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									                                                                      BORN TO BE
                                                                                 Spring ‘98

Board of
                        A Letter from ARC’s President
Nancy DeVries           To: All the supporters of the Animal Rehabilitators of the Carolinas,
1st Vice President:
                                It is hard to believe that Spring has arrived in the Carolinas. A Carolina
Bridget Allison
                        Wren has just finished building a nest in a wreath by my front door. A pair of
2nd Vice President:     Carolina Chickadees are busy zipping in and out of a nest box in my side yard.
Michele Chadwick        Baby squirrels are already coming in and it won't be long before we start receiv-
                        ing baby opposums and bunnies. Ready or not, here comes Spring.
                                Before it gets too busy, I want to thank all of you who so generously con-
Linda McPeak
                        tributed to ARC in the past year. Without your support, we could not purchase
                        the milk replacers and do the number of baby animals that we do. Each year the
Toni O’Neil             number of animals we receive increases as more and more people hear about
                        ARC. This makes your continued support and generosity all the more important.
We would like to
                                 Thank you once again, and enjoy the Spring.
take this opportu-
nity to again thank
the following peo-
ple/organizations              Sincerely,
for their donations.
Without your con-
tinued support
                               Nancy DeVries
ARC could not ex-
ist.                           Nancy DeVries
                               President of ARC
Bill Allen

Jill Blaede
Leverne Bojan
                         A LETTER FROM ARC’S NEW PRESIDENT                                      1
Edna Bowers              A CHIP OFF THE OLE BLOCK                                               2
                         CONTENTED CATS—SAFE WILDLIFE                                           3
Cadmus, Inc              4TH ANNUAL HIGHLAND CREEK RUN                                          4

                         YOPLAIT YOGURT CONTAINER TRAGEDIES                                     5
(continued next page)
                         WILDLIFE AS PETS? / ARC FINANCIAL REPORT                               6
Courtney Camp
                         WHAT IS ARC? / STATISTICS FOR 1997                                     7

                         ORDER FORM FOR NOTE CARDS, TEE SHIRTS, ETC                             8

                         WHO DO YOU TRUST?                                                      9
                                           ARC NEWSLETTER

                                            vorite spot was in the break room.          Freddie Canas
                                            (Isn't that everyone's favorite place at
                                            work)? Peanut butter would be the           Charlotte Jr. Woman's
                                            main course and the trap would be           League
                                            set after the store closed. He had
                                                                                        Dr. Carl Cornell
                                            been in the break room all day so the
                                            boy was pretty hungry and sometime          Paula Davis
                                            during the night the trap door closed
                                            behind him.                                 Barbara Dempsey
                                                     He was a juvenile and rather
                                            small for his age, possibly due to          Tom & Nancy DeVries
                                            poor nutrition…(he thought he was
A Chip off the Ole                          eating like a king). Jeffrey was
                                            moved far away from the traffic of a
                                                                                        Gary Eklund

                                                                                        Michelle Fabrize
Block                                       mall, into the country where some
                                            female chipmunks had previously             Frame,Frames,Frames
By Rebecca Russell
                                            been released. A rehabilitator was
                                                                                        Sheila Hanes
           He was used to the finest...     anxiously awaiting a male to release
Whitman’s, Russell Stover and yes…          with the others so that they might          Linda Hauser
Godiva. Living a life of luxury! Eating,    form a colony. Jeffrey had some
sleeping and drinking when he               problems becoming accustomed to a           James Hobbs

wanted to without a care in the world.      regular chipmunk diet but eventually
                                            he realized that his bon-bon days           Ed & Debby Hohman
That is until one day—"There's a
mouse in the store!" a customer             had come to an end...and maybe
                                                                                        Cindy Hutsell
screamed. "I beg your pardon...a            nuts and rodent block weren't so bad.
mouse? Rodent, yes… mouse, no!              After all, he now had girlfriends to        Jim & Pat Isaacs
I'm Jeffrey, and I’m a chipmunk if you      impress and a body to build.
please. I didn't get these stripes for               Jeffrey has been spotted and       Andrea Lambert

