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Elks news - State College Elks Lodge


									                                      ELKS NEWS
                                Published by: B.P.O.E. Lodge No. 1600, State College, Pennsylvania
  “As this emblem is first in our hearts
         as loyal Americans, so it            VOLUME 68, NUMBER 5 - MAY, 2011
    is close to our altar as loyal Elks”

             From the Exalted Ruler                                                                             May Dates To Remember
                                           A Spring Awakening . . .
                                           Old and New Faces                             MAY
                                                                                         8 ...... Mother’s Day Luncheon ................
                                           “Golf. You hit down to make the ball          9 ...... Annual Club Meeting ....................                           7:00 pm
                                     go up. You swing left and the ball goes right.      10 ..... Lodge Meeting ...............................                      7:30 pm
                                     The lowest score wins. And on top of that,
                                     the winner buys the drinks.” - Author Un-
                                                                                         11-15 . State Spring Convention ................
                                     known.                                              24 ..... Lodge Meeting ...............................                      7:30 pm
                                           Finally .... after a long winter, and an      27 ..... Place Flags on Graves ....................
                                     awfully wet April, it’s May, and time when          30 ..... Memorial Day Stand .......................
                                     the State College Elks Golf Course comes
                                     distinctly alive with our golf members out to
                                     challenge each other and themselves on one          JUNE
                                     of the premier courses in the area. On behalf       14 ..... Flag Day Ceremony ........................                         6:00 pm
                                     of the Lodge Officers, I want to wish Aaron         14 ..... Lodge Meeting ...............................                      8:00 pm
                                     Palen, our new PGA certified Golf Profes-
                                     sional, best of luck for a successful up and
                                                                                         24 ..... Indoctrination ................................                    6:00 pm
coming season at the State College Elks Country Club. I’ve found him to be               26 ..... District Meeting .............................
very approachable and I’m sure Aaron and his staff will be there to answer your          28 ..... Lodge Meeting (Initiation) .............                           7:30 pm
questions and help you out with your golfing needs, including something I’m
sure all our Golf Members need ... Hole in One Insurance!
            It was also very refreshing to see all the familiar faces at our annual
Spring Golf Social. Having a significant portion of our members at the club on a                                   Lodge of Sorrow
Friday night reminds me of one of the reasons I joined the Elks: camaraderie           “We shall meet but we shall miss them, there will be the vacant chairs.
with great friends in a very special club.                                              But though we no more possess them, still our hearts their memories
            I also want to welcome our new club manager, Doug Nixon, to our              bear. But awhile ago we gathered,friendship beaming in each eye.
Elks Club Family. Some of you may know him from his old position at                     Now the golden cord is severed, they have passed to realms on high.”
Kildare’s Irish Pub, and from the time I’ve had to talk to him at the club, he is
knowledable, eager, and ready to go in his new role.                                                                       Jack Swords
            Lucy Rogers, our former manager, has taken a position with Zola’s                                       Born: November 26, 1924
catering as an event and catering coordinator, a position that is very well suited                                 Initiated: October 14, 1969
for her talents. THANKS Lucy for all you’ve done in the past year for our Club
                                                                                                                      Died: March 15, 2011
and best wishes for success in your new position!
            Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the evening of May 9th at 7:00
pm, as we have our Annual Club Meeting. All club members are welcome to                                                   Robert Witmer
come on out and find out from our distinguished club board what will be happen-                                     Born: December 8, 1926
ing around the club for the new year.                                                                             Initiated: September 1, 1950
            On the Lodge side of the house, it is just as busy this May beginning                                     Died: March 29, 2011
with our annual Mother’s Day Luncheon on May 8th. Details on the luncheon
are in this month’s newsletter or can be obtained by calling the club at 466-7231.       “In vain we call. They have passed into the light which is beyond
            Mid-May also marks the end of the 2010-11 Pennsylvania State Elks                              the valley of the shadow of death.
Association year. I want to congratulate the soon to be Pennsylvania Elks Past              The places that have known them shall know them no more,
State President, our own George Olson, on a great and productive Lodge Year.             but their virtues are written upon the tablets of love and memory.”
Several of our Lodge Officers and P.E.R.s will be down in Seven Springs, PA, for                           Please insure that your family is aware of the Elks Funeral Ritual.
                                                                                           This is a beautiful brief 15 minute ritual performed at the funeral home for a deceased member.
the State Spring Convention, May 11-15, to represent our Lodge and be there                           Have a family member call the Lodge or any Officer to arrange the service.
for George’s last days in office. Way to go, George!
            On Friday, May 27th, we honor our deceased Lodge Brothers and
Sisters by placing Elks Memorial Flags in cemeteries throughout the area. Please                One last thought, our Lodge can only thrive if we continue to
contact new Lodge Chaplain, Brenda Kephart, if you wish to help us with this          grow, so don’t forget to ask friends who are not Elks, but would make
endeavor as there is lots of places to cover in a short time.                         great members, to join our wonderful Lodge. If you have any questions
            And finally, on May 30th, come out and support the Lodge at our           about new member recruitment, feel free to contact any Lodge Officer and
annual Memorial Day Refreshment Stand, on the Diamond in Boalsburg. Those             contact information is, as always, on the back of the newsletter.
who want to help us man the stand should contact Esteemed Lecturing Knight,
Jeff Kephart, and sign up for a shift. We are always looking for help on the                                                                    Fraternally Yours,
Diamond as well as with the setup, transport, and breakdown of our stand.                                                                       Chuck Pavloski, Exalted Ruler
                New Member Balloting
                        May 10, 2011
    On May 10 2011 the following prosepctive candidates will be
voted upon at the scheduled Lodge Meeting.
                                                                                    Mothers Day
Frank Mellott
                         State College
                                           Jeff Kephart
                                                                                        Brunch Buffet
John Damcott             State College     George Olson
Adrian Clapp             Bellefonte        Dennis Bonson                                   May 8th
Scott Lewis              State College     Chuck Pavloski
Michael Shondeck         Boalsburg         Chad Bahrmann                                      10:30 am - 3:00 pm
Kirk Zuercher            Boalsburg         George Olson                                        --- $12.99 ---
Joseph Lukac             Port Matilda      George Olson                             Additional details provided on web site
                                                                                         Please Call for reservations

