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            3|09                                         December 2009

           4-21    Corporate development                                                                                                                                Remanu-
            4-15   Remanufacturing in Magdeburg                                              4-15                                                                       facturing
           16-17   Investing in the future                                                                                                                              As a pilot remanufacturing
          18-19    Changing corporate culture                                                                                                                           center, the Magdeburg
                                                                                                                                                                        factory reconditions Series
          20-21    MTU brand profile raised                                                                                                                             2000 and Series 4000
                                                                                                                                                                        (pictured) components
      22-25        MTU centenary                                                                                                                                        and engines.

                   Review and DVD

                   Global news
                   Company / Sales / Staff

      36-43        Series 1600
                   Presenting the subprojects

      44-45        Side glance
                   Pallet store control system

      46-47        Sales
                   Armored vehicles

      48-53        Production
                   New genset production line

      54-57        Training                                                                                                          Big numbers
      54-55        90 years of training                                                                                           Volume production of gensets is
                                                                                                                            being expanded in Mankato (pictured),
      56-57        Training in practice
                                                                                                                                         Magdeburg und Suzhou.

             58    Work & Social
                   Ghost festival

             59    One of us                                                                      Building bridges                                       59
                                                                                                  Emel Coban helps promote understanding
                                                                                                  between German and Turkish communities
                                                                                                  in her spare time.

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                                                                               “We should remain confident and continue to shape the future
                                                                                ourselves – irrespective of whether that means dealing with
                                                                                more crisis situations, developing new products, driving our
                                                                                business forward or even increasing production output.“
                                                                                Volker Heuer, Tognum CEO

                                        just as at the beginning of the year we tend to think about what the future might bring, at the end
                                    of the year we look back and consider whether it has matched our expectations. The year 2009 held a
                                    number of surprises that went beyond what we expected. The financial and economic crisis exceeded
                                    everything we had reckoned with about a year ago. At the end of this year, our turnover will be 15 to
New                                 20 percent less than the year before. The sometimes painful decisions we have had to take as a result
Series 1600                         have affected all our locations. We have had to slim down staffing levels, for instance by saying good-
                                    bye to temporary employees. Members of the core workforce have had to allow their flexitime accounts
Volume production of the new        to go into deficit, which has enabled us to avoid short-time working. Company and staff have made
Series 1600 started in October.     sacrifices to do so – it has been and continues to be a great effort.
Planning of the subprojects broke
new ground in many respects.
                                        We are placing our trust in that proven team for the future of the business, which we expect to im-
                                    prove again in the medium term. It includes the Rotorion employees in Friedrichshafen who will not
                                    be relocating to the new production centers following the sale of the subsidiary to IFA Holding. Our

             48-53                  desire to find a solution for everyone affected shows that we do not treat our workforce indifferently.

                                        What a great community the employees of a company can be has been illustrated by our MTU
                                    centenary year. All three main events far exceeded the guests’ expectations. Who would have thought
                                    that Wilhelm Maybach would appear ‘in person’ at the official ceremony or that German Chancellor,
                                    Angela Merkel, would attend the gala evening? And the staff centenary party attended by over 16,000
                                    people still managed to go beyond anything we could have imagined. The DVD enclosed with this issue
                                    contains a film and photos of the event as a memento for those who were there and to provide an im-
                                    pression of the proceedings for those for whom the trip to Friedrichshafen was too far.

                                        So what about 2010? Of course, we are hoping that economically things will improve. But at this
                                    moment in time, nobody can say whether that will be possible on a lasting basis within the next twelve
                                    months. The earliest we can expect to have a better idea will be in the spring of 2010. But we should
                                    remain confident and continue to shape the future ourselves – irrespective of whether that means
                                    dealing with more crisis situations, developing new products, driving our business forward or even in-
                                    creasing production output. We have shown confidence by spending more on development in the year
                                    of the global crisis, starting production of the Series 1600, launching our new range of standard gensets
                                    and preparing for the construction of a large materials planning center.

                                    I wish you all a happy Christmas, a restorative holiday period and optimism for 2010.

                                    Best regards, Volker Heuer




Reawakening                                                                                 Remanufacturing a
                                                                                            crankshaft at the
                                                                                            Magdeburg facility:
                                                                                            Jens Drewes operates
                                                                                            a modern CNC ma-
                                                                                            chine tool recently
                        New Magdeburg location integrating into                             purchased for recon-
                                                                                            ditioning Series 2000
                       Tognum Group as remanufacturing center                               and Series 4000

Tognum is breathing new life into old engines at its new subsidiary in Magdeburg
which, as the pilot remanufacturing center for Europe, is restoring Series 2000 and
4000 units to as-new condition. For the Magdeburg location it represents a reawaken-
ing. Other seeds of future growth such as the installation of the new genset production
line have also been planted.



                                               AGDEBURG. When Tognum took over         Reconditioning components and engines req-
                                               SKL Motor GmbH of Magdeburg at          uires equally demanding manufacturing and
                                               the beginning of 2008, the aim was      testing standards and equipment as normal pro-
                                  already clearly defined – integration into the       duction – from working with CNC machining
                                  Tognum Group as a pilot remanufacturing cen-         centers to high-precision metrology. The funda-
                                  ter for the European region. Remanufacturing         mental requirements for such a technologically
                                  involves reconditioning engines and compo-           and logistically sophisticated process (see article
                                  nents so that they are as good as new. They can      starting on p. 13) were already in place at the
                                  then be sold at prices substantially cheaper than    time of the takeover – a workforce with excellent
                                  the equivalent new products. A total of 16 key       diesel engine production skills, a healthy ap-
                                  components of the Series 2000 and 4000 have be       prenticeship program in the training depart-
                                  identified for remanufacturing including the         ment and expandable infrastructure in the areas
                                  crankcase, con rods, pistons, crankshafts and        of development, production, assembly and
                                  intercooler. “It might sound easy at first, but it   bench-testing. Not to mention plenty of space
                                  isn’t at all,” emphasizes Martin Wendel, Head of     for new machinery and plant in a total of six
                                  Global After sales at Tognum and the man in          factory sheds.
                                  charge of the global remanufacturing project.
                                                                                       The road to the pilot remanufacturing center
           Magdeburg plant:
        The factory has been                                                               The first contacts with the new Tognum sub-
        undergoing develop-                                                            sidiary date back to the late 1990s. In those days,
          ment into the pilot                                                          MTU Friedrichshafen worked with Magdeburg
     remanufacturing center                                                            on the development of Series 4000 gas engines
      for Europe since 2008.
                                                                                       and on combustion process advancement for
       The compact building
    complex (top) comprises                                                            the Series 8000. Although the basic conditions
        six factory sheds and                                                          for integration of the plant into the Tognum
                an office area.                                                        Group were thus good, a large amount of human
                                                                                       and technical resource capacity for a remanu-
                                                                                       facturing process still had to be established in
                                                                                       2008. “One of the most urgent tasks, which we


                                                       … with Karl-Thomas Klingebiel, the man in charge of the Tognum
                                                       facility in Magdeburg.

