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					                        FOURSQUARE POLITY

POLITY:    1.    A political unit, as a nation, or state, or organization
           2.    The form of government of a polity
                 (Webster’s II New Riverside Dictionary)

All earthly forms of Government are flawed and have potential to hurt
and enslave, as well as to help and set free. But all nations, societies,
organizations, even families must have some sort of government; some
set of laws.

As a FAMILY of believers, ICFG seeks to bring a BALANCE between
FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY; without either subjecting its leadership to
political manipulation, or its people to domineering control.
AUTHORITY is best employed in loving relationship between the leader
and the follower.

JESUS is the MODEL we want to follow, and the title that I think best
describes JESUS is SERVANT-LEADER and HE has called us to be like HIM
in our leadership responsibilities, while we are here on earth. Matt. 20:

Today we will try to help you see how the FOURSQUARE MOVEMENT has
in the past, and its endeavoring today to help those called by God to
serve; to have the opportunity to fulfill their call as a SERVANT-LEADER.


The international Church of the Foursquare Gospel. What does it mean to you? Let’s
take a look at our history and discover the rich heritage we have.

Where did it all begin? In 1904 – 1905 reports came to Los Angeles of a substantial
revival that was taking place in Wales. This great revival was reported in book form,
and it was widely read in the Los Angeles area. People began to meet in homes
and pray for just such revival to take place in America. As people prayed for this
outpouring of the Holy Spirit, God began to send supernatural revival. From a prayer
meeting in Azusa Street in Los Angeles, the power of Pentecost began to spread all
over the United States and Canada.

Robert James Semple (1881 –1910) was born to Scottish/Irish parents. His home was
in North Ireland. Robert was one of five children, two brothers and two sisters. He
was reared in a Presbyterian home. At the age of 17, Robert immigrated to the
United States landing in New York where he was employed in a variety of menial jobs
such as dishwasher, street and hallway sweep, and than as a clothes salesman. In a
short time he moved to Chicago, where he was employed at Marshall Fields
Department Store. While in Chicago, he entered the Pentecostal Movement. By
1907 Semple, a six-foot-six inch, handsome and eloquent speaker, had launched
into an evangelistic ministry, first in Toronto, then in Ingersoll, Canada where he met
Aimee Elizabeth Kennedy.

Aimee was born on October 9, 1890 on a small farm near Ingesoll, Ontario Canada.
Her father was James Kennedy, a Methodist, who played the organ and was the
choir director. Her mom was Mildred “Minnie” Pearce Kennedy and was active in
the Salvation Army background. Aimee was taught Bible Stories and Gospel Hymns
from early childhood, but her faith was shaken by exposure in her local high school
to teaching on the theory of evolution.

During the winter months of 1907 – 1908 Robert held Pentecostal revivals in Ingersoll.
It was during one of those revivals that Aimee dedicated her life to Christ and was
powerfully filled with the Holy Ghost.

Aimee’s heart was captivated by this tall, handsome, fiery evangelist and they were
married in a simple Salvation Army ceremony in the apple orchard of Aimee’s
parents home on August 12, 1908. Aimee was 17 years old.

Late in 1908 they moved to Chicago and on January 2, 1909 Robert Semple was
ordained by William H. Durham. The Semples remained with the Durhams at the N.
Avenue Mission in Chicago for several months of teaching and service. They also
accompanied Durham on evangelistic tours in Ohio and in several Canadian towns.
The couple had anticipated a full-time ministry of faith as missionaries in China, and
the Italians at Durham’s church provided their initial financial backing.

Isn’t it amazing how God works to bring such a Gospel team together. He takes a
boy from Ireland, and a girl from Canada and fills them with the Holy Ghost and
history begins to be made that will impact the world.

Robert and Aimee traveled to Ireland to visit Roberts family, and while there Robert
held a three week evangelistic campaign, and the mayor of Belfast gave him the
key to the city. From there the couple went to London for a one-week meeting. It

was at this time Aimee preached her famous sermon, “Lost and Restored.” She was
19 years old.

Arriving in Hong Kong, Robert engaged in literature distribution and preached
through an interpreter. The foreign culture and the climate took its toll on both of
them, and on a trip to Macao, Robert contracted Malaria. He was returned to Hong
Kong by steamer and transferred to the Matilda Hospital where he died on August
16, 1910. Aimee had printed on his grave stone in the Happy Valley cemetery in
Hong Kong these words, “He led me to Christ.”