                                                                                                  From the Pro
                                                                                  As my first two months have past by, I would like to thank
                                                                        everyone for welcoming Kristin and I to the Elks. The warm reception that
                                                                        we have received is more than anyone could imagine!
                                                                                  As many of you have noticed there have been a few changes thus
                                                                        far (I know change is not always easy); a new logo, a brand new look in the
                                                                        shop; and a new staff model providing a memorable golf experience. The
                                                                        next time you are out at the Elks try to make time to visit our Golf Opera-
                                                                        tion with your family.
                                                                                  May is FREE Golf Lesson Month for the PGA of America.
                                                                        Throughout the month of May, I will have designated time slots for a free
                                                                        ten minute Golf Lesson. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to start the
                                                                        season off on the right track. Please contact the Golf Shop to signup.
                                                                                             Aaron Palen, PGA, Head Golf Professional

                                                                                              2011 Pool Season
                                                                                  Spring is finally here and we’re now planning for the upcoming
                                                                        2011 pool season! If Mother Nature cooperates, we will be opening the
                                                                        pool over the Memorial Day Weekend.
                                                                                  Membership fees are staying the same as last year and are printed
                                                                        on the application in this newsletter. Remember, if you renewed your
                                                                        Lodge dues this year as a Club Plus member, your pool membership is
                                                                        included! Stay tuned for more updates and pool hours of operation in the
                                                                        May newsletter.

