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    Chamber of Commerce
         110 N. Main St.
       Snowflake, Az 85937

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Chamber of Commerce
  Board of Directors
          Jason Whiting
             President                  Chamber President Reports on Trail of Many Tracks Fund Request
       The Mahoney Group
           Sylvia Hardy
          Thunder Realty               In looking into the Trail of Many Tracks we have found that several of the other local
          Marc Rodgers                 communities are supporting this and are apart of it. We are still unsure of what the direct
             Treasurer                 impact while be to our local economy but feel that at this point in the process we should
           The Cart Barn               join in with our neighboring communities by participating in this for now. However; we feel
         Cyndee Larson                 this should be reviewed each year while working on the budget to determine its value to
             Secretary                 our community and the local economy. This was presented to the Chamber after our
     National Bank of Arizona          budget was put together for tourism for this fiscal year. In our review of the tourism
            Joe Bjornn                 budget, we looked at monies already spent and monies ear tagged for up coming events.
       State Farm Insurance            It would appear that the chamber would not be able to contribute the full $2,500 to the
         Mark Ollerton                 Trail of Many Tracks and continue to sustain those events we have already ear tagged
     Snowflake/Taylor Schools
                                       those monies for. We understand that Council Member Dean Porter has offered to con-
                                       tribute $500 to help the city and the chamber with these costs. We would like to request
            Eric Duthie
                                       that the town pay $1,000 of the remaining bill while the chamber will come up with the
          Town of Taylor
                                       other $1,000. We feel it is important to note that we are able to do this because both
           Paul Watson
                                       Larry and Patty Mayas and Sylvia and Red Hardy are willing to contribute $500 each to
        Town of Snowflake              cover the chambers expenses. They have so willing contributed this money to us so that
           Patti Matyas                we can respect the requests of our city council while still moving forward with our current
       The Carriage House              budget. If you can meet us half way, as neither us nor the city council had this in front of
        Ernest Robinson                us during our budgeting process, we would greatly appreciate it.
         Wells Fargo Bank
          Linda Bradley                The Town of Snowflake agreed to split the difference for $1,000.
         Forest Properties
           Bob Moffett
           Past President              For more information on the Trail of Many Tracks, please visit them on the web at
       First American Title  
           Greg Hudson
        Executive Director
   Chamber Staff
     Charlotte Hatch                Monthly Business Owners Roundtable Luncheon Changes Date
   Administrative Assistant

      Nancy Noble              The monthly Business Owners Roundtable Luncheons have been changed to the 4th
  Snowflake Visitor Center     Wednesdays of each month starting in March. Please make note of this change and I will
                               put reminders in the Newsletters and also on the weekly emails. If you would like to RSVP
    Verlyn Stratton &          for the luncheons, please call Nancy at 928-536-4331 or email us at
    Susan Lofthouse  
     Stinson Museum            The Roundtable Luncheons were designed to enhance networking among the Chamber
                               Members as well as give them valuable information about both towns as well as small
      Peach Hoffman            business issues.
 Taylor Museum Coordinator

                                               Board of Director Applications Now Available

                     Are you interested in serving on the Snowflake/Taylor Chamber of Commerce Board of
                     Directors? If so, please stop by the Chamber office and pick up an application packet. The
                     Chamber office is open Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM. We are looking for energetic people
                     who are willing to support the Chamber and the needs of the business community.
Visitor Center Stats Applications must be submitted to the Chamber by March 1, 2008

         Calls - 146
        Visitors - 25
          Tours - 1
        Requests - 8
 Website visits for February
                               Business Matters is a weekly television and radio show that promotes the businesses in the
                               White Mountains. This is free to our members. If you have not been on Business Matters
         Taylor:               yet, and would like to be a guest, please call Nancy at the Chamber and let her know. If you
          Calls - 15           have not seen Business Matters, you can go to, click on video
         Visitors - 7          archives and then click on Business Matters to view archived shows. You can view
                               Business Matters on City 4 Television, Saturdays at 10am, Sundays at 3pm, and Mondays
         Tours - 16
                               and Thursdays at 5pm. You can also listen to it on White Mountain Radio NewsTalk 970
                               KVWM and 1270 KDJI Sundays at 8:30am. What a better way to promote your business for
                               FREE. Just another way the Chamber helps you. (Non-profit Organizations not included.
                               Call for more details if you are interested.)