                                                                 “Nine engines
                                                                  in the space of a month”
                                                                   A remanufacturing process is a demanding project.
                                                                   What are the strengths that make Magdeburg parti-
                                                                  cularly suited to it?                                             New from old
    Karl-Thomas Klingebiel is the                                                                                                   (top):
                                                                       The team is highly proficient in the technology, i.e.
    man in charge in Magdeburg                                                                                                      Series 2000 and
                                                               making diesel engines. The company also offers substantial
         He has been general manager of the                                                                                         Series 4000 en-
    Magdeburg plant since 2008. Born in Berlin, he         plant and machinery infrastructure.                                      gines that have
    was in charge of production at Rotorion from                                                                                    been restored to
    2000 to 2006 and subsequently manager of the       How far are you with the project?                                            as-new condition
    Rotorion factory in Charleston, USA. “After a          There is a master timetable with which we are completely on sche-        by the remanu-
    number of years in foreign-language situations                                                                                  facturing process
                                                       dule. In total, we will remanufacture 16 different components. So far
    in southern Germany and America, I am now                                                                                       wait here for their
    back in the comfort of my linguistic homeland      there have been no delays with any of the components. Three quarters         next assignment.
    as a Berliner,” Klingebiel quips.                  of the components had been certified by September 2009. We will start
                                                       on the final part of the list at the end of 2009. From that you can see
                                                       how far we are with the remanufacturing of engines.
managed to complete in only six months with
the assistance of the HR Department in Fried-          What does that mean?
richshafen, was to expand the existing work-                So far we have produced roughly 60 remanufactured engines. As
force of about 70 people by a further 60 staff,” re-   time progresses, they are made up increasingly of components that we
ports Reinhard Märsch, general manager of the          have reconditioned here. As we have not yet received clearance for re-
facility in the early months. Both sides were very     manufacturing all components, we fit new parts to the engines instead
cooperative in their approach to the job because       at this point. The basic rule is that new parts are always fitted if there
it was a case of reorganizing all structures, pro-     is no remanufactured part available. That means that customers have
cedures, roles and work stations, and ultimately       been supplied with entirely as-new engines right from the start regard-
adapting them to the group-wide processes. “We         less of the stage of progress of the project.
were received with open arms,” recalls Martin
Hatzelmann, who was dispatched from the HR             How successful has the startup been with engines so far?
Department in Friedrichshafen to Magdeburg.                We have created the fundamental conditions for operating a suc-
His successor, HR manager Sandy Eisenreich, is         cessful remanufacturing business in components and engines. You can
currently in the process of setting up a series of     see that from the fact that we placed the first engine on the test bench
welfare and training services ranging from a           on 26th June 2008 and in August 2009 completed nine engines in the
new canteen to a continuing education program          space of a month.



                 Dismantling a Series 4000:     including computer and English courses. “Due                ponents are sent to the parts center in Über-
 One of the facilities set up for the remanu-   to the close contacts with HR boss, Matthias                lingen while the reman engines are held in stock
facturing process is a shed in which engines
                                                Jobmann, and others, we are getting closer to               on site ready for resale.
 are dismantled and components examined,
                        assessed and cleaned.   reaching the Tognum standards every week,”                      Many of the remanufacturing processes have
                                                Sandy Eisenreich relates.                                   to be coordinated in detail and globally stan-
                                                                                                            dardized. From the start, the development of
                                                            Tight integration in the Group                  Magdeburg into a remanufacturing specialist in-
                                                                The reasons for that close assimila-        volved not only colleagues from Friedrichshafen
                                                                   tion are primarily to be found in        but also from the Duisburg center. “The Duis-
                                                                      the nature of the complex,            burg staff helped us a lot with the establishment
                                                                         cross-location remanufactu-        of the remanufacturing center in Magdeburg
                                                                         ring process itself. It can only   and passed on their expertise,” Martin Wendel
    Sandy Eisenreich,                                                    be made economically viable        expands. In contrast with Magdeburg, Duisburg
    HR manager                                                           if it is practiced on a large      concentrates more on diverse and complex re-
         Even after taking
    charge of the HR Depart-                                             scale, in other words in large     pair projects and overhauls on classic series such
    ment she continues to live in                                        numbers. With that aim in          as the 396.
    her home town of Berlin, 170 kilometers away. Her duties             mind, the worldwide Tog-
    extend from initial and continuing training through to wel-          num organization is being          Integration of Series 2000 and 4000
    fare services. The Training Department has traditionally
                                                                         utilized and new remanu-           components into production
    played an important role in Magdeburg. At present there
    are a total of 28 youth trainees completing an apprentice-           facturing facilities being             A particular strength which recommended
    ship. In the area of ongoing in-service training, by contrast,       established in all three sales     the Magdeburg plant for the remanufacturing
    she is reconstructing some areas to Tognum standards                 regions. Among them, of            process is the availability of a whole series of
    with language and computer courses and a new canteen.                course, is the Magdeburg site      machines capable of producing not only the
                                                                         which is playing the van-          components of the products previously made
                                                                        guard role. The plant per-          but also remanufactured Series 2000 and 4000
                                                  forms two functions for Europe: it is a collection        parts. Modern CNC machine tools for making
                                                  center where used parts and engines are retur-            crankcases and con rods are an example. While
                                                  ned by distributors or customers. And it is a re-         substantial increases in unit production figures
                                                  manufacturing center. The reconditioned com-              are being targeted in the remanufacturing pro-