                                                                                            Lisa A. Schroeder, P.E.R., Club Board of Directors

                                                                                     The Brunch Buffet is Back!
                                                                                               Join us every Sunday
                                                                            between 10:30 am and 1:00 pm for all the breakfast favorites . . .
                                                                              Eggs · Bacon · Sausage · French Toast · Sliced Ham · Waffles ·
                                                                            Pancakes · Toast · Bagels · Home Fries Plus . . . Soup du Jour -
                                                                             Prepared Salads - Vegetables - Potato du Jour - Seafood Feature
                                                                             Includes orange, cranberry, and tomato juices, coffee or hot tea.

                                                                           ELKS NEWS The Elks News (USPS 173-640) is published monthly
                                                                           by BPOE #1600, 635 Fairway Road, State College, PA 16803.
                                                                           Periodicals postage paid at State College, PA. Postmaster: send
                                                                           address changes and Form 3579 to Elks News, 635 Fairway
                                                                           Road, State College, PA 16803. Editor: Ray Caravan, 237-7600,
                    Memorial Day Stand                                                              Children’s Easter Egg Hunt
           Memorial Day Stand will be in operation this memorial day: set                        The Annual Children Easter Egg Hunt was held April 17th and
up starts at 6:30 am at the club, the stand will be operational at 10:00 am            well-attended by children of all ages.
and tear down begins at 4:00 pm. Volunteers are needed, welcomed and
appreciated. I still have not had many responses as of yet.
           Again this a worthwhile cause for the home service project (HSP).
And as always rewarding and fun. We are looking forward to your help
with our stand.
           Please email me or call so we don’t have twenty folks for same
shift and one for another. Shifts are as long or short as your time allows.

                     Jeff Kephart, Leading Knight
                     Cell: 814-404-3091, or email:

                        Annual Meeting
           The Annual Club Meeting will be held on Monday, May 9th at
7:00 pm in the Fudrow Ballroom. Paid up Class 1 members (State College
lodge members) are eligible and invited to attend. The prior year’s opera-
tions will be discussed. Three Board of Director positions will be elected
at the meeting.

      Hoop Shoot Coordinating Committee
           The State Elks Hoop Shoot Coordinating Committee would like
to take this opportunity to thank the State College Elks membership for its
role in acting as the host Lodge for the 2011 State Elks Hoop Shoot. This
event was flawless, as usual, thank in no small regard, to the efforts of the
countless volunteers from the State College Elks Lodge. Many individuals
take care of the Friday evening registration process and welcome reception,
and those events certainly do not go unnoticed. Our thanks, too, to Bob
Deak, of Domino’s Pizza.                                                                    Jonathan Rowell, age 11
           Then, too, many volunteers take part in the on-court activities,                                                  Zach and Madison Lambert
to include line judge and ball retrievers, as well as chaperones.
           All in all, this is a fantastic week-end for the kids who partici-
pate, for the parents and grandparents who accompany the kids, and for
the Lodges, as well.
           Well done all!

                                Steve Lucas, State Hoop Shoot Director
                                W. F. Reiber, Co-State Coordinator
                                Bob Kidder, Co-State Coordinator

                                                                                       The Easter Bunny,
                                                                                       (Brenda Kephart) looking
                                                                                       and waiting for the kids.              Harry Ross, age 7

          Veterans’ Services Chair Needed
           Fellow Elks: John Thomchick, after many, many years of dedi-
cated service as our Veterans Service chair, needs to step down and pass                       2011 Elks Club Board of Directors
this very important Lodge function to another caretaker. Thanks John for                                    Clyde Fuller, President
all your hard work and dedication to this function!                                                      Mark Doyle, Vice President
           So, we are looking for someone to volunteer as the new chairper-
son. John has already set up much of next years’ events, but needs help to
                                                                                                        Dave Immel, Past Exalted Ruler
transition this over to a new organizer.                                                                   George Olson, Treasurer
           If you are interested and willing to do this for your Lodge, please                            Lisa Schroeder, Secretary
contact John via email at or the Exalted Ruler at                                        Dennis Young, 814-883-2371.                                                                                    Bob Meyer
                                Chuck Pavloski, Exalted Ruler                                                     James Au

