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student s evaluation sheet - Orland High School


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                                Orland High School

                                                                              Winter 2010


Greetings Parents, Guardians and Students!

We hope this Winter Edition of the Trojangram finds you in good spirits and that you and your
student are pleased with your Orland High School experience. Please keep in mind that we value
your opinion and welcome constructive input on ways to help OHS be the best it can be. Feel
free to send any input you may have to ohsinput@orlandusd.net or check the OHS web page at
www.orlandusd.net/orlandhigh for individual staff email addresses.

OHS doesn’t slow down when the leaves fall and the days get shorter. In fact we’re moving into
high gear on many fronts. A major task facing OHS this year is the completion of our Western
Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) self study. The self study entails reviewing all the
major aspects of Orland High School and taking a close look at five key areas. These areas
include governance/leadership, curriculum, instruction, assessment and school culture.

The OHS staff has been working on the self study over the course of the last few staff meetings
and will continue until we feel we’ve completed a thorough review of our school. The self study
will culminate with a finished report in March, and a school visitation by a team of experts in
April. Finally, this team will award OHS an accreditation term of between one and six years; a
six year accreditation is our goal and is the most prestigious term a school can be awarded.

While many staff meetings and PLC days will be devoted to our WASC self study, the OHS staff
still continues its push forward to improve our overall program. With the addition of newly re-
hired teacher Tibi Marinescu, our ELD program has expanded and improved. We’ve added two
sections of ELD to the master schedule and are currently developing a new “Sheltered Core”
English class for our English Learners. Our EL subgroup should benefit as these changes will
enable a more focused English Language Development approach throughout the program.
Additionally, the new Sheltered Core English class will allow time to focus on the core English
Language Arts standards without forcing these students to give up an elective. We’ve also added
an intervention period for students who struggle with their academic classes. This intervention
period focuses on study skills, note taking, time management and organization.

OHS has officially wrapped up our fall sports season and we are pleased with the efforts made
by our students, coaches, staff and spectators. The season was a success and we would like to
thank all those that helped contribute to our success. Our volleyball program worked hard all
season but unfortunately fell one game short of playoffs. Head Coach Miranda Coughlin and her
assistant coaches are to be commended for their efforts this year, both on and off the court. In
addition to their steady improvement, their fundraising skills have resulted in a positive cash
flow which will give next year’s Lady Trojans additional gear, equipment and options. Girls
Tennis went undefeated all the way up to the section finals where they were finally unseated by
rival Live Oak. Individual and doubles tennis continued with OHS “Ace” Sophie Wackerman
reaching the semi-finals at the “Masters” tournament in Chico. Sophie also paired up with
teammate Erica Vaquera to push deep into the doubles tournament against the bigger division I
schools. Our swimming team had some great team and individual performances. Steven
Batchelder won the North Section Outstanding Male Swimmer title and was the champion at the
200m individual medley and 100m breaststroke. Last but not least, the OHS football program
had many positive highlights at all three levels. Our varsity record was 4-6 with the Trojans
making steady improvements and breaking many OHS records along the way. OHS was proud
to win the “Battle of the Axe” for the second straight year and was pleased to put up record
scoring numbers against rival Corning; both of these accomplishments occurred while on the
road. Our JV and Freshman football teams each had excellent seasons with positive prospects
for the future. JV ended with an 8-2 record and Freshman ended 5-5 with three wins against JV
teams. Varsity Head Coach Mike McDonald, JV Head Coach Josh Mason and Freshman Head
Coach Victor Perry, as well as their assistant coaches are to be commended on running clean,
quality programs while at the same time teaching leadership, sportsmanship and character
qualities to our young athletes. Wrestling, soccer and basketball teams have now been
established and we’re looking forward to strong showings from all or our winter athletic

On behalf of the staff at OHS I want to wish you and your students an enjoyable holiday season
and I’m looking forward to working with you in the future.