Roberta Star Semple was born one month later in September 17, 1910. Aimee at age
19 was left a widow, a new mother, in a foreign land with very little money. She
returned to the United States to live with her mother.

Aimee and Harold McPherson were married on February 28, 1912 in New York City.
In July they moved to Providence Rhode Island where they lived until 1915. They
have a son named Rolf Kennedy McPherson, born on March 23, 193. During this
period of time Aimee was contented to be a housewife and a mother, but God was
continually dealing with her to go and preach the Gospel. After a very serious illness
and two operations, God said, “Now will you go and preach the Word?” and she
answered, “Yes Lord, I will go”.

From that time onward, Aimee preached the Word with signs and miracles following.
She crossed the United States again and again preaching in tents, opera houses, in
auditoriums, and in stadiums to crowds of thousands of people. The blind saw, the
deaf heard, the lame leaped for joy and multitudes were filled with the power of the
Holy Spirit. Altar calls were filled with people finding Christ and being set free from
sin. In 1923 she wrote the book, “This is That”, and in this writers humble opinion, I
believe that every licensed and ordained Foursquare Minister should be required to
read that book before they enter into the Foursquare Ministry.

In this book, “The History of Assembly of God in Singapore,” by Fred G. Abeysehera,
he writes, “Aimee Semple McPherson from 1919 – 1922 was a member of the
Assembly of God, and it was her campaigns which placed innumerable “Council”
Churches on the map. Everywhere, Mrs. McPherson preached to mammoth crowds.
They were attracted and drawn to the Pentecostal Message. She was a dynamic
and dramatic preacher and founded the International Church of the Foursquare
Gospel and was wondrously blest of God.”

Much history about the Foursquare early beginnings can be found in the books, This is
that, The Story of My life, My Personal Testimony all by Aimee Semple McPherson, and
the Vine and the Branches by Dr. Nathaniel Van Cleave.


1918        Sister McPherson established a home-base in Los Angeles
            to work from. She was 27 years old.

1921        She wrote a check for $100 as a down payment on the
            land where she would have Angelus Temple built. 30 years
            old. With $5,000 cash in hand she took plans to a
            contractor. He told her she had enough to dig the hole.
            She told him to dig the hole and God would fill it.

1922        While preaching a Revival in Oakland, California, she
            sensed a special revelation of the message she was
            preaching and exclaimed “It’s the Foursquare Gospel”.

1923        Grand Opening & Dedication of Angelus Temple. Aimee
            was 32 years old. The Temple cost over $250,000 to build
            and it was dedicated debt free. In the first year (1923)
            12,000 Saved
            3,000 Water Baptized
            3,000 New Members
            MANY 1,000’S Baptized in the Holy Spirit & Healed

            Cornerstone of A.T. “Dedicated to the cause of Inter-
            Denominational and World-Wide Evangelism”

            Started “Echo Park Evangelistic & Missionary Training
            Institute” 16 in first graduating class.

            Radio Station “KFGS” (Kall Foursquare Gospel)
1924        First all Christian Station in the US
            Third Radio Station in Los Angeles

            Laid Cornerstone for 5 Floor Bible College Building. Name
1925        changed to “Lighthouse of International Foursquare
            Evangelism” or LIFE.

            Bible College Building Completed
            International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (A non-
1927        profit Corp.) was started.

            Great Depression in the USA (actually world-wide) Angelus
1928-1932   Temple provided food & clothing for over 1,500,000 people
            in and around Los Angeles.

1944        Sister McPherson died in Oakland, CA, where she was

            conducting a City Wide Revival.
            Rolf McPherson accepted ICFG Board request to become
            President of ICFG.
            The Media Press and many religious leaders predicted that
            Foursquare would “fade away” because, they said it was
            built on Aimee’s Charisma and leadership. However, they
            were very wrong because it was a movement that God
            establish and each year it is an instrument that He is using
            to bring Hundreds of Thousands into the “Kingdom of God”.

1944        Foursquare Statistics the year Sis. McPherson died:
            611 Churches (411 in USA; 200 Mission Stations)
            22,000 members

2001        29,973 Churches (1900+ in USA; 25,000+ in other Nations)
            3,587,835 members
            959,729 Saved.