  North Central District Ritual Competition                                                               Little Leaguers Summer Clinics
                                                                                                                              BRAND NEW FOR 2011
                                                                                                                Little Leaguers Clinic (ages 4-6): 5:30 – 6:30 pm

                                                                                      Tuesday Evenings
                                                                                      Week 1: 6/21        Introduction, Name That Object!
                                                                                      Week 2: 6/28        Disco Golf, No Dancing Needed!
                                                                                      Week 3: 7/5         Hula Hoop Time!
                                                                                      Week 4: 7/12        Golf like an Elephant, What You’re Talking About?
                                                                                      Week 5: 7/19        Golf Olympics Part 1: Mini-course Contest
                                                                                      Week 6: 7/26        Golf Olympics Part 2: Bulls Eye Contest
                                                                                      Week 7: 8/2         Golf Olypmics Part 3: Golf Speed Relay!

                                                                                                 Little Leaguers: The first half of each clinic will be devoted to
                                                                                      instruction on the Upper Practice Facility followed by a Play Day on
                                                                                      the Sharkbite Course. A member of the Golf Professional Staff will be
                                                                                      on hand to help with instruction. Please remember one parent/adult
                                                                                      chaperone per family must accompany the Little Leaguer throughout
          At its recent Elks North Central District Ritual competition at             each clinic.
Lock Haven Elks Lodge, the following Lodge Officers competed with these                          Make-up Classes: If you are out of town during one or two of
results: Front Row: Exalted Rulers Dan Nelson, Philipsburg - 1st Place;               these weeks, no worries! Please contact Aaron to schedule a time when a
Sherri Walison, Lock Haven - 3rd Place; Dave Immel, State College - 2nd               member of the Professional Staff can spend a few moments with your
Place; Back Row: Leading Knights Chuck Pavloski, State College - 2nd                  Junior Golfer and get them caught up! All arrangements must be made
Place; Ed Storck, Philipsburg - 1st Place; Tim Black, Lewistown - 3rd                 by May 23rd.
Place.                                                                                           Junior Banquet: There will be a Junior Banquet Sunday,
                                                                                      September 25th 6-8pm to close the Junior Golf season. We will present
                                                                                      the awards and trophies at that time and hold our world famous Raffle!
                                                                                      Cost: $80. per junior ($100. for non-members). Price includes clinics,
             State College Elks at the                                                gift, play days, and one junior into the banquet.
                                                                                                 New for 2011 - Sibling Discount. Each additional child will
          Pennsylvania Special Olympics                                               receive a 20% discount on the entry fee.
                                                                                                 Sign-up Please email Aaron to sign up. Sign-ups close on
           Come help our own Dave Will and W. F. Reiber and be a part of              Sunday, May 23rd at 5:00 pm. Any Cancellations after the deadline
the Pennsylvania Special Olympics.                                                    result in full payment.
           We are looking for State College Elks members to volunteer for                        Any Questions? Call: (814) 466-6451.
Special Olympics Bowling on Saturday of June 11, from 8:00 to 3:00 pm.
           If bowling isn’t “your game,” volunteers may elect to work at
other venues as well, if they so desire. For further information or to volun-                       Recent Initiation Ceremony
teer, contact Dave Will at or W. F. Reiber at 364-8866.
                                                                                                 I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to per-
                                                                                      form the initiation ceremony with my son David as the lead candidate! In
                                                                                      this photo: John Ferretti, Ned Eldridge, Chad Bahrmann, Michael Finocchio,
                 Bond Committee Update                                                Brad Yeckley, Maxim Schlossberg, David Immel, and Exalted Ruler.

          Dear Fellow Elks: Thank you for your support of The State                                                            Dave Immel, PER
College Elks. At this time we have decided to postpone the Bond Program
at the Elks. We are currently getting our house in financial order. As this
progresses we will be keeping you informed and may discuss bond issues
in the future. Thanks for your support
                                          The Bond Committee

        Notice! - June 14th Lodge Meeting
             Time Change to 8:00 pm
          The June 14th Lodge Meeting will be starting at 8:00 pm due to
the Lodge participation in the annual Flag Day Ceremony earlier that evening.

