Debt Settlement Backend Processing

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					Debt Settlement Backend Processing
Back End Processing & Industry Training For Today's Debt Settlement Professionals!

Debt settlement is a valuable service with great benefits to you and your clients! You can feel good that you are helping your clients while also creating a residual income that will pay you over the next 12 months! Our company prides itself on being the best in the processing industry and we go to great lengths to ensure this is also the case with our affiliates! The Barrister Corporation understands the importance of sales, training, technology, compliance and most importantly client retention because, afterall, your deals are only as good as the backend company that keeps your clients enrolled.......and we know this better than anyone else! We make sure all of our affiliates

receive thorough training about the industry, how to sell debt settlement and they are also kept up to date on the latest changes in the laws as well! We use the latest technology in order to keep in contact with your clients and your clients are kept up to date with everything regarding their accounts. Your clients can always contact one of the friendly members of our client services division or they can view their accounts online at the click of a button! When partnering with The Barrister Corporation, our goal is to keep your firm profitable and compliant while providing your clients a world class service and customer experience beyond their expectations. We acomplish this with thorough ongoing training, coaching and a process continued company enhancments in technology! It is promise to bridge the gap between your clientele and thier creditors, as well as the relationship between you and your enrolled clients. Our focal point is to keep you focused on bringing in new business, as we continually focus on keeping enrolled clients happy and progressive. The Barrister Corporation works exclusively with the very best in the industry If you desire an incredible business opportunity that provides an amazing financial relief services to your clients, and creating yourself a recurring income pipeline that will enhance your lifestyle for many years to come, call or email us today to get started.


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