Knowing who I am by P-NewHollandPublis


Wherever she goes the popular South African singer and celebrity, Nianell, offers this important, inspiring message: Every one of us may, can and should love ourselves. If we can do this, we will touch people around us and thereby make a difference in their lives.In her first book, Knowing Who I Am, the acclaimed singer tells of the lessons life has taught her and of discovering how to love herself. Nianell takes the reader on a journey through her life, from being a shy, withdrawn schoolgirl to becoming the person she is today – sharing freely what she has learned along the way. Like most people, Nianell has had to face challenges, and she offers an honest, transparent and unpretentious account of her personal experience of suffering, the struggle to belong, love, womanhood, being a mother of triplets and being a star.Above all, says Nianell, she has learned that each of us can and must love ourselves, and we always have to remember who we really are. Her personal stories, many shared with the public for the first time, illustrate how she came to the point of accepting herself and always remembering who she is.Nianell's descriptions of her personal experiences will touch the heart and give people insight into her life and the fact that celebrities face the same issues we all wrestle with.Her stories will inspire you and help you realise the value of accepting and loving yourself as you are. Knowing Who I Am is an enjoyable combination of biography and inspiration – it is a reading and growing experience that will remain with you long after you have finished the book.The book comes with a special bonus CD containing some of Nianell's hit songs.

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