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   Song Of The Day                                                 Johnny Depp: I wish I spaced
                                                                   Pirates of the Caribbean movies out more
                                                                       LONDON: Johnny Depp opens up to the                 late as when the camera’s about to roll.
                                                                   new Hollywood Reporter magazine on his
                                                                   hands-on role behind the scenes of the Pirates                      Did you continue
                                                                   of the Caribbean franchise (On stranger Tides                 researching real-life pirates?
                                                                   hits theaters May 20) and why he admires the                I’m always doing research. It’s a lifelong fas-
                                                                   principles of the plunderers.                           cination. In a weird way, pirates had an ethic
                                                                                                                           that was infinitely more agreeable than [that
                                                                         It’s been four years since the                    of] the government and the British military.
                                                                        third Pirates. What happened?                      For example, when you became a pirate, even
                                                                       Had I had a little more control at the wheel        if you were just press-ganged and chucked on
                                                                   early on, I would have spaced them out more.            ship, there were equal shares; you got a certain
                                                                   One of the reasons On stranger Tides took this          amount of rations of rum each day. In the Brit-
                                                                   amount of time was to really focus on what we           ish military, they could be awful: “You’ll do this,
                                                                   could do to make it interesting and new and             and you won’t like it, and it’ll be tough.”
                                                                   fresh and not just rehash the same old jokes.
                                                                                                                                  Speaking of tough, what
Fahad AlSabah                                                               Was it right to shoot the                        was the toughest part of the shoot?
Staff Writer                                                              previous two back-to-back?                            I had a little bit of a physical ailment. I
                                                                       The second and third parts were tacked on,          must have done something to my back during
Song: Bang Bang
Artist: sara schiralli                                             in a way. It wasn’t initially written as a trilogy,     a stunt and ended up with this bad sciatic situ-
Album: Bang Bang                                                   so the writers had to find the mathematics to           ation. It was this horrible, grinding electricity
Genre: Folk/Pop                                                    connect all three -- and in doing that, there were      going through me. I kept shooting; there was
In short: Played strategically at the end of a certain episode     subplots and sub-subplots, and it got confusing         no choice. I’d just limp on set. It was monstrous,
of showtime’s Weeds, “Bang Bang” successfully put sara             and a bit complicated. I said, “Look, let’s make        man -- so horrible that I actually started to like
schiralli’s name on the map of indie artists. The admirable        it very simple and to the point.”                       it! It was bad, and I had it a good three weeks to
fragile tone schiralli sings with is compellingly beautiful, and                                                           a month. But I got used to it and kind of missed
instantly recognizable.                                                    Is that why you worked                          it when it was gone.
                                                                    so closely with the writers? And when
 To listen to the song visit                              did you all start?                          Would that make you think twice about
 E-mail your feedback to                    I was doing Public Enemies at the time               a fifth Pirates? A script is in the works.
                                                                   we had our initial talk. And then we would sit              I’ve seen nothing yet. It boils down to story,
                                                                   down and go: “What do you think of this? What           script and filmmaker. But it’s not something
                                                                   do you think of that?” And I’d throw my two             where I would say, “Let’s shoot it next month to
                                                                   cents in. I can’t help myself! Just in terms of the     get it out by Christmas 2012.” We should hold         FILE-Johnny Depp, recipient of the Favorite Movie Actor award, slimes members of the
The Buzz                                                           character, there are bits and bobs that come as
                                                                   you are going through the story meetings, or as
                                                                                                                           off for a bit. They should be special, just like
                                                                                                                           they’re special to me. -Reuters
                                                                                                                                                                                 audience at the 24th annual Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles April 2,
                                                                                                                                                                                 2011. (Reuters)

Lady Gaga
criticizes Arizona immigration laws
singer Lady Gaga says she doesn’t agree with Arizona’s
tough immigration law and wrote the song “Americano” as a
                                                                   Will Smith emerges as frontrunner to Julia Roberts joins US
response to it. Lady Gaga is in Mexico City for two concerts.
she said during a news conference Friday she has a strong re-
lationship to Mexican culture, and then added: “I don’t stand
                                                                   star in Quentin Tarantino’s next film push for clean cook stoves
by many of those unjust immigration laws in my country.”
