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					Clifton Chronicle
  A Quarterly Publication and Service of Clifton Town Meeting, Volume VIII, Number 3 FALL ISSUE 2008

Resident Ideas
Guide Plaza
By Jon Cramer
    Dozens of Clifton residents turned out
for a public input session at the Clifton
Recreational Center on August 27th to
discuss ideas for the plaza at 333-335
Ludlow Avenue. An additional $150,000
granted from the City’s Cincinnati
Neighborhood Business Districts United
program and a Council measure have
provided funding and political support for
the plaza. With the project poised to move
into the next phase of design, residents
gathered to discuss ideas that will guide      Left to right: Nancy Wiggenhorn, in back; Michael Holder, CCAC camerman; Lucy & Maggie
the creation of the new public space.          Breidenthal, installation assistants, and Jana Napoli, artist of “Floodwall.” Photo by Tom Lohre.
    Ideas centered on three categories:
                                                                                                  people, and we are privileged to partner
                                               Art Center News
Functions & Activities, Features, and
Style & Character. Participants first                                                             with Tide, Loads of Hope, and Strata-G
brainstormed ideas which were put into                                                            Communications, along with others, to
                                               By Ruth Dickey
appropriate categories by moderator Tim                                                           bring the exhibit here. We will also host
Bushnell. After further discussion, each           Thank you all so much for your very
                                                                                                  Tibet Fest on September 20th and 21st,
attendee was given twelve stickers to          warm welcome to me! It is truly an honor
                                                                                                  and an art exhibit by Jeff Amend on
place next to concepts they supported,         to be here at the Clifton Cultural Arts
                                                                                                  September 26th and 27th. Fall classes
with more stickers indicating higher levels    Center (CCAC) and to meet so many of
                                                                                                  begin at the end of September. We are
of support for those ideas. The process        you. In my first whirlwind three months
                                                                                                  proud to host four classes by CCM Prep,
began with Activities & Functions, then        here, we were thrilled to learn in August
was repeated for Features and Style.                                                              and memoir and short—fiction classes by
                                               that the CCAC has been awarded a
    In the Function category, residents                                                           writer Lisa McKenzie. We want to expand
                                               $250,000 capital grant from the State of
emphasized the need for connection to the                                                         our partnerships with institutions and
                                               Ohio. This is an important down payment
merchant parking lot, gathering space for                                                         individual artists to offer additional
                                               toward the renovation of the historic
various activities, learning about commu-                                                         classes in subsequent seasons.
                                               Clifton School.
nity events, and adding a beautiful                                                                    During all this excitement, I’ve actually
element to the street. In light of those           We want to thank so many of you who
                                                                                                  found some quiet time to think about the
functions, the features supported were         came out to help us weed, rake, prune,
                                                                                                  old Clifton School and the Carriage House.
seating, green areas, reuse of Fountain        haul and dig our way out of our formerly
                                                                                                  This summer, while hosting the Art
Square materials, a vendor kiosk, perfor-      overgrown front green and into a welcom-
                                                                                                  Academy’s Summer Art Camp, I got to feel
mance platform, terraces down to the lot,      ing community gathering space. We look
                                                                                                  how the building transformed from silence
electronic community board, and shade          forward to continuing our front green
trees or other form of shade. Residents felt                                                      to classes bursting with children and walls
                                               transformation and to seeing many of you
that the style of the plaza should be                                                             filling up with artwork. As we work and
                                               enjoying a book or a picnic here.
traditional, be open and inviting, clean                                                          plan for the future, I look forward to all of
                                                   We’ve also been hard at work prepar-
and elegant, and be a center of activity for                                                      you filling these formerly empty spaces
                                               ing our inaugural events and classes at the
the district.                                                                                     with community spirit and fulfilling the
                                               center. We are honored to host the
    The results of the input session will be                                                      potential of the arts center that this
conveyed to the joint CTM and CBPA             Midwest debut of Floodwall, a Katrina
                                                                                                  community has been dreaming about and
committee responsible for the plaza            Memorial by Jana Napoli, on exhibit here
                                                                                                  working toward for so long.
project and will be used as a design brief     from August 28 through September 14.
                                                                                                       Here’s to the paint, classes, exhibits,
for the architects working on the project.     Floodwall has been seen by over a million
                                                                                                  discussions, noise and laughter to come!
Page 2                                                                                                          CliftonChronicle
              The Clifton Chronicle
              is published quarterly (mid-         CTM News                                      Ark.” There were two showings: 2:00 and
                                                                                                 7:00 as well as a reception and discussion
          March, mid-June, mid-September           By Linda Goldenhar                            with the film-maker in-between held at the
          and early December) by a staff of            Even though it was summer and the         Ludlow Garage (thanks to Jack Brand for
          volunteers as a service of the           July CTM meeting was cancelled, it            letting us hold it there). Funds raised from
          Clifton Town Meeting.                    doesn’t mean CTM wasn’t busy!                 this event will be used to benefit the
              It is distributed without                1. Rawson Woods Fence – At the June       Clifton community.
          charge within the 45220 zip code.        CTM meeting Cliftonites shared concerns            4. Ludlow Revitalization and Plaza –
              A nominal charge applies             with Mr. Steve Schuckman from the Parks       After many years of planning and hard
          outside that area. The average           Department about the plan to take down        work on the part of Clifton volunteers, the
          print run is 5,700 copies. You may       the fence around Rawson Woods Bird            sidewalks on Ludlow are being replaced
          contact the Clifton Chronicle at         Preserve. He listened and as of August        and will ultimately include creative and
          P.O. Box 20067, Cincinnati, OH           1st, the old falling-down chain-linked        decorative artwork. The revitalization also
          45220 or by E-mailing                    fence was replaced with a new black vinyl-    includes creating a Telford gathering place
 or by calling           covered one that is much more “invisible”     and a plaza on the site of the Bender
          Tom Lohre, managing editor               to passers-by.                                Optical and Dry Cleaners buildings.
          513-236-1704. Latest On-line                 2. Form Based Codes – A CTM               Although there were some obstacles that
          Chronicle:          representative went to a meeting in July to   needed to be overcome, the plaza will be
          chronicle.pdf                            learn about Form Based Codes which            built – hopefully this fall or spring at the
                                                   have been used in cities around the           latest.
     It is with a great deal of pride in the       country to create mixed-use, walkable,             5. Light-up Clifton – PLEASE remem-
Chronicle’s writers’ accomplishments over          transit-friendly redevelopment.               ber to turn and keep on your porch lights!
the past four years, and with no little            Councilmember Qualls is spearheading          It only costs a few cents per day and the
sadness that I must announce that Sandy            this effort. Who knows? Maybe Clifton         police will be very appreciative!
and I can no longer edit our wonderful             will join a number of other Cincinnati             6. CTM Trustees – We have a great
community paper.                                   neighborhoods that are looking seriously      slate of Trustee candidates for open slots
     We have taken enormous pleasure in            at how they might be used to revitalize/      for the 2009 term. Unfortunately there will
seeing (relative) youngsters with very             maintain vitality in their communities.       be quite a bit of turnover on the board this
busy professional lives take up the quill              3. Movie Night at the Esquire – On        coming year due to term limits, people
once a quarter and generate such interest-         September 7, CTM, with the help of the        moving out of Clifton and taking on other
ing and educational copy. It has been an           Esquire Theatre, showed Raiders of the        responsibilities. CTM trustees have
honor to hone and polish each article a            Lost Ark: The Adaptation –Eric Zala and       worked hard over the last few months
little to bring out its best. Now it is time for   Chris Strompolos were just 12 years old       contacting fellow Cliftonites to see if they
some of these seasoned wordsmiths to               when they set out to make their own shot-     would serve, however we were not able to
help the next generation to soar.                  by-shot re-creation of “Raiders of the Lost   get enough volunteers to get us to the 21-
     No Managing Editor could manage
this transition better than Tom Lohre.
(And Tom, if you clip this part out before
publication there will be swift retribution!)
     Sandy and I, for our part, have too
many community, personal and profes-
sional commitments to carry them all-
simple as that.

