshua
Dasilva, Jessica    Hicks, Gabriella      Mayer, Steven         Ritota, Cole        Tran, Valentina

                                      Grade 7 — 1st Marking Period
Alberto, Danielle    Dana, Richard        Haider, Saman       Mack, Connor         Natkie, Morgan        Strucki, Haley
Apostolico,          Dawson, Kaitlyn      Hampton, Devan      Maicas, Franco       Panuska, Kylee        Susich, Allison
 Christine           Debiase, Noelle      Haszko, Taylor      Maier, Ryann         Patel, Dhvani         Sylvester, Peter
Arif, Aaima          Dechicchio,          Heimbold, Devin     Mangani,             Patel, Silkey         Teves, Alexander
Arrieta, Miguel       Madelyn             Hughes, Madison      Christopher         Pereira, Christina    Teves, Tiffany
Baker, Mark          Degennaro,           Hyers, Hailey       Mann, Zachary        Pereira, Jon          Torres, Katarina
Baxter, Daniel        Michael             Hyland, Victoria    Manzo, Kayla         Petrizzo, Athena      Toscan, Brandon
Beach, Abbey         Degisi, Elizabeth    Irwin, Amanda       Mara, Francis        Philosof, Peleg       Tran, Thomas
Bell, Eric           Delizia, Christina   Irwin, Kyle         Mara, Jacob          Previte, Cameron      Valenti, Brittany
Benvenuto,           Denardo, Katarina    Jansen, Alex        Mara, Joshua         Psaradakis,           Vela, Anthony
 Matthew             Dennis, Remi         Javier, Stephanie   Martirano, Ashley     George               Velazquez, Evelyn
Brar, Hashandeep     Devita, Michael      Johns, Michael      Massoud, Ryan        Puleo, Gabrielle      Vice, Shawna
Brennan, David       Dhillon, Jashjit     Jones, Katarina     Mazza, Julia         Quijano, Ethan        Villacis, Gerardo
Brinkerhoff, Kasey   Dineen, Cameron      Josephick,          McAndrews,           Rafael, Abigail       Villalba, Sandra
Brodetsky, Samuel    Dixon, Justin          Antoinette         Megan               Rand, Megan           Weaver, Nicole
Brue, Jamie          Downs, Emma          Josephick, Joseph   McCurnin,            Reeves, Shymira       West, Martin
Bruno, Olivia        England, Kacey       Joyce, Amanda        Branden             Reilly, Madyson       Williams, Michael
Callazzo, Sarah      Faber, Kenneth       Kauffman, Robert    McDonnell, Dillon    Rinaldo, Skyler       Winters, Allyson
Calma, Vincent       Farley, Justin       Kazanowsky,         McGinley, Calleigh   Romano, Christian     Wojcik, Gabriela
Cancel, Justin       Federici, Emily        Meghan            McGovern, Abbey      Rowe, Devon           Wrightson, Erik
Carbonetto,          Fisher, Victoria     Kneipp,             McHugh, Nicklaus     Rozell, Alexa         Wu, Ricky
 Nicolette           Fitzpatrick,           Alexis Rose       McHugh, Peter        Ruppe, Allison        Yeung, Eric
Carrington,           Matthew             Koerner, James      Menendez, Adia       Ryan, Kevin           Zsoldos, Chad
 Darrion             Flatley, Julia       Kohler, Courtney    Meyerberg, Jason     Sagarese, William     Zulueta, Jillian
Castro, Celeste      Garagozzo,           Kosa, Erica         Miele, Taylor        Scarpitti, Nicholas
Chander, Muskan       Samantha            Kovecses, Morgan    Miller, Rachel       Schailey, Olivia
Chanley, Joshua      Garcia, Jason        Kumar, Shaurya      Mindas, Ian          Schlendorf, Peter
Cheng, Rickie        Giordano,            Kupferberg,         Moll, Dianne         Schmall, Rebecca
Colasurdo, Alexis     Nicholas              Andrew            Molloy, Marianne     Sevilla, Phoebe
Collier, Bradley     Glancy, Caitlyn      Lee, Rachel         Montes, Leticia      Sia, Sean
Corrette, Sabian     Glaser, Jordan       Lerner, Colin       Moore, Kate          Signorelli, Joseph
Craig, Nicholas      Glassoff, Matthew    Lizama-McHarris,    Moskowitz, Jared     Signorelli, Matthew
Cruz, Gisel          Gorlick, Samantha    Amani               Mosqueda, Noemi      Silva, Justin
Cucci, Anthony       Gumabon, Alyzza      Lorenzo, Abagail    Mosqueda, Nora       Small, Jared
D'Addario, Jianna    Guthneck, Michael    Lumi, Alexa         Mount, Melanie       Sorge, Amy