                                                                                                                 Remember . . .
                                                                                                     The State College Elks is a GREAT place
                                                                                                               to bring your guests!!
                                                                                                      BUT . . . please be sure to sign them in
                                                                                                          upon your arrival at the club!

                                                           Golf Classes and Clinics
             New Golf Trial Membership                                                          Summer Junior Clinics - 2011
          We would like to introduce you to a brand new program: 2011                               3 Holer Clinic (ages 7-8): 5:45 pm-6:30 pm
Golf Trial Membership. The Elks will be offering two different Golf                                5 Holer Clinic (ages 9-10): 6:30 pm- 7:15 pm
Trial Memberships, a 45 day and 60 day trail. Both Golf Trial                                    9/18 Holer Clinic (ages 11 and up): 7:15- 8:00 pm
Memberships will begin as of today with enrollment through the end of
June. Below is the breakdown on how the two work and the cost.                                           Wednesday Evenings
– $495. for the 45 day Trial Membership;
                                                                                                     Ten Weeks, beginning June 1st
– $595. for the 60 day Trial Membership;
– Both include Unlimited Carts;                                                                 Wednesday Clinics: Little Leaguers, 3, 5, and 9 holer’s will all
– May make tee times 8 days in advance Complete access to the course                 have age appropriate games and drills designed specifically to help them
Monday through Sunday, excluding Member Tournaments;                                 enjoy golf and develop the necessary skills to advance their game.
– After the trial is over and you wish to sign up for the remainder of the                      Make-up Classes: If you are out of town during one or two of
year, the above fee will be deducted from your 2011 Membership fee;                  these weeks, no worries! Please contact Aaron to schedule a time when a
– If you have any further questions or would like to sign up, please                 member of the Professional Staff can spend a few moments with your
contact PGA Head Golf Professional, Aaron Palen at (814) 466-6451 or                 Junior Golfer and get them caught up! All arrangements must be made by                                                                     May 23rd.
                                                                                                Play Days: 3 and 5 holer’s must have at least one parent/adult
                                                                                     chaperone per family. Please call the golf shop by each Tuesday evening to
                                                                                     sign up for the Play Day.
                  Junior Camp Dates                                                  ** Play Day Championship Rounds = During the last three Play Days, 3,
                                                                                     5 and 9 hole juniors may submit their best two scores to the golf shop
             Fine Tuning that Competitive Edge                                       (signed and attested). These two scores will count towards the Play Day
                                                                                     Championship for their division.
           Designed for the intermediate to advanced Junior Golfer (ages                        Junior Banquet: There will be a Junior Banquet Sunday, Sep-
12-17 years of age). Our Professional Staff will touch on all the fundamen-          tember 11th 6-8pm to close the Junior Golf season. We will present the
tals of golf, while having a specific skill concentration. These camps are           awards and trophies at that time and hold Aaron’s Famous RAFFLE!
designed to help develop that Junior Golfer who is interested in competi-                       Cost: $190 per junior. Price includes clinics, gift, play days, and
tive golf.                                                                           one junior into the banquet. New for 2011 - Sibling Discount. Each
           Each camp will last 5 hours and include: lunch, course manage-            additional child will receive a 20% discount on the entry fee.
ment techniques, playing golf with the Golf Professional, personalized                          Sign-up: Please email Aaron to sign up. Sign-ups close on
practice prescription, skill drills, strengthening/conditioning games, and a         Sunday, May 22nd at 5:00 pm. Any Cancellations after the deadline result
DVD video of their swing.                                                            in full payment.
          July 11-13, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm (Short Game)
                                                                                                             Tune- Up 101
          July 25-27, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm (Putting)
                                                                                                           Time to melt the ice!
          August 8-10, 8:00 am-1:00 pm (Full Swing)                                                    Getting refreshed with the basics!