    Au revoir

    Sandy and Fred
CliftonChronicle                                                                                                                  Page 3

                                                                                                      The Clifton Town Meeting is an official
                                                                                                  community council recognized by the City
                                                                                                  of Cincinnati. CTM, as it is commonly
                                                                                                  referred to, is the planning and policy
                                                                                                  organization for the residents of Clifton

                                                                                                  CTM Meeting Schedule
                                                                                                      October 6 – Rec Center
                                                                                                      Nov 3rd Fr. Klug Center at Annuncia-
                                                                                                  tion Church, 513-861-1295, 3547 Clifton
                                                                                                  Ave, 45220
                                                                                                      Dec 1 – Rec Center
Welcome to the neigborhood on Jefferson Ave. Gateways to Healing- Network Chiropractic and
Advanced Clinical Nutrition, owned and operated by Drs. Michael and Julie Nichols. Photo by TL.       Clifton Recreation Center, Phone: 513-
                                                                                                  961-5681, 320 McAlpin Ave, 45220
person board setforth by our by-laws. The        please vote in the election, to be held              The CTM Board meets on the first
individuals who comprise the candidate           Monday, November 3, at 7 pm in the Fr.           Monday of every month at 7 p.m.
slate are listed below, along with their         Klug Hall of Annunciation Church (before             Each meeting starts with a police
candidate statements. CTM members,               the regular CTM meeting).                        report, Recreation Center report and
                                                                                                  special presentations. After the meeting a
                                                                                                  lot of the attendees meet at Olives.
                                                                                                  How to contact CTM
                                                                                                  call and leave a message at the CTM voice
                                                                                                  mailbox: 513-861-5946. Write to:
                                                                                                      Clifton Town Meeting
                                                                                                      P.O. Box 20042
                                                                                                      Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
                                                                                                      Web Site:
Page 4                                                                                                       CliftonChronicle

CTM Trustees 2009 Candidate Statements
                                    give back to the community by    three years. As a long-time          in love with their Wood
                                    serving as a CTM Trustee to      Clifton resident, Dick appreci-      Avenue neighbors and Clifton
                                    ensure that Clifton's unique-    ates the diversity, convenience      and never left. Karen served
                                    ness flourishes.                 and quality of life in Clifton. In   for six years as an officer and
                                                                     his second term, he would like       trustee of the Suzuki Coopera-
                                                                     to work to improve Clifton’s         tive of CPS, the parent board
                                                                     already rich quality of life.        that administers the Suzuki
                                                                                                          Strings Program for Cincinnati
                                                                                                          Public Schools. Currently a
                                                                                                          resident of Warren Avenue,
                                                                                                          she wants to invest her
                                                                                                          energies in CTM to help
                                                                                                          Clifton continue to thrive as a
                                                                                                          vibrant, successful neighbor-
                                        Dick Druffel has lived in                                         hood.
                                    Clifton for much of his life.
                                    Currently Dick lives on
    Brian Curwin has lived in       Middleton Ave. with his wife,
Clifton with his wife, Inger,       Catherine. About six years ago
since they moved here from          Dick retired from Procter &
Ottawa, Canada in 2000. They        Gamble after a thirty-year
are Canadian citizens with          career. He worked in the
permanent residency status in       finance function and his last
the U.S. and they currently         position was Director Global
reside on Cornell Pl. Brian has     Treasury. Currently Dick              Karen Imbus practices
a PhD in exposure assessment        serves as president of Family    labor and employment law and
from Utrecht University,            Housing Developers, Inc., a      business litigation at Ulmer &
Netherlands, and currently          nonprofit board which            Berne LLP. Fifteen years ago,
works for the National Institute    develops housing for low and     as a law student with young
for Occupational Safety and         moderate income families. Dick   children, she moved to Clifton
Health. Brian enjoys the            has been on the board of FHDI    with her husband, Michael
vibrant, diverse, eclectic nature   for about thirteen years. He     Suffern, because of its proxim-
of Clifton and would like to        has been a Trustee of CTM for    ity to the law school. They fell         Michael Willing, a native
                                                                                                          Cincinnatian, has been a
                                                                                                          Clifton resident for 6 years,
                                                                                                          nearly 2 of which were spent
                                                                                                          restoring his home [the former
                                                                                                          Luebbert House] on Terrace
                                                                                                          Ave, featured on the last
                                                                                                          Clifton House Tour. Michael
                                                                                                          attended St. Louis University
                                                                                                          where he obtained a BS in 1993
                                                                                                          and an MD in 1997. He
                                                                                                          completed an Emergency
                                                                                                          Medicine Residency at the
                                                                                                          University of Cincinnati in
                                                                                                          2001 and an MBA with a
                                                                                                          concentration in real estate at
                                                                                                          UC in 2006. Michael is
                                                                                                          currently an Emergency
                                                                                                          Physician with Vanguard
                                                                                                          Medical where he serves as
                                                                                                          the Associate Director of
                                                                                                          Emergency Services at the
                                                                                                          Jewish Hospital in Kenwood,
                                                                                                          and holds a faculty position as
                                                                                                          Assistant Professor of
                                                                                                          Emergency Medicine at UC. In
CliftonChronicle                                                                                                                        Page 5

his spare time, he enjoys real     justice issues. As trustee, Gina        of Lesbians and Gays) for
estate investing, home             would work to enrich Clifton’s          three years, currently in the
renovation and restoration, as     diverse and family-friendly             role of president. Mark is a co-
well as wakeboarding and           nature by encouraging                   chair of the 2009 Clifton House
snow skiing.                       development in the business             Tour, the primary fundraising
                                   district that is both thoughtful        activity for Clifton Town
                                   and in keeping with the                 Meeting.
                                   common interests of the
                                   community. She will use her
                                   knowledge of city operations
                                   to help resolve crime, transpor-
                                   tation and development issues
                                   in Clifton.

                                                                                                                       Jim Segers lives on Thrall
                                                                                                                   St. In his first term as CTM
                                                                                                                   Trustee, he has assisted with
                                                                                                                   the Streetscapes street
                                                                                                                   painting festival.

    Gina Marsh, a native
                                                                                                                   2008 CTM
Floridian, has lived on Gano
Avenue in Clifton for three
                                                                                Malcolm Montgomery, in
                                                                            his first term as a CTM
                                                                            Trustee, is co-chair of the               Becker, Ron
years with her husband Kevin
                                                                            Housing and Zoning Commit-                Berten, John
and her two sons, Tyler (age 8)
                                                                            tee and member of the Commu-              Bishop, George
and Ethan (age 6). Gina and her
                                                                            nications and Marketing                   Bourgoin, Jack
family moved to Clifton from
                                                                            Committee. He lives on Hosea              Druffel, Dick (V. Pres.)
Butler County, having fallen in         Mark Smith, a lifelong
                                                                            Avenue and is a lifetime                  Eby, Gary (Secretary)
love with the neighborhood’s        resident of Cincinnati, has
                                                                            member of CTM and nearly                  Elovitz, Mike
diversity and cultural flavor       lived on Hosea Ave in Clifton
                                                                            lifelong resident of Clifton.             Fant, Bill (Treasurer)
during her work on the Greg         since December 2005. He
                                                                            Recently retired from UC’s                Glazier, Elizabeth
Harris for Congress campaign        works from home for a major
                                                                            academic IT department, where             Goldenhar, Linda (Pres.)
in 2004. Gina earned her J.D.       information technology
                                                                            he was an educational                     Gordon, Bill
from the University of Florida,     company as a risk/project
                                                                            technology specialist and                 Lee, Robin
and has worked as an attorney       manager and is certified in
                                                                            designed electronic class-                McLaughlin, Al
in both the public and private      project management by the
                                                                            rooms, Malcolm now runs his               Montgomery, Malcolm
sectors. Currently, she serves      Project Management Institute
                                                                            own consulting business from              Schubauer-Berigan, Mary
as Chief of Staff for               (PMI). Outside of work, Mark
                                                                            his home (and provides                 (Vice President)
Councilmember John Cranley          has served on the executive
                                                                            audiovisual support for CTM               Segers, Jim
where she works to promote          board of Cincinnati PFLAG
                                                                            meetings).                                Slack, Steve
neighborhood and social             (Parents, Families and Friends

       Be a part of Clifton! Join Clifton Town Meeting Today!
        Send a check or money order payable to Clifton Town Meeting; P.O. Box 20042, Cincinnati, OH 45220
                                  Membership Categories
        __Single (1 vote)..............................$14.00 __Senior Citizen (1 votes)......$20.00
        __Household (2 votes).....................$20.00 __Senior Household (2 votes)$14.00
        __Full-time college student (1 vote)$10.00 __Business (1 vote)................$14.00
        __Life Membership (2 votes).........$180.00


          Address: _________________________________________________________
          Phone:__________________Fax: ________________ E-mail: __________________________________
                        Please print legibly. Note: Information provided on this form will be for official CTM business only!
Page 6                                                                                                                     CliftonChronicle

Light Up Clifton
Turn on that Porch Light                                 Keep It On All Night
                                                                                                         Lisa Brokamp, Mamie Davoran, Cindy
                                                                                                      Hardesty, Renee Dustman, Mindy Horgan
                                                                                                      and Amy Hull finished with accolades.

