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                                                                   Declaring Destiny since 1995
Volume 3, Issue 3                                                                                                                            Wednesday, July 27, 2011

                                                    CHALLENGING SPORTS
                                                                              Erika Wells

Students milled around in their team’s respective parking spaces, talking and          most difficult thing for everyone was trying to “step at the same time, especial-
introducing themselves to their team mates for SSI’s sports challenge. Zak             ly when they’re not the same height.”
Weston, an ADC, pulled out a megaphone and called out the announcements
and instructions. All the students left the parking lot, then, on their way to their
                                                                                  Volleyball is another game often played at SSI, and little to no instruction was
first station. There were five games in the SSI sports challenge, 2011, and       required for this game. The students got in their positions and began, calling
you’ll hear a little about each one.                                              out when they thought they had it and rotating at the appropriate times. A few
                                                                                  students made complaints about the surface of the Volleyball court, the grass
One of the sports which people played yesterday was Ultimate Frisbee. After being very dry and rather worn down, but it seems that the teens enjoyed the
the instructions had been gone over, each team spread out on the field and be- game anyway. The Elm Party held a sign for their candidate, calling out for
gan to play. Teenagers ran around, yelling directions, throwing, catching and people to vote.
enjoying the game. A member of the Maple Party stood on the sidelines, hold-
ing a sign and watching the game. Ultimate Frisbee is a favorite of many SSI Basketball is always a favorite sport at SSI, and this week wasn’t any different.
students, and is played during free time, as well as the Sports challenge.        After a little warm up, the game began and students ran and dribbled across the
                                                                                  court. This year, basketball was hosted in the Doty Center, which offered the
Unlike Ultimate Frisbee, the Ultimate Relay was unfamiliar to all the students. perks of air conditioning and a nicer court. A devoted Willow Party member
It looked confusing and difficult. When interviewed just after participating, applauded from the sidelines and held up a neon sign.
however, Katie O’Connor was able to say a little about it, thankfully. She told
me that “The most interesting part was trying to hold a Frisbee with my fore- Sports, however, was not the only fun occurrence at the Sports Challenge. The
arms and my teammate’s,” and that their strategy for retrieving the beach ball Morphman appeared during the sports challenged, and took part in one of the
was to pinch the sheet between their arms. It seems that this game required teams. When an interview was requested, he responded “Morph-interview?
quite an amount of ingenuity!                                                     Morph-yes!” However, he was pulled away by ADC Zak Weston to return to
                                                                                  the sports challenge before the interview could take place. Most unfortunate.
The Water Relay, like the Ultimate Relay, was also new this year. Students Perhaps he will appear later in the week and there will be another chance for
were required to pair up, tie one of their ankles to their partner’s ankle, and an interview.
compete in the three legged relay. Each student filled up a small paper cup
with cold water, and held it over their heads as they ran, the water sloshing and The chaperones, ADCs and staff were working hard this afternoon, and the
dripping out from the top and the hole in the bottom of the cup. Once the part- water ladies were not forgotten. Charity Malick, always in good spirits, said
ners reached the far end of the relay, they emptied the remaining water in their that the students “have been doing well and drinking much water.” She was
team’s bucket and ran back, still tied together. Brandon Lindsay said that the
                                                                                  pleased, apparently. It was a successful Sports Day.

                                                              BEAUTIFUL FEET
                                                                            Hannah Hackel