nothin’". Yes, “Jeffrey”, as the em-        is doing quite well away from the
                                                                                        Julie & Todd Layman
ployees called him, had taken up            lights of the city. Is Jeffrey a chip off
housekeeping in the store, coming           the old block… displaced by all the         Russell Lookadoo
and going as he pleased. The man-           development and construction? It is
ager and employees had fallen in            hard to say for sure, but one does          Mainline Hair Salon
love with him (hence the name Jef-          have to wonder. When the trees are
                                            cut and the asphalt is laid, where do       Jacquelin Magni
frey), but since the store was no
place for a chipmunk with a rather          the inhabitants go? Who is responsi-
                                                                                        Carolyn Martin
expensive appetite, it was time for         ble for their well being? The answer
Jeffrey to go!                              is you, me…us. It is important to re-       Theresa Moer
        Enter the ARC. Jeffrey just         member that they were here first and
happened to cross the path of an            have no voice...but you do! Ask de-         Jane McGregor

ARC member concerned for his well           velopers what happens to these ani-
                                            mals… what happens to their nests           Dr. Myra Preston
being, who wanted to insure that he
was humanely treated, caught and            and babies when they lose their
                                                                                        Frances Ryck
properly released. The manager was          homes? Show some concern… and
relieved for the help and receptive to      remember Jeffrey's story. You can           Joanne Schwenke
placing a live trap. Employees re-          make a difference.
                                                                                        Lynn Thomas
sponded with "You're not going to
hurt him are you"? They were used to
sharing their lunches with him, or let's                                                (continued next page)
just say they didn't mind him snatch-                                                   Girl Scout Troop # 241
ing a few things here and there.
                                                                                        Girl Scout Troop #431
        It was a cinch… Jeffrey’s fa-

                                               ARC NEWSLETTER

Sylvia & Jud Self
                           Contented Cats/Safe Wildlife
Kelly Williams             By Wendy Green

Woodberry Forest Gar-
den Club                            I’m a cat lover. There’s no more soothing sound
                           than the deep purr of a contented cat.
J. D. Wright                        So what is the common bond between Wendy, the cat lover, & Wendy, the wild-
                           life rehabilitator? BIRDS!
Also, thanks to the                 As a cat owner, I take the responsibility seriously. I have my cats vaccinated,
following for donations    neutered, spayed & I keep them confined.
of animal food and                  It is estimated that there are nearly 60 million cats in the US and more then half
caging items:              of them are outdoors. Some of these cats are household pets, but many are feral felines.
                           Do you know what that means to the bird population? Nearly four to five million (yes,
                           million) songbirds are killed every day by these outdoor cats.
                                    What can we, as cat owners and lovers, do to help the songbird population?
Tom Van Beek - 2
                                    1. Spay or neuter your cat.
playpens for birds
                                                Just check your county animal control statistics and they’ll prove to you
                                              that the over-population of cats (and dogs) is at an all-time high. Birds
Pat & Jim Isaacs - copy
paper for public news-
                                              are being sacrificed needlessly because of too may cats.
letter                              2. Keep your cat confined.
                                               If you think your cat must have a daily dose of the great outdoors, then
Dr. Myra Preston - use                        screen in a porch or build a run or outdoor cage. Cats do well in these
of copy machine for                           types of settings. I’ve tried both the porch and cage situations with great
Public Newsletter                             success.
                           Now, how about some helpful tips when you have no control of the neighborhood cats
Jim McHale/ Moun-          and you want to encourage birds to your yard.
tain Island Lake True               1. Provide escape cover such as dense thorny shrubbery or brush around
Value Hardware - Dog                      feeding areas and birdbaths. Be sure to keep the ground area clear though
food                                      so cats can’t hide. What you’re trying to do is give the birds a place where
                                          they can fly to safety.
Dr Russell Breckwoldt               2. Erect a 2-foot tall chicken wire “basket” around the feeding station.
– various Sterile Fluids            3. Use a hanging birdbath instead of one located on the ground. Again be sure
                                          there are many small branches nearby so birds have a safe location in
Bill Charlesworth-                        which to finish drying.
cage building                       4. Erect a wooden privacy fence around your birding area. Many cats aren’t
                                          comfortable going into a strange confined area.
Jackie Ratcliffe -                  5. The best thing you can do is educate your cat owning friends and neighbors
aquariums, cages and
                                          to the devastation cats are having on America’s birds & wildlife.
assorted items
                           Wendy comes to us from the cold of Logan, OH
                           and has been rehabilitating Opossums and song-
Mr. Walker - 2 small       birds with Hocking Valley Wildlife Center for the
cages                      last 3 years. She and her family have moved to
                           the Kings Mountain area and will join ARC in pro-
                           tecting & raising our local Wildlife.
Quality Maps, Inc -
laminated maps for
under cages
                           For some people, “Getting Involved” could be
                           as simple as writing a check. If you want to
                           help care for wildlife but do not have the time
                           to rehab, please consider that ARC is a non-
                           profit organization that receives no Federal,
                           State, City or County funding. It is manned
                           entirely by volunteers. All contributions are
                           tax deductible.