                                                                                                         “Best Yoga Studio”       Best of Citysearch 2008
                                                                                                          Cincinnati Magazine

                                                                                                           Serving the Clifton Community for 9 Years

                                                                                                             Student Discounts
                                                                                                              $90 for 90 days
                                                                                                                $1 a day for unlimited classes!
                                                                                                                       (Student ID required)

 Be a Good Neighbor a
                                                                                                               Ashtanga Yoga Pilates Mat
                                                                                                               Hatha Yoga       Yogalates
               Da ya see                                                                                       Yin Yoga         Flow Yoga
                                              Adobe Master, Sir!
      If you notice anything suspicious call 911 immediately! Get to know your neigh-                          Hot Yoga         Vinyasa
  bors! Join Citizens on Patrol! Form a Neighborhood Watch Group! The Police at                                  Ashtanga for Beginners
  District 5 can work with you and your neighbors to improve security in and around
                                                                                                           Community Yoga 3:15 Saturdays ($3)
  Clifton and the surrounding neighborhoods, and help to prevent thefts. If you find an
  unexplained open/broken window or door, DO NOT ENTER! The perpetrator may be                                  RYT Teacher Training
  inside! Use a neighbor’s phone or cell phone and call the police. Do not touch
                                                                                                        346 Ludlow Ave.
  anything or clean up. Write down license plates and descriptions of suspicious
  persons on your street.                                                                                  (513) 961-YOGA (9642)

                                                              Exclusively represented by

                                                             Cindy & Ian Collins
                                                                (513) 702-8226

             216 Greendale Avenue
                     G ASLIGHT C LIFTON
                                                                                                       254 Greendale Avenue
                                                                                                             T HE W ILLIAM R ESOR H OUSE
  This lovely home has been thoroughly updated,                                             Built for industrialist William Resor, founder of the
  including a new kitchen with granite countertops and                                      Cincinnati Zoo and Cincinnati Art Museum, this home is
  stainless steel appliances. The 6-bedroom, 4 ½-bath         Brokers of Fine Homes in      on the National Register of Historic Places. Relax on the
  home offers over 6,000 square feet of living space plus      City, Town and Country       rotunda porch on peaceful Greendale. Extraordinary rooms
  a fully finished lower level with billiards room, family                include an elegant living room stretching 35 feet, dining
  room and wine cellar. Enjoy relaxing in one of Clifton's                                  room with coffered ceiling and library with prominent arch
  most amazing private gardens complete with rose                                           and built-ins. The kitchen has recently been updated in
  gardens, a putting green and fountain. Other features            Exclusive Affiliate of   period style. Other features include 5 bedrooms, 3 full
  include an expansive living room, gracious dining room,                                   bathrooms and a separate 3-bedroom, 1½-bath apartment
  three-season porch, wraparound front porch, third floor                                   that could be opened to the main house, if desired. Situated
  master suite, and more. A truly magnificent home!                                         on nearly one acre of gently rolling land in Gaslight Clifton.
CliftonChronicle                                                                                                                     Page 7

                                                                                                   New Fall Menu at Olives
                                                                                                   By Marilyn Harris
                                                                                                       Executive Chef Steve Sleyo and his
                                                                                                   side-kick “Oliver,” extend a friendly
                                                                                                   invitation to walk right in to enjoy some of
                                                                                                   Rom’s cocktail hour special drinks or a
                                                                                                   refreshing glass of beer or wine in the
                                                                                                   prettiest bar in Clifton. Be sure to stay for
                                                                                                   dinner in Olives’ large downstairs dining
                                                                                                   room to dine from Chef Sleyo’s fabulous
                                                                                                   new fall menu featuring different dinner
                                                                                                   specials every week.
Left to right: Phil Herrick, Liz Hamilton, Dick Druffel, Tim Bushnell (in hat), Steve Slack (in        On Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00
glasses), John Cranley and Jeff Berding at the plaza funding press conference Sunday August 3.     a.m. the popular Olives brunch menu is
Community petitioning of Council Members was effective in gaining additional funding to complete   one of the best in the city and a great
the plaza on the fast track. Photo by Eddie Horgan, Jr.                                            value too. Try Steve’s famous berry-
                                                                                                   stuffed French toast, fluffy freshly baked
                                                                                                   biscuits with old fashioned sausage gravy,
                                                                                                   or the outrageously delicious “Eggs
                                                                                                   Deutsch”...just a sampling of his delicious
                                                                                                   brunch options.
Page 8                                                                                                         CliftonChronicle
                                                                                               wine his customers want, but to provide
                                                                                               us with many label choices with the main
                                                                                               emphasis on unique wines that are also a
                                                                                               good value. Julie is an expert on artisan
                                                                                               beers and the shop offers a “build your
                                                                                               own six-pack” program for your own beer
                                                                                                   There are two good ways to increase
                                                                                               your wine knowledge: stop in on Fridays
                                                                                               or Saturdays at 5:00 for Mike’s special
                                                                                               wine tastings. And sign up for Ludlow
                                                                                               Wines’ “Wine of the Month Club.” Mike
                                                                                               will deliver your bottle, with tasting notes
                                                                                               to your house each month and will also
                                                                                               happily deliver that case of wine you will
                                                                                               no doubt put together while you’re there.
                                                                                               Delivery is available in Clifton, Northside
                                                                                               and Clifton Heights.
The Anagnostou family Julie, Max, Dean, Sophia, Mike and Eleni. Photo by Tom Lohre                 Salut, Mike and Julie, and welcome to
Ludlow Wines                                         After just a few weeks as new propri-
                                                 etors of their Ludlow shop, what do Mike

Has A New
                                                 and Julie think about doing business here,
                                                 versus selling wine in the suburbs? Both         Piano Instruction
                                                 erupted with enthusiastic comments about
                                                 how much they love our neighborhood.               All Levels of Study
                                                 “Everyone is so friendly and nice,” said
By Marilyn Harris
                                                 Julie. Mike said he has met more informed
    I stopped into Ludlow Wines the other
                                                 wine lovers in a few weeks here than he
                                                                                                   Francine Cassini
day and was greeted by a cheerful new                                                                       Piano Teacher
                                                 met in the several years in his former
face. Mike Anagnostou (Ah-nag-no-stew),
                                                 business. “They are not just interested in       Fluent in English and French
along with his wife Julie, is now the owner
                                                 American wine either, but know so much
of our local wine shop. Mike has been in
                                                 and are so interested in wine from all over
the wine business for 14 years and the                                                                     513-205-4933
                                                 the world,” Mike exclaimed.
couple formerly owned a wine store in
                                                     Mike is not only happy to find any
West Chester.
    Stop by 339 Ludlow and you will find
Mike running the shop, open 11:00 to 7:00
Tuesday through Thursday and 10:00 to
8:00 on Friday and Saturday. Go in on
Tuesday or Wednesday and you will meet
Julie too. Working in the shop, she says, is
a welcome break from her four-year old
and her 18-month old triplets
    Mike, as you probably guessed, is of
Greek decent, and is fluent in Greek, and
with very little persuading will show you
the latest photos of his handsome brood.
He will also let you practice your Greek
and entertain you with fun facts and fables
about the history of wine. As we chatted
about his own love of wine, he pointed out
that “wine lies deep in the culture of man,
the beverage of kings and peasants alike.”
As for his amazing wine knowledge, he
acquired it over the years by simply
reading everything he could find about
wine and always tasting to train his palate.
An oenophile friend once told me the only
way to really learn about wine it to drink it.
Mike couldn’t agree more.
CliftonChronicle                                                                                                                           Page 9

Irene has been a fan of hand tools her whole life. She is on her second push mower. In this watercolor she is using a push edger. Watercolor by TL.

