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					    OCTOBER 2006

         P      O    I   N     T

                                          9         Metro Tech
                                                    THE NEWSLETTER                  OF THE           N Y C F I R E D E PA R T M E N T

    FDNY pays tribute to the lives of two Bronx firefighters killed in the line of duty

      ieutenant Howard J. Carpluk, Jr. of
      Engine 42 and Probationary Fire-
      fighter Michael C. Reilly of Engine
75 were honored during the Fire Depart-
ment’s 99th Annual Memorial Day ceremo-
ny on October 11.
    The solemn service at the Firefighter’s
Memorial Monument on the Upper West
Side of Manhattan drew more than 7,000
firefighters, family members and friends.
    “Your respectful presence here means
more than any words I can say,” said Mayor
Bloomberg. “As a city we will always
remember Lieutenant Carpluk and Fire-
fighter Reilly and all of our bravest who
heroically gave their lives so others might
    Families of the fallen members received
the Medal of Valor from the Department
and the Medal of Supreme Sacrifice from
the Uniformed Firefighters Association and
the Uniformed Fire Officers Association.
                                                    Thousands gathered at the Firefighter's Memorial Monument for FDNY Memorial Day
    Also honored were nine active members
                                                    on October 11. The ceremony honored Lt. Howard Carpluk and FF Michael Reilly as
who died in the past year: Lieutenant
                                                    well as nine other FDNY members who have died in the last year.
Reinaldo Natal; Firefighters Micah Bumb,
Thomas Sweetman, Jr., William Moran and
Daniel Feltham; Paramedics Deborah
                                                    Scoppetta told the families of Lieutenant                  A Dark Day: August 27, 2006
Reeve and Gregory Serena; and EMTs
                                                    Carpluk and Firefighter Reilly:                        Lieutenant Carpluk and Firefighter Reil-
Felix Hernandez, Jr. and Paul Langa.
                                                        “Today, the word ‘sacrifice’ takes on a         ly were fatally injured after fighting a three-
    Then before the crowd of active and
                                                    very real and painful meaning. But please           alarm fire at 1575 Walton Avenue in the
retired members began to march up River-
                                                    know that the thousands of firefighters             Mount Hope section of the Bronx on
side Drive, Fire Commissioner Nicholas
                                                    attending this ceremony are here for you –          August 27. The firefighters became trapped
                                                    and for every family that has lost someone          after the floor of a one-story, 99-cent store
                    IN THIS ISSUE                   in the line of duty. You are now, and will          collapsed into the basement.
                                                    always be, part of the FDNY family.”                   They were transported to Bronx
                                                        Chief of Department Salvatore Cass-             Lebanon Hospital, where Firefighter Reilly
             ❏ Commissioner’s
               Message                     Page 2
                                                    sano praised firefighters for their loyalty to      succumbed to his injuries on August 27.
                                                    eachother and the community: “In the evo-
                                                    lution of the Fire Department, one thing has                             (Continued on page 3)
             ❏ 9/11 Coverage        Page 6-9; 12
                                                    never changed, and that is you – the fire-
             ❏ Profile of the Month       Page 11   fighters. Your dedication and commitment                    See 9/11 coverage
                                                    is second to none.”                                         starting on page 6
             ❏ Photo of the Month         Page 12

    ViewPoint from 9 MetroTech                                                                                 October 2006

New Operations Center Unveiled at Headquarters
                                                                      archived photographs of the buildings within

        ast month, the Department officially unveiled its new $17
        million, state-of-the-art Operations Center (FDOC) at         seconds – assisting incident commanders with
        Headquarters. Uniformed members working in the new            descriptions of the structures and their use.
FDOC monitor all emergency responses 24 hours a day, 7 days a         They were able to quickly ascertain which
week and the facility serves as a command center for the Chief of     subway and bus lines ran near the sites and Commissioner’s
Department or his designee to manage large-scale or multiple          determine which needed to be suspended.
                                                                      Live Police Department helicopter feeds also
incidents. Built with the most advanced technology available to
first responders, the FOC is a ground-breaking, innovative new        were being monitored for potential hazards.
tool in the FDNY’s arsenal.                                               To better facilitate the exchange of information among FDNY
    The FDOC brings more accurate information to the fire             units and other agencies, high-tech communication tools are also
ground than ever before, while providing the Department with a        an integral part of the new center. The FDOC now receives and
remote command post in the event of a major disaster. From using      transmits on several radio frequencies, including the NYPD, and
computerized maps of nearby fire hydrants and subway lines to         is linked to two telephone exchanges should one be damaged for
monitoring multiple radio frequencies, members in the FDOC            any reason. Every radio transmission and telephone call that
can now share critical data with incident commanders, enabling        comes into the center is recorded and can be played back – so
them to lead a more effective response. As a result, our incident     important information is never lost during a crisis.
commanders are better equipped and informed when sending fire-            The center also has been constructed to support two new tech-
fighters and EMS members to an emergency situation.                   nologies that will help members in the FDOC more quickly gath-
    Our new Operations Center is the result of recommendations        er information about the status, location and operations of fire-
made in the McKinsey Report, the consulting firm that analyzed        fighters in the field. The Automatic Vehicle Location system
the city’s response to the September 11 attacks. It suggested we      (AVL) currently monitors the location of all ambulances in the
increase our capabilities to handle all types of emergencies,         city, and soon all fire rigs will be tracked in the same way. In the
namely improvements to our communications and tracking tech-          near future, the Department also plans on employing Electronic
nologies. Yet we have gone above and beyond those recommen-           Command Boards (ECB’s) in a pilot program, so incident com-
dations – developing an unprecedented information hub that will       manders can see most of the data accessed in the FDOC and trans-
enable us to learn almost anything about a building’s structure,      mit updates back via the command boards. This revolutionary
history or use.                                                       way of sharing information will greatly improve operations and
    These capabilities were put to use during the airplane crash on   keep all of us better informed.
October 11, when a small plane hit an apartment building on East          In addition to the Emergency Operations Center, which over-
72nd Street, as well as the major gas explosion that leveled an       sees the day-to-day operations, the facility also includes the Inci-
East 62nd Street building on July 10. FDOC personnel retrieved        dent Support Center, where our Incident Management Teams will
                                                                              convene in the event of a large-scale disaster.
                                                                                   Led by Deputy Assistant Chief John Coloe, the new
                                                                               FDOC is an incredible tool and will serve as a model for
                                                                               fire departments around the world. It proves the innova-
                                                                               tion of our members, as well as their dedication to protect
                                                                               the greatest city in the world. I would like to especially
                                                                               thank Deputy Commissioner Milton Fischberger, David
                                                                               Litvin, Kevin Jones, Joe Mastropietro, Horatio Mauri,
                                                                               Capt. Kevin Munnelly, Deputy Assistant Chief Joe
                                                                               Pfeifer, Donald Stanton and Terry Woods for their tireless
                                                                                   Thank you all for your hard work and stay safe.