                                           ARC NEWSLETTER

4thAnnual Highland Creek 1 Mile Classic Run               Highland Creek, and co-worker of Jeff’s) for think-
Benefits ARC                                              ing of ARC when planning this event. This money
by Michele Chadwick
                                                          will be used for supplies to care for area or-
                                                          phaned, injured, & sick wildlife.
  The Hot Chili Running Club of Charlotte spon-
sored the following races in the Highland Creek
neighborhood on October 5: Tot Trot, Youth 1-Mile
Race, and a 5K Race. The 5K course went
through the neighborhood, starting and ending at
one of the swimming pool areas. ARC members
Jeff & Michele Chadwick, Kim Phillips, and volun-
teer, Myra Preston assisted with water stations,
and directions on the course. An ARC display
was set up for viewing, and brochures were of-
fered to all interested in our cause.
 During the awards ceremony that followed the
races, a check was presented to Jeff and Michele
Chadwick for The ARC. This check was a portion
of the registration fees from the participating run-
ners. After the race and ceremony, all were in-
vited to stay for music in the park.
  Our thanks to The Hot Chili Running Club for
donating a portion of their proceeds - $150.00 - to
ARC. And thanks to Tammy Hovik (the president
of the Hot Chile Running Club and race director of Michele and Jeff Chadwick receiving check fromTammy Hovik.
The 1 Mile Classic Run and Hot Chile 5K race in

                                             ARC Wish List

       Airline type pet kennels - all sizes         Aquariums - not necessarily water tight Clorox,
anti-bacterial soaps                 Printing supplies
       Hermit crab plastic containers - (crab boxes) Side cage mount hanging water bottles
       Weighted feeding bowls                               Cloth baby diapers
       Flannel receiving blankets                           Stainless steel pots and pans
       Treated lumber                                       Chain-link dog runs
       Heating pads - must function on low                  Kitten/puppy chow
       Tegaderm (a type of bandage)                         Unscented cat litter (clay)
       1/4” x 1/4”, or 1/2” x 1/2”, or 1” x 1/2” or 1” x 2” welded wire (hardware cloth)

“Behold, my brothers, the spring has come; The earth has received the embraces of the sun and we
 shall soon see the results of that love! Every seed has awakened and so has all animal life. It is
 through this mysterious power that we too have our being and we therefore yield to our neighbors,
           even our animal neighbors, the same right as ourselves, to inhabit this land.”
                                           ~Sitting Bull

Yoplait Containers a Problem (Animal Protection Institute)

