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									  By: Jill Harris
    6th Grade
Mrs. Thomas’ Class
Containing an estimated one million pieces of chewed
  gum, this is one of the world’s weirdest – and
  unhygienic – tourist attractions.

The Bubble Gum
Wall is in
Landing second place in a survey of the
  ‘World’s Germiest Attractions’, the 50
  foot long Pike Place Market wall in
  Seattle, USA, is covered from floor
  to ceiling in colorful gum.
Incredibly it has been built up by
  members of the public over 10 years.
It even inspired a scene in the
  Hollywood film, Love
  Happens, staring Jennifer
Beaten only by Ireland’s
  famous Blarney Stone,
  which visitors kiss, the
  Seattle local landmark has
  slowly accumulated pieces of
  chewed gum since 1999.
People just, while
  walking by this wall,
  will spit there gum
  out on the wall if
  they are tired of it.
People even sometimes
  make there own
  design with there
What movie did the Bubble Gum
Wall help inspire? Who was in
         that movie?
 Peace, Love, and Happiness; Charlie

   Love Happens; Jennifer Aniston

   P.S. I Love You; Hilary Swank

   Eat, Love, Pray; Julia Roberts
How long did it take to build
the Wall? Who helped on it?
      15 years; the public

      8 years; the public

      5 years; the public

      10 years; the public
What place did it land in the
survey of World’s Germiest
           2nd place

          3rd place

           4th place

           1st place
How tall is this wall?
      44 feet high

      33 feet high

      50 feet high

      66 feet high

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