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet                                                                              Harold Voorhees is the youngest of 5 chil-
of those who bring good news.”                                                                                            dren in his family, 1 brother and 3 sisters, of
                                                                                                                          whom he says, “My older sisters were sure-
The context of Mr. Harold Voorhees’ talk on                                                                               ly goodness and no mercy!” Mr. Voorhees
Tuesday Night, based on Isaiah 52:7, fo-                                                                                  has been married to his wife, Joann for 53
cused on what God has in store for your feet.                                                                             years. They have 5 children of their own, as
He began with, “Tonight I would like to talk                                                                              well as 8 grandsons and 4 granddaughters.
about feet,” and told the students that “God                                                                              Mr. Voorhees has been involved personally
speaks more about feet than any other ap-                                                                                 in 11 Campaigns and in 16 with his wife.
pendage,” in His word. He followed by tell-                                                                               His family also owns the cookie business,
ing the students about his own shoes, his $8                                                                              Cookies Unique, which supply several Mei-
shoes that are rather unique. His shoes have                                                                              jers stores with their cookies, crackers, and
traveled door to door in a dozen Campaigns,                                                                               other similar snacks.
have been to the Orient, walked the Great
Wall in China, and went to India, as well as                                                                               As an ending to his talk, Mr. Voorhees
several other adventures. He also showed an                                                                                asked all the students to come forward from
example of the shoes of his friend, Chris                                                                         their seats and place all of their shoes in a large pile
Kamen, a basketball player with large shoes, and           dents several stories, including the story of his
                                                           grandson Timothy, who has been unable to see,          at the front. Mr. Voorhees then prayed over all the
contrasted them with the shoes of his first grand-
daughter, who has little white sandals. The exam-          walk, or speak since infancy. As well as this, he      shoes, and following his prayer there came several
ple showed that God has planned purposes for the           told a story written by his granddaughter Tracie       from many different students, praying over the
feet of all of His children, the big and the little, the   about her friendship with a girl Emily, and how        shoes and the feet of each person in the room, and
old and the young. Mr. Voorhees also told the stu-         Tracie dealt with the untimely death of her friend.    that God would always direct their steps.
         DEAR MR. SMITH                                                               THE GAME IS OVER
                                                                                    Continued From Yesterday
Dear Mr. Smith,                                                                               Melody Anne DeMerell
I’m a representative, and I’ve noticed the pool
table in the Student Mall. I’d love to play, but     While things with the campaign track were quite
there always seem to be other students monopo-       wild yesterday, today things seemed to have             While the campaign track is starting to calm down
lizing the table! What should I do?                  cooled down. There always seems to be more en-          and be less animated about their campaigning - for
Sincerely,                                           thusiasm on Monday than on any other day during         now - other students on campus are just now start-
          Potential Pool Professional                the week at SSI, so it is not surprising that the       ing to pick up some speed. Things are getting ex-
                                                     campaign students have mellowed somewhat to-            citing for those students who are readying them-
Dear Potential,                                      day. This is not to say they are no longer working      selves for the press conferences on Wednesday.
I feel your pain. Once, I was a young, helpless      their campaigns, this is simply to say there is not     For some the nerves are high and thus the energy
representative wishing that I could participate in   the same extreme amount of vivacity as there was        level is increasing.
the wonderful games that were being played dur-      yesterday.
ing free time. But they were always being domi-                                                              “I can feel the energy rising,” said an anonymous
nated by someone else! I stood back and watched      Campaign is a very demanding track; therefore, it       student about the forthcoming events. This energy
and occasionally cried in the corner, but one day,   is understandable that the campaign students can-       is the feeling that students all around campus are
it was time. I decided I would no longer sit back    not keep up this crazy and enthusiastic energy for      beginning to understand what they are doing and
and watch as others had fun. I took a stand. I       the whole week. However, after talking to some of       are getting into life here on campus.
stood up to those pool players and I opened my       campaign students it was revealed that there are
mouth to tell them just what I thought of them…      some very extreme plans being laid out for later in     However, not everyone is feeling excited about the
and then I closed my mouth. I turned away as         the week. The campaign track may be slightly mel-       upcoming events. With the press conferences on
inconspicuously as possible and slunk back to my     low today but they are not going to go away any         Wednesday and the final debates on Friday quickly
corner. Maybe next year, Potential.                  time soon. So eyes and ears should be kept open in      approaching students are beginning to obtain ex-
                                                     anticipation of the upcoming campaigning events.        treme nerves.
Dear Mr. Smith,
I can’t sleep in my dorm because of the heat. No                     SENATE REVIEW: JUSTICE COMMITTEE
one in my room brought a fan, and we’re broiling                                                   Colton Wesley
in there! Please help.
Sincerely,                                           A pair of controversial bills is being discussed by     compensated.”
          Sleepless at SSI                           the members of the Senate Justice committee this
                                                     week, measures which have inspired much debate.         On the other side of the aisle, the Red party mem-
Dear Sleepless,                                      On Tuesday, work commenced in the Justice Com-          bers are seeking passage of SB #4091, legislation
I’ve heard of the sad lack of air conditioning in    mittee on SB #4044, a measure to remove FDA             to Prevent Bullying. “18% of kids in school claim
the GLCC dorms; many students seem to have the       Drug Immunity. Committee member Justin Jones            to have been bullied at some time,” says Jeff
same complaints. You all seem to be used to the      (Blue) says that the current FDA state of immunity      Christensen (Red), “and sometimes these cases
comforts of home. Back in my day, we didn’t          to consumer lawsuits is “simply not right”. “Right      lead to bad grades, depression, and even suicide in
have air conditioning and the only fan was manu-     now,” he claims, “a manufacturer whose drug is          extreme cases.”
ally operated. Since I’m supposed to be giving       endorsed by the FDA cannot be sued despite of a
advice, though, here are a few options for cooling   defect in the drug itself, because their drug has       Surprisingly enough, the Blue members of the par-
down in the dorms. First off, you could make a       been approved despite the defect.”                      ty are quite in agreement. “We are obviously not
paper fan and hope that the constant motion of                                                               going to oppose a measure to stop bullying,” he
your hand lulls you to sleep. Second, tie a bunch    Red Party members of the committee, however,            says, “we would just like more clarity and specif-
of water balloons to the ceiling, and whenever       are not so sure. “Consumers adversely affected by       ics in the language of the bill itself, which we will
you’re feeling hot, throw a dart at the water bal-   these drugs are, in fact, allowed to sue the manu-      attempt to accomplish through amendments.”
loons, and enjoy the refreshment. Last, if you set   facturer under specific circumstances, specifically,    The bottom line, says Christensen, is just safety for
all this up you’ll soon be too tired to stay awake   when a drug has caused serious injury or illness,”      kids. “We just want to make school safe, and make
any longer. Happy Sleeping.                          says committee member Angelo Idoni (Red).               or children safer.”
                                                     Currently, Red committee members are pushing
*Mr. Smith does not endorse following his own        for an amendment to this piece of legislation that
advice. It may result in unwanted consequences.      would “create a mandatory test period for manu-
                                                     facturers before selling the drug,” says Paul
Got a question? Submit it to Room 104, Media         Thompson (Red).”
Central, or email it to
                                                     Blue Party members remain nonplussed and con-
                                                     tinue to push for this bill’s passage, which they
                                                     believe will reflect the voice of the people. “We
    ATTENTION RUNNERS!                               represent the people,” says Jones, “so if someone
                                                     is hurt by these bad drugs, they can be [legally]
There will be a group run every morning at 6:00
a.m. Both guys and girls are welcome. Girls, meet                    SENATE REVIEW: LIBERTY COMMITTEE
in the lobby on the second floor of the dorms.                                                     Sally Erickson
Guys, if you want to join, you can meet the girls
                                                     The race is on. Liberty Red and Liberty Blue pre-       confident that they will pass and will save lives.
at the pond. Bring your running shoes and be         pare to defend their bills on Friday, both convinced    The Liberty Red Committee is working hard to
ready to have fun!                                   that their bill will pass. It was made clear in each    pass a bill entitled ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’
                                                     party’s interview that both sides have valid points     which, according to Senator Michael Carroll,
                                                     and have high hopes that their bill will pass; none-    would require doctors to clearly inform pregnant
                                                     theless, not everyone will triumph.                     women about their options, and the effect of any
                                                                                                             procedure . Also, according to Senator Michael