The letter below explains the problem encountered because of the shape of Yoplait containers. Not only
is this affecting wildlife, but kittens & puppies are being found which are having this same problem. It is
hard to imagine a worse death than suffocation or starvation.
What you can do to help this situation:
         1. Rinse & cut down the sides before tossing the containers
         2. Write, call or e-mail a copy of the letter
Fax 612 540-4925, Phone 1 800 967-5248, Email


Mr. Steve Sanger
General Mills Incorporated
P.O. Box 1113
Minneapolis, MN 55440

Dear Mr. Sanger,

I am writing to convey what many wildlife advocates and rehabilitation or-
ganizations see as a serious problem with the shape of your Yoplait yogurt containers.
Many animal control officers and wildlife rehabilitators have expressed concern regarding Yoplait yogurt
container’s impact on wildlife. The current design of Yoplait containers, with its narrow top and wide bot-
tom, is such that certain species of wildlife have been found to get their heads stuck in the container and
are suffocating to death as a result. This appears to happen primarily with juvenile skunks and raccoons
and ostensibly as a result of these animals attempting to retrieve any uneaten yogurt at the bottom of
the container. For some reason this problem is only occurring with Yoplait yogurt containers. Clearly the
shape of the containers is such that it makes it impossible for a juvenile wild animal to remove its head
before suffocating to death.
One animal control officer in California in a recent letter to the Animal Protection Institute wrote, “I have
worked in dispatch communications for animal control since 1992, and have had numerous calls from
citizens of young wildlife getting their heads stuck inside Yoplait containers since they are so narrow at
the top. These are the only containers we have found causing problems. Last week, we had three juve-
nile skunks that officers had to rescue. It is quite a tug to get the container off; many have suffocated this
way. We have seen as many as 5 in one week in the San Mateo County California area. Our previous
Captain had written to Yoplait years ago, but nothing was changed.”
When a staff member at the Animal Protection Institute recently contacted your company, she was told
that your company is aware of the problem and has “known about the problem for years” but has re-
fused to do anything about it.
I urge you, as President of General Mills, to take this issue seriously and to respond to the public’s con-
cerns with concrete action. A slight change in the Yoplait container design could easily rectify this prob-
lem without jeopardizing the brand recognition of the product. As a national corporation, General Mills
has a responsibility to respond to the public’s concerns about the safety and environmental impacts of
your products. Please ensure that this problem is addressed as soon as possible.
Thank you for taking my concern into consideration. I look forward to receiving a response from you
about this important issue.

Health Risks Associated with                                animal for a pet, ask yourself these questions:
Wildlife as Pets                                                   1. Is what I am doing legal?
TDPH, Jan, 1987                                                    2. Am I willing to risk the health, and pos-
                                                                       sibly the life, of my family and myself?
Facts you should know to protect your family.                      3. Am I willing to risk destroying the ani-
Many people have contact with wild animals and                         mal?
especially if the animals are young, are tempted to                4. Am I willing to change my lifestyle to
take them home as pets. Baby animals are often                         conform to the animal’s natural and
cute, cuddly and responsive to attention. The                          unalterable behavior?
temptation to remove them from their natural envi-          If you cannot truthfully answer “YES” to each
ronment can be very strong, but before you try to           question, do not attempt to keep a wild animal as
make a pet out of a wild animal, please consider            a pet.
the following:
    ♦ Most wild animals will not live very long in          Financial Summary Report
         our normal household surroundings. Baby            1/1/97 – 12/31/97
         animals that do survive will undergo a dras-       Category Description
         tic behavioral change, as they become              INCOME
                                                            96Dues                         20.00
         adults. They often become very aggressive
                                                            97Dues                       1400.00
         and continually try to escape back to the          Adoptions                     720.00
         out-of-door. A tailor-made pet does not re-        Associate dues                 35.00
         sult from declawing, de-scenting, neutering        Donations                    3572.58
         or removing fangs from a wild animal. In           Fairs-Festivals               353.00
         addition, attempting to return such animals        Manual                        675.00
         to the wild when their behavior becomes            Note Card Sales               111.00
         intolerable is actually a death sentence.          Refund (Discovery)             25.71
                                                            T-shirt Sales                 322.00
    ♦ The dietary requirements of most wild ani-
                                                            TOTAL INCOME                 7234.29
         mals are different from domestic pets. An
         improper diet can result in serious nutri-         EXPENSES
         tional deficiencies such as rickets, and           Copier Repair                   68.69
         other crippling conditions.                        Dues, Associate refund          15.00
    ♦ Most wild animals are normally most active            Gifts                          105.89
         at night. This perfectly normal behavior can       Medical:
         be very disruptive to persons trying to             Raccoon Vaccine              400.50
                                                             Medicine                     841.50
         sleep and attempts to change it may be
                                                            Total Medicine               1242.00
         very frustrating to the animal itself.             Medical – Other               592.12
    ♦ Even healthy looking wild animals can                 TOTAL MEDICAL                1834.12
         carry many diseases that affect people.
         Rabies is one such disease and others in-          Milk Replacers               2495.45
         clude leptospirosis, tularemia, and plague.        PO Box Rental                  58.00
         Preventive vaccines against these dis-             Postage                       535.98
         eases are not approved for use in wildlife.        Print-Supplies                265.51
                                                            Printing                      124.47
    ♦ Most wild animals are protected by various            Rental-Classes                 40.00
         federal and state laws and permission from         Social                          7.21
         the proper authorities must be obtained            Supplies                        1.92
         before keeping a wild animal.                      Telephone                     654.51

