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					 Understanding the Millennial
Learner and Engagement with

         by: Jim Wright
    Kennesaw State University
          June 3, 2011
My goal is to stretch you
So, we understand a bit about
 adult learners, but are our
     students different?

          Profiles of Generation M
      This includes your K-12 students
            and most KSU Interns
          The Digital Native
     Do they multitask?
     Essential Question:
What methods or techniques can
  we use to increase student
  Can we teach with the phone?
    Is there an app for that?

      Secretary of Education Duncan
But isn’t there a digital divide?
Minority Teens Close Digital Divide
          with Mobile Web
                                                 Teens from low-income
                                                 particularly African-
                                                 Americans, are much
                                                 more likely than other
                                                 teens to go online
                                                 using a cell phone.

Lenhart, Ling, Scott Campbell, and Kristen Purcell (2010). ‘”Teens and Mobile
   Phones.” Pew Internet and American Life Project. Pew Research Center.
  Pew Research Center (2010)
• 44% of black teens and 35% of Hispanic
  teens use their cell phones to go online,
  compared with 21% of white teens.
• Social media like Facebook via phone
   – 36% for Latinos
   – 33% for blacks
   – 19% for whites
                                              (n = 800, ages 12 – 17)

Lenhart, Ling, Scott Campbell, and Kristen Purcell (2010). ‘”Teens and Mobile
   Phones.” Pew Internet and American Life Project. Pew Research Center.
What are they doing with their
•   83% use their phones to take pictures.
•   64% share pictures with others.
•   60% play music on their phones.
•   46% play games on their phones.
•   32% exchange videos on their phones.
•   31% exchange instant messages on their phones.
•   27% go online for general purposes on their phones.
•   23% access social network sites on their phones.
•   21% use email on their phones.
•   11% purchase things via their phones.
                                     Pew Research Center (2010)
So, we know the students are
     technology users.

Can we leverage their usage
    to increase student
 Activity: Whole group

Question: What ways can we
 use technology to increase
   student engagement?
          Cell Phone Ideas
• Summarize Shakespeare by Text
• Calculate cell phone usage in dollars per
  minute of talk time, or average their text
  messaging habits?
• Student Produced Radio Show
• Audio podcast and mobile note-taking
  resources (such as Gabcast, Gcast, Hipcast,
• Photograph Biological Phenomena in
  Everyday Life
      Social Media to Teach
      To Kill a Mockingbird
    FREE Web2.0 Sites that Couple
          with Cell Phones
                                           •   SMS Mobile Reviews and Quizzes
•   Mass Text Message Alerts:
•                               •   Mobiode
•                                 •   Study Boost
•   Broadtexter
•   Wetxt                                  •   Text Message Polling
•   Sendgm                                 •   Polleverywhere
                                           •   Letsgovote
•   Mobile Photosharing, video sharing,
    slideshows and Posting to Web          •   SMSpoll
•   Flickr
•   Photobucket                            •   Avatars (phone recording to)
•   Dailybooth                             •   Voki
•   Tumblr                                 •   Blabberize
•   Picassa Web (under Photo Settings---
    Upload by Email)
                                           •   Mobile Blogging (post to a blog via
•   Phonecall Recordings to Web                SMS)
•   Google Voice                           •   Blogger
•   iPadio                                 •   Tumblr
•   Tumblr
                                           •   Mobile Internet Radio Show (broadcast
                                               from phone call)
                                           •   Blogtalkradio
         Co-teaching Support
•   Use Google docs to co-write lesson plans
•   Co-create presentations
•   Group use of spreadsheets
•   Skype or Google Video Chat

• Could we have a “master” technology
  teacher come into your class and co-
         See the Future
The potential of SixthSense technology
            Pranav Mistry
      You have a choice

         Hamster Video
Activity: Paired discussion with your co-teacher

1. What generation are you? Is this different than your co-
   teacher? Does your generational perspective impact your
   teaching? Please discuss with your partner.

2. Describe ways you can create more engagement with your
   students (Cobb and KSU)? How can technology be used
   to facilitate and enhance this engagement?

3. In what ways will you integrate technology into your
   planning, teaching, and assessment?

4. What skills and techniques do you need to integrate
   technology into your classroom? What resources do you
   need to make this happen?

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