cesses, output of the SKL Series 29/24 engines     Investment largely completed
previously produced and of emergency backup             The majority of the investment in new plant
gensets is being scaled down. At the same time,    and machinery for reconditioning the Series
development work in Magdeburg under the di-        2000 and 4000 has already been made. It
rection of Karl-Ernst Schwarze is being focused    includes an ultrasound tester for intercoolers,
increasingly on the remanufacturing process.       a crankshaft machining station, a balancing
The requirements for it are being drawn up by      machine and a crack testing system. Still re-
the remanufacturing subproject headed by Dr.       quired are equipment such as a penetrating
Martin Kurreck. “At least 60 percent of our work   agent system by which, in contrast to the exis-
is now closely coordinated with Dr. Kurreck’s      ting crack testing system, cracks can be identi-
design team,” Karl-Ernst Schwarze elucidates.      fied in non-magnetic components such as the
Remanufacturing is also a permanent part of        piston crown or valve rockers. Investment in a
work on the test benches. Two of the four test     recooling plant and more test bench equipment
benches are used for the Series 2000 and 4000,     is also planned.
one single-cylinder test bench for the Series
8000 and one for the SKL VD 29/24 engine.          Systematic inspection                               Testing a con rod for cracks (top):
                                                   The first stage of the classic re-manufacturing     Thomas Hagedorn has sprayed a Series
                                                                                                       8000 con rod sent in for repair with a
   Hans-Jörg Kohrt,                                  process is the examination of used parts.
                                                                                                       fluorescent liquid that shows up green
   Exhange Part Assemblies                                “There are various criteria for assess-      in UV light.
         Hans-Jörg Kohrt, who previously                     ment, which are also set down by
   worked at the Hamburg center, has                           the development departments in          Remanufacturing con rods:
   moved to Magdeburg due to the                                 Friedrichshafen and Magdeburg,”       Denis Willberg can set up several used
   relocation of exchange part as-                                                                     con rods at a time on the CNC machining
                                                                 explains Michael Kunze, mechani-
   sembly repairs for the German                                                                       center.
   Navy to Magdeburg and has in-
                                                                 cal production manager. Visual
   ducted his new colleagues into the                           inspections, complete dimensional
   job. “On the one hand, the move                            checks and crack tests are some of the
   wasn’t easy but on the other it allowed                  methods used to determine, for exam-
   me to continue doing my familiar job.”              ple, whether a cylinder liner is damaged
                                                   and whether the dimensions are within the allo-



                                                                                                   Michael Hoffmann (left), designer,
                                                                                                   and Karl-Ernst Schwarze, head of
                                                                                                   Development in Magdeburg
              Reman Series 2000 engine:     wable tolerances. For highly stressed compo-                The Development team headed by Karl-
By having some of its components recon-     nents such as con rods and crankcases, the crite-      Ernst Schwarze has been strengthened for the
   ditioned and others replaced with new                                                           remanufacturing process. Michael Hoffmann
                                            ria are more numerous than for components not
   parts, an engine is restored to as-new                                                          joined the Magdeburg remanufacturing team in
condition in the remanufacturing process.   subject to such high loads. According to Michael
                                                                                                   2009. His diploma thesis qualified him especial-
  The picture shows Stefan Imgrund who      Kunze, roughly 80 percent of components can            ly for the work. He examined the technical and
  was dispatched from Friedrichshafen to    be remanufactured overall. The remaining 20            economic potential of the concept using the tur-
                              Magdeburg.    percent are replaced with new parts.                   bocharger as his example. He also visited the
                                                 Of central importance among the techno-           Detroit Diesel facility in Tooele near Salt Lake
                                            logies used in the remanufacturing process is          City where S60 engines are remanufactured.
                                            grinding. It provides parts with a symmetrical
                                            geometry, such as perfect circularity in the case
                                            of bearings. Crankcase bores are remachined to      to 162 mm from their original dimension of
                                            a defined dimension from a series of set in-        160 mm when new in order to remove surface
                                            crements depending on wear. Here too, the prin-     damage. There are then precisely matched, over-
                                            ciple of precise and consistent standardization     sized cylinder liners that can be ordered using
                                            applies. Cylinders, for example, are rebored        the SAP system in Überlingen Parts Logistics
                                                                                                Center. So the reconditioned part and its design
                   Integration at
                shop-floor level:                                                               counterpart always fit together perfectly.
            In order to adapt the                                                                   One of the highlights of high-precision ma-
        processes in Magdeburg                                                                  chining is the grinding of crank-shafts on a new
            to the Tognum stan-                                                                 machine and the cleaning of intercoolers in a
          dards, around 20 staff
                                                                                                chemical ultrasound bath. As long as the speci-
          were dispatched there
           from Friedrichshafen,                                                                fied criteria are satisfied, the parts can even be
              among them Rene                                                                   reconditioned a second time for a third life.
          Hoffmann (right) seen                                                                 After remanufacturing, the component is given
            here with apprentice                                                                a unique reman number and entered into stock
                  Tom Kolodziej.
                                                                                                ready for sale in Überlingen Parts Logistics


Well defined interfaces,                             board, the main components such as engines,                Test benches for Series 2000 and 4000:
clear allocation of roles                            generators and radiators for the first three gen-          Two of the four test benches in Magdeburg
                                                                                                                are used for the Series 2000 and 4000, and
     An important factor for successful integra-     sets were waiting to be assembled in Hall 3. It’s
                                                                                                                a third for the Series 8000. Frank Berlin is
tion of the Magdeburg facility is that there are     hard to imagine a new Tognum plant being able              one of the test bench staff.
clearly defined interfaces between it and the        to integrate and mesh with a large-scale project
units in Friedrichshafen that are responsible for    within the global Tognum Group any faster or
the group-wide specifications. Karl-Thomas           more flexibly. “That is where we benefited from
Klingebiel elucidates: “To make sure we meet         the system engineering expertise that we have
the Tognum standards, there are initial sample       established over many years with our previous
approvals and process audits. The key technical      gensets,” points out assembly manager Bernd
data are specified by the development sub-           Gründel.
project. Magdeburg, on the other hand, is re-            In addition, component sets known as “ex-
sponsible for the physical implementation.” That     change part assemblies” are currently being re-
includes the production of drawings by a five-       conditioned for German Navy frigates and
strong development team headed by Karl-Ernst         high-speed patrol boats, and will also be
Schwarze and definition of the manufacturing         supplied for corvettes in the future.
processes, as well as which technologies are to be   Among the frigates are those involved in
used and in what order.
     The fact that the Magdeburg center can do
                                                        Daniel Müller, Assembly Planning
much more than remanufacturing is demon-
                                                        and Work Preparation
strated by the assembly of the new generation of
                                                            The qualified model builder has worked in
MTU Onsite Energy-branded standard gensets              the Series 4000 assembly section in Friedrichs-
based on the Series 1600, 2000 and 4000 en-             hafen for three and a half years and was sent to
gines. Alongside Tognum’s US facility in Manka-         Magdeburg from April to the end of the year. He has been
to, and before long the Chinese plant in Suzhou,        working there with colleagues from Magdeburg on brin-
                                                        ging the processes and specifications up to a uniform
Magdeburg is to supply the new product line to
                                                        Tognum standard right through to documentation. His im-
the European market from 2010. Within a week            pression is that, “Overall, cooperation runs very smoothly.
of the decision being taken by the executive            I was received with open arms.”