                                                     Liberty Blue has a lot of confidence that their bill    Carroll, “It very well may stop many abortions,”
                                                     will pass, which in was clearly communicated            and, “It would keep woman more informed.” Sen-
                                                     through Trey Curtin and Katie O’Conner, named           ator Katie O’Conner, from the opposing side, be-
                                                     as the committees fearless leaders Katie O’Con-         lieves that this bill, “Violates the constitution and
                                                     ner explained the purpose of their bill as, “to re-     if we violate our constitution we are going against
                                                     move restrictions from hand guns at government          what our country stands for.” The committee has
                                                     run institutions”. The Liberty Blue committee           found their bill confusing and difficult to under-
                                                     believes that this will give students the right to      stand; however, they continue to work diligently to
                                                     better protect themselves, which is, according to       overcome problems and form amendments. When
                                                     them, is, “in accordance with the constitution.”        asked if they felt ready for Friday, Senator Carolyn
                                                     The committee hopes that by passing this bill it        Hubel answered, “Yeah, we’re getting there.”
                                                     will give everyone the ability to defend them-
                                                     selves. Granted, a student will still not be allowed    The two committee groups both had very valid
                                                     to carry a gun unless legally approved. However,        points and seemed to know their bills well. It
                                                     as the committee readily admitted, the general out-     seemed the Liberty Blue committee had more con-
                                                     look on students carrying handguns is looked
                                                                                                             fidence and were able to speak easily about their
                                                     down on. What do you think? Should we be given
                                                     the right to defend ourselves, or will this bill cost   bill with poise. The Liberty Red Committee was
                                                     us more money and create additional problems? In        very studious and quiet. Despite these differences
                                                     opposition to this bill, Liberty Red committee sen-     it will clearly be a tough race.
                                                     ator Michael Carroll said, “more bullets, most of
                                                     the time, does not help any situation.” Despite op-
                                                     position like this, The Liberty Blue Committee is
     LETTERS TO THE EDITOR                                                    YOUR CANDIDATES AND THE ISSUES
                                                                                                         Ceci Theuerkorn
Dear Editor,
                                                             Yesterday, as the legislators were gearing up for     that the bridge should be built.
I am writing today to express my whole-hearted support       their press conferences today, the campaign
for Dr. Epaphroditus in his bid for governor.                track was busy at work presenting their candi-        The next press conference was Elm’s. They are
                                                             dates’ platforms to the press. As the conferences     running on the issues of repealing Universal
I am confident that with him in office, we can finally       continued throughout the day, a number of im-         Healthcare, implementing the Right to Work,
turn around the direction that the state is going in by      portant pieces of information were revealed as        and cutting income and property taxes in order
revamping the budget and reclaiming personal liberties       to where each of the candidates stands on the         to budget in a more effective way. Their candi-
that Obamacare has taken from us. Dr. Epaphroditus           issues.                                               date, Clarence Fitzgerald, was one of the attor-
stands for fighting against Obamacare and strengthening                                                            ney generals who signed the petition to sue
our economy through decreased taxes.                         The first committee interviewed was the Maple         against the constitutionality of Universal
                                                             Party. The platform on which their candidate,         Healthcare. All three campaigns were opposed
I encourage everyone else to vote with me for Dr. Epa-       Pingree S. Hazen, is running is that of freedom       to Universal Healthcare, but had different ways
phroditus this Thursday. Your vote will be for much          in education and of building a bridge to Canada.      of going about getting rid of it. Right to Work is
more than one man; it will be a vote for a better            He believes that a voucher system should be           a movement that would eliminate the require-
healthcare system for us and our families, more job op-      implemented so that those who send their chil-        ment for workers to enter into a Union. Maple
portunities, and lower taxes. With Epaphroditus, there       dren to private schools or who homeschool will        agreed with Elm’s stance on this issue.
will be more doctors here in Michigan resulting in a         be able to get a tax deduction so they will not
healthier, more vibrant future.                              need to pay for a school where their kids are not     Finally, Willow’s conference took place. Their
                                                             going. According to Mary Ellen Jeffries of the        main issues are those of Universal healthcare
Dr. Epaphroditus is prescribing the cure that Michigan       Maple Party, “Education is the foundation to our      and the budget. Their candidate, Dr. Epaphrodi-
needs.                                                       whole society. Better education means better          tus Ransom, believes that this is bankrupting
                                                             jobs and a better economy.”                           various healthcare facilities and driving doctors
Sincerely,                                                                                                         out of Michigan. In order to solve this problem,
Simon Matteson (Justice Red)                                 When the other parties were asked about this          he plans to implement a waiver that would pre-
                                                             issue, very different answers were given. The         vent Universal Healthcare from applying to
                                                             Elm party said that they do not support the idea      Michigan. He also wishes to make state employ-
Dear Editor,                                                 of vouchers, as there would probably be strings       ees pay the same amount of money as federal
                                                             attached to the money that would give the gov-        employees for healthcare.
As we all know very well, there has been quite a com-        ernment an opportunity to get their hands on
motion going on over the campaign and the people run-        more of our education. The Willow Party had no        The last main issue that has been discussed in
ning. I was rather appalled to find that, when I talked to   stance on the issue at this time. Maple’s other       detail is abortion. All the campaigns are pro-life;
quite a few people, they were basing their votes on          platform issue was building a bridge to Canada.       however, they go about this in different ways.
“catchy slogans” or “handsome candidates”. I really          They believe that this will open up more trade        Fitzgerald claims to be pro-life in everything,
thought that the people here would maybe have a good         routes and increase Michigan’s economy. Ac-           including abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide.
reason for voting for these candidates. We should all        cording to Maple, this will be paid for by private    Ransom supports allowing local communities
know that we should base our voting on the candidate’s       investors and the Canadian government, suppos-        the right to choose to ban abortion clinics from
deeds and strengths. And that is exactly why I am voting     edly not costing Michigan taxpayers anything.         their communities, to ban partial birth abortion
for Clarence Fitzgerald of Elm Party.                        In response to this, Willow believes that it is not   from the state, and to regulate zoning for abor-
                                                             Michigan’s job to build this bridge, and that the     tion clinics. Hazen believes that the way to
Not only is the candidate with the most experience in the    bridge would be built on unsteady ground, pos-        begin a pro-life effort is to require ultrasounds
field of leadership and public service, but he is also the   sibly causing a collapse. However, Elm agrees           to be shown at all abortion clinics.
only one who has fought to defend our freedoms in our
military (the Marines, to be exact). His ideas for what he                                                          As you can see, the candidates and their issues
will do in office are the most promising. Therefore, my                                                             vary greatly. You are encouraged to talk to
vote will go to the candidate who has spent all his life
                                                                                                                    each of the committees today and tomorrow
serving people instead of coming up with catchy
phrases. My vote will go to Clarence Fitzgerald of Elm                                                              and find out more about their issues. As the
Party.                                                                                                              debates
Sincerely,                                                                                                          tonight and
Ellen Miller (Lincoln Blue)                                                                                         elections
                                                                                                                    take place
Dear Editor,                                                                                                        tomorrow,
                                                                                                                   make sure
I just wanted to point out that the whole “Hazen is                                                                that     you
Amazin’” at every meal, in my face, gets veery annoy-                                                              stay       in-
ing. The other parties get the point across without being                                                          formed and
so aggressive, and their way of advertising is so much                                                             make         a
Thanks,                                                                                                            educated
Abi Pipper (Madison Blue)                                                                                          decision!