                               ICFG PRESIDENTS

1927-1944   Aimee Semple McPherson

1944-1988   Dr. Rolf K. McPherson

1988-1997   John Holland

1997-1998   Harold Helms

1998-2004   Dr. Paul Risser

2004        Dr. Jack Hayford

2010        Dr. Glenn Burris

Other significant dates in the life of Aimee Semple McPherson

1917        Aimee began to publish the Bridal Call, a monthly magazine in which
            she wrote many articles on the basic essence of her teachings.

1918-1923   She crossed the United States 8 times, conducting over 38 revivals.

1921        She divorced Mr. McPherson.
            Bought property to build Angelus Temple.

1922        She preached “it’s the Foursquare Gospel”.
            She became the first woman to broadcast a sermon courtesy of the
            Rockridge Radio Station in Oakland.

1923        Opened the Bible College on February 6, 1923 in the 120 room of
            Angelus Temple, later moved to the 500 room, and then into the new
            building in January 1926.

1923        Opened the prayer tower with 368 persons each serving two hour
            shifts every week. Men covered the night hours, and women worked
            the day shifts.

1924        Aimee Semple McPherson and Angelus Temple were awarded 2nd
            place in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses and in 1925 their float
            took first place.
            Opened radio station. She was the first women to received an FCC

1926        Kidnapped.

1927        The commissary was dedicated. Through the Depression Years, over a
            million and a half people were fed and clothed. It is still in existence
            today giving out food and clothing to the needy.

1927        Aimee Semple McPherson incorporated the International Church of
            the Foursquare Gospel.
            Sister McPherson wrote 175 songs, hymns, 13 drama operas and
            countless illustrated messages.
            A commendation from the United States Treasure Department was
            given to Sister McPherson for her great success in selling U.S. war
            bonds during World War II.

1930        Marriage to David l. Hutton, of this marriage she said, “it was the
            biggest mistake of my life.”

1944        Sister McPherson ended her earthly life, and was buried in Forest Law
            Cemetery in Glendale, California. Her funeral was one of the largest
            attended funerals in Los Angeles.


THE VISION – A message known around the World

A Symbol is an object, picture or drawing which we can see that
reminds us of something wonderful we cannot see. The four symbols of
our Foursquare faith are a Cross, Dove, Cup and Crown. Each
represents a unique part of Jesus ministry.

The Cross represents Jesus, the Savior. Romans 6:23 tells us that the
result of sin is death. A person is forever separated from God if he
refuses to accept Jesus as his Savior. If it were not for Jesus dying on the
cross, we could not be Christians now. But, the good news is that “God
demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ
died for us.” Romans 5:8

The Dove represents Jesus the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit. We read
about the dove in Mark 1:9 when Jesus was baptized in water by John
the Baptist. When Christ came up out of the water, the Holy Spirit in the
form of a dove came upon him, preparing Him for his ministry. Acts 1:8.
“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will
be witness unto Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria and to
the ends of the earth.”

The Cup represents Jesus, the Great Healer. In the Garden of
Gethsemane, just before his arrest and crucifixion, Jesus prayed, “My
Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will,
but as You will.” Matt. 26:39. Jesus was to take our suffering, our
sadness, our sin, our sickness and our sorrow upon Himself. It was a hard
and painful experience, but He was willing to do this for you and me,
Because He allowed Himself to be broken, we can be made whole.

The Crown represents Jesus, the soon coming King. Royalty usually
wear crowns. When Jesus was on earth, he was crowned, not with
gold, but with a crown of thorns. However, when he comes to earth
again he will come as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. We shall
reign with Him for eternity.

The correct order of the symbols is as follows:

Across/Down :     Cross, Dove, Cup, Crown

Box/Square:       Cross       Cup
                  Dove        Crown


The Foursquare Flag

The Foursquare flag was born in the heart of Aimee Semple McPherson,
founder of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel in 1931.

Unchanged through the years, the flag signifies the four phases of the
ministry of Jesus Christ our Lord as found in the Word of God.

The Stripes of Red, Gold, Blue and Purple are constant reminders of the
pertinent and vital Foursquare message: Jesus Christ the Savior, the
Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, the Great Physician and our Soon Coming

Let us look at what is represented by the Foursquare Flag.
The Doctrine of the Foursquare Church is symbolized in the colors.