                                  counter-piracy in Somali waters at present.
                                                                                 Detlef Koch, Quality Inspector
                                  These components were previously reconditio-
                                                                                      He works in a precision testing lab perfor-
                                  ned in Hamburg but the work has now been               ming quality checks on reman parts. The
                                  transferred to Magdeburg and repre-                       dimensions and tolerances are mea-
                                  sents a small but high-potential                             sured to within a thousandth of a
                                  growth sector. “In 2009 we made                               millimeter. As a long-serving em-
                                                                                                 ployee, he performed checks on
                                  four times as many exchange part
                                                                                                 SKL engines for many years.
                                  assemblies as in 2008,” Michael                                “The changeover to MTU engines
                                  Kunze expands.                                                 wasn’t a problem.” Detlef is one
                                                                                                of many employees who comple-
                                                                                               ted an apprenticeship at the com-
                                                                                             pany and have remained loyal to the
                                                                                         firm since. “Because of the difficult times
                                                                                  after reunification, I was made redundant in
                                                                                 1996, but was able to return twelve years later
                                                                                 in 2008 as part of another company.”

                                  Remanufacturing cylinder heads (left):
                                  Ulrich Malolepsy reconditions Series 956
                                  cylinder heads for a German frigate.

              History …
              171 years of engine-making tradition                                                              Traction engines
                                                                                                                circa 1900:
              The history of the Tognum factory in Magdeburg goes all                                           In the early days
                                                                                                                the company was
              the way back to the early days of steam shipping.
                                                                                                                involved not only
                  Magdeburg is a center of cultural as well as industrial                                       in steam ships and
              history. The present-day SKL Motor GmbH can be traced                                             engines but tracti-
              back to the Magdeburger Dampfschifffahrt Compagnie                                                on engines as well.
              founded in 1838, which subsequently changed its name to
              Maschinenfabrik Buckau and then merged with Maschi-
              nenfabrik Wolf in 1928. Both companies made steam en-
              gines. The production of diesel engines goes back to the
                                                                                                                Two-stroke Type
              takeover of Grade-Motorenwerke and Ascherslebener
                                                                                                                DK diesel engine
              Maschinenbau AG in the early 20th century. After the                                              1930:
              Second World War, with the creation of the German                                                 This static single-
              Democratic Republic, the company became a state-                                                  cylinder unit pro-
              owned combine known as Schwermaschinenbaukombi-                                                   duced 30 hp.
              nat Karl Liebknecht or SKL. It employed 9,000 people and
              was the leading diesel engine manufacturer, supplying as
              many as 3,600 engines a year to eastern bloc countries.
              Around 90,000 engines were supplied worldwide for
                                                                                                                Marine diesel
              powering ships and emergency gensets. Roughly 20,000                                              1998:
              of them are still in operation. The end of the GDR brought                                        This Type 9VDS
              down the curtain on SKL’s successful years.                                                       29/24AL engine
                                                                                                                develops 2,100 kW.


                                                                                                        Remanufacturing of rail PowerPacks in
                                                                                                        Friedrichshafen: At the beginning of the
                                                                                                        process, the traction module is thoroughly

Reincarnation a technical possibility
                    Remanufacturing processes restore MTU products to as-new condition

This year, Tognum Global After Sales launched a remanufacturing service marketed
under the new name of Value_Exchange. It involves standardized complete overhauls
by which used components, engines and systems are transformed back into as-new
products that can be purchased at economical prices. The Magdeburg location provides
one of the pieces in a worldwide jigsaw.

      RIEDRICHSHAFEN. MeIt is well known             to be completed, a ferry or train operator can
      that some human cultures believe people        fit a remanufactured unit immediately. And
      are reincarnated after death. Not so widely    Tognum is able to control the grey market in
appreciated is that it is definitely the case with   components more effectively. In contrast with
MTU diesel engines and components. This              third-party components, the manufacturer-
technical kind of reincarnation is referred to as    reconditioned parts come with the MTU war-
remanufacturing. Since 2008, the process has         ranty and the quality of a new product.
been undergoing systematic expansion and                 The idea of remanufacturing is not new. Fuel
standardization as a strategic project on a major,   injectors and high-pressure pumps for the Series
global scale and has recently been made avail-       4000 are reconditioned by Tognum subsidiary
able as an After-Sales product under the name        L’Orange in Glatten, rail PowerPacks are re-
‘Value_Exchange’.                                    stored in Friedrichshafen and Series 4000 cylin-   Assembly of a rail PowerPack in Friedrichs-
    Customers opting for the service obtain a re-    der heads are refurbished at MTU Turkey. In        hafen: The components are reassembled to
                                                                                                        make an as-new rail traction module.
placement part with the properties, qualities and    addition, S40, S50 and S60 units and 2-cycle
the warranty of a new part at a substantially        engines are reconditioned in the USA.
lower price. In that way, MTU is helping them to
considerably reduce the life-cycle costs of their    How to renew used parts
power units. Now, instead of waiting for repairs       The remanufacturing process goes further



        Materials flow                                                                                  dictable and efficient and can be offered at stan-
  in remanufacturing                                                                                    dardized prices worldwide.
                                                                                                            The process has been managed for around a
    The Logistics sub-
   project ensures the                                                                                  year by the Global Remanufacturing project
   flow of materials is                                                                                 team headed by Martin Wendel, Head of Global
smooth and efficient.                                                                                   After-Sales. The main focus is on expansion and
   Pictured, from left,                                                                                 marketing of the standardized complete over-
  are Barbara Amann,
                                                                                                        hauls for the Series 2000 and Series 4000 engines
 subproject manager,
 Bernd Maurer, Logis-                                                                                   as the product MTU_ValueExchange. The de-
  tics Center manager                                                                                   velopment and logistics subprojects provide
 and Denise Kurtulus,                                                                                   further interesting insights into the special fea-
         reman project                                                                                  tures of remanufacturing.

