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The Line
                                                                TV drama series
                                                                Episodes: 15 x 60’


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The Line follows a collection of cops, criminals and everybody in between as they intersect with the rhythms of a combustible
suburban wasteland. At the centre of this world are Max (Ron White) and Donny (Daniel Kash), two cops who are as morally
ambiguous as the criminals they pursue. Their paths intertwine with Carlos (Cle Bennett), a mid-level drug dealer with an
anxiety problem. In this world there are no heroes or villains, only intimacy and the constant biting humour of what life deals
its players. The cast includes renowned actors such as Linda Hamilton and Sharon Lawrence. The series received three 2009
Gemini Awards nominations, including “Best actor in a continuing leading role”.

Production stage: completed.
Co-production partner: The Nightingale Company
Produced in: Canada
Broadcasters: The Movie Network and Movie Central
Awards: 2009 Gemini Awards (nominations and award for “Best achievement in casting”)

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