                               Cost - $200.                                                                Four classes that will cover:
                                                                                                    Posture - Grip - Alignment - Full Swing
          New for 2011 - Sibling Discount. Each additional child will re-                                 Chipping - Pitching - Putting
ceive a 20% discount on the entry fee. Also, signing up for more than one                                Sessions 2, 3, & 4 on Course Play
camp? Each additional camp, receive a 20% discount on the entry fee.
                                                                                                                    Class Dates:
                                                                                                                   Evening Class
                                                                                                           Session 1: Thurs (6-7 pm) 4/21
                                                                                                           Session 2: Thurs (6-7 pm) 4/28
                                                                                                           Session 3: Thurs (6-7 pm) 5/5
                                                                                                           Session 4: Thurs (6-7 pm) 5/19

                                                                                                                  Afternoon Class
                                                                                                           Session 1: Thurs (3-4 pm) 4/21
                                                                                                           Session 2: Thurs (3-4 pm) 4/28
                       Business Meetings,                                                                  Session 3: Thurs (3-4 pm) 5/5
                                                                                                           Session 4: Thurs (3-4 pm) 5/19
                      Weddings, Reunions
                     – We Cater To You!! —                                               Played before? Understand a few terms? Comfortable playing ?
      Rehearsal Dinners, Weddings, Showers, Family or Class Reunions,                                 You’re the perfect student! Sign up !!!!
              Anniversaries, Retirement Parties, Office Parties,                           Four Classes – The last 3 classes will be On the Course!!!!
          Cocktail and Hors D’oeuvres Parties, Graduation Parties,                                      1 hour each class - $100. per student
             After Funeral Arrangements – whatever your event,                         Sign-ups close at 5:00 pm on April 17th. Any cancellations after that
                     call the State College Elks to plan it!                               result in full payment of the clinic. Email Aaron to sign up:
    Women’s Golf Tees Up the 2011 Season                                                           2011 Charity Golf Tournament
           Elks Women’s Golf teed up for the 2011 season with their spring                         The State College Elks Lodge #1600 is having its Annual Char-
golf banquet at the Elks Club on April 13. Twenty eight women were in                   ity Golf Tournament to be held on Sunday, September 11th at the State
attendance from the 9 Hole Tuesday night league and the 18 Hole Thursday                College Elks Country Club. Our tournament is held each year to raise
morning league, and league play started the week of April 18. They were                 money to help those persons with developmental disabilities, which are
joined by the new Elks Head Golf Pro, Aaron Palen, who shared ideas for                 defined by severe, chronic disorders attributable to mental or physical
growing the women’s program, and answered lots of questions in a light                  impairment before a person reaches the age of 22. Since 1963, the Pennsyl-
hearted, impromptu presentation on the Rules of Golf. Aaron has already                 vania Elks Home Service Program has been helping to improve the quality
made some wonderful improvements to the Pro Shop, and we know that                      of life for thousands of children and adults throughout our state. This
along with Assistant Golf Pro Dane Young, the women’s golf program is in                program provides support and advocacy services to individuals of any age
good hands these days.                                                                  who have a developmental disability. Best of all, the services are free and
           Emily Anselmi and Ellen Perry from the Elks Golf Committee                   you do not need to be an Elk to receive care through this program.
shared updates from that group, and urged league members to participate in                         We look forward to working with you this year and invite you to
the Club Championship the last two weekends of August. As a flighted                    join us to be a sponsor for this event. As a sponsor in this event, you will
tournament, it is intended for women of all playing abilities, and it would be          be promoting your company to a group of people who are very loyal to its
great to increase our participation in this fun event.                                  sponsors, as well as to the many area professionals who will be participat-
Both leagues run through the middle of August. Special events coming up                 ing at the outing itself. Companies like yours make the resources available
in May and June include the Rally for a Cure on May 10 (5:30 scramble)                  that help families in need throughout Pennsylvania.
and the Member-Member tournament on June 4. For more information on                                We are offering various levels of sponsorships. Please see the
the Rally for a Cure, contact Brenda Wagner, For more                    attached sponsor form for more information. With sponsorship, we will
information on the Member-Member tournament, contact Geri Stonebraker,                  plan again to recognize your company in our upcoming promotions for the These and all future women’s golf events will be posted in                golf tournament. In addition, you will be eligible to have golfers attend our
the locker room, the Pro Shop, and in the Elks newsletter.                              outing, a banner with company name, and a tee/green sign. We are antici-
           Any Elks woman interested in joining either league may contact               pating a highly successful and well-attended outing and look forward to
Geri Stonebraker, or Connie Schroeder,                                     working with you again to help families in need across Pennsylvania. for the 9 Hole group. Contact Aaron Palen at
the Pro Shop, 466-6451,, for additional information.                                                   Perry Schram, Esteemed Loyal Knight
           Our goals as a league are to have fun and play golf, all at the same
time. See you on the links!
                                —Submitted by Connie Schroeder