                                                                                                        Development of remanufactured parts
                                                 than a conventional complete overhaul (QL4),               In order to guarantee the properties, quality
                                                 which re-equips an engine for a specific period        and dimensional accuracy of remanufactured
                                                 of service within a maintenance schedule, or a         parts for refitting to engines, they undergo com-
                                                 repair, which replaces only specific, faulty com-      puter analysis by the Development Department.
                                                 ponents. By contrast, remanufacturing reinsta-         Specimen parts are examined on the test bench.
                                                 tes major component, an engine or a system to a        “We specify the dimensions to which the parts
                                                 condition whereby quality is equivalent without        are to be remanufactured in our design draw-
                                                 qualification to a new product. Used parts are         ings, for example,” explains Dr. Martin Kurreck,
                                                 generally re-usable.                                   Development subproject manager.
                                                     The process sequence is basically the same
                                                 in all cases – the engine or component is com-
                                                 pletely dismantled, cleaned and examined. Then
                                                 a decision is taken as to whether the unit can be         Overview …
                                                 reconditioned or needs to be replaced with a
                                                 new one. The reconditioning requires various              Global process
                                                 technologies depending on the component, ran-
                                                 ging from re-grinding a bearing to treatment in           Remanufacturing is a worldwide process. Several sites
                                                                                                           work together as part of a network. Used parts are
                                                 a chemical bath. But there is a fundamental dif-
                                                                                                           collected at various centers, reconditioned at others
         Rail PowerPack 1800 project team:       ference from a regular repair or complete over-           and stored for resale at yet other locations.
        The concept for the remanufacturing      haul. All processes are standardized down to the
     process for the rail PowerPack 1800 was     very last detail, offered at fixed prices in defined
      developed by a team led by Oliver Moll.
                                                 completion times, and are fully documented to
     Seen here, from left, are Martin Walser,
    Patrik Tulburean, Oliver Moll, Eugen Wil-    unified standards. And finally, they are given a
  helm, Alexander Coronini, Rudolf Reich and     quality management approval certificate. The
                               Adrian Bessler.   advantage is that the processes are more pre-

                                                                                                                                             Magdeburg (SKL)

                                                                                                                                        Glatten (L’Orange)
                                                                                                                      Canton                            Istanbul
                                                                                                                Tooele                                  (MTU Turkey)
                                                                                                                (Detroit Diesel
                                                                                                                Reman West)


    Logistics network                                     and Mercedes-Benz off-highway engines can
        Another essential difference between rema-        also be returned to the collection centers. Exter-
    nufacturing and overhauling or repairing is in        nal suppliers then restore those parts to a con-
    the complex, worldwide logistics. “For remanu-        dition such that they can be purchased as new-
    facturing of engines to be economically viable,       quality products from the Tognum sales team.
    an adequate supply of remanufacturing compo-              All fully overhauled products then find their
    nents is required,” emphasizes Barbara Amann,         way via the After Sales logistics centers in Über-
    Logistics subproject manager. A standardized          lingen, Canton or Singapore back to distributors
    deposit system is designed to incentivize cus-        or end users all over the world, and can be put to
    tomers to return their used parts. All compo-         full use again until the next complete overhaul
    nents from S40-S60 models, Mercedes-Benz              by Tognum.
    off-highway engines and 2-cycle units can be
    returned to the collection centers. Components                       Words: Anika Kannler, Wolfgang Stolba,
    of the S40/60 Series models, the 2-stroke range                                       Pictures: Robert Hack
                                                                                                                   Con rod on the test bench in Friedrichs-
                                                                                                                   hafen: The Development subproject tests
                                                                                                                   reman parts before they are approved for
                                                                                                                   use in production. Pictured here are Dr. Rei-
                                                                                                                   ner Böschen (left) and Dr. Martin Kurreck.

                                                                                                                                  Global remanufacturing team:
                                   The remanufacturing cycle                                                                      From left, Dr. Martin Kurreck,
                                                                                                                                  Denise Kurtulus, Wilfried Pro-
    Reman HQ/ /                                                                                                                   bian, Barbara Amann, Wilfried
    Powerpack Reman Center                                                                                                        Baur, Hubert Ammedick, Lutz
                                                                                                                                  Schütte, Werner Hussal, Hen-
    Reman Center Europe            The product is resold as a reman                     A customer buys a new or                  ner Wolf, Reinhard Märsch,
    Reman Center Asia              engine/component.                                    ValueExchange product from                Martin Wendel and Alexander
                                                                                        MTU.                                      Tesch. Not present for the
    Core Collection Center
                                                                                                                                  photo were Harald Rudolf,
    Reman Component
                                                                                                                                  Karl-Thomas Klingebiel and
    Injector/High-pressure pump
                                                                                                                                  Otto Fröhlich.
    (Series 4000)
    Reman Component
    Cylinder head (Series 4000)
    Spare Parts Center
        (used products)
        Reman parts
        (reconditioned products)

                                                                                        Used engines or components
                                   Enginges and components are                          are returned to the MTU reman
)                                  reconditioned at remanufactu-                        center. The core collection cen-
                                   ring centers using standardized                      ter checks that the items meet
                                   processes.                                           the acceptance criteria and
                                                                                        reimburses any outstanding
          Singapore                                                                     deposit. The customer gets an
         Rawang                                                                         exchange or reman engine/



                   Investment in the future
       The global financial and economic crisis isn’t
      over yet. Even producers of short-lived goods
         who react quickly to economic changes are
     cautiously optimistic at best. Manufacturers of
high-value durables such as are made by Tognum
usually feel the effects of changes in the economy
with something of a delay. Nevertheless, Tognum
 has prepared itself at its centers across the globe
     to utilize the opportunities of the future and is
  investing in new products, production plant and
                                         branch offices.