                                      Grade 8 — 1st Marking Period
Abapo, Theresa       Cospito, Michael     Hanson,             Klalo, Alyssa        Pascual, Abigail      Sirota, Matthew
Abdilla, Kaitlyn     Culbert, Michael       Cassandra         Kraut, Eric          Pitta, Neharika       Skora, Patrycia
Alabastro,           Degennaro, Nicole    Haug, Lauren        Kreslo, Dominik      Ramlall, Alexa        Spahr, Mary
  Jules-Berne        Degisi, Anna         Healy, Amanda       Laquaglia,           Reilly, Raymond       Squires, Logan
Amenyedo, Delali     Dodgson,             Herpich, Nicole       Gabriella          Ringel, Kailyn        Stolz, Shannon
Amory, Elizabeth       Rebecca            Hertgen, Joseph     Lisicki, Kyle        Rochette, Kevin       Straub, Rachel
Bayani, Jodette      Donnarumma,          Hill, Thomas        Livera, Trisha       Rosenboom,            Suchodolski,
Blaquera, Carlo        Jennifer           Huryk, Rebecca      Mac Burnie, Jedeli     Garrett               Alyson
Bontempo, Eamon      Farrell, Justine     Imperial, Kent      Martone,             Ross, Garrick         Sunga, Frances
Bredijk, Tiffany     Floria, Gianna       Irwin, Emily          Christopher        Rudd, Jenna           Toth, Jacqueline
Brown, Tara          Forlenza, Lynnea     Jeans, Andrew       Mendyk, Brianne      Runk, Breonna         Tresvalles,
Cameron, Robert      Foti, Andrew         Kady, Amanda        Milano, Makenzie     Salera, Brianne          Mary-Angelique
Chiriboga,           Geller, Andrew       Karabach,           Mogarte, Nicole      Sciorilli, Cara       Valek, Ashlyn
  Natasha            Geller, David          Natasha           O'Brien, Beatrice    Serido, Samantha      Varga, Emma
Cilento, Alexander   George, Krystina     Karpowich,          O'Connor, Kaitlyn    Shah, Dhwani          Wall, Ryan
Clancy, Ryan         Green, Megan           Brianna           Pak, Harrison        Shenouda, Peter       Wang, Michelle
Clarke, Garnet       Guarini, Brandon     Kaykov, Lana        Paolella, Marissa    Sibilia, Samantha