2                                                                                                    COMMISSIONER’S MESSAGE
  ViewPoint from 9 MetroTech                                                                                      October 2006

HEROES REMEMBERED                                      Captain       Robert
                                                   Alfieri recalled the
(Continued from page 1)                            Proby’s courage and
Lieutenant Carpluk later was transferred to            “Most of the men
the cardiac support center in Montefiore           that come to Engine 75
Medical Center where he died on August             come highly recom-
28.                                                mended,” said Captain
    Three others – Battalion Chief Thomas          Alfieri. “Michael was
Auer, and Firefighters John Grasso and             no exception.”
Wayne Walters – were injured in the col-               Firefighter Reilly is
lapse. They were taken to area hospitals in        survived by his par-
serious condition and were released.               ents, Michael and
           The Courageous Proby                    Monica, his brother,
    Firefighter Reilly was laid to rest on Sep-    Kevin and his sister,
tember 1 after a funeral mass at St. Paul          Erin.
R.C. Church in his hometown of Ramsey,                   The Fearless
New Jersey. Thousands of firefighters lined               Senior Man
the streets of the small town to honor the life        Lieutenant Carpluk
of the proby who graduated from the Fire           was laid to rest on Sep-
Academy on July 6.                                 tember 2 after a funeral
    “Those who served with Michael all use         mass at St. Mark’s
the same phrase, ‘He was squared away,’”           Episcopal Church in Firefighters salute fallen Firefighter Michael Reilly during his
said Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “In a pro-           Islip, Long Island. funeral procession in Ramsey, New Jersey.
fession that demands bravery, skill, self-dis-     More than 10,000 fire-
cipline, ‘squared away’ are words of the           fighters      stood    in
highest praise.”                                                                                 1988, when he saved the lives of two uncon-
    And although he was a proby in the             windswept rain to pay tribute to the hero.
                                                                                                 scious men he found in the bedroom of a
FDNY, Firefighter Reilly had been involved             “What I thought I knew about Howie
                                                                                                 fire-engulfed apartment in the Bronx.
in fire service since the age of 16. He            was that he touched many people. But what
                                                                                                     Lieutenant Carpluk graduated from the
worked as a volunteer for the Ramsey Res-          I’ve learned … is that he not only touched
                                                                                                 Academy in 1986 and went to work at Lad-
cue Squad and Ramsey Volunteer Fire                these people, he embraced them,” she said.
                                                                                                 der 31 before being promoted to lieutenant
Department before taking a paid firefighting       “I’d love to hear as many Howie stories as I
                                                                                                 in 1999. He then worked out of Battalion 18
job in Stratford, Connecticut and rising to        can. May our memories help us all.”
                                                                                                 before moving to Engine 42 in 2002.
the rank of lieutenant.                                She remembered her husband as the con-
                                                                                                      Friend and colleague Lieutenant Steve
    He was also a marine reservist who             summate father to their children Bradley,
                                                                                                 Wall said when Lieutenant Carpluk was
served a tour of duty in Iraq.                     14, and Paige, 10, and a bright light to any-
                                                                                                 assigned to Engine 42, his “easy-going
    “His lifelong dream was to become a            one who knew him.
                                                                                                 manner and quick wit quickly won us over.”
firefighter, always wanting to help people in          Many also remembered him as a talented
                                                                                                     Many also cited him for being the key-
harm’s way,” said Fire Commissioner                firefighter. Lieutenant Carpluk received
                                                                                                 stone that held the firehouse together after
Nicholas Scoppetta. “He applied to the             two citations for bravery, including one
                                                                                                 the attacks of September 11, and others
FDNY to succeed in the greatest fire               award for a heroic rescue on March 30,
                                                                                                             remembered him as the bridge
department in the world, and we                                                                                 between the old and new gen-
will be forever grateful that he                                                                                erations at the house.
chose us.”                                                                                                         Commissioner Scoppetta
    In Proby School last spring,                                                                                added that his compassion
Firefighter Reilly was chosen as a                                                                              and love for the job were evi-
squad leader and everyone, from                                                                                 dent every day.
his classmates to the instructors,                                                                                 “Howie’s competitiveness
noted that they immediately saw                                                                                 made him strive for excel-
his potential.                                                                                                  lence. And he succeeded,” he
    “He was dedicated, he was                                                                                   said. “He was good at every-
determined, he loved the job and                                                                                thing he put his mind to …
he was a leader,” said Firefighter                                                                              And he was a superb fire-
Matthew Crowley of Ladder 23,                                                                                   fighter because he had that
who became friends with Fire-                                                                                   added edge – and because he
fighter Reilly at the Academy. “You Lieutenant Howard Carpluk is mourned by thousands of family               loved it so.”
didn’t want to disappoint him.”           and friends in Islip, Long Island.