                   F   RIEDRICHSHAFEN. „In years
                        gone by, the Friedrichshafen en-
                   gine makers were wont to call the
                                                                  Capacity utilization
                                                                  at the individual
                                                                  Tognum Group plants
                                                                  varies considerably.
                   frantic business of the last three             Pictured: the production
                   months of a year the “winter battle“.          section in Friedrichs-
                   And Friedrichshafen has certainly              hafen last summer with
                                                                  finished gensets for
                   had plenty to do in production in the
                                                                  the new Berlin airport
                   last quarter of 2009 – apart from any-         awaiting dispatch.
                   thing else, to make sure the Tognum
                   Group reaches its financial targets.
                   After all, the crisis has left deep scars.   average monthly output over the rest      moment,“ Wehrle relates. Detroit is
                   It is true that large-scale engine pro-      of the year“. But he adds a cautionary    continuing to build variants that are
                   duction in terms of the Series 8000          note against premature optimism:          not made in Friedrichshafen.
                   and the classic models has been well         “Whether that is a first sign of a
                   up to capacity throughout the year.          recovery that will continue into the           Fewer Series 4000 engines also
                   But nevertheless, the demand for the         new year, I can’t say. Customers are      means fewer orders for Tognum sub-
                   normally high-volume Series 2000             ordering at much shorter notice. And      sidiary L’Orange, which manufactures
                   and 4000 has contracted considerably.        that makes reliable predictions im-       fuel injection systems. “The effect on
                   As a consequence, staff have had to          possible.“                                us is directly proportional,“ reveals
                   stay at home due to lack of orders.                                                    Olav Altmann, sales manager at
                   Their flexitime accounts have gone               The assembly plant in Suzhou/         L’Orange. Orders for injection sys-
                   into deficit, holiday owing has been         China is continuing to produce “at a      tems for medium-fast running engi-
                   used up and temporary staff have             relatively high level“, Wehrle reports.   nes made by other manufacturers
                   stopped being employed. In the last          It makes Series 2000 engines for          have not seen such a marked
                   three months of 2009, Production             power generation applications. The        downturn, as they are ordered longer
                   and Assembly have, by contrast, been         consequences of the crisis have been      in advance. With those products, the
                   working three shifts a day some of the       more severe at MTU Detroit Diesel         effects of the crisis may not show un-
                   time so that the engines can be sent         where unit output has dropped signi-      til later on.
                   out and the receipts booked before           ficantly. “We have relocated assembly
                   the end of 2009. Production manager          of the Series 2000 and 4000 engines,         The development trend is clear
                   Hans-Peter Wehrle cites an example:          which are normally produced at both       from the sales figures. Turnover will
                   “In November we will be producing            sites, to Friedrichshafen for the time    probably be 15 to 20 percent below
                   twice as many Series 4000 units as our       being. It is more economical at the       the 2008 figure. Tognum remains


               How Tognum is preparing for when the economic crisis is over
                                           to rise again and is, therefore, inves-
                                           ting in the future. It has been well re-
                                           ported that substantially more money
                                           was made available for research and
                                           development in 2009 than in previous
                                           years. Following the start of volume
                                           production of the 12-cylinder Series
                                           1600 in Überlingen in October, the
                                           10-cylinder version will follow suit in
                                           January. And money is also being
                                           invested in the important Chinese
                                           market. The new factory in Datong
                                           in northern China, where the joint
                                           venture between Tognum and the                Tognum sells Rotorion to IFA
                                           Chinese Norinco Group will assemble
                                           emergency backup gensets for Chi-             FRIEDRICHSHAFEN (wob). Tognum AG has sold
                                           nese nuclear power plants, is almost          its driveshafts division to the IFA Group in Hal-
                                           complete. Proximity to the market is          densleben near Magdeburg. The prop shaft ope-
                                           the reason for a new sales office in          rations of the two groups will be merged to form
                                           Dalian in the industrial north-east of        IFA Maschinenbau Verwaltungsgesellschaft.
                                           China. Five staff handle the sales of              Tognum will take a 25-percent stake in that
                                           MTU and MTU Onsite Energy pro-                holding company but will withdraw from it in five
                                           ducts and after sales services in the re-     years’ time. While the factory in Charleston, where
                                           gion. In Pune, the industrial center in       around 140 staff are employed, will be retained, the
                                           India’s west, MTU India has taken up          Friedrichshafen production facility, which employs
                                           residence in a new building housing           a workforce of 490, will be relocated to Haldens-
                                           office and workshop space. And final-         leben and Gardelegen in eastern Germany by the
profitable but the operating result        ly, preparations are well advanced for        end of 2011. The first machines are to be moved at
shrank by 65 percent in the first 9        the construction of a new materials           the turn of the year 2009/2010.
months. The crisis has not hit so hard     planning center in Kluftern near                   The Human Resources Department has set up
everywhere, however. The subsidi-          Friedrichshafen.                              the „Future Active“ program, by which it aims to of-
aries in the UK and South Africa re-                                                     fer all Rotorion staff future prospects. Although it is
port respectable revenues despite the                           Words: Wolfgang Boller   foreseeable that only some of the workforce will relo-
crisis. And in Asia business continues     Pictures: Robert Hack, MTU Asia, MTU-Archiv   cate, employees are not to be left jobless. „We will help
to grow – just not as quickly as before.                                                 wherever we can,“ promises Tognum HR director,
                                                                                         Matthias Jobmann. Enforced redundancies are to be
     In the medium term, after the cri-                                                  avoided. „Future Active“ offers a broad span of pos-
sis, the Tognum Group expects sales                                                      sibilities. Because the Tognum Group expects busi-
                                                                                         ness to grow in the medium term, more staff will be
                                                                                         required for the production of engines, propulsion
                                                                                         systems and energy plants in Friedrichshafen and ot-
                                                                                         her locations as well. Present employees of Rotorion
                                                                                         will be given preference in the recruitment process
                                                                                         for those positions, provided they have the appro-
                                                                                         priate qualifications or can acquire them. In addition,
                                                        A new branch of MTU India
                                                                                         part-time and early retirement and voluntary redun-
                                                        is shortly due to open in
                                                        new premises providing           dancies with severance payments will be offered.
                                                        workshop and office space        There are five HR professionals assigned specifically
                                                        in Pune on the western side      to looking after the future of the workforce.
                                                        of the country.



                  More than smoke and mirrors
 A change of culture in a company can alter the way people interact              measured by the same standards does not appear to have
                                                                                 been fully realized as yet.
     and their use of language – and vice versa. Even the meaning of
 such simple and clear terms as staff, management and team spirit                    Internal company communication, on the other hand,
                                                                                 has already overcome a number of obstacles. Fifteen
 is not set in stone. And so the cultural shift at Tognum, especially
                                                                                 years ago, a printed A6 form headed “Memo“ on which
 since becoming stock-market listed, has changed much in the way                 the message normally started
                                                                                 with the words “Dear
            words are used, as can be illustrated by a few examples.
                                                                                 Mr./Mrs./Miss ...“ and
                                                                                 with a header section offe-
                      FRIEDRICHSHAFEN. Who hasn’t occasionally been              ring check-boxes for indica-
                          enchanted by tasteful interior decor immersed in       ting a total of twelve
                          atmospherically indirect lighting? But what on         options including
                  Earth has indirect lighting to do with a cultural change in    whether the mis-
                  the Tognum Group? At first sight, nothing at all. But didn’t   sive was for infor-
                  the company jargon used to refer to “directly productive“
                  and “indirectly productive“ staff? The latter presumably
                  don’t tend to hide their light any more under bushel or
                  even behind a stylish stained-wood screen
                  than the “directly productive“ employees.