                                               Grade 6 — 1st Marking Period
Agresti, Paige          Clarke, Shamari         Flores, Emily           Lagary, Jessica        Omari-Kwarteng, Kelvin   Sheeran, Colin
Aguiar, Genna           Cobb, Dalicia           Fragoso, Abraham        Lamicella, Jewel       Pagano, Alexa            Sibilia, Nicholas
Alarcon, Abner          Codner, Briana          Frank, Austin           Landwehrle, Emmanuel   Pak, Jessica             Skurat, Alexis
Alarcon, Finees         Coklyat, Alexis         Garcia, Alexis          Lebar, Gianna          Palmer, Taylor           Smith, Gabriella
Alicea, Araceliz        Coklyat, Joseph         George, Kerry           Lopez, Agustin         Perna, Nicholas          Solan, Trevor
Allia, Najhir           Collins, Alana          Giancola, Alexandra     Lupo, Christopher      Petrick, Holden          Sparmo, Angela
Anderson Velez,         Concepcion, Lea         Gioxaris, Kaitlyn       Maat, Zachary          Pierce, Marissa          Stopera, Madison
Brianna                 Conger, Matthew         Gordon, Kayla           Mac Burnie, Amanda     Porter, Michaela         Syrdale, Cassidy
Andrade-Hernandez,      Connelly, Corinne       Greisch, Kaila          Machiaverna, Jack      Powers, Summer           Tarantino, Dean
Jasmine                 Copley, Emily           Gurm, Suhail            Mahan, Shannon         Quintano, Lidia          Thievon, Kasey
Archimbaud, Ryan        Cosenza, Kaitlyn        Guthneck, Marissa       Maicas, Marc           Ramlall, Ashton          Thomas, Kirk
Atehortua, Kevin        Critelli, Brendan       Hayes, Edan             Mann, Kaitlyn          Reddy, Nandan            Thomas, Kristoffer
Baggs, Mathew           Csillag, Brian          Healy, Shannon          Marks, John            Reid, Olivia             Tipa, Samantha
Barney, Chase           Curry, Bishop           Herflicker, Michael     Marretta, Giancarmen   Richardson, Jada         Tolentino, Shelly
Baumann, Patrick        Daks, Eliot             Holland, Travis         Mazzola, Michael       Rivera, Gabrielle        Townsend, Caitlyn
Beiro, Jack             D'Alessio, John         Holzman, Zachary        McNary, Hope           Rivera, Jordyn           Travers-Tyska, Skylar
Bellissimo, Jared       Davis, Kyle             Hovsepian, Evan         McVicar, Christopher   Robledo, Oceana          Urso, Anthony
Berg, Lindsay           De Rose, Anthony        Hunter, Dezeree         Meneghin, Gabriella    Roman, Eliza             Valeo, Sydney
Boggiano, Jenna         Dehner, Alexander       Huynh, Kevin            Menth, Joshua          Rudnicki, Livia          Valliere, Jesse
Bohanan, Joseph         Del Presto, Nicholas    Isaacs, Matthew         Milhazes, Zachary      Ruiz, Simone             Van Daley, Gianna
Bottomley, Cortlandt    D'Elia, Paige           Ivanov, Alyssa          Millemann, Samantha    Ryan, Hunter             Van Note, Diandre
Brommeland, Olivia      DeMaio, Nicholas        Jackson, Taylor         Mitchell, Evan         Salas, Hayley            Vanna, Jarod
Brownlee, James         Demeter, Drew           Jankowski, Joshua       Moll, Jethro           Salas, Isabella          Vargas, Cristina
Burozski, Edward        DeOliveira, Julia       Javier, Jomar           Molnar, Katelyn        Sanchez, Karla           Velasquez, Jessica
Camara, Lauren          DeRosa, Madison         Johnson, Amanda         Morales, Maria         Sasso, Anthony           Verna, Kayla
Capistran, Rosa         Desilva, Jared          Johnson, Gordon         Morgan, Daniel         Schaff, Justin           Wall, Caroline
Capo, Michael           Doering, Jake           Jurilla, Anthea         Morgan, Mackenzie      Schlesinger, Bryan       Warchol, Veronica
Caputo, Kylie           Donaldson, Jake         Kappock, Patrick        Morris, Kyle           Schlinger, Jeffrey       Williams, Elizabeth
Centeno, Michael        Donaldson, Kyce         Karpinsky, Collin       Mortellito, Michael    Schneider, Brett         Williamson, Asion
Chamberlain, Nicholas   Dowd, William           Khemraj, Yugita         Mosco, Sage            Schuber, Lauryn          Winters, Alicia
Chandi, Kajol           Dragos, Natalie         Klalo, Alex             Mullins, Brendan       Sclafani, Lillian        Yellovich, Lex
Chaudhari, Sunny        Elliott, Kenneth        Koerner, Matthew        Neglio, Anthony        Sclafani, Samantha       Yener, Elmina
Chavarria, Ashley       Fairfax, Julia          Konz, Christopher       Nicol, Alesondra       Scrofani, Destiny        Yoo, Marissa
Chen, Yun               Farrell, Lauren         Kozlak, Dylan           Nigro, Amber           Seaman, Samantha
Cherchio, Trey          Ferraro, Nikolas        Kraut, Karlee           Nozek, Jacob           Searles, Keyarah
Cheslock, Heather       Fichera, Nicole         Krobatsch, David        O'Connor, James        Sessa, Vincent
Chmiel, Jakub           Fiorito, Gaetano        Krobatsch, Donald       O’Dell, Conor          Shah, Priya
Clancy, Kaitlyn         Flatley, Christopher    Krysiewicz, Tristan     Oliveri, Lauren        Sharkey, Ryan

