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					Please complete and send in:                                            Price for the Golf Outing
     ______ Golf ($225)
              *175 for members of Classes ‘08-’12
                                                             * $175 for members of Classes ‘08-’12
                                                                        Golf with Cart
     ______ Dinner Only ($75)                                                                                              Friends of Amherst Football
                                                                        Practice facilities
                                                                                                                                          7th Annual
                                                                        Lunch, Dinner, Beverages, & Gift Bag
                                                            $75 Dinner Only                                                              Golf Outing
 We appreciate your generosity in helping us
                                                                                                                                 Monday June 4, 2012
     make this an outstanding event. All                                                                                      The Orchards Golf Club
  sponsored items will be recognized with a                 Helping Support our 7th Annual Golf Outing
  sign identifying the individual or groups                                                                                         South Hadley, MA
                                                                       Last year’s outing proved to be a tremendous
   who have helped to support the outing.                   success. As in years past, friends and alumni gathered
  Options for sponsorship are listed on the                 together to enjoy a day of golf and to continue a great
           back of this brochure.                           tradition. Those who participated in the outing gave it         We are excited to announce the 7th Annual
                                                            rave reviews. We are hoping to attract even more
                                                                                                                           Friends of Amherst Football Golf Outing. Last
                                                            participants this year in an effort to grow the event. The
   Please list below the item which you would like to                                                                        year was a tremendous success, and we are
                                                            annual golf outing has become an integral part of our
                        sponsor:                            fundraising. If individuals, groups, or alumni classes are     expecting an even greater gathering this spring.
                                                            interested in helping to contribute to the operational costs
______________________________________________              of the golf outing, please consider the options below. We      Come re-unite with old friends and meet new
                                                            are extremely grateful for any contributions to assist us in   members of the Friends of Amherst Football
                                                            making this a memorable event.
  Please list the name or phrase that you would like to                                                                      Family for a round of golf and festivities.
 have written on the sign that will be placed on the golf
                         course:                            Sponsor a Hole for $150
                                                            Sponsor the “Longest Drive/Closest to the Pin” for $250
          ______________________________                                                                                     See you on the 4th of June !
                                                            Sponsor the “Hole in One” insurance for $750
   Thanks again for all of your support. I am excited
   about June 4th and look forward to a great day!
                                                            Sponsor the Golf Carts for $1000
                                                            Sponsor Lunch for $1500
                                                            Sponsor the Beverage Cart for $2000
                                                            Sponsor Dinner for the Golfers for $2250
Please contact Luke Bussard with any questions regard-      Sponsor the Golfer Gift Bag for $2500
ing the golf outing. We look forward to seeing all of you
there.                                                      In addition to monetary donations, we are actively
Assistant Football Coach, Luke Bussard                      searching for items that will help us strengthen our raffle. or (413-542-5143)
                                                            Ideas for these types of prizes are: tickets to sporting
                                                            events, autographed memorabilia, foursomes at your
                                                            private golf club, etc. Thank you in advance for your
                                                            support of the Golf Outing and the football program.
       Friends of Amherst Football                   Driving Directions:                                    Please cut-off this page, complete the
         7th Annual Golf Outing                      For accurate driving directions, please go to:         form on both sides and return it in
                                                     Orchards Web Site:                                     the enclosed envelope by May 15th.
          Monday June 4th, 2012                   
                                                                                                            Please make checks payable to:
                                                                                                                  Amherst College Football
Dear Friends of Amherst Football:
                                                     Estimated Driving Distances:
I invite you to join us for the 7th Annual           From New York City (Manhattan) - 167 Miles [3 hours]   Name: ______________________________
Friends of Amherst Football Golf Outing on
                                                     From Boston, MA —93 Miles (1 3/4 hrs)
Monday June 4th, 2012 at 11:00am. Prepara-                                                                  Class: ______________
tions continue and I expect to build upon the
                                                   Hotels in Amherst [15 mins. to Orchards Golf Club]:
success of the 2011 event. I look forward to                                                                Email: ______________________________
seeing those of you who joined us last year and    Holiday Inn Express: 413-586-8484
I encourage you to reach out to other members      Courtyard by Marriott: 413-256-5454
                                                                                                            Home Phone: _______________________
of the Football Family with the intent to help
grow the outing.
                                                        Schedule of Events for June 4th, 2012
                                                                                                            Cell Phone: _________________________
I look forward to returning to The Orchards             10:00 am—11:00 am: Check-In
Golf Club in South Hadley, MA. The                      Full use of locker rooms and practice facilities
Orchards, host of the 2004 US Women's                                                                       List the people with whom you would
                                                        Note: Bag Lunches will be out prior to tee-off      like to play:
Open, is a fabulous course with great facilities
for our event.                                          Tee-Off: 11:00 am
                                                                                                            1. ____________________________________
                                                        Shotgun Start
To best prepare for the proper number of
                                                        Conclusion of Golf:
players and guests, please return the completed                                                             2. ____________________________________
                                                        Cocktails and dinner immediately following.
sign-up sheet in the enclosed envelope by
May 15th, 2012.
                                                                               Prizes                          We will do our best to accommodate
Beat Williams                                                                                                          everyone's requests.
                                                                     Par-3 Hole-In-One Prizes:
                                                                    Grand Prize: $50,000 Cash               Lunch Choices (Please choose one)

                                                                      Sharp LCD Flat Screen TV              _______ Turkey

                                                                        Callaway Big-Bertha Irons                   Roast Beef
E. J. Mills
                                                                     2 Round-Trip Airline Tickets           _______ Ham and Swiss
Head Football Coach
                                                                                                            _______ Vegetarian
Amherst College

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