                      Although they are modern terms, that
                  does not make them any more comprehen-
                  sible. And whatever they mean, the unintended
                  associations are a problem. Why is someone on the shop         mation, acknowledgement, approval or to be actioned, was
                  floor or in a technical department “directly productive“       the least to be expected in terms of formality. The notifica-
                  and an office worker only “indirectly productive“ when         tion was sent by internal post and reached the recipient the
                  everyone contributes directly to the success of the busi-      same or next day. Today’s e-mails are much quicker and
                  ness. One thing is certain – the terms have gained a foot-     easier. The standard salutation is a simple “Hi ...“ even
                  hold in the German-speaking parts of the Tognum Group,         across hierarchical and departmental boundaries. That
                  even though the new General Remuneration Agreement             progress has been somewhat inhibited in more recent
                  (ERA) in Germany in 2008 ended the decades of distinc-         times by the deluge of electronic epistles in which we are
                  tion between waged and salaried employees. The linguistic      now in danger of drowning. A new set of regulations – the
                          transition to a new corporate culture envisaged by     rules of e-mail etiquette – have had to be instigated.
                                            the parties to that agreement and
                                               in which everyone would be        Corporate culture as success factor

                                                                                               If we understand culture as meaning the
                                                                                                  entirety of attitudes, modes of behavior,
                                                                                                   standards, values and aims – both indivi-
                                                                                                   dual and collective – then it is clear that
                                                                                                   corporate culture is something funda-
                                                                                          mental that is expressed in every word, every
                                                                                 gesture and, ultimately, every executive board decision,
                                                                                 and so is decisive to the wellbeing or otherwise of the com-
                                                                                 pany. “That is why we should not be indifferent about the
                                                                                 way we use many terms,“ stresses Matthias Jobmann,
                                                                                 Tognum HR director.


How words can promote or inhibit a change of culture in the Tognum Group

  Terms that have positive connotations, are not too long         That is something that is experienced anywhere where
  and are well understood can be brought out of the               people, groups and businesses join together to form a larger
  shadows of a former existence to convey and promote pre-        entity. The creation of the Tognum Group is the best
  sent new ways of thinking. Examples cited by Matthias Job-      example. Tognum is the name of a new, larger and more in-
  mann are the terms project work and teamwork. These             dependent corporate unit. The associated cross-location
  days, a project is a meticulously planned process in which      and cross-company orientation has shaped a far-reaching
  the opportunities, risks and costs are systematically identi-   cultural transformation since the Group’s public listing in
          fied from the outset. Whereas in the past, project      2007. In view of the ever advancing globalization, terms
              team members largely remained within the            such as service center or agent, which carry connotations
                 strictly defined boundaries of their depart-     of dependence on the head office, have been superseded by
                  mental line management func-tions, today        the more active and independent concept of the distribu-
                                                                  tor. The Compass project explicitly underpinned the prin-
                                                                  ciple of decentralization. That may sound abstract but has
                                                                  a profoundly practical effect in terms of greater proximity
                                                                  to the customer – worldwide.

                                                                       The new self-image is also expressed in the Tognum
                                                                          vision. Terms such as “preferred partner“ and
                                                                               “best solutions“ convey a new and more
                                                                                    acute awareness of the customer-supplier
                                                                                        relation-ships, including in internal
                                                                                          dealings. Tognum represents the
                                                                                          unifying link between all employees.
                          their tasks and responsibilities are                            Tognum is also the “home of power
               focused on the project objectives. If necessary,                       brands“. “Effective brand communica-
  previously accepted norms and standards are re-examined.        tion with the markets is the decisive factor for the success
  And the concept of teamwork enjoys a position of high           of the corporation, whereas the old company names are
  standing. It places the emphasis on partnership rather than     not, even if it is painful in the beginning to lose them,“
  a specific organizational unit. In the same vein, the travel    Matthias Jobmann assures.
  and expenses unit has been replaced by travel management
  and the vehicle fleet by the car pool. The focus is on the          Is the internal identity of the company lagging behind
  service, the customer-supplier relationship, and not the        its external image? A listed-stock company should also
  organizational unit. Using the term “manager“ places the        strive towards a fresh appearance on the inside believes
  emphasis on the function rather than referring to a “supe-      HR boss, Matthias Jobmann. But he also emphasizes that it
  rior“, which focuses on the hierarchical position.              should not miss the target altogether and get lost in empty
                                                                  jargon and marketing speak.
      Cultural change in its broadest sense has always gone
  on at this company. Processes have been made more flex-                             Words: Wolfgang Stolba, Pictures: Robert Hack
  ible and less constrained by freeing them from the corsets
  of pedantic terminology. When MTU engines were named
  strictly according to the cylinder capacity, they ended up
  with clumsy designations such as 396, 595 or 1163. But
  there is a more elegant alternative. Much more effective in
  marketing and outward image terms are the name tags
  2000, 4000, 8000 and 1600. But one thing is also clear,
  “You only create a distinct profile outwardly and inter-
  nally at the price of a certain degree of uniformity on
  the part of everyone concerned,“ Matthias Jobmann
  points out.



Advertising with peligators
                and stagfishes
                             New corporate design sharpens image of Tognum brand MTU

              F   RIEDRICHSHAFEN (aka/sto). The MTU brand is to have a higher profile in the marketplace, reach a broader
                  audience and distinguish itself more sharply from other brands. For this reason MTU brand valves have been
              further developed this year and a new corporate design has been introduced to match these valves. First of all, an
              unusual image campaign was launched to familiarize the market with these valves. The campaign used ‘hybrid’
              animal motifs to symbolize specific product strengths.
                  “The three brand values of partnership, power and passion express more emphatically and precisely what makes MTU
              stand out and differentiates it from others than has been the case in the past,“ explains Walter Scherg, Head of Marketing
              Communication and Distribution Development. Before now there have been too many different messages about the
              brand circulating around the market. Based on the brand values, VMD first of all created a new corporate design. Every-
              thing that is definitive in the visual appearance of advertisements, calendars, trade show stands, websites and other media
              was redefined in the process. The new cornerstones of the corporate design (CD) first appeared in an image campaign
              launched in August featuring fantastical animal motifs such as peligators (cross between pelican and alligator). They
              graphically express the strengths that MTU products combine. The central message is that MTU is your best partner for
              the perfect propulsion solution irrespective of how specialized and demanding your requirements may be.