                                                     CAMPAIGN PRESS RELEASES
Epaphroditus Ransom: “Michigan Man Committed to Curing our State”                  Clarence Fitzgerald: “Why is Fitzgerald the Best Man for Michigan?”

The campaign staff of Dr. Epaphroditus Ransom is looking forward to seeing         Yesterday you all read the announcements of the three candidates running for
you at the upcoming debate on Wednesday evening. A lot of the voters have          governor. Today you will see why Clarence Fitzgerald is the best man for a
expressed to us their desire to hear an open discussion of the issues between      better Michigan.
the candidates before pledging support and we appreciate the opportunity to
discuss our platform of fighting ObamaCare and fixing budgetary problems in        Clarence Fitzgerald is the current Attorney General, serving hi s second term.
more detail during the debate.                                                     People were so positively affected by his leadership that they voted him back!
                                                                                   He has also been in the army, serving in the Marine Corps for three years,
We would also like to thank everyone who attended the card tournament fund-        which developed his sense of discipline, leadership, and determination to
raiser, and for giving us your support. If you have not spoken with any of us,     serve his country. Then he was elected President of Western Michigan Uni-
we would gladly speak with on the issues that YOU are concerned about. Feel        versity and within two years he completely turned them around for the better.
free to stop by Willow campaign headquarters, room 107 next to the SSI of-         This proves that he has a “Can do, will do” attitude and works really hard to
fice, and ask us any questions you may have. Your support, contributions,          improve life for the people of Michigan. Between all of these huge yet suc-
time, and attention are sincerely appreciated.                                     cessful commitments, he has been working for the prosecution offices in two
                                                                                   different counties.
Let’s continue working together to elect Dr. Epaphroditus Ransom for gover-
nor!                                                                               When you combine all of these leadership skills with the issues that Attorney
                                                                                   General Fitzgerald intends to solve, what you’ve got there is a stick of dyna-
                                                                                   mite just waiting to blow all of the problems away! Attorney General Fitzger-
                                                                                   ald is simply the best man for a better Michigan. Support the people of Mich-
                                                                                   igan this Thursday by voting for Clarence Fitzgerald.
                               FUTURE LEADERS                                                            MEDIA: A CHANCE TO SPEAK
                                         Hannah Hackel                                                                      Sally Erickson

