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Group Home Grocery List


Grocery shopping list for a group home or adult foster home, listing the most common items purchased in a 24 hour residential facility.

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									                                        Grocery List
DAIRY                     BREADS                   CONDIMENTS                 Pads

        Eggs                  Bagels                   Oil
        Milk                  Buns                     Vinegar            BATHROOM
        Butter                English Muffins          Ketchup
        Margarine             Rolls                    Mayonnaise             Bath Soap
        Sour Cream            Sliced Bread             Mustard                Deodorant
        Whipped Cream                                  Olives                 Lotion
        Yogurt                                         Pickles                Razors
        Cottage Cheese    DRY GOODS                    Relish                 Shaving Cream
        Cream Cheese                                   Salsa                  Shampoo
        Parmesan Cheese       Cereal                   Salad                  Conditioner
        Other Cheese          Oatmeal                  Dressing               Toothpaste
                              Cookies                  Shortening             Hand Sanitizer
                              Crackers                 Soy Sauce              Body Wash
                              Pasta/Noodles            Honey                  Adult Briefs
FISH, MEAT, &                                          Jelly/Jam              Tampons
POULTRY                       Rice                     Peanut Butter          Pads/Menstrual
                              Bread Crumbs             Syrup                  Pads/Incont.
        Bacon                 Flour
        Sausage               Sugar
        Deli Meat             Cake Mix             BEVERAGES              MISCELLANEOUS
        Hot Dogs              Pancake Mix
        Chicken               Gelatin                  Cocoa                  Bandages
        Turkey                Potato Chips             Coffee                 Batteries
        Beef                  Tortilla Chips           Tea                    Candles
        Pork                                           Fruit Juice            Light Bulbs
        Ham                                            Soft Drinks            Paper Plates
        Fish                                           Mineral Water          Pet Food
        Shellfish         CANNED GOODS
                                                       Beer                   Stamps
                              Applesauce               Wine                   Vitamins
FRUIT                         Soup
                              Spaghetti Sauce      PAPER
        Apples                Tomato Sauce
        Bananas                                    PRODUCTS
        Berries               Vegetables
        Grapefruit                                     Facial Tissue
                              Beans                    Toilet Tissue
        Lemons                                         Napkins
        Limes                                          Paper Towels
        Melon             FROZEN FOODS                 Aluminum Foil
        Oranges                                        Plastic Wrap
        Pears                 Apple Juice              Lunch Bags
                              Orange Juice             Sandwich Bags
                              Ice Cream                Garbage Bags
VEGETABLES                    Vegetables
        Broccoli                                   LAUNDRY
        Carrots                                        Bleach
        Cauliflower       BAKING GOODS                 Detergent
        Celery                                         Fabric Softener
        Cucumber              Baking Soda              Stain Remover
        Garlic                Baking Powder
        Lettuce               Corn Starch
        Mushrooms             Salt                 KITCHEN
        Onions                Pepper
        Peppers               Chocolate                All Purpose
        Potatoes              Chips                    Cleaner
        Radishes              Nuts                     Dish Detergent
        Spinach               Raisins                  Dishwasher Soap
        Tomatoes              Vanilla                  Floor Cleaner
                              Spices                   Furniture Polish
                                                       Glass Cleaner
                                                       Steel Wool
                               Modified 12/12/12

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