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					                                          STAR TALES

                INTRODUCTION                            4. Repeat the above for the remaining
                                                           attached constellations.
The star studded sky we see each clear night
is divided into many regions. Each region or            5. Let the students formulate their own
area is assigned a name which belongs to a                 background stories to their favourite
constellation. There are 88constellations                  constellation.
(including north and south hemispheres) which
may or may not resemble the intended person,
animal, or object. There are many interesting                             EXTENSION
stories attributed to the constellations that
originated centuries ago and from many                  1. 1. Create art work to illustrate their stories
different cultures. Greek mythology is the basis           to fellow students.
for most of the constellation names.
                                                        2. 2. Have students produce plays to depict
                                                           the legends.
                                                        3. 3. Have the students connect the stars and
To learn the mythology for easily recognizable             make their own modern constellations with
constellations; one for each season.                       the appropriate story. E.g. Sagittarius the
                                                           Archer is also known today as the "Teapot".
               PROCESS SKILLS

Communicating, interpreting, measuring, and                        THE STARS OF AUTUMN
                                                        Princess Andromeda and Pegasus the
                                                        Flying Horse
                                                        Andromeda was the daughter of the Aethiopian
o Overhead projector                                    King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia.
o Transparencies and overlays of                        Cassiopeia was a beautiful queen but also very
  constellations (prepared by teacher)                  proud and boastful. She went as far as
o Student copy of star groupings(masters                boasting that she was more beautiful than the
  attached)                                             Nereids, the sea nymphs! The Nereids told
o See attached list of books with reference to          their father of Cassiopeia's claim. (Their father
  constellation mythology                               just happened to be Poseidon, god of the

                  PROCEDURE                             Poseidon, infuriated, cast his trident into the
                                                        ocean, creating a flood and a monster, named
1. Choose one constellation appropriate to the          Cetus. Poseidon ordered that Cetus go to
   season.                                              Cassiopeia's realm and devour people and
                                                        animals wandering by the sea.
2. Show the connection of stars by using the
   overlay which shows the constellation.               To rid his country of this horrid plague
                                                        Cepheus was told by the oracle that he must
3. Discuss the background mythology relating            sacrifice his daughter Andromeda to the
   the constellation to Greek legend.                   ravages of Cetus. So Andromeda was chained

Gr 6 SkyScience Part2                              13                      Alberta Astronomy Resource Group
to a rock by the edge of the ocean to await her         constellation of Ophiuchus is located north of
demise.                                                 Scorpius, so he appears to be trampling the
                                                        Scorpion underfoot.
But just in the nick of time, Perseus appeared
on the scene, having just concluded his battle
with the horrible Medusa. (The Medusa, a
creature with hair of writhing snakes, was so                      THE STARS OF SPRING
ugly that all those who had the misfortune of
gazing upon her countenance turned to stone).           Ursa Major and Ursa Minor (the Great and
While flying home on his winged                         Little Bears)
horse(Pegasus), Perseus, carrying the
Medusa's head, spied Andromeda and noted                In the land of Arcadia lived a beautiful girl
her predicament.                                        named Callisto. She was very fond of hunting
                                                        and worshipped Diana, the goddess of the
Perseus offered to rescue Andromeda, but on             Hunt. One day while merrily prancing through
one condition--that he could marry her.                 the verdant forest, Callisto accidently
Cepheus agreed, so Perseus put his plan into            encountered Jupiter, the mightiest of all the
action. As Cetus began to crawl from the                gods. The encounter was, shall we say,
watery depths toward where Andromeda was                somewhat amorous? (Jupiter is well-known for
waiting, Perseus leaped in front of the monster         his many love affairs.)
and dangled Medusa's ugly head in front of
Cetus. Needless to say, Cetus instantly                 So it was that Callisto, to the shame of all, bore
changed into a great lump of rock, which it is          a son who was called Arcas. However, Juno,
said, can still be seen today by the                    Jupiter's true and devoted wife, upon hearing
Mediterranean Sea.                                      of her husband's affair for the first time, was
                                                        taken aback with jealous rage. With a horrid
A wonderful wedding followed, combined with             curse, Juno changed Callisto into a howling
festivities to rejoice the riddance of the              bear, who fled into the woods to hide from
monster.                                                prowling hunters.