Perhaps the adrenaline of the week has far outrun the few hours of peace and ‘free time’ that
has been given to you. Friday (or today for you Campaign students) is approaching fast, and          Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a pro-
with it will come your speech that must be presented. Wednesday-Thursday will most assured-          fessional newspaper journalist or news reporter here at SSI?
ly be crunch times, and there may be times when you feel as though you cannot go another step,       Step into the shoes of a reporter or journalist and you will
cannot write another word, cannot think of another debate. But there is one thing that must be       quickly find out. This week, eleven students have been trans-
remembered, and that is this: that you don’t have the strength to continue, or write that next       formed into seven newspaper journalists and four broadcast
word or go that next step. But God promises us in His Word that His strength is made perfect         reporters and are rapidly experiencing the media life.
in our weaknesses. Isn’t that a glorious thought?                                                    Starting from day one you are given power, influence, and
                                                                                                     reasonability. As a media student you are expected to take
2 Corinthians 12:9 states that “‘My Strength is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect     each of these aspects seriously, which is only reasonable
in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s       considering media is the voice of the public. Also required
power may rest on me.” At SSI, you are sitting in a place of leadership. Mr. Muffett has told        from each student is an attitude of honesty, diligence, and
you that each one of you is a future leader. But David Thompson contrasts that with, “You are        integrity. As media instructor Dan Armstrong stressed great-
not future leaders, you are current leaders.” Right now is the time that you can change the          ly, honesty is very important to maintaining respect and sup-
world. Jeremiah 1:5 states that “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were         port from your audience.
born I set you apart…” and Esther 4:14 says “And who knows but that you have come to…this
position for such a time as this?” Do not question your age, as each one of you is likely young-      Not only are the students given the responsibility to produce
er than 19. You have heard 1 Timothy 4:12 “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you             an actual newspaper and create a quality broadcast, they are
are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and purity.”   also given the chance to hear the input of professional news
You can make a difference right now. You can do all things through Christ who gives you              anchors like Dan Armstrong and question current journalist
strength, (Philippians 4:13) and with God all things are possible.                                   like Kathleen Lavey, as well as tour the Lansing State Jour-
                                                                                                     nal. The Lansing State Journal is Lansing’s local newspaper
It is encouraged that each one of you takes time to study God’s word-beyond your morning de-         and is widely circulated through Lansing and surrounding
votions. If you aren’t sure where to start, read the words of Christ in His gospel. If you dwell     areas. The media team toured the Lansing State Journal on
on them, they will give you the strength to continue. It is also encouraged that you pray, for       Tuesday, July 26th with Stephanie Angel, Managing Editor,
“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” And remember this: “Have I not            who explained many interesting aspects of the newspaper
commanded you? Be strong and very courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged,            construction, and allowed the group to experience a staff
for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)                                meeting.