                                               Grade 7 — 1st Marking Period
Addalli, Gianna         Castillo, Antonio       Gatpolintan, Mikaella   Madsen, Daniel         Pereira, Victoria        Stopko, Kory
Altamirano, Geovanny    Cauldwell, James        Geldhauser, William     Mantovani, Kyle        Peters, Dylan            Strack, Connor
Amabile, Michael        Cifelli, Dean           Giglio, Irina           Mara, Michael          Pica, Nicholas           Stragapede, Jenna
Amory, Jonah            Citta, Tyler            Gilson, Emily           Markey, Joseph         Porwal, Nishaan          Swanton, Joseph
Anton, Jayne            Clarke, Imani           Giordano, Samuel        Martinez, Christian    Puleo, Sophia            Tellez, Lenny
Archimbaud, Kerri       Colaner, Peter          Glassoff, Steven        Martinez, John         Pulido, Camilo           Thomas, Marcus
Arlotta, Crystal        Cole, Gina M            Gould, Sarah            Martire, Griffin       Reed, Mitchell           Thomson, Delilah
Armstrong, Cheyenne     Conroy, Kyleigh         Graham, Shawn           Mastrano, Michael      Regan, Dylan             Tijani, Raliat-Aduki
Arroyo, Benjamin        Copeland, Charles       Gregitis, Jennifer      McClendon, David       Reinhart, Devyn          Toomey, Meghan
Balderose, Taylor       Coratti, Courtney       Grob, Tyler             McMillian, Jamaurio    Ricciardi, Michael       Torres, Steve
Basilio, Isaac          Cotton, Fredrick        Halliwell, Patrick      Meade, Kiara           Riche, Stephanie         Torrise, Aurora
Bayha, Kyle             Crawford, Robert        Hankins, Jacob          Medvitz, Mark          Roberts, Michael         Townsend, Megan
Beckett, Gabriella      da Silva, Ciera         Holmes, Jabari          Mehr, Kyle             Romano, Amanda           Trella, Lillian
Bednarski, Andrea       D'Angelo, Anthony       Holt, Cameron           Melamed, Matthew       Roncin, Taylor           Tutzauer, Ashley
Benishti, Daniel        Day, Parker             Howell, Shelby          Miles, Jennifer        Rotem, Ilana             Valentino, Nicholas
Berger, Nicole          De Rosa, Alexa          Hughes, Jade            Monica, Makayla        Rubulotta, Nicholas      Vargas, Jennifer
Bernath, Robert         Degregorio, Dominick    Iacobino, Gianna        Montenegro, Benjamin   Rudolph, Brianna         Vazquez, Ciarra
Berrios, Colin          DelValle, Isaiah        Irwin, Matthew          Morales, Eric          Ruiz, Monica             Vela, Ashley
Bisogno, Joseph         DeMers, Gennaro         Johnson, Naomi          Morgan, Kyle           Russo, Tina              Velazquez, Liliana
Bomtempo, Abel          Deriggi, Matthew        Johnston, Luke          Naphier, Brielle       Salto, Odalis            Ventiere, Destiney
Brosius, Mario          Derzsak, Jake           Keller, Spencer         Navalance, Kyle        Sanchez, Kenny           Vitiello, Julianna
Brown, Julie            Dimartino, Nicholas     Keller, Tyler           Navalance, Ryan        Santamaria, Esiah        Wajchman, Sasha
Brown, Margaret         Duryea, Grace           Knueppel, Jacob         Nicholson, Matthew     Schmall, Amanda          Warner, Jade
Buro, Anthony           Elliott, Jacquelyn      Konz, Judszea           Nieves, Ranulfo        Sergiou, Florentina      Wavershak, Kyle
Busa, Breion            Emm, Jaclyn             Lagary, Ashley          Nieves, Sara           Sessa, Alexandra         Willard, Tristan
Cabey, Carly            Evangelista, Jenna      Laird, Branden          Nyisztor, Michael      Sheehan, Kristin         Williams, Clayvon
Cagnina, Salvatore      Faone, Michael          Laquaglia, Peter        O’Donnell, Patrick     Skrable, Michael         Williams, Jamaal
Campo, Thomas           Farina, Alexander       Lattanzio, Nikolas      O’Donnell, Sean        Sloan, Ian               Witczak, Kimberly
Cancel, Christopher     Feigin, Austin          Lazarus, Amy            Ortiz, Rafael          Smith, Corey             Worth, Hayden
Capo, Joseph            Fitzpatrick, Matthew    Leadbeater, Devin       Oviedo, Ashley         Solly, Brianna           Wyckoff, Brett
Carey, Julia            Flath, Brooke           Lesko, Hannah           Papa, Nicolette        Solly, Victoria          Yabis, Franz
Carrero-Schmidt,        Flores, Layna           Liptrot, Kayla          Pasamba, Justin        Solomone, Matthew        Young, Jenna
Raquel                  Forbes, Mattingly       Lombardi, Andrew        Pelago, Dylan          Sprinkle, Brody          Zanetti, Brandon
Carrino, Christopher    Fundaro, Paul           MacDonald, Jeanette     Peperoni, James        Squires, Noah            Zurawski, Evan