Jeff Scheele
Anthropology afternoons are getting underway. Monday, December 6th will be the first of four
afternoons when Butte College and Chico State Anthropology instructor, Melody Yeager will
conduct a workshop and lecture. The topics for this first event are: “Agriculture and the Making
of the Modern World” and “What It Means to be Human.” Ms. Yeager is excited to be working
with local area high school students and is looking forward to the experience. This is also a great
opportunity for our students to get a glimpse into the content of a college course.
We are also in the process of ordering an Italian language program. Once that arrives, we’ll be
meeting once a week at lunch to collectively learn and expose our brains to the beauty of Italian.
Ms. Plummer

CSF News
        Hieroglyphics, tiegrams, matchematics, lipograms…what do all these have in common?
These were all types of clues in the CSF Treasure Hunt that was held on Wednesday, November
10th. This CSF tradition for the past 45 years is one of our favorite activities! Twenty-four CSF
members arrived with running shoes and flashlights to compete in this event. Students formed
class teams to decipher the clues, and then RAN to discover the “treasure” hidden at various
locations on campus before the others arrived! The sophomore class, the smallest team, ended up
on top, winning the hunt with only 3 members – John Overton, Justin Smith, and Melina Torres.
The seniors, a team of six, placed a close second and challenged the sophomores to a re-match in
the spring! After brainstorming to solve ten clues, the group ended the evening with
refreshments and lots of laughter!
        Can you solve this clue from our treasure hunt?
                 Strike out all letters that do not belong here and find the clue!
                                  (Answer: Planter by tennis courts)
                    Counselors Corner

1st Quarter Progress reports were mailed out on October 29. The next progress report will be mailed on
December 6. January 14th is the end of the semester; this is when grades and credits are posted to the
official transcript. Students should be working hard to earn the best possible grade and pay particular
attention to their attendance. Please call your student’s teacher or counselor with any concerns or

Need extra help? Here are some resources available at this time:
    Teachers and Counselors are available from 8:00 to 3:30 and by appointment.
    OHS Media Center is open Monday - Friday from 7:30 to 3:00 everyday

Note: Students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average to participate in sports, and to maintain, or get, a
work permit.

The Violet Richardson Award
Honors young women who are currently between the ages of 14-17 who have demonstrated initiative in
both identifying a problem and trying to solve it, and is someone who has had significant and noteworthy
accomplishments as a volunteer. See Mrs. Moloney for an application, Deadline is Dec 1st.

CSU Chico/Trio program provides high school students with a summer enrichment residential program.
U.B. is accepting applications from students wishing to enter the program this summer. Their target
population is low-income, first-generation, college-bound students that are performing at grade level.
Postmark deadline is January 31, 2011.

Students in grades 11 and 12 (and grade 10 if there are seats available) have the opportunity to take the
ASVAB Career Exploration aptitude test and interest inventory which is sponsored by the various
branches of the U.S. Military Services. The results of the test and the interest inventory will help
      identify, understand, and organize information about their interests, skills, and work-related
      identify suitable occupations to investigate and pursue based on their own interests, values,
         skills, and competencies; and
      use career information resources to further explore these occupations.
 **The test will be given at Orland High School on Friday, November 19. To participate, students must
 sign up in the counseling office.* *
The counselors will be meeting with all sophomores to review their academic progress, educational
options, and discuss their goals for life after high school. Each student will take career interest inventory,
investigate a career of interest, and based on those results and the student’s personal goals, an educational
plan for the junior and senior years was developed.

       Complete and submit your UC and/or CSU college applications online (CSU:
        UC: www.universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions/ as early as possible, but NO LATER than
        November 30.
       Students can search other California educational programs at www.californiacolleges.edu
       Check priority deadlines and entrance requirements for all colleges that you are considering. A
        few paper applications are available in the counseling office for each university system if your
        student cannot file online.
       Butte College Reg-to-Go - assessment, orientation and registration will take place next semester.
        Students are encouraged to complete a 2010-2011 application online at www.cccapply.edu

Financial Aid: THINGS TO DO NOW.
       Organize student / parent & student 2010 tax information.
       Application period is January 1 through March 2, 2011 @ www.fafsa.ed.gov
       Students AND parents need PIN # NOW @ www.pin.ed.gov!
        Parents’ need only one PIN # for all of their children.
       Cal Grants: The Calif. State Scholarship Program uses your FAFSA information and your 10-11
        academic GPA (min. 2.0 required) to determine eligibility. In order for OHS to release your
        information to the state, students must turn in a Cal Grant GPA Information Release Form
        to Dera Miller.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid): Financial Aid information meeting is December 8,
2010 at 6:30 pm in the Media Center. Spanish translation using the Whisper System will be available.

FAFSA – Cash for College – Application assistance available on Saturday, January 22 at 10:00 in the
Media Center.

