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									                                    I’ve gone to tanning
                                    booths for years
                                    This is a spoof of
                                    a movie character
                                    but truth is, tanning
                                    leads to abnormal
                                    colored skin and wrinkles.

                    The Evil Emperor Darth Sidious
This practitioner of the dark force shows UV damage. Deep furrows and
superficial wrinkles are all caused by UV rays, not just time alone. The
yellow hue of UV damaged skin results from abnormal elastic fibers.
Presumably upcoming "Star Wars" prequels will feature pivotal scenes of
the Emperor getting a deep tan on the planet Tatooine. Or perhaps in a
futuristic tanning bed in a early version of the death star.
           So is the SUN your

     …It’s both! But remember to take care of yourself
                when spending time in the sun.
 Limit your exposure and protect yourself when you are out.
You can still have fun outdoors while lowering your chance of
         damaging your skin and risking your health!
                   Keep looking good!
                            With a dermascan, sun damage we cannot see
                            in usual day light is visible. This woman tanned
                            too much when she was very young and has a
                            lot of damage. She will have more wrinkles
                            because of the damage and a higher risk of
                            skin cancer.
                            Bet she thinks it was not worth getting tan now.

Sun damage starts adding
up early. Even this young
boy shows permanent
damage. He must have
gotten a sunburn.

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