                                                                                                     This is just a quick look at the life of media. There are many
                                                                                                     additional exciting aspects of involved in creating a newspa-
                                                                                                     per and producing a broadcast. However, you don’t need to
                                                                                                     wait until next year to be involved with the media track
                                                                                                     though; there are many simple ways to speak your voice to-
                                                                                                     day. Anyone is at liberty submit a letter to the editor, voice
                                                                                                     your opinion in an article or personally suggest or request an
                                                                                                     article desire. So instead of waiting, you are given an oppor-
                                                                                                     tunity to speak, now.

                                                                                                     Editor’s note: All letters to the editor may or may not be
                                                                                                     published according to the editor’s discretion. Letters involv-
                                                                                                     ing fictitious organizations or unsubstantiated allegations
                                                                                                     will not be published, and neither will anonymously submit-
                                                                                                     ted materials.

        Two gentlemen learn an important SSI lesson: Don’t lose your name tag.

                                           STRAIGHT TALK WITH LENNIE MAILAND
                                                                          Colton Wesley

SSI Observer: How did you become interested in this historical-political- LM: Well, as my son Midas says, my rabbit trails are ‘well worn’. I can’t
philosophical sort of track?                                                  deny that it’s true, but I see rabbit trails as fundamental to learning and
                                                                              expanding your knowledge base.
Leonard Mailand: I always had an interest in things of that nature. But
what I found through my reading was that the stuff that I was taught did- SSIO: Have your students ever attempted to get you on one of these treks in
n’t give the full scope of the factors to be considered. I had an opportunity order to avoid a test or assignment?
to attend a Summit conference on David Noebel’s book, ‘Understanding
The Times’ in March of 1993.It just kind of poured fuel on the fire and I LM: That is true, they do attempt.
started to expand in and go deeper into my interest in the field, and I
started teaching at a Christian school.                                       SSIO: Does it work?

SSIO: How did you get involved with SSI?                                          LM: I like to let them think it works, which comes as great joy to them, of
LM: I heard James [Muffett] talking at Summit Ministries about starting
this whole thing, and asked me about getting involved. He started the SSIO: How did you become interested in this historical-political-philosophical
weekend program 16 or 17 years ago, so I’ve been here since the begin- sort of track?
                                                                              LM: I always had an interest in things of that nature. But what I found
SSIO: What is the best part of what you do as a teacher?                      through my reading was that the stuff I was taught didn’t give the full
                                                                              scope of the factors to be considered. I had an opportunity to attend a
LM: I just love the challenge of trying to communicate important ideas Summit conference on David Noebel’s book, ‘Understanding The Times’ in
and concepts, as well as the passion of those things.                         March of 1993.It just kind of poured fuel on the fire and I started to ex-
                                                                              pand in and go deeper into my interest in the field, and I started teaching
SSIO: Some students seem to exhibit a bit of… indifference in your classes. at a Christian school.
Have any of them actually fallen asleep?
                                                                              SSIO: If there was one piece that you could give to the people at SSI, what
LM: Yes! It has happened several times. In fact, I think someone did would it be?
[Tuesday] morning, but he won’t admit it.
                                                                              LM: Well, it’s going to sound trite, and it’s something they’ve heard a
SSIO: You have been accused of getting off subject and venturing onto ‘rabbit million times, but it’s basically to just keep your faith first.
trails’, is that true?
                                                               FREESTYLE FREE TIME
                                                                  Ceci Theuerkorn and Paulina Harkey
Everyone knows that a great deal of studying, learn-       of fun to play outside in the sun!”                    for you as well. A well-liked card game that takes
ing, and thinking goes on at SSI. But how do the                                                                  over the cafeteria on most nights is Egyptian Rat
students take a break? Free time. Most likely those        A more active favorite is Ultimate Frisbee. Accord-    Screw. Here’s what Charity Malick has to say about
have become your favorite two words since you’ve           ing to Michael Carroll, Ultimate Frisbee is a less     the game, “Egyptian Rat screw is an intense war!
been here at SSI. Everyone has their sport or activi-      rough version of football, making it more fun for      Basically it is like the game of war, you have to slap
ty to participate in during the best part of the day.      those who don’t necessarily “want to get pounded       different combinations of cards and the person with
You’ve got the volleyball players, basketball play-        or destroyed.” His favorite part of the game is when   all the cards in the end wins. When asked why eve-
ers, ultimate Frisbee fanatics, the card players, and      the Frisbee is thrown from one end zone and caught     ryone seems to like it she responded, “Because it is
of course all of those Ninjas. Not to mention the          by a teammate in the opposite end zone. Another        AWESOME!” You may also have noticed that ping
many games that take place in the student mall like        physical sport with less contact is volleyball, which  pong is a usual occurrence in the student mall. Ac-
pool, ping-pong and foosball. So with so many              happens to be one of the sports that always seems to   cording to Brandon Garnat, the game of ping pong
choices, which do you prefer and why? Some stu-            be going on. You can almost always spot people on      helps you stay on your toes; it’s also good if you
dents were interviewed to see what they thought.           the court, bumping, setting, and engaging in friend-   want to avoid brute force that you would experience
                                                           ly banter. A familiar face on the court, Katie         in a game like football. You can show off your fi-
Ninja is a popular favorite among the students, as it      O’Connor, explains, “[Volleyball] is fun because       nesse and play with a group of people.
can be played in any size group and requires strate-       it’s not very serious. Lots of banter and team work
gy as well as quick thinking and movement. Media           make it a great game to make friend while practic- As you can tell, SSI students and staff alike all have
student Erika Wells says about Ninja, “It’s a game         ing your teamwork skills. You don’t even have to different but well-loved ideas on how to best spend
that I’ve played since my first year here, it’s a tradi-   be good.” Now for those who want to completely free time.
tion with me and some of my friends, and it’s a lot        avoid the outdoors, and/or “sports”, there is a place