                                        Grade 8 — 1st Marking Period
Addalia, Alec         Czarnik Geissinger,     George, Robert              Lavin, Heather        Petersen, Christopher   Smoke, Daniel
Alberto, Erle         Nikaylin                Germann, Kyle               LeBrun, Chantelle     Petersen, Timothy       Soares, Amanda
Apicelli, Dominique   Davis, Brittany         Giles, Christian            Leonor, Rocio         Petrick, Hunter         Son, David
Baker, Melissa        Davis, Lauren           Gilham, Victoria            Loffredo, Jacob       Pezzuti, Nicholas       Sullivan, Brittany
Barrientos, Evelyn    Davis, Morgan           Gonzales, John              Lomer, Jean Marie     Pinto, Antonio          Sulsenti, Tyler
Bartman, Joseph       Davis, Samantha         Governara, Natalee          Lopez, Neecee         Pirrello, Jordan        Summers, Kaitlyn
Bennett, Austin       Day, Patrick            Griffin, Daron              Lower, Hyrum          Pontrelli, Andrea       Tarvydas, Zygimantas
Benson, Edward        Dellane, Erin           Grodzicki, Kaeley           Lucas, Anthony        Pretz, Stephen          Taylor, Kelly
Bermejo, Kenneth      Dellanno, Carmine       Groves, Sydney              Ly, Lorraine          Pruitt, Chase           Tedeschi, Nicholas
Bernath, Alyssa       Depetro, Joshua         Guillen Ayala, Oscar        Lynch, Dennis         Quesada, Jared          Tran, Vincent
Bhatt, Jesal          Desantis, Danielle      Guto, Rabema                Lynch, Thomas         Rastelli, Katie         Ullmann, Eric
Blanchard, Alyssa     Divinagracia, Joseph    Haque, Aadil                Lynne, Sydney         Reeves, Alexis          Urbanski, Victoria
Boca, Carl            Doherty, Hayley         Hasan, Ahmad                Mahon, Sarah          Reid, Amanda            Vaccaro, Ronald
Boca, Michelle        Donovan, Thomas         Hasan, Hamzah               Maier, Jake           Reilly, Noah            Vaid, Kubare
Bodani, Kunal         Dugan, Dennis           Heagen, Matthew             Maier, Paul           Rivera, Alyssa          Vance, Breanne
Bohanan, Olivia       Duggan, Kimberly        Helstowski, Dean            Majka, Brian          Rosal, Ashley           Vandenberg, Alyssa
Brezniak, Sara        Duriske, Julia          Hesse, Alexa                Marinaccio, Patrick   Rose, Ashley            Vargas, Vanessa
Brilliant, Sara       Edwards, Riley          Holland, Kevin              Marron, Maria         Rose, Christina         Vasquez, Jorden
Bromell, Decoishia    Edwards, Thomas         Houlihan, Morgan            Martinez, Darius      Rucki, Kyle             Verna, Anthony
Brown, Naja           Fabio, Nicholas         Howell, Morgan              McGrath, James        Ruppe, Jacob            Villari, Dana
Buell, Kenneth        Faone, Samantha         Hunter, Dezmund             Melillo, Taylor       Sales, Christian        Villata, Jeanmarie
Burgoyne, Taylor      Fernandez, Hanna        Husni, Daria                Mendoza, Mitch        Salomon, Samantha       Vollrath, Nikki
Burke, Kyle           Ferreira, Sandra        Imperiale, Alessandro       Miraglia, Marisa      Sandler, Ariel          Vota, Meagan
Burns, Zachary        Fields, Brianna         Ismail, Emon                Morgan, Alexis        Santana, Thalia         Walsh, Mackenzie
Bush, Jordyn          Figueroa, Jacob         Jackson, Kayla              Morrill, Kristen      Santolo, Derek          Warren, Christopher
Butera, Luke          Filippone, Sheridan     Jacobs, Alexis              Morris, Dywan         Schreiber, Kelsey       Westerhoek, Christiana
Cangialosi, Michael   Finnegan, Tara          Jovinelly, Joseph           Neumann, Tarah        Schron, Amanda          Yabis, Franz Laureen
Carfano, Caitlin      Fitzsimmons, Samantha   Kahn, Matthew               O'Brien, Casey        Sclafani, Joseph        Yuan, Michelle
Cassidy, Kevin        Flavin, John            Kappock, Katelynn           O'Connell, Geriann    Segovia, Daissy         Zambuto, Nicholas
Cassidy, Marc         Fleury, Jessica         Kappock, Shannon            O’Dell, Amanda        Semanchick, Jonathan
Cerchio, Brielle      Fort, Michael           Kasper, Kyle                Oleske, Jessica       Shah, Omar
Ciervo, Jeffrey       Fortuna, Cassondra      Katz, Madison               Pacheco, Fidel        Sharma, Neil
Civitello, Brendan    Francis, Joshua         Kennett, Morgan             Palmer, David         Shomali, Elias
Coleman, Jeffrey      Gagliardo, Page         Khemraj, Dhanesh            Pastrana, Guillermo   Singer, Randy
Cook, Cedric          Gebbia, Alexis          Kirgan, Kaitlyn             Perrotta, Vincent     Sirota, Jordan
Craft, Jessica        Geller, Jacob           Koch, Kory                  Pesciotta, Ryan       Sleckman, Victoria