FDNYNEWS                                                                                                                                  3
    ViewPoint from 9 MetroTech                                                                            October 2006

                                    Like Father, Like Son
                Proby class includes numerous Department legacies

Three veteran firefighters, who graduated from the Academy together in 1979, gathered again for the graduation of their sons on Sep-
tember 12. (L to R) FF John Norman, Jr., Chief John Norman, retired BC Philip Parr, FF Paul Parr, FF Anthony D’Amico and retired
FF Joseph D’Amico.
     all it the Proby Graduation reunion.   Michael Bloomberg. “It’s a tough job, but          They also offered assistance at the
C  FDNY Chief of Special Operations
                                            a fun job. I’ve never met a firefighter that
                                            didn’t love his or her job.”
                                                                                           funerals of Lieutenant Howard Carpluk,
                                                                                           Jr. and Firefighter Michael Reilly, who
John Norman, retired Battalion Chief           Another Department legacy who grad-         died after battling a Bronx fire on August
Philip Parr and retired Firefighter Joseph  uated during the ceremony was Proba-           27. And the group raised $3,000 for the
D’Amico all graduated from the Fire         tionary Firefighter Devin Reilly. He joins     firefighters’ families.
Academy together in 1979.                   his father Battalion Chief William Reilly,         “You have already shown the care and
   And on September 12, they reunited to    and brothers Firefighter Chris Reilly of       commitment to each other that is the
celebrate the graduation of their sons Pro- Engine 45 and Firefighter Justin Reilly of     strength of this Department,” said Fire
bationary Firefighters John Norman, Jr.,    Engine 75 on the job.                          Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta. “The
Paul Parr and Anthony D’Amico, who             Probationary Firefighter Michael            Department is already proud of you. You
were among the 175 graduates at Proby       McNally, nephew of Chief of Operations         have learned that your greatest strength
Graduation at Brooklyn College.             Patrick McNally, was also among the            on the job is each other.”
   “Members of the FDNY inspire the         graduates.                                         This class had two valedictorians, Pro-
world with their bravery,” said Mayor          “The job has changed, the city has          bationary Firefighters John Norman and
                                                             changed, the world has        Salvatore Scafuri, who were joined on the
                                                              changed, but the one         stage by class Salutatorian Paul Hoekze-
                                                              thing      that    hasn’t    ma and the Physical Fitness Award win-
                                                              changed over the years       ner Raymond Cuadrado.
                                                              is you, the firefighters,”       The group also included 12 members
                                                              said Chief of Depart-        who served in the military, including four
                                                              ment Salvatore Cassano.      who completed a tour of duty in Iraq.
                                                                 The class was praised         All of the graduates were assigned to
                                                              for its hard work and        firehouses throughout the city.
                                                              dedication, but also for           “Experience will be your best
                                                              its compassion. They         teacher,” said Commissioner Scoppetta.
                                                              served as honor guard at     “It is a tough one because it gives the test
                                                              the     September      11    first and the lesson afterward. But the les-
                                                              memorial service at St.      sons you learn from those experiences,
                                                              Patrick’s Cathedral and      from those tests, are so much more mem-
  Fire Promotions: Ten captains and 45 lieutenants were       the fifth anniversary cer-   orable.”
  promoted in a ceremony at the Queensborough Per-            emony at the World
  forming Arts Center on August 24.                           Trade Center site.

4                                                                                                                       FDNYNEWS
   ViewPoint from 9 MetroTech                                                                              October 2006

                          Becoming Heroes, Saving Lives
              81 new paramedics and EMTs graduate from the EMS Academy

        hey helped deliver a baby, save a
        child trapped by a bus and rescue
        the victim of a dog attack – all
while still in training.
   And after eight weeks instruction and
real-world experience, nine paramedics
and 72 EMTs joined the ranks at EMS
Graduation at Randall’s Island on Sep-
tember 15.
   “These are individuals who are willing
to make sacrifices in order to pursue a
career helping others,” said Chief of EMS
John Peruggia. “They are not ordinary
people. They are tomorrow’s heroes.”
   He noted that the graduates were dedi-
cated and driven, qualities many may
have picked up from their family mem-
bers who are in the Department.
   “It is such an honor to wear the FDNY      Paramedics and EMTs take the Oath of Geneva during their graduation ceremony on
uniform and follow all the first responders   September 15.
who came before us,” said Paramedic
Kristin Heinz, who was congratulated by           And as each member took to the stage      Heinz and EMTs David Israeli and
her husband, Firefighter Dan Smith of         to accept their new position, the packed      Thomas Ordway, the class presented its
Ladder 129.                                   crowd of family and friends cheered wild-     instructors with the traditional plaque, as
   EMS Deputy Chief Eric Espeut, a 32-        ly.                                           well as a few gag gifts, including socks
year veteran of the Command, beamed as            “We are at our best when patients are     and Devil Dogs.
he watched his daughter, EMT Chaunte          in their most dire need,” said First Deputy       “Be proud of your profession, main-
Williams, follow in his footsteps.            Commissioner Frank Cruthers.                  tain your sense of duty and maintain your
   “It’s a great thing any time one of your       Academic Awards went to Paramedic         sense of humor,” said Chief of Depart-
children makes their own choice to pursue     Justin Young and EMTs Haralambos              ment Salvatore Cassano. “It will get you
the same profession you have come to          Saltas and John Louis.                        through anything.”
love,” said Chief Espeut.                         And after speeches by Paramedic

