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									 American Dream Homework
From the list 2 famous Americans
For each person write down:
•Where the person was born
•Are they an immigrant?
•What the person is famous for
•How did the person become famous? (are they
talented? Did they have a good idea? Start their
own business?)
•Is this person a good example of the American
dream and why?
Louis Armstrong    Walt Disney            Shia LaBoeuf
Bill Gates         Jennifer Lopez
                                          Jim Carrey
Steve Jobs         Patrick Ewing
                                          Christopher Gardener
Jesse Owens        Calvin Broadus
Will Smith         Arnold Shwarzenegger   Elvis Presley
Harlan Sanders     Oprah Winfrey
                                          Mary J Blige
Ray Kroc           Gloria Estefan
                                          Sylvester Stallone
Johnny Cash        Bill Cosby
Curtis “50 Cent”   Christina Aguilera     Stephen King
                   Al Pacino
                                          Colin Powell
Tiger Woods
                   Barrack Obama
Kelly Clarkson                            Michael Jordan
                   Kirk Kerkorian
                                          Philip Knight
Mohammad Ali

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