The Red Bar across the bottom of the flag is like the solid foundation.
This represents the precious shed blood of our Savior, ever reminding us
that “without the shedding of blood there is no remission” of sin.
Hebrews 9:22. Jesus is the only hope of humanity. The salvation He
brings begins with making a decision to become His follower. It is a
decision opening up a lifetime of being healed, restored, delivered and
set free to stand in spiritual, emotional and physical wholeness. Luke

The Gold Bar represents Jesus Christ, Baptizer with the Holy Spirit. Jesus
said, I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire. Acts 1:8. We receive
Holy Ghost power to be effective witness. John 14:12-14

The Blue bar represents Jesus Christ the Great Physician. Jesus told his
disciples to continue what they had seen him do, heal the sick, raise the
dead, bring deliverance to those who are bound. He promised that
signs and wonders would follow them as they went out to minister. Mark
16:17, & 18

The Purple bar represents Jesus Christ the soon-coming King. When
Jesus went to heaven, He left the promise that he would return to take
His Church to live with Him forever. Matt. 25:31 and John 14: 1-3

Since Jesus and His Word never changed, His instruction to His Church
today remains the same. Therefore, the Church of Jesus Christ can
minister in His name to bring salvation, healing, and deliverance, in the
power and authority of the Spirit, until he returns.

                             CREEDAL STATEMENTS
                                  Complied by
                             Aimee Semple McPherson

1.    In the verbal inspiration of the original Scriptures.
2.    In the absolute trinity of the eternal God-head.
3.    In the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.
4.    In the personality and deity of the Holy Spirit.
5.    In the reality and personality of the devil.
6.    In the natural depravity of the human race.
7.    In the substitutionary atonement.
8.    In the propitiation for sin only by the blood of Christ.
9.    In the full salvation by grace through faith and not of works.
10.   In Divine Healing through the atonement.
11.   In the anointing of oil and prayer for the sick.
12.   In the personal Baptism of the Holy Ghost as received by the apostles.
13.   In the necessity of the new birth.
14.   In water baptism by immersion at an age of accountability.
15.   In the one and only true church composed of all blood-washed believers.
16.   In the evangelization of the heathen and the nations of the world.
17.   In a middle-of-the-road policy in public worship, between extreme
      fanaticism and ultra-ritualism.
18.   In obedience to civil government.
19.   In divorce only on New Testament scriptural grounds.
20.   In church government, loyalty and obedience to those in authority over us in
      the Lord.
21.   In tithing as God's financial plan.
22.   In restitution for past wrongs whenever possible.
23.   In the open table at the Lord's supper.
24.   In the free moral will power of man, who can backslide, apostatize, and be
25.   In the maintenance of good works and holy living.
26.   In the victorious life over sin, self, and bad habits by Bible study and an
      incessant prayer life.
27.   In Christian perfection and holiness, through absolute surrender and
28.   In Christian modesty in the matter of dress, wearing apparel, and jewelry.
29.   In the keeping of the Lord's day as a matter of privilege rather than law.
30.   As regards recreation — liberty of conscience and a Godly example to the
31.   In the immortality and conscious existence of the soul.
32.   In the resurrection of our literal bodies, the just and the unjust.
33.   In a literal heaven and life everlasting for all true believers.
34.   In a final day of judgment for the incorrigible wicked.
35.   In the everlasting punishment of the impenitent.
36.   In the personal, literal, bodily pre-millennial coming of Jesus Christ.
37.   In a future, literal, one thousand years reign of Christ on earth with all His
38.   In the judgment seat of Christ where the saints will be finally.
39.   In Christian tolerance to all denominations of the Christian faith.
40.   “In essentials — unity; in non-essentials — liberty; in all things — charity.”

             National Church Development – Four Stages

Stage 4 – Bridge – Broadening                 Stage 1 – Initiate – Evangelizing
Goal: to make responsible, reproducing                 Goal: to make responsible
missionary sending                                         reproducing disciples




Stage 3 – Nationalize – consolidating         Stage 2 – Nurture – Strengthening
Goal: to make responsible,                           Goal: to make responsible,
reproducing congregation                                    reproducing leaders

1. To evangelize and establish Churches in the United States and countries
   where there is no Foursquare witness:

   Stage I – Initiate --- the Birthing & Bonding Process

                             Acts 11: 19 – 26
                             Acts 17: 1-9
                             1 Thessalonians 1:1 - 9

2. To teach and develop leaders in Christian maturity and giftedness:

   Stage II – Nurture --- Modeling & Mentoring

                             Titus 1, 2 & 3

3. To organize national leadership to serve the Foursquare Churches in
   each respective country:

   Stage III – Nationalize --- Empowering & Sponsoring

                             Acts 19: 1 – 20
                             Acts 20: 17 - 38

4. To partner with those national churches in special support roles and
   cooperative outreach:

   Stage IV – Bridge --- Networking & Partnering

                             Acts 13: 1 –4

                    THE GOAL IS HEALTHY CHURCHES!