                                                            TOTAL EXPENSES               6206.73

                                                            TOTAL INCOME/EXPENSES    +1027.56
                                                            January 1998 order
                                                            placed for milk replacers $1200.00
      W h e n                         you    are
tempted to take                       home a wild

What is ARC ?                                              —but EOA's (Euthanized on Arrival) and E's
Care of the injured, orphaned, and displaced native        (Euthanized) both doubled - due to severity of in-
                                                           juries and increase in number of critical animals
wildlife of North and South Carolina, and the re-
                                                           coming in - due to increase in publicity of getting
lease of rehabilitated animals back into suitable          ARC's name and number out to the public. So
natural habitats is the objective of ARC, a non            more animals were brought in to us before they
profit volunteer organization. Our group services          had a chance to die.
all of Mecklenburg, Union, Gaston, York , Lan-
caster (ADD OTHER COUNTIES) and surround-                  Number of releases: 788 (up 44% from last
ing counties and is free of charge.                        year)
ARC volunteers are located throughout these
counties to provide emergency first aid, long term         Public Education Statistics
treatment, and veterinary care if needed. Experi-          By Bridget Allison
                                                           ARC held 31 educational programs and lectures in
enced volunteers offer rehabilitative physical ther-
                                                           1997 for 651 children/adults and reached an addi-
apy and proper rearing of wildlife orphans.                tional 1500 individuals through Fairs/Festivals.
Each year ARC gives a second chance to over                Our programs are offered to the community free of
2,000 wild creatures. All types of wild mammals,           charge. This allows ARC to educate the public on
as well as birds, can be helped by ARC. We will            helping our native wildlife. To arrange a presenta-
refer problems with domestic animals to the proper         tion by an ARC speaker please call our Hot-Line
agency. ARC volunteers will answer questions               and leave a message for our director of educa-
about native wildlife. Our phone lines are staffed         tional programs-Bridget Allison, or our Fairs/
daily. Classes are available to anyone interested in       Festivals Co-ordinator-Linda McPeak (704) 552-
being a qualified rehabilitator.                           2329.

