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									                                   Saddle Creek Women’s Golf Association

                                               Hole-In-One Policy
                                                   Rev. 05/05/08

The Saddle Creek Women’s Golf Association (SCWGA) has based its Hole-In-One Policy on
that of the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California (WGANC).

  A.     In order to be accepted under this Policy, the Hole-in-One:

         1) The Hole-in-One must be made at Saddle Creek Golf Course, during a regulation
            round of at least nine holes.
         2) Must be attested to by one or more other members of the playing group.
         3) The player’s score must be posted on the Club Computer.
         4) The score card submitted to the Club Captain must be a complete copy, with the
            date, the player's signature and at least one attesting signature.

  B.     A Hole-in-One made on a temporary green will be accepted as long as the diameter
         of the hole is regulation size.

  C.     A Hole-in-One made during any scheduled tournament will be accepted. A Hole-In-
         One will be valid if played in a tournament format (scramble) but will not be
         acceptable if played in an abnormal round in which the player had more than one
         ball in play at a time.

  D.     A Hole-in-One during a match scheduled for a stipulated round will be accepted even
         though the match ends before the stipulated round is completed.

  Hole-in-One Pins

  A.     WGANC Hole-in-One pins are awarded only to players who are full members of the
         Club at the time the Hole-in-One is made.

  B.     Lost Hole-in-One pins will be replaced at the member's expense after the WGANC
         has verified presentation of the original pin.

  C.     When a Hole-in-One is made, the Club Captain is responsible for:

         1) Completing and returning to the WGANC Hole-in-One Director, the WGANC Hole-
            in-One form within 90 days of the date of the Hole-in-One and presenting the pin
            and the letter of congratulations to the player.
         2) Notifying the Pro Shop of the player’s name, hole number, club used, and
            approximate yardage.

Hole-in-One Insurance Fund

The SCWGA Hole-In-One Insurance Fund covers aces scored in compliance with this Hole-
in-One Policy.

When a hole-in-one is made at Saddle Creek by a member of the Saddle Creek Women's
Golf Association, the SCWGA will pay for one drink per SCWGA member, while the player
who made the hole-in-one is present in the Bar on the day she scores the hole in one.
Drinks covered include beer, house wine, well drinks and soft drinks. SCWGA funding is
limited to $300.

Posted July 1, 2008
Bonnie Schaefer, SCWGA Secretary

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