                      STAGE I: INITIATE

FINDING THE LOST:      How can we “find” the lost?
                       Acts 3: 1-7; Acts 14: 8 –10

WINNING THE LOST:      A study on church growth by Fuller Seminary in
                       U.S. revealed that 85% of people in the churches
                       they surveyed, were won to Christ through the
                       influence of family or friends. Only 15% came to
                       Christ not influenced by family or friends.

INCORPORATING BELIEVERS: It isn’t enough just to get them saved.
                         II Peter 2: 20 – 21

DISCIPLING BELIEVERS: This is not easy, but if we don’t do it we will never
                      fulfill the great commission. To be a teacher you
                      need to only be one step ahead of the student.
                      How many have an older brother or sister? Did
                      they teach you anything?

                     STAGE II: NURTURE

The goal of the Foursquare Church is fourfold.

  1.    Evangelize and Establish Foursquare Churches around the
  2.    Teach and Develop leaders in Christian Maturity and
  3.    To Organize National Leadership to serve the Foursquare
        Churches in each respective country.
  4.    To Partner with those National Churches in special support roles
        and co-operative Outreaches.

My session is # 2-Teach and Develop Leaders in Christian Maturity &

        I.     Strengthen the Family Life
               Scriptures for reference 1 Tim. 3: 1 – 7, Eph. 5: 22 – 25. Eph.
               6: 1 – 4, and Eph. 4: 31 & 32
               You could spend many hours teaching on family life.
               There are volumes of books written on this subject.

        II     Cultivating Congregational Life
               To cultivate means to grow or to prepare and improve

                  a. Equip saints for the ministry Eph. 4: 12
                  b. Edify people for their own personal growth and
                     development. Eph. 4: 12 – 16
                  c. Challenge them to regularly read God’s Word.
                  d. Systematic Study of God’s Word (Inductive Bible
                  e. Witness to family, neighbours and friends
                  f. Learn to give money to help spread the gospel. First
                     lesson in prosperity is to learn to give. Luke 6: 38
                  g. Develop relationships with others in the church,
                     which will help you learn patience, Etc.

               Mobilizing Members
               Mobilizing means to organize for action. Church growth
               demands organization and delegation by pastor/leaders
               full of wisdom and the Holy Ghost. See Acts chapter 6.

There was a need, how was it met?
   a. Identify the needs of the
   b. Clearly and concisely communicated the need
   c. Delegate responsibility answering the questions
      who, what, where, when, why and how much.
   d. Require accountability.     The one given an
      assignment must report back at the specified time.

Developing Leaders
How do we enable people (this includes the children in
our family) to grow, develop, and become leaders? The
answer is training begins with teaching, not only by what
we say, but by what we do, our lifestyle, how we act, and
proceeds to working that teaching into the lives of those
being trained until they can successfully do the task
themselves, the church must:

  a.   recruit
  b.   teach
  c.   train by practical application
  d.   release


 A.   The value of Family Life – The Foursquare church values family
      relationships over all ministry responsibilities. We recognize that
      ministry grows out of family relationship. Therefore, the Foursquare
      minister is encouraged to affirm and serve their spouse and family in
      ways that bring health, unity, and joy to their home.

 B.   Spiritual life in the Home. The enjoyment of success in ministry is often
      determined by maintaining a high level of spiritual life in the home.
      This can be achieved through personal, private devotions and by
      praying together as a family. Open communication also contributes
      to the spiritual life of family members.

 C.   Family Relations. It is imperative that the minister pays special
      attention and loving affection to their spouse. While the ministry
      claims much of their time, the minister must always realize that their
      first responsibility is to be a parent and a faithful, loving marital
      partner. A minister must always be careful to live so that their
      preaching does not become a mockery to their children who see
      them when they are not in the pulpit. They should remind their
      children of the Advantages of being a minister’s child. The minister
      should guard their conversation before the children (Phil. 4: 8 and
      Psalms 19: 14)

 D.   Financial responsibility in the home. As the pastor/leader exercises
      proper stewardship of their personal finances, they will enjoy the
      respect and trust of the members of their congregations and of the
      business establishments in their community. On the other hand, poor
      management of finances can have a negative effect upon your
      family, the ministry, the church, the denomination and the gospel.
      There is no stigma in modest, humble living life.


