How to Become Friends with a Girl (DOC) by vinsads1


									How to Become Friends with a Girl

Just being friends with a girl is simple and well worth it. If there is a girl you really treasure and you'd like her to be someone who is there all your life without having to be your lover, then making friends with her is a great solution to a lasting and supportive bond. Give it a go!

1. Be bold. Often girls will be shy and will want you (the guy) to come talk to her. So, if you're confident enough, make the first move. You'll have to make it really clear from the outset that this is about friendship, not romantic love, but there is certainly nothing wrong with the love of friends. Tell her you want to be her friend for always and that'll melt her heart. 2. Splash around the praise. Girls love compliments, try saying "You look great today" or "Sweet shirt". Butter her up and she'll return the compliments for you. It's a way of respecting one another and caring about each other.

3. Lend her your gear and borrow hers. The iPod, the laptop, the books, the guitar. Both of you should feel it's okay to share treasured things with one another. 4. Laugh at her jokes even though they may not be funny. You can always tell her gently later that "that joke really doesn't work so well", in the quiet of a moment. After all, friends don't expose one another publicly but they also don't encourage humiliation. 5. Always be there for her. She should know that she can count on you through thick and thin. That you'll offer her a shoulder to cry on when her guy relationships go wrong. That you'll drive her to the station in the middle of the night to get back to her family in the pouring rain. That you'll study with her for a really hard test. 6. Let your guy friends know she's your friend, period. If they want to date her, it's fine by you but you're always keeping an eye out for her. That'll keep them on the straight and narrow too. And that's what being a true friend is all about.

Warnings  Don't touch too much, a girl might take it the wrong way and feel uncomfortable. Hugs, cheek kisses, head pats, and cheek grabs are all fine.

 Act the same way around her when you're with your friends. Don't start making stupid jokes or "try" acting cool because you're around your friends. Girls hate that!

 Don't talk perverted about her or toward her. That may fly with your guy friends, but in most cases with a girl, that just makes her want to puke, and definitely doesn't make her want to hang around you. If you have no respect for her than why should she be friends with you?

 Don't make fun of her interest or her, in general, unless that's the way you two flirt...but makes sure sheknows you're flirting.

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