Green Clifton                                       thoughts. You’ve probably seen someone
                                                    like me quietly cutting his grass and              Burnet Woods
By Larry Holt
                                                                                                       Nature Center
                                                    thought “What a nerd” BUT… then I’ll
Reel lawnmowers = Real                              bet you thought “I ought to ask him/her
freedom!                                            about that mower”. You now have your
                                                                                                            Canoeing 101
    In the interest of full disclosure, I just      answers.
                                                                                                            Sat., Sept. 27, 11:00 – 3:30 p.m. –
bought a reel lawnmower – as in I push it                Oh, yeah – it only cost $83!
                                                                                                       Burnet Woods Lake
because it has no engine. I bought it for 2              The Myth of Sisyphus – 2008 I pay to
                                                                                                            Fishing 101
reasons.                                            make my grass grow fast so I can pay to
                                                                                                            Sun., Sept. 28, noon – 3:30 p.m. –
    1. My youngest daughter needed a                have it cut.
                                                                                                       Burnet Woods Lake
lawnmower and I gave her mine                            Clifton might lead the city in yards
                                                                                                            Burnet Woods Hiking Club
    2. I have a small “Clifton-sized” yard          with clover, dandelions and wildflowers –
                                                                                                            1st and 3rd Saturday of each month,
that’s perfect for the powerless.                   and that’s a good thing. Each one of
                                                                                                       9:00. – 11:00 a.m. Starts Oct. 4
    So, I made the leap and it’s pretty good.       those imperfect Clifton lawns is a living
                                                                                                            Birds At Armleder
Perfect? No. But not bad! Here’s why:               environment.
                                                                                                            Sat., Oct. 11, 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. –
    The cut is actually better for my grass              It may be that lawns and lawn
by helping it retain moisture and reduce            treatment will be the next “smoking.”
                                                                                                            Native Plants and Invasive Species
diseases                                            Forty years ago we smoked in school! No
    I cut my grass this morning at 6:30 –           one would have believed there would be a
                                                                                                            Sat., Oct. 18, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. – Burnet
and no one yelled at me!                            day you couldn’t smoke in a bar. Forty
                                                                                                       Woods – Slide Presentation and Short
    I carry the mower to my front yard              years from today it could be that no one
    The work’s not the same but the time            will believe we used to “kill” our lawns in
                                                                                                            Sat., Nov 8, 9:00 – noon – Invasive
spent is.                                           order to keep up with the Jones’ – and
                                                                                                       Removal and Restoration
    I get a little more exercise but not a lot      that’s not all we’re killing. I won’t go into
                                                                                                            Sat., Nov 22, 9:00 – noon – Invasive
more                                                all the details – you may know them better
                                                                                                       Removal and Restoration
    I don’t buy gas or oil.                         than I do – but what happens to the
                                                                                                            Public Planetarium Programs
    And, since I don’t have any lawn                chemicals after they leave your yard is
                                                                                                            Programs are open to adults and older
treatment I cut half as often as those who          more frightening than what they do to
                                                                                                       children accompanied by adults. Seating
do.                                                 your yard.
                                                                                                       is limited; please call 751-3679 for reserva-
    Admit it, if you live in Clifton there’s a           Let’s just say that in Clifton you can
                                                                                                       tions. Fee: $2.00 per person.
good chance your yard is small enough for           relax, let your yard live. There are plenty
                                                                                                            Fall Skies
you to have had some “powerless”                    of Jones’ here with clover in their yards.
                                                                                                            Fri., Sept. 18, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
                                                                                                            Fall Constellations
                                                                                                            Sat., Oct. 4, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.
                                                                                                            Fall Constellations
                                                                                                            Fri., Oct. 16, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
                                                                                                            Monster In The Sky
                                                                                                            Sat., Nov. 1, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.
                                                                                                            Fall Constellations
                                                                                                            Fri., Nov. 20, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.       All
                                                                                                       About Orion
                                                                                                            For more information, please call
Page 10                                                                                                    CliftonChronicle

                                                   Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spray
                                               a 9-by-5-inch loaf pan with cooking spray.
                                                   In a large bowl, blend flours with next
                                               five ingredients (through salt). Add
                                               pumpkin, oil, egg and egg whites, carrots,    about 45 minutes, or until toothpick
    For the next several months a star in      nuts and cranberries. Stir until evenly       inserted into center comes out dry. Cool in
my kitchen will be the many delightful         blended.                                      pan for 15 minutes, then invert on rack to
winter squashes popping up in farmers              Spoon batter into loaf pan and bake for   complete cooling.
markets and on stands along country
roads. While pumpkins are the most
prominent squash these autumn days,
you’ll also find locally grown acorn,
butternut, turban and Hubbard varieties.
Peak season occurs in October and
November but the hard skins make long-
term storage a breeze.
    All squashes share the same impres-
sive nutritional profile. A cup of cubed,
cooked winter squash generally contains
more than 100 percent of your daily
Vitamin A requirement and between 20 and
40 percent of the recommended allotment
of Vitamin C, fiber, potassium, manganese
and folate. It’s a fiber-filled powerhouse
that gives you a healthy dose of cancer-
fighting beta-carotene.
    Here’s a favorite recipe for the cooler
months, and it’s a whiz to make with
canned pumpkin instead of fresh.

Pumpkin Nut Loaf
    (10 servings)
    This cake is delicious with your
morning coffee or tea, and also makes a
nice dessert with a scoop of vanilla frozen
yogurt or ice cream. For a sweeter loaf, add
the dried cranberries and increase the
sugar to one cup. If desired, substitute
other nuts you have on hand, such as
chopped walnuts or slivered almonds.
   1 cup all-purpose flour
   1/2 cup whole-wheat flour
   3/4 cup sugar
   1 teaspoon baking powder
   1 teaspoon cinnamon
   1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
   1/2 teaspoon salt
   1 cup canned pumpkin puree
   1/4 cup canola oil
   1 egg
   2 egg whites
   1/2 cup grated carrots
   1/4 cup lightly toasted pine nuts
   1/4 cup chopped pistachio nuts
   1/4 cup dried cranberries (optional)
CliftonChronicle                                                                                                               Page 11

                                               reading club for adults. Be a Friend to         ship to the Friends of the Public Library
                                               Books runs from September 14 through            and an invitation for two to the Books By
                                               October 25 and is a fun way to read some        the Banks: Cincinnati USA Book Festival
                                               great books (wonderfully rewarding in and       VIP author reception on October 31st!
                                               of itself) and win some prizes. Here’s how      Winners will be notified on October 27.
                                               it works. Obtain an entry form at your          Have fun and read on!
                                               library or online at:                               At the busy beginning of the school
    Summer is winding down and school is            year, look to your library to make your life
back in session. The library would like to     beafriendtobooks.html. Read or listen to 3      as a student, teacher or parent a little
thank all the participants in ReadQuest,       books and/or audio books of your choice.        easier! We have lots of books to fulfill
the library’s summer reading program!          Bring in your first completed entry form to     your reading assignments, but order early
Hundreds of kids and dozens of teens           receive a coupon worth $5 off a $10             to make sure you get the titles you need.
from the Clifton neighborhood read books,      purchase from Friends of the Public             We also have online databases that access
won cool prizes and participated in            Library Shop and an entry form for the          magazines and journals to help with your
programs at the library. We had two lucky      grand prize drawing at each location, a $25     research papers. Many of the databases
grand prizewinners from Clifton this year.     Friends gift certificate. For each additional   have full-text articles, so you can print it
Ivan Brooke was the lucky winner of a          3 books you read you will receive another       right off the computer at home or at the
brand new bicycle and Kevin Brown won          grand prize entry form. One lucky winner,       library. You will need your library card
an MP3 player! Great job and congratula-       selected from the entries received at all       number for these services. And for
tions!                                         locations, will win the Ultimate Grand Prize,   teachers, the library offers collection
    Speaking of reading clubs, this fall the   a $100 gift card courtesy of Borders            services. Fill out a teacher collection
library is inviting YOU to join our new        Books, a complimentary one-year member-         request form and we will pull a collection
                                                                                               together for your classroom. If your
                                                                                               school has at least five teachers signed up
                                                                                               for the collection service, the library will
                                                                                               deliver the collections right to your
                                                                                               school! Don’t forget to apply for an
                                                                                               Educator card. Our web address is:
                                                                                                   Hola! Bonjour! Konnichiwa! Nih
                                                                                               Hao! And, of course, hello! Are you new
                                                                                               to the English language? Please join us at
                                                                                               the library every Thursday at 1 p.m. for
                                                                                               ESL English Conversation Hour. Folks
                                                                                               from all around the world who now call
                                                                                               Clifton home meet weekly to practice
                                                                                               speaking English and get to know their
                                                                                                   We have a wide array of materials at
                                                                                               the library but, speaking as a librarian, I
                                                                                               must say that we especially love our
                                                                                               books! If you are looking for some great
                                                                                               reads to share with your neighbors, why
                                                                                               not join us for the Clifton Book Discussion
                                                                                               Group, the Clifton Branch library’s book
                                                                                               club. The group meets on the second
                                                                                               Wednesday of each month at 10:30 a.m.
                                                                                               Upcoming dates and titles are as follows:

                                                                                                  September 10: A Thousand Splendid
                                                                                               Suns by Khaled Hosseini

                                                                                                  October 8: March by Geraldine

                                                                                                  November 12: Plainsong by Kent

                                                                                                   December 10: Always Wear Joy: My
                                                                                               Mother Bold and Beautiful by Susan
Page 12                                                                                                                  CliftonChronicle

                                                                                                        Rec Center Parking
                                                                                                        Lot for Fairview
                                                                                                             Parents should avoid driving to the
                                                                                                        Wood Avenue Gate and parking. The
                                                                                                        recreation center parking lot is the
                                                                                                        designated place to park when dropping
                                                                                                        off or picking up.

Tatiana Cameron, voice; Eric Sayer, bass; Brett Wamsley, drums; Jim Connerley, piano
play at Tink’s every Friday 10-11 through September, appetizers and desserts. Photo by Tom Lohre

       The Rainy Dye of Shade and
          Shadow, March 2007
                                         By David P. Little

                              That dye was cast some long long ago
                        On some rainy Life Magazine Saturday afternoon
            Lodged between delicious bouts of Shock Theater and Sunday night church.
                     Playing out vivid reenactments with the biblical Goliath
                            In Myrtle Jones Sunday School class …or
           Telling wholly made-up horror stories for my amazed Fifth grade classmates
            Seemingly every Friday for months…Teachers treat…my unique privilege.                       Many thanks to Linda Tong who lives on the
                                                                                                        north side Wood Avenue next to the Fairview
               He watched, he grew, he questioned, he rebelled & refused to blend                       Clifton Gate. She served as community liaison
              He sought out the short-cut, dancing on the volcano’s spewing edge                        during the building of the school. She enjoys the
                              Finding limelight above the footlights                                    children walking through the gate.
          Ducking the searchlights of the authorities hovering above…hunkering below.