An immigration law passed last year allows Arizona police              LONDON: Will smith has emerged as the
officers to question the immigration status of people they         frontrunner to star in Quentin Tarantino’s next                                                                      WASHINGTON: Oscar-winning us
suspect are in the country illegally. That provision and others    film, Django unchained, a spaghetti Western                                                                      actress Julia Roberts will join secretary of
in the southwestern us state are on hold pending a court           about a slave in the Old south who teams with a                                                                  state Hillary Clinton’s drive to introduce
challenge.-AP                                                      German bounty hunter to search for his wife.                                                                     100 million clean cook stoves around the
                                                                       Tarantino stalwarts samuel L. Jackson and                                                                    world by 2020, the state Department said
Head of Winfrey’s                                                  Christoph Waltz also are circling key parts.
                                                                       The film, Tarantino’s follow-up to his world-
                                                                                                                                                                                        Roberts and the chief us diplomat
OWN cable network abruptly exits                                   wide blockbuster Inglorious Basterds, will be dis-                                                               “will help to bring attention to the global
                                                                   tributed domestically by the Weinstein Co., but                                                                  issue that kills nearly two million people
In the wake of initial disappointing ratings for OWn: The          Tarantino is in the process of selecting a studio                                                                annually: toxic smoke from unsafe and
Oprah Winfrey network, its head, Christina norman, has             partner to release the film internationally. sourc-                                                              inefficient cookstoves,” the state Depart-
abruptly left the 4-month-old channel. The network an-             es say he was meeting with universal executives                                                                  ment said in a statement.
nounced Friday that Peter Liguori, the chief operating officer     Friday, and similar meetings with sony, Para-                                                                        Roberts will serve as a global ambas-
for Discovery Communications, will take over on an interim         mount, Warner Bros. and possibly others have                                                                     sador for the Alliance for Clean Cook-
basis. His appointment is effective immediately. OWn, which        been scheduled.                                                                                                  stoves, a public-private partnership led
premiered on Jan. 1, is jointly owned by Discovery and Win-            sources prepped for those meetings say Taran-                                                                by the un Foundation, which Clinton
frey’s Harpo, Inc. Winfrey said she and Liguori will work to-
gether the reminder of this year to recruit a permanent CEO        tino would like smith to star in the film, the script                                                            launched on september 21 in new York
for the network’s “next phase of growth.” Winfrey added that       for which has been making the rounds in recent                                                                   on the sidelines of the un General As-
with the end of her syndicated talk show this month, she can       days to wide acclaim. no official offer has been                                                                 sembly. The World Health Organization
devote her full energies to OWn. -AP                               made to smith, and any deal would of course be                                                                   considers dirty cooking smoke to be one
                                                                   subject to working out financials, which might                                                                   of the five biggest dangers to health in
                                                                   be difficult given smith’s status as one of Hol-                                                                 developing countries, killing nearly two
Michael Fassbender                                                 lywood’s few sure-thing stars. Indeed, though                                                                    million people a year -- twice the number
in talks to join Danny Boyle’s Trances                             smith has been out of multiplexes since 2008’s                                                                   dying from malaria.                            Actress Julia Roberts attends the pre-
                                                                   seven Pounds, he is still considered among the            FILE-Actor Will Smith arrives at the Gucci and             “nearly two million people around          miere of ‘Jesus Henry Christ’ during
Michael Fassbender is in talks to be the first actor to board      top two or three box-office draws worldwide.              RocNation Pre-GRAMMY brunch held at Soho               the world -- mostly women and children --      the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival at BMCC
Danny Boyle’s return to the land of edgy thriller, Trances.            smith is being teed up for the title role of          House on February 12, 2011 in West Holly-              die each year from an activity that many       Tribeca PAC on April 23, 2011 in New
The pic is remake of a 2003 British movie directed by Joe          Django, a freed slave who seeks to reunite with           wood, California. (Reuters)                            of us take for granted: cooking for our        York City. (Reuters)
Ahearne and centers on an art heist. If a deal is closed, Fass-    his slave wife, a journey that will see him team                                                                 families,” Roberts was quoted as saying.