Ginny Hosterman (left) was
awarded the 2010 Women’s
Club Championship Cup by
Aaron Palen, new Head Pro, at
the Women’s Golf League
Spring Banquet, April 13.

Congratulations, Ginny, on
winning the championship

                                                                                                  Remember to visit us on the web at
       Baskets full of colorful golf balls adorned the tables, and                                
       were awarded to lucky winners at the close of the banquet.                                         for up to date information
           2011 Charity Golf Tournament                                                      2011 Pool Membership Fees
                                                                                             Daily passes: $5.00 – After 5:00 pm: $3.00
                      Sponsorship Form                                                   Single membership (12 years & older)
                  Please join our team of contributors.                                  Paid before April 16th, $ 90.00– cash – check
                                                                                          Paid after April 16th, $ 99.00– cash – check
_____ Gold Sponsorship                                       $2,500                                  Couple membership
      12 Golfers, Banner with company name,                                             Paid before April 16th, $115.00– cash – check
      tournament advertising & tee/green sign.                                           Aid after April 16th, $135.00– cash – check
                                                                                                      Family membership
_____ Silver Sponsorship                                     $1,500                    Paid before April 16th, $145.00– cash – check
      8 Golfers, Banner with company name,                                               Aid after April 16th, $160.00– cash – check
      tournament advertising & tee/green sign.                                      (Families with more than 4 people additional: $20.00)

_____ Bronze Sponsorship                                     $ 750                         Non member single membership: $99.00
      4 Golfers, Banner with company name,                                              Non member couple membership: $139.00
      tournament advertising & tee/green sign.                                           Non member family membership: $165.00
                                                                                    (Families with more than 4 people additional: $25.00)
_____ Lodge Sponsorship                                      $ 500                         (No discounted rates for non members)
      2 Golfers, Banner with company name,                                             No charge for children 4 years of age or under
      tournament advertising & tee/green sign
                                                                                       2011 POOL MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
_____ Tee Sponsorship                                        $ 100
      Company name displayed at a tee

Name      ___________________________________________                               Elks Member #____________________

Company       ________________________________________                              Address___________________________________________

                                                                                    City__________________________ State           Zip__________
Address _________________________________________
                                                                                    Phone                      __    Lodge #_________________
City/State/Zip _____________________________________

Daytime Phone ____________________________________                                  SINGLE MEMBERSHIP (12 YEARS AND OLDER AS OF 6/1/2011)
                                                                                    Names:                                       Ages:

    Please check your Sponsorship Level - Return form and check to:                 _________________________________________________
                    State College Elks Lodge #1600
      Attn: State College Elks 2011 Golf Charity Tournament                         _________________________________________________
                  PO Box 8 -- Boalsburg, PA 16827
                  Please make checks payable to the
              State College Elks Charity Golf Tournament
                                                                                    FAMILY MEMBERSHIP
                                                                                    Names:                                            Ages:

                    Spring Hours:
                      Monday—CLOSED                                                 _________________________________________________
         Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday —1:00 - 8:30 pm
             Friday and Saturday — Noon - 9:00 pm                                                          Pool Hours:
           Sunday — 10:30 am - 1:00 pm (Brunch only)                                                    May 29 ~ June 18
Soup & hot dogs available at the hut window every day, including Monday.
 Please remember to let us know if you are planning to dine with us, so we                           Weekends 12:00 ~ 7:30 pm
 may staff adequately. Call 466-7231 to make a reservation. The kitchen                              Fridays open until 8:00 pm
may close 1/2 hour earlier than posted times in the absence of reservations                          June 19 ~ September 6
                                  Bar                                                                     11:00 ~ 8:00 pm
                 Monday thru Saturday — 11:00 am                                                     Fridays open until 8:30 pm
                       Sunday – 10:30 am                                                    PLEASE REMIT CHECK WITH APPLICATION PAYABLE TO:
           *The bar may make last call with 6 patrons or fewer                                       ELKS CLUB of STATE COLLEGE
                                                                                                     PO Box 8, Boalsburg, PA 16827
                                                                                                               Officers for 2011-2012
                                                                             The Officers for this current Lodge year are listed below. Special Committees and their chairs, and a
                                                                         Calendar of Events for the Lodge year are periodically included inside the Newsletter. Don’t wait for that
                                                                         phone call or that personal contact to get involved, because you will have missed an opportunity to
                                                                         experience something very wonderful in helping those in our community.

                                                                         Exalted Ruler                       Treasurer                                 Past Exalted Ruler                     Tiler
                                                                         Charles Pavloski                    Steve Lupis                               Dave Immel                             Lee Morris
                                                                         814-883-2371                        814-867-1071                              814-364-1535 (home)                    814-861-0695
                                                                                                  814-238-7005 (work)
                                                                         Leading Knight                      Esquire                                                                          David Harry
                                                                         David Wasson                        Chris Carver                          Presiding Justice
                                                                         814-574-8920                        814-753-0052                          Joseph L. Amendola
                                                                                        814-238-0186 (home)
                                                                                                                                                                                              Dan Aiello
                                                                                                                                                   814-234-6821 (work)
                                                                                                                                                                                              William Asbury
                                                                         Loyal Knight                       Chaplain                                                                          Greg Evans
               State College, PA 16803

                                                                         Perry Schram                       Brenda Kephart                         Mediator
                                                                                                                                                                                              Gary Royer

                                                                         814-883-0964                                                              Bradley P. Lunsford
                                                                                                                                                                                              Jeff Weyman
               635 Fairway Road

                                                                                                                      548-1061 (work)
                                                                         Lecturing Knight                    Secretary
                                                                         Jeff Kephart                        George Olson
                                                                         814-404-3091                        814-237-4004

                                                                             B. P O. E. Lodge #1600
                                                                         635 Fairway Road - State College, PA 16803

                     Sunday                        Monday                   Tuesday                 Wednesday                      Thursday                          Friday                      Saturday

                                                                                                                                                           KITCHEN Hours:
                                                                                                                                                         Monday: Closed;               BAR Open:
                                                                                                                                                         Tue-Thu: 1:00-8:00 pm;        Mon-Sat: 11:00 am
                                                                                                                                                         Fri-Sat: Noon-9:00 pm;        Sunday: 10:30 am
                                                                                                                                                         Sunday: 10:30-1:00 pm.

               May 2011
  1                                      2                          3                      4                             5                               6                             7

      Sunday Brunch Buffet                      Kitchen Closed

  8                                      9                          10                     11                            12                              13                            14

                                                Kitchen Closed

                                              Annual Club Meeting        Lodge Meeting         State Spring Convention       State Spring Convention         State Spring Convention       State Spring Convention

  15                                     16                         17                     18                            19                              20                            21

      Sunday Brunch Buffet                      Kitchen Closed

  22                                     23                         24                     25                            26                              27                            28

                                                                         Lodge Meeting
      Sunday Brunch Buffet                      Kitchen Closed              (Initiation)                                                                     Place Flags on Graves

  29                                     30                         31                      1              J U N E       2                                3                            4

                          Pool Opens
                                              Memorial Day Stand
      Sunday Brunch Buffet                       Boalsburg

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