                            Student Council News
                October was Make a Difference Month at Intermediate North. Our Stu-
                dent Council organized a food drive to benefit local
                families through the Food Bank of Monmouth and
                Ocean Counties. All cycles participated with great suc-
cess. Together, we collected over 1100 pounds of food. Fantastic job
everyone! Thank you so very much.

                   Willy Wonka, Junior
        Oompa- loompa- doompady- doo…We have exciting news for you!!
 Intermediate North’s Northside Players present Willy
 Wonka Junior. The production members have been
 diligently rehearsing since mid-November to provide
 scrumptious entertainment for the students and
 parents of Intermediate North. The show will debut
 the last week of January for the students, and will take
 place during the school day. All cycles and grade levels
 will have a chance to attend. Evening dates and times are Friday, 2/4 and
 Saturday, 2/5 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets will be available beginning January 4 by calling
 732 505-5813. We look forward to entertaining you!!!

                       YEARBOOK PURCHASE
 It’s not too late to order a yearbook, BLUE REFLECTIONS, for your child.
 The purchase price is $30. Help preserve the memories
 created here at Intermediate North! Go to                      BLUE
                                                                        0 12 2

                                   :5(67/,1* 7($0 1(:6
           Good luck to the wrestling team this year as it opens up it's season on Mon-
           day, December 5th against Goetz at home. The team is coming off 5 win-
           ning seasons in a row and look to compete for the Division Champion-
           ship. The team returns 2 county champions at 110 lbs and 150 lbs.

           With only 6 retuning starters the team is young but the newcomers have
           plenty of experience. Fans are encouraged to attend matches.

               GIRLS BASKETBALL NEWS                              BOYS BASKETBALL
      The girls basketball team is looking forward to                   NEWS
      a great season. After winning the conference
      last year, this years team is ready to repeat            The boys basketball team looks for a re-
      their title. The team has a lot of players re-           cord 5th consecutive conference cham-
      turning from last year as well as some fresh             pionship this year.
      new faces looking to contribute right                    The team is young
      away. The season opens on December 8th                   but so far has shown
      against cross town rival Intermediate                    the passion and de-
      South. We are looking                                    sire to compete for
      forward to a great year                                  the title. Also on the
      led by our eleven 8th
                                                               line is a 4th consecu-
      graders Come out and
                                                               tive St. Dominic's tournament champi-
      support your team at
      our first home game
                                                               onship. Best of luck boys!
      on January 6th!

                                                                                                          FOUND - FOUND - FOUND -
                                           LOST AND FOUND
- LOST -

                              Sneakers, sweatshirts and other expensive cloth-
                              ing are accumulating in our lost and found. We
                              have three collection areas: in the cafeteria,

                              Boy’s Locker Room and Girl’s Locker Room. If
                              your child is missing something, please have
                              them check our Lost and Found.