Instructions for Leaders are found in 1. Tim. 4: 12 “Be an example to the
believers in word, conduct, in love, in spirit, in purity”. Also in Acts 20: 28, 32.
Take heed to yourselves and to all the flock the Holy Spirit has made you
overseer. Absolutely primary to a leaders calling and work is his/her own
personal duty to cultivate their own Spiritual life. Paul listed six qualities in
leaders that are looked on by others as models of Christian character and life-

    I.     The words they speak

              a. A leader’s speech express the values they hold (Luke 6: 45)
              b. It reflects the degree of self-discipline they have ( James 3: 2)
              c. It is the instrument that honors and glorifies God, it instructs
                 and edifies others.

    II.    Their Behavior

              a. Actions mirror the motivation that a leader has within him.
              b. How a person behaves in all kinds of situations paints a
                 picture of who they really are.

    III.   Their Love for others

              a. Just as a child knows if they are loved, so the love of God is
                 sensed in the lives of leaders.
              b. God’s love is powerful motivating force that urges leaders to
                  reach out to others.

    IV.    Their Spirit

              a. A leader’s spirit is like the wind; it can’t be seen but its effect is
              b. The traits of a healthy spirit are seen in a positive attitude, a
                 submissive will. A concern for others and the simple ability to
                 be enthusiastic.

    V.     Their Faith

           The meaning of “faith” could be defined by the phrase “to be the
           same.” A leader remains consistent in their belief in God and in his
           Word in the face of any circumstances.

    VI.    Their Purity

           Basically to be pure means to be clean… clean in speech, actions,
           thoughts and the intents of the heart.

                      STAGE 3 : NATIONALIZE


In the place where we hope to start a new Church, what do we need to
know and do to help the Church to become strong?

         1.    Cultural expectations
         2.    1 Cor. 9: 19 – 23


What kind of equipment is really needed?
How should the services be structured, and when should they be?


In many ways this is similar to stage 1, because we will never finish the job, and
it should always be the vision of every church regardless of the age or size of
the church.

A sponsoring church may have available assets, (people and equipment) to
help the new church do a better job.


If we are located in an area that is growing, there will be a continuing need
for more congregations. Not every church will become a mega-church.
Some small church that starts another church may see the daughter-church
grow into a larger church. That’s O.K. A mega-church may start a new
congregation that never grows into a large church. That’s O.K. too. To fulfill
the great commission we must be interested and involved in multiplying

                  STAGE 4: BRIDGE

     How easy it is to be so focused on the many needs we have in our
     immediate family, our local church, our local city, our state, our
     nation, that we don’t have energy or the time to be concerned
     with the rest of the world.
     The time to begin “World awareness” is when you are small.
     The heart of God, and the heart of the Foursquare Family is, “GO

     Besides giving money, what else is important in supporting national


     The International missionaries need your support even more than
     the national missionary, because when you leave your family, your
     friends, your country, to take the Gospel to another nation, the
     support you get from home is very important, and much

     Matthew 24: 14 “all the earth” means to all the inhabited world
                     “testimony to every nation” means to every
                     ethnic group.

     Matthew 24:6      All the other signs are taking place now, and
     have been for many generations, but when that last ethnic group
     has the Gospel preached to them for a witness, then Jesus will

                              CORE VALUE
  Our very roots were evangelism. Our Founder was an evangelist. We
  were born in one of the most powerful and enduring revivals of all
  time. On the cornerstone of Angelus are the words, “Dedicated to
  Interdenominational and World Wide Evangelism.” Immediately after
  the first full term of the Training Institute in June of 1924, there were
  8 student teams with 8 Gospel Tents that went out to hold evangelistic
  Meetings. From those meetings there were three fully established
  churches. Santa Ana, Alhambra and Pasadena. All in Southern

  By 1927 there were 105 Foursquare Churches and almost every
  church planned a 2 or 3 week special evangelistic campaign during the
  year. In some areas the Spiritual Thermometer reading of the church
  was determined by how often they displayed a “Revival” sign. And
  there were some churches that never took down their sign.

      A. Our Message: Christ the Savior, Baptizer,
           Healer and Coming King
      B. Our Theme Verse: Hebrew 13:8, "Jesus Christ
           the same yesterday, today and forever ."
      C. Christ 's Claim: "If I am lifted up above the earth, I will draw
           all men to me." John 12:32
      D. The Human Cry: "...we would see Jesus." John 12:21

            It’s not man’s programs, not man’s intellect, not man’s great
            words, not man’s predictions that we want to see, but we
            want to see Christ in His compassion, His mercy, justice,
            faithfulness, graciousness, His Promises, His power and His
            unchanging love and truthfulness that we want to see.
       E.   Our call to proclaim Christ to the world.