    Advertised through scholarship boards in English, Civics, Econ and Ag. Business classes, daily
       bulletin, handouts, Trojangram, and at www.orlandusd.net, click on Orland High, Counseling,
       OHS, Senior Scholarships at OHS.
    Students should sign up for Internet scholarship search program at www.fastweb.com,

BEWARE: The Scholarship search or application process should not cost you any money. If there is a
charge, it may be scam!
The following letter was read to all seniors in their English, and Civics, Economics, or Ag.
Business class:

Date: October 27, 2010

To: ALL Seniors

From: OHS Graduation Committee and Staff

Subject: WARNING!

All seniors have this in common:
       1. Must pass 10 units of English IV
       2. Must pass 5 units of Civics and 5 units of Econ and/or 10 units of Ag Biz

If you fail, or lose credit, in one (or both) of these classes this semester, there is no easy and cost-
free way to make up the deficiency next semester (spring) except through Adult Ed. To make up
5 credits at Adult Ed. you will need to complete a minimum of 75 hours (@ 15 hours per credit)
in the Adult Ed. classroom and successfully complete the required work.

Bad News: Currently the Adult Ed. class is full AND there is a waiting list of 7 people
          who will all be added before you will even be considered for enrollment.

Therefore: You NEED to pass English IV, Civics/Econ-Ag Biz, this semester with
           ALL 5 credits, or there is a very high probability that you will not
           walk/graduate/participate in the graduation ceremony.

                                                    Work study
              Cal Grant
                                                                          Pell Grant
                            SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP

 Deadline Date                                                     Minimum Requirements
Application and/or information available online or in the “Self-Help” Scholarship box, located in
the Counseling office

Ongoing               www.fastweb.com                              On-line scholarship search

Ongoing               www.christianconnector.com                   Free Christian college and
                                                                   scholarship web resource.

Ongoing               U.S. Bank Internet Scholarship Program       Through March.

Nov. 30               NSA - Stokes Education Scholarship Program   3.0 GPA, planning to major
                      Apply at www.NSA.gov/Careers                 in computer science,
                      Click on Student Programs                    foreign Language, or

Dec. 1                Violet Richardson Award                      Young women between
                      (Portfolio application)                      ages of 14-17 who volunteer
                                                                   in school and community

Dec. 1                Elks Scholarship                             Portfolio application, SAT/
                      www.elks.org/enf/scholars                    ACT, leadership, activities.

Dec. 9                Smittcamp Family Honors College              Apply to Fresno State
                      http://honors.csufresno.edu                  3.6 GPA. Apply by Nov. 30.

Dec 15                AXA Achievement Scholarship                  Demonstrate outstanding,
                      www.axa-achievement.com                      community service.

Dec. 15               Chico State                                  Apply to Chico State
                      www.csuchico.edu/fa                          by Nov. 30.

Dec. 17               Helen Diller Foundation                      Jewish teens with
                      www.jewishfed.org/diller/teenawards          demonstrated remarkable
                                                                   leadership service.

Dec. 31               Colgate Hispanic Scholarship                 3 Essays.
Jan. 28             Ronald McDonald House Charities           2.7 GPA, apply for one of the
                    www.rmhc.org                              four available scholarships,
                                                              RMHC, Hispanic, Asian,
                                                              African American .

Jan. 31             CA Assoc. of Collectors, Inc.             Essay “Importance of
                    www.cacesf.org                            Establishing & Maintaining
                                                              Good Credit during Your
                                                              College Years.”

Feb. 15             National Co-Op Scholarship                Must attend 1/7 listed
                    www.co-op.edu                             Universities, 3.5 GPA

Mar. 1              Order of the Sons of Italy                 Must be partially of Italian
                    Academic &/or Language Study Program      descent. SAT/ACT/PSAT

April 4             CA Wine Grape Growers Foundation          Dependents of Vineyard
                    www.cwggf.org                             worker. SAT/ACT, essay.

April 4             Robert Miller - CA Wine Growers           Major in Viticulture &
                    www.cwggf.org                             Enology, SAT/ACT, essay

***Portfolio Application includes a cover page with picture, required application material
and supporting documents from students’ senior portfolio. Submit in a clear report folder.

