How to Create One Of The Famous Blogs On The Net?

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					     How to
One of The
Famous Blogs
on The Net?

Looking to take your blogging
to the level of famous blogs?
Read here. These tips are from
successful bloggers. Follow
these tips and your life will
never be the same again.

Get Going…

Success in blogging will
purely depends on the quality of
your blog and its content. What
values are you delivering to the
visitors to your blog? Do your
blogs reflect the depth of
knowledge that you have? It is
therefore extremely important
that before you pen down a
blog, do a thorough research on
the topic. Your blog content
must reflect that you have the
expertise on your subject.

Set a goal for yourself. A good
blogger always work towards a
goal. Towards this he sets his
daily, weekly or monthly
targets. How many posts to
write, what key words to target,
what topics are hot and in need
of a blog that resolves issues
related to that topic? Unless you
set a target and work towards it,
anything that you do will be ad-
hoc, and aimless. Remember
your productivity increases if
you know what to do and when.
Your ultimate goal should be to
see your blog site in the list of
famous blogs on the net.
Your Content…

The first thing that a reader
sees is the title of your post. The
title must be intriguing; it must
generate an intrigue value in the
minds of the reader, or say it
must generate a debate in the
minds or the reader. The title
must create a pull for the reader
to start reading your blog. If this
does not happen, your blog is a
sheer waste. Having hooked the
reader with an inviting title, the
next task is to write very crisp,
meaningful and value packed
content. A content that
addresses your readers concerns
on that topic.

Some bloggers get struck with
writing block, don’t worry in
such circumstance. Sit down
coolly and think about how the
issues faced by your readers can
be resolved. Come out with 5 or
6 strategies and expand your
blog around them. You will
have a stunning blog.

Structure Your Blog

Here let us also discuss the
structuring of your blog. People
love to read short and crisp
sentences instead of long,
lengthy paragraphs. For best
impact make your important
points with bullet marks. This
strategy will draw attention of
your readers to important
aspects of your blog. You
readers will be happy at the
easy structuring of the post.

To ensure that your readers
have good and meaningful time
on your blog, make your blog
look like a professional blog.
Highly structured. Your
selection of menu bar, drop
downs for sub topics, postings
by year, month and date. Even
the structuring of your article,
its heading, paragraphs, call to
action and so on should be easy
to understand and navigate.

Make Your Blog SEO

Over a period of time your site
will have a lot of content. It will
be very interesting to provide
interlinings from one post to
another. This is especially
relevant when you have a blog
update or a new story on a topic
that you have already covered.
You can use this opportunity to
provide links from one post to
another. In addition to making
your post interesting, you are
using a very effective search
engine optimization technique. I
must add that this technique is
in addition to your posting the
blog links to social media sites
to get quality backlinks.
A good blog uses H1, H2.tags
to identify different section in
the blog. Make sure that you
use quality key words in these
tags to come up easily in search
engines when people look for
those words. This is an effective
way to increase organic traffic
to your blog and become
popular as one of the famous
blogs on the net.
Be Visible…

As a blogger, you should make
yourself visible on the net. This
will improve traffic to your
blog, vital for your popularity
and ranking of your site. You
can do this by writing for other
sites as a guest blogger,
commenting on other relevant
blog sites and engaging in
discussions on social
networking sites like LinkedIn,
Facebook, and Twitter and so
on. While initially it seems
intrusive but soon you will find
that people are not only liking
what you say but also look
forward to when you say more.
Here the only caution is that
whatever you comment, should
be relevant and provide value to
the reader. This will not only
give you popularity but also
help your site to be featured in
the list of famous blogs on the
I feel that by now you have a
clear idea about blogging and
what it entails. It is perhaps one
of the best strategies to generate
organic traffic to your blog site,
resulting in building your list of
subscribers. However, blogging
is a serious strategy and needs
commitment. You cannot just
take it casually. If you start, be
consistent and patient. You will
surely have traffic and success.
Be part of famous blogs on the
Looking forward to reading
your next post.

To your blogging success!

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