   EMS Promotions: Three
   captains were promoted to
   the rank of deputy chief
   and 16 paramedics and
   EMTs were promoted to
   lieutenant in a ceremony
   at Randall’s Island on
   August 7. Fire Commis-
   sioner Nicholas Scoppetta
   noted that three of the
   newly promoted deputy
   chiefs each had more than
   22 years on the job and
   “helped shape today’s
   EMS Command.”

FDNYNEWS                                                                                                                              5
    ViewPoint from 9 MetroTech                                                                               October 2006

                                                                  he fifth anniversary of
                                                                  the World Trade Center
                                                                  attacks was marked with
                                                                  solemn tributes through-
                                                                                                FIVE YEAR
                                                                  out the city, remember-                 FDNY marks the anniver
                                                     ing the 2,749 lives that were lost on
                                                     September 11, 2001.                                     with solemn tributes
                                                        From the Bronx to Staten Island,
                                                     Fire Department members took part
                                                                                                 and Chief of Operations Patrick McNally
                                                     in memorials large and small, com-
                                                                                                 began the day by placing a wreath at the base
                                                     memorating the tragic events of the
                                                                                                 of the Firefighter’s Monument on Riverside
                                                     day and remembering all the individ-
                                                                                                 Drive before heading to the World Trade
                                                     uals who gave their lives.
                                                                                                 Center site for the city’s memorial service.
                                                        “Members of this Department
                                                                                                    Spouses, partners and significant others
                                                     who gave their all that day gave
                                                                                                 read the names of those lost, as family mem-
                                                     every firefighter and EMS worker the
                                                                                                 bers walked down the ramp and into the pit
                                                     conviction and the will to carry on,”
                                                                                                 to pay their respects.
                                                     said Fire Commissioner Nicholas
                                                                                                    Thousands prayed and reminisced around
                                                     Scoppetta. “It is important to remem-
                                                                                                 a small reflecting pool located where the
                                                     ber their sacrifice, and it is also
                                                                                                 North Tower once stood. They laid flowers,
                                                     important to remember their courage,
                                                                                                 photographs and other mementos in the
                                                     their uncommon devotion to duty.
                                                                                                 water and wrote tiny notes in marker along
                                                     These qualities will guide and inspire
                                                                                                 the wood planks surrounding the pool. Some
                                                     future generations of firefighters and
                                                                                                 planted flowers in the gravel of the Tower’s
                                                     EMS personnel.”
                                                          World Trade Center Memorial
    Family members and friends raise photos of their                                                “We have come to remember the incredi-
                                                        Commissioner Scoppetta, Chief of
    loved ones at the World Trade Center site during                                             ble lives of the 2,749 people who were lost
                                                     Department Salvatore Cassano, First
    the annual memorial on September 11, 2006.                                                   here five years ago,” said Mayor Michael
                                                     Deputy Commissioner Frank Cruthers

                — P A Y I N G                                                                              T H E I
            DNY members chose many unique              And within two days, the group was
            ways to mark the fifth anniversary     able to reframe the 14,000-square-foot
            of the World Trade Center attacks.     church.
     Here is a quick look at some of the small-        “It’s our turn to help others,” said
     er tributes and remembrances that cele-       Firefighter Kevin Atkinson of Engine 16.
     brated the lives of those lost on Septem-     “It feels great to be able to give back.”
     ber 11, 2001.                                     He added that he was overwhelmed
             ‘New York Says Thank You’             by their reception in the community. Peo-
        In an effort to repay the generosity all   ple were waving flags and asking the
     Americans demonstrated in the aftermath       firefighters to sign autographs for chil-
     of September 11, 2001, 20 firefighters        dren, he said.
     and 20 other volunteers from New York             “Every minute I was there, I treasured
     traveled to DeGonia Springs, Indiana, to      it,” added Firefighter Thomas Brown of
     give back on the fifth anniversary of the     Engine 74. “I hope to be able to do it
     tragedy.                                      again.”
        Firefighters from Engines 16, 74, 76           To learn more about the program, you
     and 216 and Ladders 51 and 22 traveled        can visit their website at www.newyork-
     with the New York Says Thank You    
     Foundation to help re-build a 160-year-                        Fire Museum
     old church destroyed by a tornado on              The New York City Fire Museum held
     November 6, 2005.                             a special ceremony September 8, in           Twenty firefighters help rebuild a church in DeG
                                                                                                Says Thank You Foundation.