       A. Preaching/teaching the baptism with the Spirit an Acts 2
       B. Encouraging people to experience and live a Spirit-filled life.
       C. Contending for the supernatural
           *     Healings
           *     Deliverance
           *     Empowering men and women, young and old.
       D. Relevantly practicing the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12 &
           Rom. 12)
       E. Showing in our lives the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5: 22 & 23)

   Relevant, Contemporary Ministry

   We have always contented that we are “Middle of the Road’ in our
   beliefs. We are not fleshly fanatical, nor are we walking around
   spiritually dead, but balanced by God’s Word and by the Holy Spirit.

   “Around the World with the Foursquare Gospel” is our heart’s cry. As
   Young Crusader Youth we were challenged to give of our time, talents,
   and treasure to World Missions. We were encouraged to sacrifice our
   own money, and to give our lives to “go into all the world and preach
   the Foursquare Gospel.” Our president, Dr. Risser, recently said in one
   of his sermons, we are advancing toward 2010 and worldwide we are
   believing for 15 million converts to Jesus Christ. We plan to be in 150
   countries of the world, and we believe God for 10 million members and
   adherents around the world. We have a vision to preach the Word until
   the whole world knows Jesus.

      A. Edification
      B. Exhortation
      C. Encouragement


   In the Christian world we want to be good neighbors. Rom. 12: 18
   Some churches don’t want to fellowship with any other groups.
   We want to co-operate with other churches, but it must be a two-
   way street. (personal illustration of co-operating with another
   church that tried to take all of the youth from our church and
   several other churches that were co-operating with them).

   Good Samaritan. James 2: 2-4

    Pray & work at involving children and youth, so that they are in a
    position to hear God calling them.

    There is too much depressing news in the paper and on T.V. so lets
    lift people up by lifting up JESUS. The Gospel is good news.

   Involve everyone who wants to be involved (as long as they are in
   harmony with what the church is doing). Pray that those who are
   not interested in being involved that they will hear God and obey.

    If we want our church to be productive, it will be because we function
    as a team.
       A. Reliability : Each one able to count on each other
       B. Purpose : Even a substitute has an important purpose
       C. Worth : What is more valuable to you; little finger, toe or ear?
       D. Confidence : Both the coach and the player need confidence.
       E. Accomplishment : Everyone on the team rejoices in victory.
       F.   Belonging : When you see another team member hurting, let
                        them know that they belong.

       A. An understanding of our collective potential
       B. A revelation of our divinely given destiny
       C. An enlargement of our corporate vision
       D. An embracing of our vision


Paul Risser, President, ICFG
January 2000


God has made it very clear in His Word that every believer is to receive power
to be an effective witness. Acts 1: 8

In Joel 2: 28 & 29 God promises to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh in the last
days, and He fulfills that promises in Acts 2: 17 & 18. God says that He will pour
out His Spirit upon All flesh and sons and daughters and the menservants and
the maidservants will prophesy. In Galatians 3: 28 it states there is neither
slave nor free, neither male nor female, for we are all one in Christ.

The Foursquare Organization was birthed through the ministry of a God
called, God anointed and God ordained woman. Of all the denominations
in the world, it should be the Foursquare Church's desire to recruit, teach, train
and release women, as well as men into the ministry. It is interesting to note of
the first students in the Foursquare Training Institute, of the sixteen graduates in
the first class, only two were men.

In 1988, because of some misguided men in Foursquare who are teaching
things contrary to the Word, and contrary to the very heart of the Foursquare
Gospel's core beliefs, the International Board made a resolution and it was
passed by the convention body. It reads, "The present and historical position
of the Foursquare Church affirms the Biblical truth that women are called of
God to roles of leadership and public ministry. We hereby reaffirm and
encourage the ministry of women throughout the International Church of the
Foursquare Gospel."

When I was a young girl, I went to LIFE Bible College in Los Angeles every
night, 5 nights a week and in some of those classes I heard Aimee Semple
McPherson teach. I watched the women from the graduating classes go out
on the field, hold tent revivals, then establish churches and pastors those
churches. It was awesome to see such zeal, such dedication, such faith.
Those early women pioneers believed they could do anything, and God met
their faith.