Statistics for 1997
Telephone statistics:
Number of people educated thru ARC message:
Number of people helped/questions answered:                “All things that have breath: guard
2,896 (26.6% of the calls required action from
hotline staff)                                             them from all evil and let them
Animal statistics:
                                                           sleep in peace.”
Squirrels - 436 - 76% released                             Albert Schweitzer(1875-1965)
Chipmunks - 21 - 53% released
Rabbits - 363 - 56% released                               The famous physician-musician-missionary
Flying squirrels - 35 -74% released                        Albert Schweitzer once explained A Prayer for
Opossum - 137 - 75% released                               All Living Creatures by saying, “It was quite
Raccoon - 42 - 92% released                                incomprehensible to me – this was before I
Fox - 4 - 100% released                                    began going to school – why in my evening
Mice - 5 - 60% released                                    prayers I should pray for human beings only.
Deer - 7 - 100% transferred                                So when my mother had prayed with me and
Bat - 12 - 73% released
                                                           had kissed me good night, I used to add si-
Turtle - 22 - 73% released
Misc. - 8 -                                                lently a prayer that I had composed myself for
Birds - 186 - 69% released                                 all living creatures.”

Total animals: 1,287 (up 26% from 1996)                                         *********

Release rate: 61% (same as 1996, 62%)

DOA's and Died in Care (DIC's): (same)

Wildlife Note Cards                                            ARC T-shirts
                                                               Available in blue,
         Wanda Burton, active                                  gray or off white.
rehabilitator and starving artist,
has just completed the “pencil                                 Sizes medium,
art” for the front of the note                                 large or extra large.
cards you see pictured here.
These are her original drawings.                               (See order form
(Actual note cards are in full                                 below).
color). The back of each 4x5 ½ “
card has many interesting facts
                            the animal pictured on the         ADOPT-AN-ANIMAL CERTIFICATES
                            front. The inside is blank for
                            a personalized note.                         (Suitable for framing)

                                                                          Certificate of Adoption

        The cards may be
ordered from ARC in sets of 8 (2 of each picture with
envelopes included) by simply filling out the order
                          form on this page and mail-                    On the              day of               1997
                          ing it with a check or money
                          order to the address indi-
                          cated.                                                  has participated in the
                                                                  ANIMAL REHABILITATORS OF THE CAROLINAS
                                                                         ADOPT-AN-ANIMAL PROGRAM
                              All proceeds from the sale of                 By Sponsoring an Eastern Cottontail
                              the cards goes to support the
                              care of sick, injured or or-

Please send me the following items:                               Please make checks payable to: ARC

_____Set(s) of Note Cards @ $5.00/set          ______
                                                                  Send order to: ARC
_____ARC Tee-shirt(s) --- @ $14.00 ea. ______                                    PO Box 10236
                                                                                 Charlotte, NC 28212
Indicate size:     M      L     XL

Indicate color: Blue      Gray       Off-white                    Your Name & Address:
                                     Shipping.... $3.00
                                     Total....... ______

 _____Adopt-an-Animal Certificate/s                               City, State, ZIP________________________
                     @$25.00 ea. ______
 Species___________________ (no shipping charge)


 This photo was taken at one of the many meetings held each year to train and update our members on
 new procedures in wildlife care. You may have spoken with one of these ARC members on the phone or
 met them in a secluded parking lot (to deliver an animal). [Not all members were present when this pic-
 ture was taken].

       The ARC members pictured above are on patrol —- ready to respond to
                             any emergency.
      Pictured from left to right in bottom row: Bridget Allison, Pat Isaacs, Monty Stewart,
Sheri Webb, Linda McPeak, Cheryl Dennehey, Melissa Lefler, Debby Wier, Sue Heritage.
      Standing in back row: Toni O’Neil, Bob Midwinter, Vickie Julian, Karen Miller, Patrick
Belding, Bill Allen, Nancy Devries, Sandra Pelletier, Joe Donahue, Kim Phillips, Bill Wier, Wanda
Burton, Lessie Davis, Mrs. Kraft.

  “Those who wish to pet and baby wildlife love them,
   but those who respect their natures and wish to let
     them live their natural lives, love them more.”
                                          ~Edwin Way Teal~

Animal Rehabilitators
of the Carolinas
P.O. Box 10236
Charlotte, NC 28212
(704) 552-2329


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