A Knight on Horseback by P-IreadiwritePublis


Violet Ellison is a woman who seemingly has it all—three adorable kids, a handsome, but distant husband and a home in a good neighborhood. But her life is falling apart: she's burning the candle at both ends to look after her family, finish a history degree and working a full-time job to keep the bill collectors at bay. The morning she finds a chess piece on the sidewalk, a knight on horseback, things start to change. While not one for fairy tales, Violet's life takes a Cinderella turn and in finding the perfect dress for a society event, she runs into the perfect man—the crush she's had since her teens. A family friend who reminds her of everything she's been trying to forget suddenly returns, and Violet has some difficult decisions before her. When it all comes crashing down, she realizes that she really didn't need a knight in shining armor—just some time and space to figure things out, and maybe some sleep.

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