                                  The broadest, and maybe the most meaningful
                                 definition of volunteering: Doing more than you
                                   have to because you want to, in a cause you
                                                   consider good.
                                                     - Ivan Scheier
Entrepreneurs can learn how to do business with federal, state, county, municipal and
                                                                                             Advertise with the
school entities by attending "Mastering the Purchasing Maze VI," a free, half-day            Chamber and see
program especially designed for small, women-owned and minority-owned businesses
owners.                                                                                         the results!
The fair runs from 7:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon on Tuesday, March 6, 2008 at Arizona State
University West, 4701 W. Thunderbird Road in Phoenix. More than 90 purchasing and
buyers will be available to provide information, business-building tips and answer               Website Link
questions. Targeted to small, minority and women-owned companies, the program will
also offer workshops on the process of working with government agencies on how to
successfully bid on requests for the purchase of products and services.
                                                                                              Website Sponsor
“Mastering the Purchasing Maze VI” is sponsored by Luke Air Force Base, the City of
Glendale, state and county agencies and other West Valley communities and

For more information, and to register for this free event, visit
                                                                                              Newsletter Flyer
Jan Lesher, Director
                                                                                              Business Card Ad

                                                                                            Place Your Business
                  Small businesses get big tax breaks                                          Cards in The
                                                                                            Chamber Office For
Associated Press
NEW YORK - The economic stimulus package that became law earlier this month con-
tains two provisions aimed at helping small businesses increase their capital spending
- a huge increase in the Section 179 tax deduction and a bonus depreciation allow-

The Section 179 deduction, which allows small businesses to deduct up front rather
than depreciate over time the cost of certain kinds of equipment, has nearly doubled
for 2008, rising to $250,000 from a previously planned $128,000. The bonus deprecia-        Number of times these
tion provision allows businesses of any size to depreciate 50 percent of the cost of
equipment, with the balance to be depreciated according to IRS rules.                            sponsors
                                                                                              websites have been
It's possible for a company to take advantage of both provisions, which could mean a
huge tax savings for 2008.                                                                    visited for February
The Section 179 deduction is limited to companies that buy less than $800,000 in capi-
tal equipment during the year; that ceiling is the government's way of restricting the
deduction to small businesses.                                                              The Carriage House - 20
                                                                                            Town of Snowflake - 15
It's a pretty easy deduction to take, but there are a few pitfalls to look out for.
                                                                                            Town of Taylor - 10
Foremost, according to tax attorney Barbara Weltman, is that a business can't use the       Trail of Many Tracks - 17
Section 179 deduction if it's operating at a loss. "You don't get a benefit unless you're
profitable," she said.

To read the full article, go to
                       March 2008
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                                                              Silver Creek
                        Snowflake     Taylor Town              Performing
                       Town Council   Council 7 PM            Arts Presents
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 Daylight Sav-                                                      and
ings Time Be-                                                     Linsey
     gins                                                      Brinkerhoff
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                                      White Moun-                                 Snow-
                                      tain Partner-           Good Friday      flake/Taylor
                                           ship                                 Easter Egg
                                      Meeting 1:30                                 Hunt
                                           PM                                     10 AM
                                                                               Golf Course

     23          24        25               26          27         28              29
                                       Taylor Town
                                       Council 7 PM
                                         Board of
                       Town Council
                          7 PM         Meeting 9 AM
                                      Business Owners
                                         11:30 AM

     30          31
                                                                      Mr. Electric of the White Mountains
                                                                                              Dave Jordan
                                                                                       7503 Sun Rise Ridge Road
                                                                                             P.O. Box 728
                                                                                           Taylor, Az 85939
                                                           All types of electric: installs, service & repair, common residential, troubleshoot-
                                                            ing, panel upgrades, code corrections, security, surge protection, etc. Solar &
                                                                      generator specialist. Ask for a FREE home safety check up.

                                                                                      PMS Enterprises
                                                                                               Pam Sutter
                                                                                        41 N. Main St. Space #3
                                                                                          Snowflake, Az 85937
              A ribbon cutting was held for
       Silver Creek Estates of Taylor                       Pam’s Awesome Massage, Massage and massage related modalities, Dragonfly
                                                            Arts and Crafts, Jewelry, Pictures, seamstress work, airbrush tanning, makeup,
 Sponsored by the Brown Group Realty                                           manicures, pedicures, much, much more.
                   Those pictured are:
                                                                                    Snowflake Mini Mall
     Charlotte Hatch, Eric Gilbert, Jim Bolster, Gary
                                                                                               Valerie Bell
      Wilkins, Joe Bjornn, Dahl Willis, Sylvia Hardy,
                                                                                             41 N. Main St.
      Bryan Anderson, Nancy Jo Neff, Bob Moffett,
                                                                                          Snowflake, Az 85937
      Larry Matyas, Greg Hudson and Nancy Noble
                                                                                 Consignment center for local artists.
                                                              Jewelry maker, ceramics, pottery, gourd making classes and sales. Essential
                                                                massage, earth legacy (colon hydro cleansing), Dr. Carl Freestone, DC

                                                                                            ACE Hardware

              A ribbon cutting was held for                                                 Amelia’s Garden

United Food Bank of Snowflake/Taylor #95                                            American National Insurance
       Those on hand for the ribbon cutting were:                                       Awesome Embroidery
                       Front Row:                                                 Brimhall Sand, Rock & Materials
     Ernest Robinson, Patti Matyas, Irene Kortekaas,                                      First American Title
              Neil Kortekaas, Larry Matyas.                                                      Shevell’s
                        Back Row:                                                        Snowflake Head Start
         Eric Duthie, Marc Rodgers, Bob Moffett,
                                                                                     Snowflake Women’s Clinic
  Rene Austin, Sylvia Hardy, Jason Whiting, Greg Hudson.
                                                                                         Spring Valley Builders

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