6                                                                                                                         FDNYNEWS
           ViewPoint from 9 MetroTech                                                                                    October 2006

RS LATER                                             tan, symbolizing the Towers and honoring
                                                     the lives of those lost.
                                                         Yet, although the day was emotional, it
                                                     was also filled with hope.
 rsary of the 9/11 attacks                               “In the immediate aftermath of Septem-
s throughout the city                                ber 11, 2001, any of us would have been
                                                     hard pressed to answer the question, ‘Where
                                                     will we be five years from now,’” said Com-
      Bloomberg.                                     missioner Scoppetta. “But now, I think the
          Department members, family and friends     answer is, ‘Right where we want to be’ –
      also gathered at the FDNY’s September 11       stronger, wiser and better than ever at being
      Memorial outside Engine 10/Ladder 10 on        the greatest fire department in the world.”
      Liberty Street to make rubbings of their                  Firefighter’s Memorial
      loved ones’ names and quietly reflect on the       More than 3,000 firefighters and their
      day.                                           families paid tribute at the Firefighter’s
          Bells tolled at 8:46 and 9:03 a.m., the    Memorial Monument on the Upper West
      times the planes hit the Towers, as well as    Side of Manhattan to honor their own on the
      9:59 and 10:29 a.m., the times the Towers      anniversary of the tragedy.
      collapsed.                                         “The entire event is focused on the mem-
          Among those paying their respects at the   bers who died and their families,” said Fire-
      site were Senator Hillary Clinton, New York    fighter Bill Riccardulli of Engine 45, who is
      Governor George Pataki and New Jersey          one of the event’s organizers. “It’s not about
      Governor Jon Corzine, Mayor Bloomberg          an individual person. It’s about the group.”
      and former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.                 During the ceremony, 12 firefighters read    Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta and
          And the somber day of remembrance          the 343 names as a bell tolled in their honor.   Chief of Department Salvatore Cassano lay
      concluded once again with the “Tribute in      The tribute also included prayer, a wreath       a wreath at the Firefighter’s Memorial in
      Light.” From dusk until dawn, two beams of     laying and the observance of two moments         Manhattan.
      light illuminated the skies of Lower Manhat-                        (Continued on page 8)

      R                    R E S P E C T S —
                                                      honor of the fifth anniversary of the            exhibit, “The Faces of Ground Zero” by
                                                      attacks.                                         photographer Joe McNally, which fea-
                                                          The family of the late Firefighter           tured life-size images of many first
                                                      Daniel Suhr of Engine 216 stood to rep-          responders, survivors and family mem-
                                                      resent all FDNY families as they joined          bers of the victims.
                                                      Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta                            Memorial Quilts
                                                      in laying a wreath next to the Museum’s              America’s 9/11 Memorial Quilts
                                                      black marble September 11 memorial.              Organization presented the FDNY with
                                                      The memorial includes the pictures of all        two quilts at a dedication ceremony on
                                                      FDNY members lost in the attacks.                September 8 at the World Financial Cen-
                                                           “They responded to the worst possi-         ter.
                                                      ble disaster and showed the best of                  The FDNY and EMS inspired memo-
                                                      humanity under the worst of circum-              rial quilts include the names and like-
                                                      stances,” said Commissioner Scoppetta.           nesses of all members of Department
                                                          Chief of Department Salvatore Cas-           who made the Supreme Sacrifice on
                                                      sano also placed a firefighter’s helmet --       9/11. In total, the group created six quilts
                                                      with the number 343 listed on the front          honoring the victims of the terrorist
                                                      piece -- at the memorial as family and           attacks in New York, Washington DC
                                                      friends laid dozens of red and white car-        and Pennsylvania.
                                                      nations in their honor.                              For    more       information,     visit
Gonia Springs, Indiana as part of the New York            Inside, the Museum featured an     

         FDNYNEWS                                                                                                                                     7
                                                    ViewPoint from 9 MetroTech                                                                                   October 2006

                                                    FIVE YEARS LATER
                                                (Continued from page 7)                           as other uniformed mem-
                                                                                                  bers, family and friends
                                                of silence marking the times Towers fell.
                                                                                                  gathered at the Academy’s
                                                    The annual ceremony began four years
                                                                                                  9/11 Memorial for a cere-
                                                ago in an effort to give firefighters and their
                                                                                                  mony that included music
                                                families a place to pay their respects. And
                                                                                                  by the FDNY’s EMS Pipes
                                                organizers say they try to keep it as simple
                                                                                                  and Drums Band, a prayer
                                                as possible.
                                                                                                  led by honorary Chaplain
                                                    Yet each year it has grown in size. This
                                                                                                  Father Joel Warden, and a
                                                year, in addition to the hundreds of Depart-
                                                                                                  quiet reflection.
                                                ment members in attendance, firefighters
                                                                                                      Those in attendance
                                                from Germany, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and
                                                                                                  placed flowers at the
                                                England and from cities including Chicago,
                                                                                                  memorial, which names all
                                                Detroit and Los Angeles also attended the
                                                                                                  uniformed members who
                                                ceremony. A contingent of Marines also
                                                                                                  died on September 11,
                                                attends the event every year.
                                                                                                  2001. They also ceremoni-
                                                      EMS Memorial at Fort Totten
                                                                                                  ally watered two ever-
                                                    A tribute to the members of all uni-
                                                                                                  greens that were planted in
                                                formed services who responded to the
                                                                                                  memory of Paramedics
                                                World Trade Center five years ago was
                                                                                                  Carlos Lillo and Ricardo
                                                held at the EMS Training Academy at Fort
                                                                                                  Quinn, who perished in the
                                                Totten.                                                                         EMS Lt. Robert White, a member of the EMS Pipes and
                                                    “The uniforms that we wear do not dis-                                      Drums Band, salutes the 9/11 Memorial at the EMS Acad-
                                                                                                      “This was conceived as
                                                tinguish one agency from another as much                                        emy in Fort Totten.
                                                                                                  a living monument to pre-
                                                as bind us together,” said Chief of EMS
                                                                                                  serve the memories they                        anniversary at a breakfast in the quarters of
                                                Training J. P. Martin. “We should respect
                                                                                                  left all of us,” said Chief of EMS Com-        Engine 15/Ladder 18/Battalion 4 in Lower
                                                one another for the importance of the
                                                                                                  mand John Peruggia. “So we never forget.”      Manhattan.
                                                unique tasks we each perform, and be ever
                                                                                                      Two moments of silence were also               The President joined approximately 100
                                                vigilant, because the risks inherent in pro-
                                                                                                  observed, marking the times the planes hit     people on the company’s apparatus floor.
                                                viding emergency services never go away.”
                                                                                                  the Twin Towers.                               Among those in attendance were on-duty
                                                    More than 300 EMS members, as well
                                                                                                        President Bush’s to ‘Fort Pitt’          firefighters, New York City police officers,
                                                                                                      President George W. Bush and First
                                                                                                  Lady Laura Bush spent the morning of the                          (Continued on page 12)
Photo courtesy of FF Martin Murphy, Ladder 58

