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In these pages, Robert T. Jeschonek will take you on a tour of the wildest places and people you've never imagined. You've never met anyone quite like Nona Stiletto, the sexy cyborg exterminator who takes on a planet of alien monsters...Thal Simoleon, baseball player of the future, condemned to death for losing the World Series...Cilla Franklin, an American teacher whose students are naked killer savages...Mike the Future Man, a high tech time traveler fighting to find a missing child...Vicky Dozen, the bioengineering genebilly whipping up rhinoporcupines in Best Virginia...or Philippa the cross-dressing Conquistadora of outer space. Don't miss these edgy, exciting, and surprising science fiction tales by a Star Trek and Doctor Who author. It's the latest collection from award-winning storyteller Robert T. Jeschonek, a master of unique and unexpected science fiction that really packs a punch. This volume includes six scifi e-book stories and novelettes for one low price."One Awake in All the World": Stalked by hordes of savage creatures, space exterminators Nona Stiletto and Pass Candle fight a war for survival against impossible odds. Their only hope: an abandoned alien child who might be the last of her species left alive."Give the Hippo What He Wants": In the baseball league of the future, losing the World Series will get you the death penalty. Anti-MVP Thal Simoleon chokes because of an opera-singing pink hippo that only he can see. But when he goes on the run, he can't escape that damn hippo, which just might be leading him toward the final inning of his life."Teacher of the Century": Welcome to the school of tomorrow, a nightmare of high-tech savagery. Tribes of genetically and cybernetically enhanced students rule the classroom. Weaponized parental A.I. drones terrorize teachers. One teacher stands alone against the insanity, but her old-school ways might be the death of her. Will she sacrifice everything to protect one perfect student?"Off the Face of the Ea

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