                            Searching for the moment of presentation
                 On the stages of cold empty parking lots and steamy stairways
                                Practicing exploration by gesture
                         Indulging the unadulterated freedom of swagger
               The foamy bravado gleaned by the accumulation of highlight reels
         Of paper trails and profiles; of puzzles to blur and obscure more than enlighten.

                 Learning the nuisance of shade and shadow acting…not of film
           Dissecting the intricacies of the minute; the opaque scintilla of microplasm
         Devoid of drama when mouth-hitched to the boundless stupidity of predictability.

                             Picking pockets of sticky sentiment and sap
                             Throwing the hot dice of chance, by choice
                                 Flinging… against the barricades..
                      Flailing against the rules and idiocy of the human wave.

                            Predestined to fall behind while observing
                             Having been there and done some of that
                      He occasionally smells of stogy and stogie and of 1971
                     Lost in a seamless cloud of warm dance and cool denial
                 That repeated insights of veiled truths can yield only a conversion
                       Or the unending reproduction of the saddest of souls.

As the recently appointed Poetry Editor for the Chronicle it is incumbent that I solicit submissions
of poetry from our gifted Clifton Community of writers. Please forward your poems reflecting
boundless joy or deepest secrets for consideration to DPLittle, Poetry Editor, in care of the Clifton
Chronicle. (
CliftonChronicle                                                                                                                Page 13

The Summit
Restaurant at
Cincinnati State
By Pama Mitchell
     Cincinnati State Technical and
Community College has been a good
Clifton neighbor for many years, and
“Cincy State” became an even more
imposing presence with the 2004 opening
of the new classroom building on a hilltop
overlooking Central Parkway. The struc-
ture allowed for a significant expansion of
the college’s long-established culinary
school, which became the Midwest
Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State
(MCI). For Clifton residents, the best news
is that the highly regarded culinary
program opened a restaurant this summer         From left to right: Karen Dorsey; Helena Dorsey; Katherine Hammett; Chef Matt Winterrowd;
to give its advanced students the chance        Theresa Henderson, wife of State College President; Yvonne Robertson and Wanda Smith.
to hone their craft in a fine-dining environ-
ment. The Summit has been serving dinner
three nights a week (Thursday – Saturday)
since late May. While Chef Matt
Winterrowd and dining room manager
Donna Schmitt are paid employees, the
rest of the Summit’s staff is MCI students.
     In the late summer, I visited the
kitchens and facilities at MCI, walked
through the restaurant and chatted with
several Summit and MCI staffers. The                                                            cheese plate—four delicious cheeses
whole operation is quite impressive, and                                                        served at the proper room temperature—is
anyone with a serious interest in cooking                                                       one of only two cheese courses served in
should check out the various classes and                                                        any Cincinnati restaurant, according to
degrees available. MCI offers professional                                                      Schmitt, the dining room manager. Jean-
level associate’s degrees in culinary arts,                                                     Robert at Pigall’s is the only other place
pastry arts, hotel management and food                                                          you can order a cheese course, she says.
service management, as well as a dietetic                                                       (I have had a nice cheese plate at Vineyard
technician associate’s degree—most of                                                           Café in Hyde Park, but that’s not the same
which take two full years to complete. But                                                      as a cheese course with a formal meal.)
students can earn a certificate in culinary         If eating interests you more than               The Summit serves dinner 5:30-9:00
arts, pastry arts or dietary management in      cooking does, you’re still in luck—the          Thursday through Saturday. You can
about a year.                                   Summit makes a great, convenient destina-       reserve a table by calling 513-569-4980.
     These are competitive programs with        tion for a special meal with family or              Also not to be missed is Bakery Hill, a
limited space. However, every month MCI         friends. The restaurant has valet parking—      retail bakery inside MCI. It makes marvel-
hosts community cooking classes on a            you enter campus off Central Parkway            ous cakes to order, and you can just drop
range of topics, open to the public. Fall       rather than the Ludlow entrance—and a           by when Cincinnati State is in session to
topics will include cake decorating, classes    pleasant ambience, with white tablecloths       buy pies, cupcakes, pastries and breads,
for kids and the intriguing “Vegetarian         and contemporary décor. Salads and              depending on what they’re baking that
Boot Camp” on September 20, which might         appetizers range from $7 to $11, while          day. Call 569-4697 for hours and daily
have happened by the time you read this.        entrees are priced between $22 and $29 on       offerings. Moe Thie, manager, used to own
(Go to     the summer menu. (A fall menu will arrive       Virginia Bakery. Directions: turn into
and click on the Community Cooking              soon.)                                          Central Parkway Garage. Go to level 5 in
Classes tab to view and register for the            The food is delightfully inventive and      the parking garage and walk across
current month’s offerings.) The hands-on        bursting with top-notch ingredients.            driveway into the ATLC building (the
classes in one of the dozen state-of-the-art    Summer fare included many gourmet               newest building). Bakery Hill is located on
MCI kitchens vary in price, with most           choices, from soft shell crab to morel          level 2 in the ATLC building and The
sessions costing $50-$60.                       mushrooms and rack of lamb. The artisnal        Summit is down the hall.
Page 14                                                                                                     CliftonChronicle

Rec News                                            We want to send out a THANK YOU
                                                to the Cincinnati Fencing Club for its
                                                                                             Recreation Center, I have met hundreds of
                                                                                             children and parents and have participated
Summer Camp 2008                                participation in the cleanup night on        in the Clifton Town Meetings. Also, I have
                                                                                             met with our new neighbors, Ruth Dickey,
                                                August 11th. The Starbucks “Hit Your
by Tom Reese
                                                Mark” volunteer grant will allowed the       Executive Director at Clifton Cultural Arts
    Our Youth, Teen and Drop-In campers
                                                club to gain new equipment for the           Center and Karen Mulligan, Principal, at
at Clifton Center completed another
                                                Cincinnati Fencing Club in exchange for      Fairview Clifton Language School and
successful and safe Summer Camp. We
                                                community service hours to benefit the       anticipate a wonderful year of collabora-
took swimming lessons at Hannah Pool,
                                                Clifton Center. If you want to participate   tion. Hope to see you at the Clifton
visited the Zoo, The Museum Center,
                                                or watch a class on Monday & Thursday        Center!
completed pottery classes and a variety of
                                                nights, drop by the center by 7:30.
art projects while making many new friends.
                                                    Clifton Hilltoppers, our beloved
We participated in the Digital Quilt project
                                                Senior Club, participated in the SPCA pet
sponsored in part by the Cincinnati
                                                adoption seminar, hosted an authentic
Recreation Foundation, Tri Health, and the
                                                Greek luncheon and visited the Frank
Fine Arts Fund. This project will result in a
                                                Lloyd Wright Prairie style home in
collage of hundreds of photos from
                                                Springfield, Ohio.
Cincinnati neighborhoods and will be
                                                    For more information about our many
featured in September on Fountain
                                                other programs, Arnelle Dow can be
Square’s Jumbotron.
                                                reached at the center on Tuesdays 10:00-
    After a few exciting weeks of the
                                                2:00 pm.
Summer Olympics, I would be remiss not to
                                                    As the “new guy” at the Clifton
mention some of our own bragging rights.
Karate instructor Roland Figgs and his
student Dusty Stalcup recently traveled to
compete in the 18th Rysuei-Hai Tournament
and Instructors Clinic in Katsukabe
Saitama, Japan. Dusty was the lone
American competitor in the tournament and
did his dojo proud, winning 2nd place in
kumite, and 2nd in the Chinto kata division,
3rd in open kata and 2nd in weapons.
Congratulations to both student and
instructor! Please call the center for Karate
class information to learn from a master of a
winning team.
CliftonChronicle                                                                                                               Page 15

                                                                                               Cincinnati Police District 5
                                                                                                   24 Hour CPOP Telephone:
Runaway & Homeless                                  The Clifton Cultural Arts Center is
                                                                                                   1012 Ludlow Avenue
                                                looking for alumni of Clifton School. If you
Youth Division                                  or someone you know attended Clifton               Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
   Youth Crisis Center                          School, please send your name and email  
   3330 Jefferson Avenue, Cincinnati,           address to or         Clifton Neighborhood Officers
Ohio 45220                                      mail your name and address to:                     Katrina Neal - 569-8593
   Phone: (513) 961-4080, Fax: (513) 961-       Clifton School Alumni                              Jason Pechiney - 569-8594
6578, 1-800-474-4129                            Clifton Cultural Arts Center                       Governor Williams - 569-8595

