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					Bottlenose Dolphins

     Mian Binash
Biology 102, Lab Report
Professor: Saiful Islam
                                  Bottlenose Dolphin

       The Bottlenose Dolphin is the most attractive and incredible animal in the sea

world. Dolphins thought to be the gift from God for human being. Their smiley and

fascinate tricky things nominate people to say fabulous. They have ability to recognize

that if someone is upset (habitat and distribution). Besides that they naturally have similar

habits like human beings which astonish the humans. A Dolphin has a aunt which take

care of a baby dolphin when the baby is born, and has a sibling who takes care of their

baby brother or sister while the Dolphin mother has another baby (Cancun).

The dolphin’s formation and function is very interesting and amazing.

       The scientific classification which give every organisms some names likewise,

the Bottlenose Dolphin has some scientific names. For instance the Bottlenose dolphin’s

the kingdom is Animalia, the phylum is Chordate, the class is Mammalia, order is the

Cetacea, Family is the Delphidae, genus, Tursiops, species is Truncates, and their

common name consider the Bottlenose Dolphin (TheFreeDictionary).

       The basic external characteristics of the Dolphin such as, pectoral fins, which are

the forelimbs, that part of the skeleton supported by the connected tissues, Dolphins use

them to steer and stop. The dorsal fins of Dolphin help to keep them steady while they

swim. Another external part of Dolphin is blowhole, which is used to breath. Finally, the

tail fluke is used to move up and down through the water (Habit and Distribution). The

internal characteristics of Dolphin for instance; are jaws which are used to send the

sound to the other Dolphin. The bone skeleton which help them to maintain their body

balance and the stomach is used for digestion of their food (Habit and Distribution).
       Bottlenose dolphin are found world wide for example “northern Japan to

Australia and from southern California to Chile” (Cancun). Also Dolphin are inhibiting

“pelage zone as well as harbors bays, lagoons, gulfs, and estuaries” ( Habit at and

Distribution). Bottlenose Dolphins can be found in the “temperate and tropical waters“

(Cancun). However, they don’t stayed where the water is 45 degree, or less. Dolphins

live in different area during their life cycle. ( Cancun).

       Dolphin get nutrients by eating a variety of fish, squids and shrimps each day;

they eat approximately 14 pounds of their food without chewing them They mostly eat

small fishes but if by chance they prey a large fish then they break them down by

shaking them on ocean floor (Cancun). The digestive system of Dolphin is similar to

cows or deer; their stomach consist of three chambers. Dolphins do not chew their food

so their fore stomach first takes care the “mastication” of their meals, the second chamber

is responsible for the most of the digitations. The remainder digestion process in the

Pyloric which is the last section the stomach. Then wasted material passes through

intestines out from anus (Atlanta Bottlenose Physical).

       Dolphins respiration system is unique because they need to breath every 2

minutes. However they can hold their breath for several minutes. They breath air at the

surface of the water through a single blowhole that is located on their head. They exhaled

and inhaled at the same time as soon as they reach at the surface. “During each

respiration a dolphin exchanges 80% or more its lung air.” When they exhale, it forms

explosive cloud .(habitat and distribution). The dolphin’s circulatory system adjusts to

keep or dissolve body heat and maintain its temperature. So when they dive their blood

goes away from surface of their body which decline in “circulate conserves body heat.”
During exercise, dolphin “dissipate” body heat which increase the circulation near to the

veins   (Cancun).

        Internal skeleton of bone are found in the Bottlenose dolphin. The locomotion of

Dolphins depend highly on their tail fluke, that is the strongest part of their body. All

marine mammals move their tail up and down for movement. Also their Dorsal fins

helps them to “steer” through water and balance from sliding from to onside to the other.

(Habitat and Distribution).

        Dolphins have five sense like human beings. They have acute hearing which help

them to detect the sound under the water and also they can determine that weather the

hungry shark is near by. They also have acute vision both above and below the water.

They have ability to see in dime and bright light. Dolphins also have talent to feel.

Furthermore, they have ability to taste sweet, sour, bitter, and salt. However, they have a

very little sense of smell (Cancun).

        In a Bottlenose Dolphin hormones are released from the brain, thyroid, ovaries,

testes and other endocrine glands which activate and regulate target cells and other

organs Dolphin. Being a mammal Dolphins have the ability to bear a baby which is

called calf. “Female Dolphins seems to be sexually receptive during a large part of the

era an fare generally responsible for initiating courtship and breading behavior. There is

not breeding season for dolphins.” and just before mating , a male rubs and nuzzles a

female” (Cancun). The Dolphins normally spent three to six years to raised their babies.

When a Dolphin baby is born immediately Dolphin mother pushes her baby towards the

surface of the water to teach it where to breath. Dolphins usually feed their milk to her

baby for approximately six months then later, the baby begin to eat fish (Cancun). For
the surviving in their environment and predators a dolphin mother spends five to six

years with the calf to teach how to survive. They teach different kinds of tricks and

sounds to alert each other about danger. Dolphins mostly alerts other Dolphins about

specific dangers by sending special kind of sound. Moreover, they naturally have ability

to detect where their predators are( Habitat and Distribution).

         The dolphins are very unique and characteristic animal because first they are

self aware and intelligent. For instance, that they can recognize themselves in the mirror

whereas other species cannot. Moreover, they are highly social animals which can do

pretty tricky things that excited people. Finally, they often save human in contrast to

other species (Cancun).

         The interesting things about Dolphin are that they like human beings they have

the auntie or the uncles who do baby-sitting while a baby dolphin is born. Another

interesting things discovered in dolphins is that they have siblings who take care of their

baby brother or sister while their mother have other new baby (habitat and Distribution).

         Bottlenose Dolphin are wonderful and incredible animals. They are mammals that

give birth a baby call calf every two to three years. They can alive up to 40 years. A

Dolphin has many characteristics, such as; it is a self aware creature compared to other

species. Also Dolphin is considered a highly social animal. Besides the a dolphin is

wonderful, joyful an a graceful animal that uplifts the sprite of many people around the

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