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									29 July 2011             By: Filip Truta, Apple News Editor
                         Real Apple Store Services a Fake MacBook Air

                         It's getting harder and harder to get thrown out of an Apple retail store nowadays. You'd
                         think they'd not tolerate bringing in a fake Apple product for repair, but apparently they'll
Apple retail store in
China offers             even troubleshoot it for you.
assistance to a person
who owns a fake
Apple product            Comedian Mark Malkoff recently proved to the world that Apple retail stores are quite
                         possibly the next best location for a romantic date, if every other place in your city is

                         He also ordered himself a nice pizza and ate it in-store, and he even brought a pet goat with
                         him as he strolled through the iPods on display.

                         Nothing seemed to get him kicked out. A video of all his stunts (four in total) can be found

                         Now, you might imagine that a comedian will get away with pulling something like that
                         simply because it's obvious he's doing some sort of a gig.

                         And perhaps you'd be right. After all, the Apple retail staff most likely saw the camera was
                         rolling, and they knew how they'd been trained to respect the customer's wishes and play

                         But troubleshooting a fake Apple product certainly isn't in the job description for the staff
                         sitting behind the Genius bar.

                         Yet one store in China (yes, one of the real ones) serviced a MacBook Air knockoff for a
                         "cheapo" who had the courage to bring it in and ask the Geniuses to have a look at it.

                         According to MIC Gadget, this person got his service at the Pudong Apple store in

                         He had actually made an appointment with an Apple Genius for hands-on diagnosis and
                         troubleshooting on his fake MacBook Air.

                         The picture displayed above shows how the Geniuses helped the man, and enthusiastically
                         at that.

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