    Director: Geoffrey Hollenbach, e-mail:
                                                P.O. Box 20041
                                                Cincinnati, Ohio 45220                         Citizens on Patrol                                          The next set of training dates for
    This is an emergency shelter and            513-497-2860                                   volunteers for Citizens on Patrol will be
hotline service that provides crisis                                                           available soon. People should contact
intervention and a safe haven for young                                                        Officer Terri Windeler at 352-3533. Her e-
people when their living situation is                                                          mail address is
disrupted or endangered. The Youth Crisis                                            
Center is the only facility in the Cincinnati
area where unaccompanied youth, ten
through seventeen years old and home-
less 18 year olds who are full time stu-        Jon Cramer
dents, can seek shelter and safety. The         Clifton Main Street Manager                        We are a group of Clifton area mothers
Youth Crisis Center is a twenty-bed                              who meet monthly to connect with other
emergency facility open twenty-four hours       Clifton Gaslight Main Street                   moms, share ideas, network, and learn from
a day, 365 days per year. The Youth Crisis      325 1/2 Ludlow Avenue                          professionals invited to speak at meetings.
Center also operates a twenty-four hour         Cincinnati, OH 45220                           Monthly meetings are held at members'
youth crisis line at 513-961-4080. Admis-                           homes on the second Tuesday of each
sion Criteria: Male or Female 10-17 years       513-324-4232                                   month from September to May. To join,
old (18 yr old FT students may enter).                                                         drop by our next meeting or contact Kelly
                                                                                               by e-mail or by
Dedicated Volunteers                                                                           phone at 513-281-6991.
Do Great Things

                                                Uptown Consortium
                                                    The Uptown Consortium is a non-              Phone: 513-961-5681
                                                profit organization made up of Uptown's          320 McAlpin Ave
Clifton Community Fund                          five largest employers: Cincinnati               Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
    This endowed fund is managed by the         Children's Hospital Medical Center,    
Greater Cincinnati Foundation.                  Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, The 
    The yearly profit from the fund is          Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati,           Located next to the Cultural Art Center.
available for the beautification, preserva-     TriHealth, Inc. and the University of          Membership: Seniors/Teens/Children $8
tion, and cultural enhancement of the           Cincinnati. Uptown generally includes the      Adult $15
Clifton Community.                              neighborhoods of Avondale, Clifton,
    We urge all lovers of Clifton to            Clifton Heights, Corryville, Fairview, Mt.
contribute to this endowment so it can          Auburn and University Heights. Together,
become even more effective. Every penny         the center city and Uptown compose the
counts so write your check today payable        core of the region.
to the Greater Cincinnati Foundation/                    Cincinnati Preservation Association
Clifton Fund and send to:                           Uptown Consortium, Inc.                       342 West Fourth Street
     The Greater Cincinnati Foundation              629 Oak Street, Suite 306                     Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
    200 West Fourth Street                          Cincinnati, OH 45206                          Phone: 513-721-4506
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-2602                     Phone: 513.861.8726                           Fax: 513-721-6832            Fax: 513.861.1902                   
Page 16                                                                                                             CliftonChronicle

                            The vibrant
                      leaves, rich colors and
                      crisp sounds of
                      autumn, to me, call out
                      for a glass of wine,
                      whether it’s the deep
                      tones of a cab or the
                      rich gold of a buttery
                            This time of year
                      is perfect for hosting    Vernon Sowers enjoys a tasty treat from Laura Farina of Olives on the new sidewalks. Photo by TL
                      or attending wine
                      tastings and choosing
wines for holiday entertaining or for gift
giving. Don’t forget to try some beer
tastings with their interesting ciders and
pumpkin varieties. If your local wine shop
doesn't have a beer tasting planned, you
might suggest it to the owners. Opening a
few bottles of beer is less expensive than
opening a few bottles of wine, and can
introduce new tastes as well as bring in
some new clientele!
      Here is a fall suggestion. I love
making homemade pizza with the herbs,           We might not have a weekly community newspaper like The Eastern Hills Journal but we do have a
tomatoes, and cheeses to go with a wine          incrediable on-line space for posting photos, stories, calendar events, etc. In time, our CTM site
that compliments it. So invite some               will be the go to place for this but for now
friends, open a good wine and start                   is the place.
creating that special pizza. Try a
Sangiovese with a heavier roma tomato
and mozzarella pizza with some spicy meat                                                        The New School
topping, or try a Pinot Gris with a white
                                                      · Family-centered
pizza with olive oil, spinach or zucchini             · Full and Half Day
and a goat cheese. There are so many
pizza recipes on line as well as pizza
                                                        Montessori Program
cookbooks.                                            · Children Ages 3
       As always, I have a couple of
suggestions for some affordable yet                     through Grade 6
lovely wines to go with pizza. Seghesio               · Located in North
Sangiovese is available at most wine
shops, and is pretty consistently nice                  Avondale’s Mitchell
each year. For a Pinot Gris, give King                  Mansion
Estates a try. These are the varietals I
mentioned for the pizza styles. If you want           · Cincinnati’s oldest
to stick with a chardonnay, I really like               full day Montessori
Arrowood, although it’s a bit pricier. This
is a proven Chardonnay with a fantastic
                                                        School                               Open House Dates
track record.                                                                                Wed. Nov. 19 (7:00 -8:30 p.m.)
      Have a healthy, happy fall, and
venture into some new tastes. Variety is
                                                                                             Sun. Feb. 8 (2:00 -4:00 p.m.)
the spice of life! Feel free to write me with                                            3 Burton Woods Lane • Cincinnati, OH 45229
questions or comments anytime at                                                • ( 513) 281-7999 Cheers!
CliftonChronicle                                                                                                                         Page 17

From left to right: Carlis Mills II, Royce Mills, Mary Rita Dominic (sunglasses), Jane Allan
(baseball cap), Anna Goose (teen), Sue Allen (hat). Photo by Eddie Horgan Jr.

Blossoming                                             One of our goals has been to involve
                                                   the folks of nearby neighborhoods. Three
                                                                                                     Roxanne Maier and postal patron celebrate
                                                                                                     “Left Handers Day,” August 13, at the Post

Garden along
                                                   of the 10 plots are gardened by families or       Office. Everyone signed their receipts with their
                                                   children from Avondale and Corryville, and        left hand. A four flavor cake, yellow,
                                                   seven by Clifton families. While the joys         strawberry, red velvet and chocolate from

Vine Street                                        of watching flowers bloom and eating
                                                   fresh vegetables rank high in the reasons
                                                                                                     Graceful Tiers was served.

by Mary Rita Dominic                               for being involved, new relationships with
    Cliftonites driving down Glenmary              the greater community have been gratify-
Avenue this summer have encountered a              ing. We’ve experienced the delight of
blossoming garden along Vine Street in the         elderly residents seeing a corner of their
lot adjacent to the Cincinnati Zoo’s City          world turn beautiful, the joy of young kids
Barn. This ambitious undertaking started
                                                   doing handsprings and butterfly dances,
with Jane Allan (Ruther Ave.) who took a           and the cheers of families waiting in Zoo
gardening class last winter from Steve             traffic.
Foltz, Chief Horticulturist at the Zoo.
Steve asked if Jane was interested in
                                                       The “committee” also runs a Summer
                                                   Sprouts program for kids aged 3 and up on
organizing a Community Garden on the               Saturdays from ten-noon. This program             Sat Sept 29 6-11 p.m.
Zoo-owned acreage south of the City Barn
building. On May 10, after months of
                                                   has drawn up to 15 kids primarily from
                                                   Avondale and Clifton. The kids help
                                                                                                     Sun Sept 30 1-8 p.m.
thoughtful planning, ten raised garden                                                               3547 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati 45220
                                                   weed, water, plant and mulch. In late May         513-221-1230,
beds were constructed using lumber                 they planted seeds into the Kid’s Garden
donated by Turner Construction and labor           and now we there are sunflowers, beans
from about eight households. By May 24             and watermelons growing every which
the beds were filled with soil (Zoo soil,          way.
equipment and labor and garden rental                  The Zoo is interested in developing
fees were key factors), and the vegetables         nearby Zoo properties into vegetable
were planted. More soil, mulch, and a few          gardens. If you have an interest in
dozen bushes later, we have an “urban              organizing a new garden, contact Jane at
Eden” complete with butterfly gardens and
small benches (through a small grant from              The City Barn Community Garden
Keep Cincinnati Beautiful) that beckon             belongs to anyone who has an interest in
passing pedestrians and vehicle passen-            visiting or caring for it. Come sit for a spell
gers to come see.                                  and watch “our” garden grow.
Page 18                                                                                                           CliftonChronicle

