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How To Make Scented Candles Candle making can be considered an art form because there are so many different candles that you can create. You can make holiday candles, gel candles, hand rolled candles or even twisted candles. Whatever type of candle you want to make, it is always a good idea to add a nice scent to make the candle more appealing. When you make scented candles, you have a plethora of choices. Usually if you are creating a candle that is shaped like a pie or an ice cream, you would want to choose a scent to match the look of that candle. Whatever scent you might want, essential oils make the best scents for candles. Many people like to have a certain scent for the bathroom or the living room. Candles are perfect for filling the air of your home with a certain aroma. Sometimes if you just buy a candle it's hard to get the scent that you were longing for. If you make scented candles at home, it's much easier to create the scent that you were hoping for. If you want a citrus scent or a something a little more fruity, you can easily create just about any scent with the right oils. If you look online at some candle making sites, there are specific mixtures of oils that create certain scents. Many candle making sites have fragrance oils right on their site for people that want to make scented candles. They also have some scent mixing ideas. If you want a Carmel apple scent for example, then you mix a carmel scent and a Macintosh apple scent. If you are looking for a dusty rose smell, then you mix 1 part baby powder to 2 parts rose bouquet. Any scent that you can think up, they probably have an idea of how to make it online. There is even some strange ones like masculine and rainbow skies, for people that want to be a little more original. For people that want to make scented candles, the choices are endless. There are the regular scents like vanilla or cinnamon, or you can easily get creative. Check out some scent mixing ideas online before trying to create your own. They may already have a recipe for the the scent that you are looking for. If they don't then you could look at a scent that is similar and go from there. Scented candles are very popular because they are a very easy and appealing way to get the mood that you want, at home or anywhere else. For more information on scented candle making please visit us at



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Description: Although you may not know it, it is easy to make scented candles. Finding liquid or solid scents to put into your home made candles is not hard, as long as you know where to look. Learn tips on how to make scented candles.