                                                        Meanwhile, Arcas had grown to become a
                                                        strong young man and decided to take up
           THE STARS OF WINTER                          hunting. On one of his forays, he came across
                                                        a bear, who was of course, his mother,
Orion the Hunter                                        Callisto. Callisto ran to embrace Arcas, but he,
                                                        fearing he was being attacked by a bear,
Orion, the son of Neptune and the nymph                 levelled an arrow to shoot the marauding
Euryale, was a figure of towering size and              beast.
strength. He feared no animal and vowed to
exterminate all the animals of the Earth!               Luckily Jupiter intervened in the nick of time.
Furious at this threat, Gaia, the goddess of the        He changed Arcas into a bear as well, and
Earth, sent a scorpion after him, who bit Orion         grasping mother and son by their bruin tails, he
in his heel and the giant sank, mortally                flung them amongst the stars. But the vicious
wounded, to the Earth. Today, Orion and                 tug at their tails stretched their normally bushy
Scorpius are opposite each other in the sky, so         tails into the long tails we see today in the
as Orion is setting, the constellation of the           constellations of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.
Scorpion is just rising.
                                                        But as one last stab at revenge, Uno managed
But alas! Orion did not die--he was saved by            to have Callisto and Arcas barred from ever
an antidote to the poison administered to him           refreshing themselves in the sea. This is why
by Ophiuchus, the doctor of antiquity. The
Gr 6 SkyScience Part2                              14                     Alberta Astronomy Resource Group
the two Bears never set below the horizon--
they are "circumpolar" constellations.                To prevent a complete catastrophe, Jupiter
                                                      hurled a thunderbolt at the Chariot to stop its
                                                      dangerous descent, but Phaeton was hurled
           THE STARS OF SUMMER                        out of the Chariot and fell into the river
                                                      Eridanus, dead.
Cygnus the Swan
                                                      Cygnus, seeing his friend's demise, dove into
One legend concerning a swan tells of Cygnus          the river again and again to search for his
and his best friend Phaeton, a boy whose              friend's body, but to no avail. Still, Cygnus kept
father was Apollo, god of the Sun. One day            up his search till he was exhausted.
Phaeton convinced his father to let him drive
the Golden Chariot across the sky to make the         Jupiter, moved by Cygnus's devotion to the ill-
sun. But poor Phaeton, being only a boy, could        fated Phaeton, changed Cygnus into a swan so
not manage the fiery steeds that pulled the           that he might dive more easily. Then Jupiter
Chariot. Out of control, the Chariot, with            placed Cygnus among the stars to form the
Phaeton at the reins descended close to the           constellation of the Swan.
earth, scorching the land.

Gr 6 SkyScience Part2                            15                     Alberta Astronomy Resource Group
                                      Name ______________________________

Pegasus The__________________________ Andromeda The __________________________

Gr 6 SkyScience Part2                   16               Alberta Astronomy Resource Group
                           Name KEY

Pegasus The FLYING HORSE   Andromeda The DAUGHTER

Gr 6 SkyScience Part2       17               Alberta Astronomy Resource Group
                                      Name ______________________________

Orion The__________________________

Gr 6 SkyScience Part2                  18                Alberta Astronomy Resource Group
                        Name KEY

Orion The HUNTER

Gr 6 SkyScience Part2    19        Alberta Astronomy Resource Group
                                       Name ______________________________

Ursa Major The__________________________

Ursa Minor The__________________________

Gr 6 SkyScience Part2                      20             Alberta Astronomy Resource Group
                                           Name KEY

Ursa Major The GRATE BEAR (Big Dipper

Ursa Minor The SMALL BEAR (Little Dipper

Gr 6 SkyScience Part2                       21        Alberta Astronomy Resource Group
                                       Name ______________________________

Cygnus The__________________________

Gr 6 SkyScience Part2                   22                Alberta Astronomy Resource Group
                        Name KEY

Cygnus The SWAN

Gr 6 SkyScience Part2    23        Alberta Astronomy Resource Group

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