Annunciation School
Submitted by Cindy Hardesty, Principal
    On Wednesday, August 20th Annun-
ciation School opened its doors for the
96th school year. We welcomed over 150
students many new to our school and
community. In addition, we also welcomed
several new faculty members, Chris            From left to right: Eileen Kues, resource center; Donald Jacoby, german teacher; Margret Jacoby;
Schwab, science and math, Kelly Berger,       Mary Reid, fourth grader; Julie Benthaus, german teacher and unknown student. The mural behind
4th grade, Beth Shulten, physical educa-      them by Charles Grund, illustrates the german folk tale, “Brementown Muscians.” He wrote a
                                              book, “Painting Murals Step by Step.” He dedicated the book to his daughter, Chloe, “whose joir
tion, Beth Lewis, music, Amy Schroeder,
                                              de vivre continues to be an ever-present source of inspiration for this old artist.” Chloe attended
preschool, Elizabeth Peckskamp, preschool     Fairview and is now at Walnut Hills. Photo by Caroline Miller.
aide, Emily Beachler, kindergarten aide and
Marlene Thiemann, Spanish. The faculty
and staff are committed to making Annun-
                                              will be moving to their next Montessori           Fairview-Clifton German
                                              level of learning within TNSM.
ciation School a cornerstone of the Clifton                                                     Language School
community.                                                                                      Submitted by Kristen Walters
    Mark your calendars for September         North Avondale                                           On August 14, during the Open Haus
27th and 28th for the Annunciation            Montessori                                        families visited and were welcomed with
Oktoberfest. The festival will be bigger      Submitted by Chris Pantoja                        tours of the school and meetings with
and better than last year’s.                      It is a busy time at North Avondale           teachers and friends. The fall will be busy
                                              Montessori School. We have moved into             inaugurating our new digs. The official
The New School                                our temporary space this summer in the            Open Haus will be held on September 25
Submitted by Anne Baumgardner                 former Burton Elementary School at 876            and the Building Dedication Ceremony is
    The New School Montessori was alive       Glenwood Avenue. We will be at this               scheduled to be held on September 30 at
with activity as the children celebrated      location for two years while our new              10:00. Thanks to the amazing efforts of the
Arty-Gras with art projects, science          school is being built at our former               parents and families the Save the Arts
experiments and music. Many of the            location on Clinton Springs. Our expected         Foundation announced that our school
activities were held outdoors where           date of return is August, 2010.                   once again has been able to secure a full
children created still-life drawings,             Our temporary space has been                  time fine arts program! Tours for prospec-
mobiles, scratch art, sun prints, neckties,   cleaned, painted throughout, and area             tive students and their families will begin in
wind chimes and animations. Students          rugs laid for our Montessori work. Even           October. Visit our new and improved web
enjoyed stopping by “Art in a Box” where      though we are excited to get a brand new          site for more information and to check out
a word written on a slip of paper was         school, it is important for us to make our        our weekly newsletter, the Falkenpost,
miraculously transformed into an actual       temporary space feel like home. Teachers          with school and student news and events.
drawing. It took several minutes of waiting   and parents are working hard to make    
while the giggling refrigerator box shook,    each and every classroom feel warm and                   Please call to schedule a tour and see
but it was pure magic all the same.           inviting. We are looking forward to a             the fantastic program that is available right
    Friends and family gathered to honor      GREAT school year!                                in your own community! 363-2100
our graduates – kindergartners, third
graders and sixth graders. We watched a
brief slide show and listened as the sixth
graders shared their memories of teachers,
friends and special times they’ve had at
TNSM. We also celebrated with the
kindergartners and third graders as they
CliftonChronicle                                                                                                             Page 19

The First Days                                  beautiful and many children were seen
                                                walking to school in large groups

of Fairview                                         Upcoming events at Fairview Clifton
                                                School include the Dedication Ceremony

Clifton School
                                                on September 30 and the ever popular
                                                German American Day on Oct. 2. Please
                                                check the schools website for more
By Melanie Delgado
                                                information regarding these events.
     The children were wearing new shoes,
                                                    Along with the 70 staff members, 657
carrying brand new backpacks packed
                                                students are enrolled and all grade levels
with freshly sharpened pencils, boxes of
                                                are currently full at this time. Tours for
crayons yet to be opened and used, clean
                                                prospective new students (Kindergarten
notebooks, and carrying bags filled with of
                                                and first grade) will begin in October.
boxes of tissues, paper towels and hand
sanitizer to share in their classrooms. Yes,
it’s back to school time. There is nothing
like that feeling one has on the first day of
     On August 19, the new school year
started at Fairview-Clifton German
Language School with enthusiasm from all
new and returning students and families.
After becoming familiar with the physical
campus during the Open Haus, the
smiling, confident, happy faces of stu-
dents and parents streaming into the
building the first day of school were a
beautiful sight to behold. Many parents
were able to stop by the cafeteria after
dropping their children off for some well
deserved social time. GEBAS, the parent
board at Fairview -Clifton, supplied coffee,
donuts, and bagels and parents greeted
each other and welcomed new parents and
families to the school. Kindergarten
parents were sharing stories about their
registration weekend “camp out” in
February with the bravado of climbers that
have scaled the highest mountain. The
general consensus was that it was totally
worth it: their child is enrolled in a top
ranked school; they made some new
friends, and had an extremely unique
experience. From friendships fashioned
that weekend many families have gotten

                                                Hooray! At last, Rosie Carson and
together with each other over the past
months and those new Kindergarteners
had familiar faces and friends waiting for
them in their classrooms that first morning.
     Opening assemblies for all the stu-
                                                Lucas Wozniak's first CD
dents focused on the expectations and               A Matter of Time ranges from beautiful waltzes to exciting, upbeat jigs and reels, to
new procedures for lunch, recess, and           beautiful songs of love and life, and one of social commentary (concerning the ageless,
dismissal. The bright hallways were filled      global challenge) justice for an abused wife (check out track 12, "A Stitch in Time").
with smiling faces, both of staff and               Award winning musicians, Rosie (fiddle 2004 first place, and vocals 2007 first place)
students.                                       and Lucas (harp 2007 second place) competed in Ireland for the All-Ireland music
     Looking out across the campus it was       competition (The Fleadh Cheoil).
noted that the bike rack was full and               They will be performing at the Cincinnati Celtic Festival on September 13th. For
children were happily playing with the new      information: biography, booking, sampling of our music, and CD purchase information,
equipment, visiting with each other and         visit our website- Check this website for information on our upcoming CD release party
generally glad to be back at school and         (TBA)., You can also contact Rosie at
with their friends. The weather was   
Page 20                                                                                                         CliftonChronicle

                                                                                                 Senior Center
                                                                                                 By Nita Briggs
                                                                                                       Who likes to ask for help or money?
                                                                                                 No one! We all treasure our independence
                                                                                                 and privacy. But at most social service
                                                                                                 organizations such as Clifton Senior
                                                                                                 Center we are absolutely dependent on the
                                                                                                 generosity of our friends. We are currently
                                                                                                 conducting our annual fund raising
                                                                                                 campaign and hope that all our Clifton
                                                                                                 neighbors will remember our need. For
                                                                                                 those who have not already been solicited,
                                                                                                 our address is 900 Rue de la Paix, 45220.
                                                                                                       In the area of community interactions
                                                                                                 we benefit greatly from our relationship
                                                                                                 with Cincinnati State. Not only does their
                                                                                                 Culinary Arts Department provide us with
                                                                                                 surplus baked goods for our daily break-
                                                                                                 fast bar, but we benefit from a number of
                                                                                                 classes that need to have practical
                                                                                                 experience. Currently a group of students
                                                                                                 is indulging us with lovely massages.
                                                                                                 They practice—We enjoy!
                                                                                                       The end of summer brings two of the
                                                                                                 Center’s most anticipated events. RSVP
Brad Caldwell, teacher, and Liliana Luna-Nelson, student                                         (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) has its
                                                                                                 annual banquet to be held this year at the
                                                  Kirsten Smith (organ and viola), who           Schiff Center of Xavier University. The
Youth Chamber                                     recently completed her Bachelor’s degree
                                                  in organ performance at CCM.
                                                                                                 event honors members who have actively
                                                                                                 volunteered throughout the year in
Music Festival                                        Many young music students—
                                                  especially pianists—spend enormous
                                                                                                 services such as meals-on-wheels delivery,
                                                                                                 breakfast bar supervision, clerical work
By Howard Helvey                                  amounts of time preparing solo literature,     and many other chores that help the
    Calvary Episcopal Church (3766                with collaborative experiences coming          Center run smoothly.
Clifton Ave.) co-sponsored a five-day             relatively late in their development. Brad           The second highlight event is the
youth chamber music festival that                 Caldwell, the Festival Director, envisioned    Senior Hall of Fame held each fall at the
provided opportunity for young musi-              a chamber music institute which would          Hyatt Regency Hotel. This function
cians to collaborate with and be mentored         introduce young musicians to the unique        honors outstanding individuals from
by nationally- and internationally-               challenges and rich rewards of ensemble        senior organizations throughout the area
acclaimed professionals in an encourag-           music-making—with the added element of         who are elected by their peers, many of
ing, intimate, relaxed setting. Seven             not only a teacher/coach, but with one         whom attend the banquet. We are proud
young pianists and one violinist dedi-            performing member of the ensemble being        that Clifton’s elected representative this
cated themselves to the event.                    a professional musician. Thus, with the        year is Norma Loura, a tireless worker and
    Teachers for the festival included:           festival conceived as a mentoring program,     contributor to the Center’s activities.
Brad Caldwell (piano), member of the              integrated within each duo or trio en-               Our folks are still enjoying the
accompanying faculty at Miami Univer-             semble was one of the artist/faculty           afterglow of a wonderful luncheon cruise
sity, and Director of Music at St. John           members.                                       on BB Riverboats. This annual event is a
United Church of Christ, Bellevue, KY;                The eight motivated, talented students     great favorite and a chance for our people
Howard Helvey (piano and organ),                  included Josh Blau, Justine Cefalu, Broti      to enjoy a unique city and river view.
Organist/Choirmaster of Calvary Episco-           Gupta, Julia Hall, Monica Hickey (violin),           The Center’s social worker, Barbara
pal Church and composer; Harvey                   Sam Johnson, Liliana Luna-Nelson, and          Eppich, has made a decision to leave the
Thurmer (violin), Miami University faculty        Ryan Szarwark. Highlights of Thursday’s        Center to become a chaplain in hospice
member and concertmaster of the Rich-             final concert (performed by various solos      work. This is Barbara’s long held dream
mond Symphony Orchestra; and Diego                and ensemble combinations of students          and the culmination of years of religious
Fainguersch (cello), award-winning                and faculty) included works by Corelli, J.S.   training. We wish her well! Our new social
performing artist and currently a CCM             Bach, C.P.E. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven,          worker is Cynthia Chizewick who is now
Doctoral candidate. Assisting as well was         Schumann, Stanley, Gigout, and Bridge.         available daily at the Center.
CliftonChronicle                                                                                Page 21