                                                Lt. Joe Huber, L-38, reads the names of
                                                FDNY members lost on 9/11 as (L to R)
                                                FF Jerry Heart, E-45; FF Butch Jahoda,
                                                L-58; and retired FF Mark Wesseldine,             President George Bush and his wife, Laura, stand outside the “Fort Pitt” for a memo-
                                                L-58; toll a bell in their memory at the          rial service on 9/11. Beside them stands the door of the rig the members of Ladder 18
                                                Firefighter's Monument memorial.                  used to respond to the attacks.

                                                8                                                                                                                             FDNYNEWS
  ViewPoint from 9 MetroTech                                                                                      October 2006

                                                  A Solemn Tribute
                           Thousands of family members gather to honor the
                             FDNY members lost at the World Trade Center

    t was a day to reflect on the past,           a symbol of hope.
    acknowledge the present and think                 The        FDNY’s
    about the future. But most of all, it was     Emerald Society’s
a day to remember all those lost.                 Pipe and Drums led
    The 343 FDNY members who made the             the colors and the
Supreme Sacrifice on September 11, 2001,          celebrants from the
were honored by more than 2,500 family,           Cathedral, where
friends and colleagues at an interfaith serv-     they were met by
ice at Manhattan’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral        343 firefighters lin-
on September 10.                                  ing the sidewalks
    “Perhaps the best we can do on this fifth     holding American
anniversary of that sorrowful day is to           flags in tribute to the
remember, again and always, our members’          lives lost in the
selfless sacrifice, enormous bravery and          tragedy.
courage,” Fire Commissioner Nicholas                  “We       celebrate
Scoppetta said.                                   those lost and thank
    He joined Mayor Michael Bloomberg             those      firefighters
and Chief of Department Salvatore Cas-            still with us, for
sano in paying tribute to the lives lost in the   ensuring the Depart-
tragedy as well as those who carry on.            ment’s great tradi-
    “Our members’ courage and leadership          tion of courage and
have been talked about,” said Chief Cas-          compassion are car-
sano. “But what we don’t hear about is their      ried on,” said Chief Family members of the 343 Department members who died on
tremendous capacity for love. These are           Cassano.                9/11 light their candles as a symbol of hope during a memori-
private memories. It is those memories that                               al at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan on September 10.
have brought us this far and will continue to
be with us. They, though now gone from
this earth, continue to give us hope.”
    Reverend Christopher Keenan, Rev-
erend Joseph Hoffman, Reverend Mon-
signor Marc Filacchione, Reverend Mon-
signor John Delendick, Reverend Stephen
Harding and Rabbi Joseph Potasnik deliv-
ered prayers and offered inspirational
words to the crowd. And choral presenta-
tions and a musical tribute by Irish tenor
Ronan Tynan highlighted the emotional
    Hundreds of firefighters, friends and
passersby also gathered outside the cathe-
dral to watch the ceremony on Jumbo-
    “The compassion, courage and
resilience that define the FDNY are part of
what makes New York the great city it is,”
Mayor Bloomberg said.
    As the memorial was brought to a close,
five family members walked candles down
each of the church’s aisles, as those in the
pews held up their own electric candles, in       As family members left the service, 343 firefighters held flags on the steps of St. Patrick’s
                                                  Cathedral to honor the lives of FDNY members lost on September 11, 2001.

FDNYNEWS                                                                                                                                     9
 ViewPoint from 9 MetroTech                                                                                 October 2006

                   Help Our Troops Keep Their Cool

       ummers in Iraq can                                           Generally, the vests     when his armored vehicle hit an explosive
       be brutal. Temper-                                       are sent to military units   device near Mosul, Iraq.
       atures can soar up                                       in bundles of 10 or 12 so       She said her son greatly appreciated a
to 120 degrees under                                            every member has the         vest she had purchased for him just days
cloudless skies.                                                option of wearing one.       before his death, and now she wants to
   And wearing combat                                           And when the vests are       give all soldiers the same gift. She has
gear inside armored tanks                                       shipped, a letter is         already helped donate more than 850
can make things even                                            included identifying the     vests and hopes to send even more.
hotter.                                                         donor and asking the
   That’s why retired                                           recipient to leave it                   Donate a Vest
FDNY Captain John                                               behind when he or she
Bendick of Engine 23                                            returns home, so other           To learn more about the Trevor
says he needs your help.                                        soldiers can use it.          Win’E Memorial Fund, contact
   He is asking all FDNY                                            Bendick said FDNY         John Bendick at 914-423-5276
members to donate to the                                       members can even ship          or visit the fund’s website at
Trevor Win’E Memorial Fund.                   their company patches to be sewn onto 
   The charity collects donations to pur-     the front of the vests.                            Donations can be sent to the Trevor
chase cooling vests for members of the           “Knowing members of the FDNY
                                                                                              Win’E Memorial Fund, c/o John Ben-
armed forces stationed in Iraq.               donated the vests is a great morale boost-
   The vests cost $130 apiece and contain     er,” he added.                                  dick, 22 Homecrest Ave., Yonkers,
lightweight, reusable chemical packs that        Bendick and his family became                New York, 10703
freeze and are made of a fabric that repels   involved in the fundraising drive last year        To send a vest to a specific soldier,
heat. The tan vests are then worn under-      after he met Debi Win’E, who created the        contact the manufacturer at 888-676-
neath military body armor to keep sol-        charity. She is a mother from California        5084, or visit for
diers a little cooler in the brutal heat.     whose 22-year-old son, Trevor, was killed