 Students are “Digging” Into Science at Intermediate North
We are very excited to dedicate part of the Toms River Intermediate North
campus to a rain garden. A rain garden is an area of land cultivated with plants
native to our area of New Jersey. This project is a partnership
between The Ocean County Soil Conservation District, The New
Jersey Department of Environmental Protection: Forest Re-
source Education Center, and Toms River Intermediate North.
The rain garden will benefit our school by:

  Enhancing the Environmental Science portion of the 8th Grade Curriculum.
  Providing an outdoor classroom that can be utilized by all teachers.
  Absorbing excess rain water
  Filtering pollutants
  Providing homes to native and migratory species, such as birds, butterflies,
  Creating a positive, aesthetic environment on our campus.

                 On Monday, November 28th, students from Mrs. DiFabio’s
                 and Miss Seavers’ class ventured out into the barren court-
                 yard that lies between C-Wing and D-Wing. The
                 students transformed this once compacted soil to
                 a native New Jersey plant sanctuary. Our rain gar-
                 den is lined with Bayberry bushes, Red Oak trees,
                 Dogwood trees, Seaside Golden Rod, Red Maple,
                 Atlantic White Cedar, Magnolia trees, daylilies, American
Holly, and many other native species. The rain garden now has two picnic ta-
bles, a podium, Eastern Blue Bird box, bird feeder, and numerous benches.

      Mrs. DiFabio and Miss Seavers would like to thank Mrs. Fronzak, the vol-
      unteers from the Ocean County Soil Conservation District, the Forest Re-
      source Education Center, and the MATES school for assisting with the
planting and making this all possible. We would also like to con-
gratulate all of the students from cycles 83 and 84 for a job very
well done!

   Congratulations Emma Downs!
Emma Downs, a seventh grade student at Intermediate North,
was awarded first place in the middle school division of the Toms
River Veterans Commission annual essay contest. Emma wrote
and submitted an excellent essay on
this year’s topic, “Are You Proud of
Your Country,” after her teachers,
Mrs. DiMarzio and Mrs. Cagliostro,
encouraged students to participate.
In choosing her as their winner,
judges from the Veterans Commis-
sion praised Emma for her skills and
sophistication as a writer. She re-
ceived a cash prize, and she was rec-
ognized at both a Veterans Commis-
sion award ceremony and a Toms
River Regional Schools Board of Edu-
cation meeting. We congratulate
Emma on this fine accomplishment.

Please remember to call our Guidance Office at (732)
505-5808 if any of your contact information has
changed. This includes address changes, home, cell
and work phone numbers.

                                        Band News
The Music department of Intermediate North will usher in the Holiday Season with the sounds of music on
December 15th at 7:00 pm. The concert will bring together the talents of the 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Band &
                                                   Orchestra. The audience will be entertained with Holiday
                                                   songs from around the World.

                                                   The Music Directors of Intermediate North are very proud
                                                   of their student’s accomplishments and musical abilities.
                                                   We hope all will come out and enjoy an evening of music to
                                                   welcome the Holiday Season.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Amory on making the All-
Shore Middle School Honors Band.
Elizabeth auditioned on Saturday Nov. 19th along with
other students from the shore area.
This is Elizabeth’s second time representing Intermediate
North in the All Shore Honor Band. She placed second amongst all the clarinets who auditioned on Saturday and
                                           will perform in with the full ensemble in early February.

                                        The Marching Dolphin Band of Intermediate North performed for the
                                        Toms River Halloween Parade on October 31st,
                                        2011. The night was filled with great excitement
                                        and energy of Halloween. The students looked
                                        and sounded great! The Dolphin Band also
                                        performed to honor our Veterans on November
                                        11th during the Toms River Veteran’s day
                                        Parade. The students took pride in this special
                                        performance. The band will put away their marching music for now to
prepare for their upcoming Holiday Concert.

                      TOMS RIVER INTERMEDIATE NORTH                       Main Office: 732-505-5800
                             150 Intermediate North Way                       Fax: 732-286-1291
                                Toms River, NJ 08753                      Attendance: 732-505-5804
                                                                             Nurse: 732-505-5805
                                 WE’RE ON THE WEB!                         Guidance: 732-505-5808
                                                   CST: 732-505-5811


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