                                                    Now, a decade and two children later,
                                                Della is looking forward to her third album,
                                                due to be released in July. It, too, is music
                                                that is meditative and seeks to cleanse,
                                                and this time, Della has had a shot in the
                                                arm for marketing her new CD. She has just
    Della Enns is, at first blush, a typical    been named Instrumental Artist of the
next door neighbor with a husband, Scott,       Year, 2008, by the Momentum Awards in
two daughters, Augusta and Adele, and a         Nashville. These are, essentially, the
beautiful home overlooking Rawson               Grammys of Independent Christian Music.
Woods Nature Preserve. She even made                I asked Della how one goes about
her own window treatments in her formal         crafting music that is capable of cleansing
living room. The mainstay of the living         or healing, and she responded, “Music is
room, however, is the grand piano and it is     mysterious.” Then, typically shifting
through the keyboard that she truly             credit elsewhere, she paraphrased Leonard
expresses herself.                              Bernstein, saying, “To try to explain the
    Even as a young girl growing up in          mysterious is to deprive it of its beauty.”
Greenville, S.C., Della knew that she would     Hmmm. Makes me want to get her CD
someday be a performer. In fact, she used       when it comes out. Might be just the thing
to climb up on a stump (her stage) and sing     to listen to after the 4th of July concert at
impromptu songs, her earliest Hollywood-        Riverbend.
style compositions, into a microphone
stick. She added dramatic production
values moving from tree to tree just like the
ladies did it on the Lawrence Welk Show.        Beginnings at
But Della was not destined to become a
chanteuse with a beehive hairdo.
    Years of playing piano in church and
                                                By Kathy Barber
coaching at-risk youth in a children’s choir
                                                    “In the Beginning,” an 8 week course
allowed Della to see firsthand how
                                                on the first eleven chapters of the book of
profoundly music reached people. She
                                                Genesis, lead by Reverend Cecil Albright.
received her master’s degree in piano
                                                These sessions will be held on Sunday
performance from CCM and began writing
                                                evenings at 7:15 p.m. beginning September
music of a spiritual nature. This music
                                                28th at the church, 3445 Clifton Ave. The
included a series of works based on the
                                                community is invited.
Book of Psalms which comprised her first
                                                    Please call the church office, 751-0312,
album (1994). Her second album (1996) was
                                                for more information.
a set of lullabies.
Page 22                                                                                                       CliftonChronicle

CBPA Notes:                                     drive...anyone interested in joining or
                                                adding your name to the email list, please
By Paolo Salamone, president CBPA               contact:
     YES! Let the fun begin. After many             Have a safe and fun fall.
years of successful planning and
volunteerism, StreetScapes has begun,
hence, The Ludlow Revitalization is             Chronicle
                                                Needs Help
underway. Through all the dust and dirt
there is a silver lining—a projected
completion in late fall!! A special thanks to
                                                    The next Chronicle may be only 4
all those involved!
     Main Street is moving along complet-       pages without volunteers with excellent
ing its first full year! Continued expansion    skills in PhotoShop, PageMaker and
of services and fundraising is planned.         Illustrator stepping forward to help. Call
The group has been providing guidance to        Tom Lohre at 513-236-1704 for details.
the business district as well as working on         Tom Lohre, managing editor, would like
grant writing, beautification and marketing     to thank Margaret, Paul, Lori & Fred for IT
among other projects!                           services. Extra special thanks to Sandy
     CPBA has been working with the             and Fred. Most important thanks to Irene.
Uptown Consortium as well as CTM on a               Welcome aboard Eddie Horgan Sr. our       Marvin is always ready to start another
pilot project, which would utilize the          new Ad Manager. Thank you Janet Ross          drawing of a face. Recently he was given twenty
consortium's recourses to alleviate some                                                      dollars by a subject for his quick sketch of
                                                for your many years of service as Ad
of the responsibility which CBPA man-                                                         them. Above he sketches Sybilka. Photo by TL.
ages. A master plan for the project would       Manager.
include providing funding and facilitation
of the following: street/sidewalk cleaning,
police details, parking lot management,
security cameras and beautification to
name but a few activities.
     Clifton Business Professional Associa-
tion has launched a membership

  My Kid Could Paint That
    Now your child can with the help
 of a master. Tom Lohre will supply
 all materials and guidance for your
   children to paint their drawings.
    • No Parent Clean-Up
      Floor Cover Supplied
    • 3 Hours Needed
    • All Materials Supplied
    • Colors Mixed to Match Decor
    • Parents Okay Design
    • Children Supply Ideas
    • Help with Hanging
    Call 236-1704 for more information.
    Go to for details.
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Jeff Amend
Lights Up
By Josephine Kosmalski
     What would the Clifton Lantern Walk
be without Jeff Amend and fellow
'lamplighter' Monica Seiter. Together, these
neighbors have coordinated the annual fall
luminary event—including set-up and
lighting—for the past seven years, lending
a helping, if not glowing hand to the
Clifton community.
     “The Lantern Walk is just one of the
many events in Clifton that highlights our
community's commitment to bringing
people together. I like that my kids are
involved and learn through it that the
commitment results in a great event and a
rewarding tradition,” said Jeff.
    It was Cliftonite Connie Matzkofz who
asked Jeff and Monica to “put a few             Abstract Landscapes at Art Center
lanterns out” on their street - Warren
                                                ‘Cloth and Rock’ a show of art by Jeff Admend will be at the CCAC on September 26th and 27th,
Avenue —in 2001. Within two years
                                                from 7 p.m. til 10 p.m. Jeff works primarily in acrylic, creating in this particular show a number of
thanks to their can-do attitudes and,           Appalachian and southwestern inspired designs and abstract landscapes. Folks are asked to
according to Jeff, Monica's organizational      donate $5 at the door (or whatever they can afford) to benefit CCAC.
skills, they laid out the entire Lantern Walk
route. Now there are approximately 1500         Cactus Pear.                                        energy and new volunteers.
luminaries gracing our neighborhood.                Many families have volunteered                      Cincinnati-born Jeff grew up on the
Every year Jeff, Monica and volunteers          throughout the years and they hope to get           West Side and credits his constant moving
load 'em, set 'em up, light 'em, clean 'em up   more schools involved with luminary set-            around to different West Side neighbor-
and then go soak their weary bones at The       up and distribution to get some fresh               hoods for his appreciation of commnity.
                                                                                                    Jeff has lived in Clifton for 15 years where
                                                                                                    he and his partner are raising two sons,
                                                                                                    Carlos and Will.
                                                                                                        “Clifton is a great place to raise kids
                                                                                                    because it is so diverse—ethnically,
                                                                                                    socially, religiously and academically. The
                                                                                                    community maintains a fabric of people
                                                                                                    who work on issues together through
                                                                                                    dialogue, commitment and consideration
                                                                                                    for the views of others,” said Jeff.
                                                                                                        Jeff remains involved in the community
                                                                                                    in other ways. He coaches SAY soccer and
                                                                                                    participates in school, cooking,
                                                                                                    fundraising and art events. As an artist,
                                                                                                    Jeff said he's inspired by Clifton because
                                                                                                    he's surrounded by all sorts of gifted
                                                                                                    artisans, calling Clifton a “veritable hotbed
                                                                                                    of creativity.”
                                                                                                        The Lantern Walk is always the first
                                                                                                    Sunday after Halloween. This year it's on
                                                                                                    November 2. The walk starts and ends at
                                                                                                    Annunciation School, where refreshments
                                                                                                    are provided. If you would like more
                                                                                                    information or would like to volunteer,
                                                                                                    please contact Jeff at:
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