                                                                                                  Take Me Out to the
                                                                           Fire Department and EMS Command

                                                                               FDNY Night at Cyclone Stadium

                                                                        t was a celebration of the Fire Department, as members of the
                                                                        FDNY and their families celebrated the 6th Annual FDNY
                                                                        Night at KeySpan Park in Brooklyn on August 4.
                                                                        More than 9,000 guests were treated to a fireboat water display,
                                                                    fire safety demonstrations and music by FDNY bagpipers.
                                                                        Children of FDNY members also got the opportunity to stand
                                                                    on the field next to Cyclone players during the singing of the
                                                                    National Anthem by Firefighter Regina Wilson of Engine 219.
                                                                        Chief of Department Salvatore Cassano threw out the first pitch
                                                                    – beginning an exciting game where the Cyclones defeated the Tri-
                                                                    City Valley Cats with a score of 9-5.
                                                                        Proceeds from the night’s ticket sales went to support the Uni-
                                                                    formed Firefighters Association Scholarship Fund, which gives
                                                                    the families of active and deceased firefighters assistance with the
     Chief of Department Salvatore Cassano throws out the first
                                                                    cost of higher education.
     pitch at a Cyclones game on FDNY Night at Keyspan Park.

10                                                                                                                       FDNYNEWS
       ViewPoint from 9 MetroTech                    PROFILE OF THE MONTH                                          October 2006

                             Leading the Charge for Discipline
                                 New BITs Commissioner has Fire Department roots

              ssistant Commissioner Robert             And although there                                     Attorney for six years and
              Wallace wants to know as few          was some urging for                                       joined the Department of
              members of the Department as          him to join one of the                                    Homeless Services in 2003,
     possible.                                      City’s uniformed serv-                                    where he represented the
        As the new head of the Bureau of            ices, he ultimately                                       agency in ongoing litigation
     Investigations and Trials (BITs), Assistant    chose a different path,                                   concerning the City’s treat-
     Commissioner Wallace wants to ensure           and pursued a career in                                   ment of homeless families.
     that discipline is rare.                       law.                                                         He eventually headed the
        “We don’t want to meet you,” he said.          “I always thought of                                   department’s disciplinary unit,
        Although Assistant Commissioner             law as just another way                                   which he said prepared him for
     Wallace joined the FDNY in July, he grew       I could help people,” he                                  his new role at BITs.
     up in a family of firefighters and police      said.                                                        “I think if BITs does its job
     officers and is familiar with the culture of      A lifelong Staten                                      well, it can improve morale,”
     the City’s uniformed services.                 Island resident, Assistant                             he said. “The workforce is better
        His grandfather, George Wallace,            Commissioner Wallace also has spent a         served if there are consequences for inap-
     served as a captain in the FDNY. His           great deal of time on the other side of the   propriate behavior.”
     uncle, Thomas Wallace, was a Battalion         Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in Brooklyn.             His staff of 28 attorneys and support
     Chief in Battalion 35 and another uncle,          In 1993 he received his Bachelor’s of      personnel handle allegations ranging
     Michael Wallace, was a firefighter in          Arts degree in political science from         from time and leave abuses to physical
     Engine 251. In addition, his father,           Brooklyn College and his Juris Doctorate      assault. The more serious cases, involving
     William Wallace, retired as Deputy Chief       from Brooklyn Law School four years           possible criminal behavior, are referred to
     after a 35-year career in the NYPD.            later.                                        the Department of Investigation.
         “There were always lively conversa-           “I followed the ‘My Cousin Vinnie’             If investigators substantiate allega-
     tions around our dinner table about what       plan,” he joked.                              tions, charges are levied and penalties are
     agency was better,” he said.                      He was a Manhattan Assistant District      imposed. Employees can accept the disci-
                                                                                                  pline or have the case referred to the
                                                                                                  Office of Administrative Trials and Hear-
 Ballgame                                                                                         ings, which is New York City’s judicial
celebrated at Keyspan Park                                                                            BITs also enforces the Department’s
                                                                                                  zero tolerance policy against drugs, con-
                                                                                                  ducting random testing and inspections
   EMS Night at Cyclone Stadium                                                                   for alcohol and narcotics at firehouses.
     More than 300 members of the EMS Com-                                                            Yet even though his job usually reveals
  mand celebrated EMS Night at Keyspan Park                                                       members at their worst, Assistant Com-
  on August 14.                                                                                   missioner Wallace said he believes that
     The night kicked off with two exhibition                                                     the vast majority of FDNY members are
  softball games, pitting members of EMS Sta-                                                     outstanding role models for public serv-
  tion 39 and other members of the EMS Com-                                                       ice. He added that he has great respect for
  mand against officers from the NYPD’s 75th                                                      the work members of the Fire and EMS
  Precinct. The police officers won both games in                                                 Commands perform each day.
  close contests.                                    Children of EMS members stand on the             He said he is very proud to be part of
     The Cyclones game kicked off with EMT field with Cyclones players as EMT                     the FDNY family and tries to balances his
  Ron Capers from Station 39 singing the nation- Brian Smith sings the national anthem            time with his own family. He and his
  al anthem and EMT Brian Smith performing on EMS Night at Keyspan Park.                          wife, Cathryn, have three daughters,
  on the saxophone as children of EMS members                                                     Kelly, 5, Heather, 2, and Isabelle, 1.
  stood on the field alongside the baseball players.                                                  And he noted that his father, the veter-
     EMS Chief Janice Olszewski of Division 5 threw out the first pitch of the game. Unfor-       an cop, “is very thrilled that I am working
  tunately the first-place Cyclones lost the game to the Batavia Muckdogs 7-3.                    here.”
     A portion of the night’s ticket proceeds was donated to the Uniformed EMS Widows and
  Orphans Fund.