                                                                                       These Apple stores were not licensed traders of Apple products, and they also
                                  Paulina Harkey
                                                                                       were not listed on the store directories for Apple. Surprisingly counterfeit
Imagine, you have finally saved up enough money to buy your self the highly            products and companies are not a rare occurrence. Not only does this happen in
sought-over and prestigious iPad! You have waited for this day for so long, the        China, but all across the globe.
day you can finally head over to the Apple store and exchange that stack of            According to, illegal copying of music, designer clothing
cash, burning a hole in your pocket, for the glorious iPad (or other Apple prod-       and other goods costs legitimate producers billions of dollars a year in lost
uct of your choice J) . Well...guess what? While have just purchased your new-         potential sales.
est and possibly most prized possession, you have also just purchased it from a
faux Apple store.

Stories like this have recently become very popular when scandalous fake Ap-
ple stores in China have been discovered. From first glance, most people
would not have suspected a thing. Key elements included a winding staircase,
seating area, along with tables upon tables of fun gadgets to try out, all deco-
rated in the distinctively Apple way—extremely modern. Of course, the em-
ployees did wear the typical blue t-shirts with the famous emblem and thick ID
name tags; however, it did not take very long for citizens to start noticing dif-
ferences in three certain Apple stores located in the Yunnan province in China.
“To the relief of the true Apple Corporation, the fake stores were detected by
an American blogger living in the Yunnan province, going by the name of
BirdAbroad. Louise Watt writes, "Some things were just not right: the stairs
were poorly made. The walls hadn't been painted properly. Apple never writes
'Apple Store' on its signs - it just puts up the glowing, iconic fruit.