bender would play a shady leader of the gang who partners          with a German bounty hunter to take down an               play, which could be a hot potato due to the               “I am proud to stand with secretary        ments, un agencies, private companies
with the assistant. Boyle is producing with Christian Col-         evil plantation owner.                                    themes of racism and the liberal use of the n-         Clinton to work to reduce the senseless        and non-governmental organizations.
son and plans to shoot the film this fall, before tackling the          Tarantino wrote the bounty hunter part with          word. It’s unclear whether smith has read the          and preventable deaths from unsafe cook-           They are “mobilized to help over-
summer Olympics in 2012. The filmmaker will edit after             Waltz in mind, according to insiders. The German          script yet. The actor manages his image very care-     ing conditions in the developing world,”       come the market barriers that currently
the Games. Fassbender has found himself working non-stop           ends up training Django and helping him seek              fully, but the part is heroic and could be iconic.     Robert said. The state Department said         impede the production, deployment, and
since breaking out in Inglorious Basterds. -Reuters
                                                                   his wife. Jackson would play the house slave to           And let’s not forget that Denzel Washington won        the Alliance is a public-private partner-      use of clean cookstoves in the developing
                                                                   the bad guy, Monsieur Calvin Candie. The slave            his two Oscars playing characters who used the         ship of more than 60 national govern-          world,” it said. -AFP
William & Kate                                                     is an expert manipulator and will face off with           n-word. Tarantino is aiming for a fall shoot in the
                                                                   Django.                                                   south, possibly in Louisiana, but the exact locale
star joins showtime’s Californication                                  smith and his reps have received the screen-          has not been determined. -Reuters
Playing the future Queen of England really does pay off. Brit-
ish actress Camilla Luddington, who portrayed Kate Middle-                                                                                                                              Glee producer
ton in the Lifetime telefilm William & Kate, has landed a
meaty role on showtime’s racy series Californication, The
Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Luddington will take on          Paul McCartney                                                                                                       Adam Anders launches record label
the role of a fired nanny who is then hired by Charlie (Evan

                                                                   engaged to girlfriend Nancy Shevell
Handler) and Marcy (Pamela Adlon) in an eight-episode arc.                                                                                                                                  LOS ANGELES: After co-producing more than 100 Billboard Hot 100 hits
Californication stars David Duchovny as has-been novelist                                                                                                                               for Fox’s “Glee,” the show’s executive music producer, Adam Anders, is look-
Hank Moody, who is struggling to revitalize his professional                                                                                                                            ing to capture some of that lightning in a bottle for recording artists on his own
career while maintaining a good relationship with his ex-wife                                                                                                                           label. Anders Music Records’ first release is the self-titled debut album of singer/
and teenage daughter.-Reuters                                                                                                             LONDON: Paul McCartney and his                dancer/actor shane Harper, who plays the recurring character spencer Walsh
                                                                                                                                     girlfriend nancy shevell are engaged, his          on the Disney Channel sitcom “Good Luck Charlie.”
Levine withdraws                                                                                                                     publicist said Friday, nearly four years af-           Also in the works are albums by Montana native Zac Poor and Texas singer/
                                                                                                                                     ter they were first spotted together.              songwriter Ben Burgess. universal Motown will be the distributing label for
from Met Opera’s Japan tour                                                                                                               McCartney, 68, started dating the             Poor’s album.
                                                                                                                                     51-year-old new York socialite and busi-               “When you do a standard distribution deal, you are being boxed into one
Recurring back pain will cause conductor James Levine to                                                                             nesswoman following his bitter split from          system,” Anders says. “By saying, ‘Let’s do everything in-house,’ we can make
miss the Metropolitan Opera’s tour of Japan, including a per-                                                                        second wife Heather Mills.                         the decision as to when we need a major.”
formance of Verdi’s “Don Carlo” on June 5 that was to cel-                                                                                McCartney publicist stuart Bell con-              “I don’t believe in putting out a single and then if it doesn’t hit, drop the
ebrate the 40th anniversary of his company debut. The Met
announced Friday that Fabio Luisi, its principal guest conduc-                                                                       firmed recent media speculation over a             artist,” Anders says. “We are here to develop artists -- there is no timetable to
tor, will replace Levine for “Don Carlo” and Puccini’s “La                                                                           proposal as true, but declined to give fur-        getting it right.”