     FDNYNEWS                                                                                                                              11
  ViewPoint from 9 MetroTech                                                                                     October 2006

(Continued from page 8)                        the Supreme Sacrifice
                                               taught us courage, duty
Port Authority police officers, court offi-    and wisdom – three
cers, several members from Division 1 and      tremendous and time-
family members of several individuals lost     less gifts that will be the
on September 11, 2001.                         pillars of this Depart-
    President Bush visited with numerous       ment as we continue to
members throughout the morning, speak-         move forward,” said
ing with them about everything from base-      Commissioner Scop-
ball to jogging before heading outside for a   petta.
memorial service. The tribute included             More than 100 peo-
readings by chaplains from the three uni-      ple attended the cere-
formed departments, as well as musical         mony in the auditorium,
tributes by members of each group.             which included a video
    Two moments of silence were also           presentation with per- Monsignor John Delendick said a prayer as Fire Commission-
observed in honor of the times the two         sonal reflections and er Nicholas Scoppetta and Chief of Department Salvatore Cas-
planes hit the Towers.                         photographs of the sano plant a cherry tree outside Headquarters on 9/11.
    On September 10 the President and First    beloved Deputy Com-
Lady also laid a wreath at the World Trade     missioner and three                         City Ratner Companies and First New York
Center site and visited the quarters of        Chiefs. Firefighter Daniel Walker provided  Partners.
Engine 10/Ladder 10 in Lower Manhattan.        a musical tribute.                             “On 9/11 we experienced one death, 343
                 Tribute at                        Flower arrangements and a wreath were   times,” said FDNY Chaplain John Delen-
               Headquarters                    placed beside the memorial wall in the      dick. “A piece of us is buried at the Trade
    A special ceremony was held to honor       lobby of 9 Metrotech, honoring all Depart-  Center. We have to learn how to raise our-
the memory of all members who responded        ment members who have died in the line of   selves up from the dead.”
to the World Trade Center from Headquar-       duty.
ters on September 11, 2001, including
Deputy Fire Commissioner William Fee-
                                                   And in remembrance of all those who
                                               made the Supreme Sacrifice while respond-                     VIEW
han, Chief of Department Peter Ganci,          ing to the World Trade Center from Head-                   P O I N T
Assistant Chief Gerard Barbara and Assis-      quarters, Commissioner Scoppetta and                       OCTOBER 2006

tant Chief Donald Burns.                                                                      NEWSLETTER OF THE NYC FIRE DEPARTMENT
                                               Chief Cassano planted a cherry tree outside
    “The Department members who made           the building that was donated by Forest                 FIRE DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                          CITY OF NEW YORK
                                                                                                          9 METROTECH CENTER
                                                                                                        BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 11201
      Running for a                                                                          Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor, City of New York
  cause: In its most                                                                          Nicholas Scoppetta, NYC Fire Commissioner
      successful year                                                                                    FRANCIS X. GRIBBON
      yet, the annual                                                                                    DEPUTY COMMISSIONER
       Stephen Siller                                                                                      S. PAUL ANTONELLI
                                                                                                         PUBLICATIONS DIRECTOR
   Tunnel to Towers
  Run kicked off on                                                                                             EMILY RAHIMI
       September 23.
                                                                                                          ANDREA DELLA MONICA
  More than 10,000                                                                                            DESTA WHITE
  firefighters, fami-                                                                                           WRITERS

     ly members and                                                                                        THOMAS ITTYCHERIA
                                                                                                           GRAPHICS / LAYOUT
 friends ran the 5K
    race through the                                                                                     SFM RALPH BERNARD,
                                                                                                     RANDY BARRON, FF BEN COTTEN,
   Brooklyn Battery                                                                         FF FRANK DAUM, KRISTIAN PORTELLA, HEATHER SMITH
                                                                                                           FDNY PHOTO UNIT
   Tunnel. The race
                                                                                              ViewPoint is published entirely in-house by the FDNY
   is held each year to remember Firefighter Siller of Squad 1, who ran through the                Office of Public Information/Publications
     tunnel in full gear on September 11, 2001 to respond to the World Trade Center
  attack. Firefighters lined the tunnel holding flags and wearing photographs of the                            FDNY
         343 FDNY members that died in the attacks. Among the top finishers in this                              1865-2006
  year’s race were Firefighters Ken Bohan, Stephen Abruzzo and Tom Verderosa as                     A 141 YEAR HISTORY
                                           well as a team from Engine 34/Ladder 21.        OF COMMITMENT, COURAGE & COMPASSION


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