In the Holy Spirit Bible, under Kingdom Dynamics, you will find a full page of
scripture references and notes put together by Freda Lindsay, Co-founder
and Chairman of the Board of Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas (by the
way, Freda Lindsay attended LIFE Bible College in Los Angeles, a Foursquare
Bible College).

There are denominations that refuse to let women do anything but teach
other women and children in Sunday School classes. But, it always seemed
strange to me that those same denominations will encourage the women to
be missionaries doing all the work that missionaries do which includes
teaching men, women, boys and girls. These denominations use scriptures
from Paul's writing, which were given to correct certain cultural problems in his

day, and ignore other scriptures from Paul's writing which demonstrate or
encourage women's public ministries.

No wonder we, as women, love and cherish our Lord, Jesus Christ. He has
lifted us up from the bondage placed upon us by others. He has set us free to
be daughters of His Grace. Jerry Cook, a leader in the Foursquare family,
preached a sermon I will never forget because in it he said God admonished
him, "Be careful how you treat my daughter." We are daughters of God. He
loves us and gives us the privilege and rights of daughters. Jesus is our way

Gen. 4: 25 Eve an instrument of God's redemptive working
Gen. 16: 1 Sarah the submission that bears fruit
Gen. 24: 15 – 67 The blessings of the unselfish woman-Rebekah
Ex. 1: 17 The midwives who let the Hebrew boys survive
Num. 27: 1 –11 Ruth, faithful daughter-in-law, steadfast, a faithful God
II Kings 22: 3 – 20 Huldah, Prophetess
Esther 4: 1 Esther-For such a time as this she stepped up and took the
1 Sam. 1 : 11 Hannah petitions God, received the promise, gives her son to
1 Sam 25: Abigail, one smart women, takes authority & appeases David.
These are just a few of the women who played a part in God's great plan.

New Testament women are also used in many ways to help in the spreading
of the Gospel.

Luke 2: 36 – 38 Anna the prophetess, served in the Temple.
Luke 24: 10 They were the first to carry the message of Christ's resurrection.
John 20: 11 – 19, Matt. 28: 9 – 10 Jesus speaks to the women first after the
John 4: The women of Samaria carried the message of Christ to her village.
Luke 10: 38 – 42 Jesus was good friend with Mary and Martha.

Jesus used many womanly tasks as illustrations when teaching. The lost coin,
leaven in the bread, sweeping the house, clean/dirty vessels, etc.

Certainly women were in the upper room when the Holy Spirit was poured
out, and the women extended hospitality to the early disciples.

Acts 18: 26 A Women of note in the New Testament was Priscilla, who with her
husband taught Appollos the more excellent way.
Acts 16: 4 Lydia was the first convert in Europe and opened her home to Paul.
She was a businesswoman.
Acts 21: 9 tells of Phillips daughters, 4 of them prophesied.
Romans 16: tells of women who laboured with him in the Gospel.
II John is addressed to the Elect lady.

Luke 8: 1 – 3 tells of women who provided for the Gospel work with their
I have barely begun to teach into the depths of the treasures in God's word
that gives place for women to be involved in the work of the ministry.

Conclusion: In my younger days, the heroines of my life were women in the
ministry who left everything to follow Jesus. Such women as Aimee Semple
McPherson, Martha Breckenridge, Arizona Hawes, Mary Westberg, Mom
Dawson, Evelyn Thompson, Ethel Heidner, and countless others, gave me
courage to believe that God could use the weakest vessel, empower them
with the Holy Spirit, and make them effective ministers of the Gospel.


"Anointing" is that divine energy that comes upon you and separates
you from yourself and fills you with God's presence so much that when
you speak it's like God speaking, and when you act it is like God acting.

This anointing breaks the yoke man is under such as sin, disease,
demons, fear and poverty.

Isaiah 10: 27      "And the yoke shall be destroyed because of the

II Cor. 3: 17      "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty"

II Cor. 3: 5       "Not sufficient of ourselves, our sufficiency is of God"

II Cor. 3: 6       "For the letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth life"

II cor. 10: 4      "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but
                   mighty through God to the pulling down of

Psalms 127: 1      "Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain
                   that build it"

Zech. 4: 6         "Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit, saith
                   the Lord"

I Thess. 5: 24     " Faithful is He that calleth you who will also do it"

I Tim. 1: 12       "And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled
                   me, for that He counted me faithful, putting me into
                   the ministry"


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