Boheme” in Japan, and for a Met orchestra concert at Carn-                                                                           ther details on when and how the former                In addition to appearing on “Good Luck Charlie,” Harper, 18, has danced in
egie Hall on May 15. The 67-year-old has been the Met’s chief                                                                        Beatle asked shevell to marry him, saying          “High school Musical 2” and nickelodeon’s “Dance on sunset.” Anders signed
conductor, music director or artistic director since 1973. He                                                                        only “we’re all thrilled for him.”                 Harper to a production deal when he was just 15 and “at 18,” the producer
has missed many performances in recent years for a variety                                                                                The bride-to-be was tightlipped but           says, “he was ready to make an album.” For Poor, the label’s second signing,
of health issues and in March resigned as music director of the                                                                      confirmed her engagement to The Associ-            Anders and his wife, nikki, who performed together as a duo before focusing
Boston symphony Orchestra, effective sept. 1. -AP                                                                                    ated Press.                                        on production, have developed a reality TV show, “The Poor House,” which
                                                                                                                                          “It’s true,” she said when contacted          they’re shopping to networks. The label has already placed a Poor song with the
Keanu Reeves                                                                                                                         by telephone, but declined to comment
                                                                                                                                     further. “That’s all, but thank you, have a
                                                                                                                                                                                        Facebook game nightclub City. Anders notes that Poor’s debut album, which he
                                                                                                                                                                                        says is about half finished, will be released “with a mixtape approach to help
may star in live-action Akira remake                                                                                                 good weekend.”                                     build buzz” before its release.
                                                                                                                                          The marriage will be McCartney’s                  “With shane, Disney offers platforms,” Anders says. “With Zac, we have to
“Akira,” the English-language, live-action take on the land-                                                                         third; his first wife, Linda, died of cancer       create them.” Anders Music’s latest signing is Ben Burgess, a singer/songwriter
mark anime and manga property, is zeroing in on its star, and                                                                        in 1998. His 2002 marriage to Mills ended          from Dallas who co-wrote “Chillin’ in the summertime” for the Jonas Brothers’
it just might be Keanu Reeves. Warner Bros. has been having                                                                          in divorce in 2008.                                Disney Channel show “Jonas L.A.”
a tough time finding the two leads of the movie, to be di-                                                                                shevell was married for more than 20              “We will move much quicker; he figured it out on his own,” Anders says of
rected by Albert Hughes. Actors ranging from James Franco                                                                            years to attorney Bruce Blakeman, a close          Burgess, who has landed songs on TV and in independent films as an unsigned
and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Robert Pattinson and Michael                                                                             friend of former new York Gov. George              artist. A native of stockholm, Anders grew up in Tampa, Fla., and moved to
Fassbender have circled the project in some form or fashion
as the studio sought to find an A-list lead. now comes word                                                                          Pataki, who appointed her to the board of          nashville after graduating high school. He was playing bass for Christian artist
that Reeves has held talks with the studio, with whom he                                                                             the Metropolitan Transportation Author-            steven Curtis Chapman when he met his future wife nikki Hassman, a singer
already made the massively successful “Matrix” movies, for                                                                           ity.                                               with whom he has collaborated on writing songs. Before joining the creative
the part of Kaneda, the gang leader. Reeves doesn’t yet have       Nancy Shevell and Musician Paul McCartney attend                       she also is the vice president for            team of “Glee,” Anders co-wrote the Backstreet Boys’ 2000 hit “More Than
an offer for the role, but we hear the talks with his represen-    the ‘Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty’ Costume                    administration of new England Motor                That” and composed and produced tracks for Disney’s “Camp Rock,” “High
tatives have been going well. -Reuters                             Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on               Freight Inc., a new Jersey-based trucking          school Musical 3” and “Hannah Montana: The Movie.” -Reuters
                                                                   May 2, 2011 in New York City. (Reuters)                           company owned by her father. -AP

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