Schools, our schools, Orland High website, Counseling, OHS, Senior Scholarships
Greetings from the Athletic Director’s corner! Our fall sports season has finally come to an end
and Winter sports are full steam ahead. Below is a recap of how the fall athletic season


        Freshman finished the season 5-5. They played four JV teams and beat three of them.
They were also second in the BVL losing to Sutter in the final game. The frosh team finished
with 34 student/athletes on the roster and were 3rd place overall in the BVL. The outstanding
performers included Kavi Ram, Weston Foster Tyler Batchelder, and Victor Raigoza.
        The J.V. football team ended the year with 8-2 record, finishing second in league with a
3-1 mark. This group vastly improved their overall record from the previous year when they
went 3-7. Hard work, dedication, and a positive team attitude were some of the contributing
factors to their success. Some notable individual achievements were Zach Garzoli rushing for
1,176 yards and 18 touchdowns, Aldrick Rosas with 7 touchdown receptions and 14 kickoff
touchbacks, Ben Howard with 100 tackles, and Jordan Long completing 54% of his passes and
finishing with a final QB rating of 96. These individual achievements cannot overshadow team
achievements however. They went 6-0 at home and outscored their opponents 194-6. For the
season, they outscored their opponents 258-86 and were plus 9 in the turnover battle (21
turnovers created - 12 turnovers lost). Even though the team was low on total number of players
on the roster, they overcame many obstacles and never made excuses.
This group demonstrated how a positive team attitude and hard work can take a team to
new levels of success. Great job J.V.'s.
        Varsity finished 4-6 and 3rd place in league. Although we missed the post-season by 1
game, we set many milestones this season. Brandon Smith passed for 1216 yards, the 1st Trojan
Quarterback to eclipse 1000 yards passing in a season, since Scott Leach in 1992. Brandon also
finished the season with 306 yards rushing, for a total of 1522 offensive yards on the season #1
in the Butte View league. Brandon also accounts for 16 touchdowns. Smith's statistics has not
been matched by any Trojan QB in nearly 20 years!.
        Jose Huerta finished the season with 609 yards receiving which makes him # 2 on the
OHS all-time list in receiving yards in a season, he is also #2 on the OHS list for Career
receiving yardage at 1092 yards, 2nd to Marvin Aguiar(1970) in both categories. Huerta is tied
with Aguiar as the career receptions leader at 37. Jose scored 12 touchdowns this season
and contributed 405 yards rushing for a season total of 1014 total yards. Casey Gingrich
contributed 816 yards on 128 carries, from fullback, and John Evans finished the season as the
northern section leader with 15.5 sacks and 70 tackles. Gingrich, Evans, Huerta, and Smith were
all named “all-league”. The returning players are all chomping at the bit for the 2011 season.
Trojan Pride!!

       Volleyball wrapped up its 2010 season with high hopes for next year. The freshman team
made a lot of growth and quickly learned that high school ball is a lot different than what they
were exposed to last year. They finished their season with a 2-4 mark in league, defeating
Wheatland for both wins.
        They are looking forward to bettering that mark next year as JV. Hunter Dupee was
named MVP, Brenda Bravo was named Most Improved Player, and Xyena Orozco was honored
with a Coach’s Award. Thank you to Coach Stephanie Andrews for a great season.
        The JV team played well throughout their season and ended up 3-5 in league which
landed them a third place finish. They made big improvements and really focused on learning
how to play defense against bigger schools. They are a very talented group of girls and should
bring a lot of spunk to next year’s varsity team. Destiny Thompson was honored with a Captain’s
Award, and Kenya Espinoza was honored with a Coach’s Award. Coach Rachelle Hudson did a
wonderful job with her team this year!
        This year’s varsity team was young and inexperienced with only two returners from last
year’s squad, but continued to impress Coach Coughlin throughout the season. They faced many
challenging teams in their preseason and went in to league looking to be competitive and earn a
playoff match. Unfortunately, they finished with a 3-5 record, which was just one match shy of
their playoff goal. They tied with Wheatland for a third place finish in the BVL. Coach Coughlin
is looking forward to many returners next year and is excited about the potential she has coming
in to the program. Jessica Bonesio was honored with a Captain’s Award, Michelle Shelden
earned a Coach’s Award, Makayla James earned a Hustle Award, and Laeyla Ealy was named
the team’s Most Valuable Offensive Player. Jessica Bonesio and Laeyla Ealy were also awarded
with All-League selections and Makayla James earned an All-League Honorable Mention.


       Swimming this year had a strong showing with small numbers. The team was led by
standout swimmers Emily Kraemer, Stephanie Kraemer, Scott Batchelder, and All league and
All-Section swimmer Stephen Batchelder. Great Job Swimmers!


        Girls Tennis went undefeated all the way up to the section finals where they were finally
unseated by rival Live Oak. Individual and doubles tennis continued with OHS “Ace” Sophie
Wackerman reaching the semi-finals at the “Masters” tournament in Chico. Sophie also paired
up with teammate Erica Vaquera to push deep into the doubles tournament against the bigger
division I schools.

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