                                                 CAN YOU LIVE WITHOUT FACEBOOK?
                                                                         Melody Anne DeMerell
Can you live for a whole week without Facebook?            three and seven times a day. Therefore, for some       with Facebook to that extent. Some students really
This question has been floating around since the           people, living without Facebook for an entire week     could not care less if they can check their Facebook
beginning of SSI. Facebook is an extremely popular         is excruciatingly challenging. This network called     while here. Some students say things like,
social network. Although most people do have cell          Facebook can be both a blessing and a curse, for,      “Facebook is nice but it sometimes can get annoy-
phones, they are still extremely dependent on this         although it does help with some things, Facebook       ing,” and, “Why would I need a Facebook?” This
social network.                                            has taken away a certain independence that Ameri-      shows that the dependence on Facebook is not as
                                                           can’s used to have.                                    enormous as it first appears.
Comments like, “I would rather go a month without
make-up than a month without Facebook,” and,               Some SSI students have become so desperate to          The Online Mom describes Facebook as a way for
“Without Facebook I would never do things with             know what is happening in their Facebook world         teenagers to learn social skills, self expression, digi-
my friends,” tell us that people nowadays have been        that they are trying to find a way to check Facebook   tal competence and, educational development.
trained to put all their trust in this one internet so-    here on campus – this is, of course, is not aloud at   There are clearly advantages to using Facebook,
cial network.                                              any time, in any location, during SSI.                 however, the question is raised - are some students
                                                                                                                  at SSI putting too much dependence on Facebook?
The average American checks Facebook between However, not all students here at SSI are obsessed
The only time I open my mouth is to switch feet.—      I’m busy. I KNOW I am.—Amber Thompson                     fear or others. I live on the joy derived from shoot-
Zak Weston                                                                                                       ing people in the head. – Melissa Hubel
                                                       My sense of esthetics says ‘no’.—Zak Weston
There may have been chocolate involved.—Zak                                                                      I think it’s Madison. But I think I’m wrong. – Jus-
Weston                                                 Jennie is our camp nurse. She’s vicious.—Amber            tin Jones
I wonder how I could become as loved as Zak Wes-                                                                 Charity Malick - whatever your middle name is!
ton. Maybe I could become his apprentice.—       I could tell you a little story… but I think I’ll tell          Stop! – Sarah Kissling
Charity Malick                                   you a long one.—Harold Voorhees
                                                                                                                 I’ve been fluttering my eyelashes at him. Men find
Who, what, where, why, huh? - Charity Malick           What is the gooby-thing? - Pat Fifelski
                                                                                                                 that attractive. – Emily Naugle
Hey now, no mocking me when I’m too tired to           The tattoo removal business has gotten really big.
come up with a good come-back.—Charity Malick          It’s called ‘Whoops, why did I do that?’ - Mr. Muf-       I may lose your vote, but I will beat you with a
                                                       fett                                                      stick. – Maple Party Member
I got less in Monday’s quote section than normal.
I’m happy.—Mr. Muffett                                 I’m like “MacGirlver.” - Jeannie Visscher              Emily Naugle: It’s all locked in.
                                                                                                              Zak Weston: It’s all locked in but I don’t know
I’m watching you like a hawk. A hawk with wings!       In Russia it work great. If it work in Russia, it work where I put the key.
- Zak Weston                                           anywhere.—Peekemup Dropemov
                                                                                                              People just don’t recognize my brilliance. – Aaron
Yes, I thought about diving in the office.—Zak         God really works when wives call. – Melissa Hubel Yaeger
                                                       Our video should be in solitary confinement. –            I want to tell you a little story about this. Well, no,
As long as we don’t run out of coffee. Their drug is   Chelsea Hackel and Sarah Kissling, in unison              maybe a long story. – Harold Voorhees
okay, but not our drug!—Mr. Visscher
                                                       I didn’t know they had training wheels for motorcy- ….Food distri-buter….distrib-uter….try saying that
Clinically insane people come to SSI. As in, we        cles. – Zak Weston                                  twice! – Mr. Muffett
have our own vacuum-sealed compartment of the
loony bin.—Chris Nunez                                Staff Member #1: That’s creepy.                            Can you hear that?...The grass, it’s disgusting! –
                                                      Staff Member #2: It’s Zak.                                 Anonymous
I can’t not like you if you’re holding a gun, because Staff Member #3: Exactly. Zak is creepy.
then I might be in trouble.—Charity Malick
                                                                                                                 It should be legal to kill people. – Liberty Blue cau-
                                                      I have something to say but I’m afraid I’m going to        cus member
Why are you wearing a bowtie? It adds to your         say it wrong and I don’t want another misquote. –
sketchiness.—Tiffany Rowland                          Justin Jones
                                                                                                                 I feel like I’m going to be attacked by aliens when-
I love flossing. It makes my teeth feel sinless.—                                                                ever I drink from that water fountain. – Anonymous
                                                       Read about my issues. I have lots of them. – Chel-
Anonymous                                              sea Hackel
                                                                                                                 Sweaters are very different from Jesus. – Charity
I know you ladies want to exercise your 2nd                                                                      Malick
                                                  Someone should write an article about you being a
Amendment right to “bare” arms. But we cannot
                                                  creeper. – Hannah Kissling
allow tank tops at the Sports Challenge.—Zak Wes-                                                                Some kids just can’t handle the water, ya know. –
ton                                                                                                              Zak Weston
                                                  The orange juice is malfunctioning. – Hannah
Happy cups, happy campers.—Emily Naugle           Kissling
                                                                                                                 Editor’s note: Many thanks to Charity Malick for
                                                       I think you crossed the line so far. It’s a dot. –        turning in most of these misquotes. Got a misquote?
We’re putting our own quotes in because no one
else is.—Charity Malick                                Charity Malick                                            Turn it in at Room 104, Media Central.

                                                       Some people live on fear. Some people live on the

                                                                                               Hey, who is this Ha-
                                                                                               zen guy anyways??                              Forget it, no can-
                                                                                                                                              didate cares
                                                                                                                                              enough about the
                                                                                                                                              economy enough
                                                                                                                                              to DO something
                                                                                                                                              about it. Anyone
                                                                                                                                              who says they do
                                                                                                                                              doesn’t follow

                                                                                                 He’s Amazin’!  

                                                                                            I’m wasting all my money already             Better Education,
Above: No-hands relay. Below: the three-legged relay defeats                                paying education taxes—I don’t
                                                                                            even get any of this money back!
                                                                                                                                         Better Economy,
another duo. Bottom-right: Morphman makes his appearance
at the Sports Challenge.
                                                                                            Why am I going to donate more of
                                                                                            my money to some guy who won’t
                                                                                                                                         Better Michigan.
                                                                                            even do anything about the issues
                                                                                            that matter to me?

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