                                                                                         Daring image campaign:
                                                                                   The MTU core values are sym-
                                                                                   bolized by imaginary animals.
                                                                               A rhinoceros with kangaroo’s legs
                                                                                    represents engines in the C&I
                                                                                sector. It combines the power to
                                                                                   move a substantial mass with
                                                                                 speed, strength and endurance.
                                                                                An armadillo with leopard’s legs
                                                                             (Defense) combines the aspects of
                                                                               protection and compactness with
                                                                              speed and power. A pelican with a
                                                                                    crocodile’s torso (Oil & Gas) is
                                                                             equally at home on land and in the
                                                                                  water, and is tough and strong
                                                                              enough to cope with extreme con-
                                                                               ditions. A sheep with horse’s legs
                                                                               (Agriculture) combines the bene-
                                                                             fits of a domesticated animal with
                                                                                    strength, speed and stamina.

Competition …
Ten MTU T-shirts featuring current advertising motifs to be won!
Simply complete the coupon, cut it out or photocopy it, and mail or fax it
(+7541-90-3918) to Department VCC by 30th January 2010. There is no
recourse to legal action. Winners will be notified in writing.

Please answer the following question:
What are the three brand values of the MTU brand?

                                                                                                                       New brand design:
Answer                                                                                                                 The core values of the MTU brand have
                                                                                                                       been encapsulated in a new corporate de-
                                                                                                                       sign. It includes the use of specific colors
First name, last name
                                                                                                                       (see illustration) and layout and formatting
                                                                                                                       rules for communication media.
Tognum company, department

E-mail address (business or personal)
     History and celebrations

     Important politicians make speeches on big
     occasions. So was it any surprise that German
     Chancellor, Angela Merkel, was a guest at the
     gala event in May to celebrate the MTU centen-
     ary in Friedrichshafen? On 23rd March, the
     Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Günther
     Oettinger, had been present at the official anni-
     versary cere-mony. The three big celebratory
     events were as unique as the company itself.

                                                                        Karl Maybach in gold and silver

                                                                        Karl Maybach, founder of the company that
                                                                        became MTU Friedrichshafen, was such an un-
                                                                        usual inventor that the Baden-Württemberg
                                                                        Mint has honored his achievements with a
                                                                        series of gold and silver medals. “It is a great
                                                                        accolade for Karl Maybach,” attested Tognum
                                                                        COO, Christof von Branconi (right). The presen-
                                                                        tation was also attended by Karl Maybach’s
                                                                        daughter Irmgard Schmid-Maybach and Baden-
                                                                        Württemberg permanent secretary Gundolf
                                                                        Fleischer (left).


                         Centenary year
                          2009 should not be remembered only as the year of the global financial and economic crisis.
                          For many Tognum Group employees and their families it was also a year of great celebration.
                          The centenary of Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen will remain in the memories of
                          many as a time when the company’s great history was given due recognition.

                                                                                                      MTU Detroit Diesel celebrates centenary picnic

                                                                                                      Over 400 MTU Detroit Diesel employees and
                                                                                                      their families celebrated the company’s 100
                                                                                                      years of existence with a picnic on 30th August.
                                                                                                      Those attending the Sunday event enjoyed
                                                                                                      food, drink, music and games of football and
                                                                                                      volleyball. Face-painting, a bouncy castle and
                                                                                                      an inflatable obstacle course also provided
                                                                                                      plenty of entertainment for kids. And every
                                                                                                      guest received an MTU centenary T-shirt as
                                                                                                      a memento of the occasion.

Ferris-wheel festival

The grounds of the “Singapore Flyer“ giant
Ferris wheel were the venue for a centenary
celebration attended by 470 MTU Asia staff and
their families. With balloon sculptures, a jugg-
ler, an “amazing“ race and lots of family games,
it was an entertaining event for MTU’s Asian
relations. “We are proud to work in a century-
old company that is playing such a healthy part
in the economy,“ related MTU Asia employee,
Chua Kee Yat.


     DVD of the century
     For many Tognum staff it was an unforgettable experience – the centenary party celebrating 100 years of
     Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen on 11th July. Thousands of employees and their families enjoyed a
     fantastic all-day festival. For them, and also for all those who could not be present because of the distance,
     we have made a souvenir DVD of photos and video footage.

                                                                               Successful program

                                                                               Many visitors though the centenary party was
                                                                               so good that they even took the trouble to ex-
                                                                               press their thanks in writing. Here are a few
                                                                               excerpts: “We were able to enjoy a celebratory
                                                                               event that meant more than free food and
                                                                               drink.“ – the Wietzel family. “It was a great
                                                                               success all round. I am certain MTU Plant 2
                                                                               has never experienced anything like it before.“
                                                                               – Heike Fleisch. “We just had a great time –
                                                                               and hopefully you could tell that from our per-
                                                                               formance.“ – Sven Claussen of “Celebration“.
Film and photos on DVD

What was the best thing about the MTU centen-
ary party? The games for all the family? The
summertime setting on the banks of Lake Con-
stance? The exhibition of engines and applica-
tions? The concert with Nena? Was it simply the
pleasure of relaxing with workmates and former
colleagues? Or was it all of those things toget-
her? The film and photos on the DVD attached
on the right will hopefully keep the memories of
a unique social event in the company’s history
alive, as well as offering some unusual perspec-
tives and a peek behind the scenes.

Global news

     The MTU IRIS project team at Friedrichshafen
     railway station: The interdepartmental team
     has designed new processes and adapted and
     precisely defined a large number of existing
     ones. Pictured, from left, are Rudolf Sievers,
     Thomas Bierwagen, Hans Wiemer, Carmen
     Dienel, Erhan Agamola (back), Harald
     Gottschalch and
     Stefan Jochum

                        MTU meets strictest rail standard
                        FRIEDRICHSHAFEN (sto). Being a good and reliable sys-          contact point for customers has been more clearly defined.
                        tem supplier for railway stock means coordinating an           The availability of spare parts over the entire lifecycle of
                        array of interfaces and components with the client be-         products and the effective control of component modifica-
                        yond the engine on its own and providing generally             tions throughout the added-value process right through to
                        effective and efficient business procedures. How impor-        the customer have been guaranteed. Other examples are
                        tant the subject is to the European Rail Industry Asso-        contingency plans for machine failures, a new, centralized
                        ciation, UNIFE, is illustrated by a highly detailed inter-     documentation system for all calibrated measurement and
                        national industrial standard that came into force this         testing equipment and new processes for project-based
                        year and which UNIFE is keen to promote. MTU Fried-            system supply business.
                        richshafen was awarded accreditation to that standard
                        in May. It is known as the International Railway Indus-
                        try Standard (IRIS).
                            IRIS is based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2000,
                        which MTU already complied with, and includes a number
                        of additional rail-specific specifications. So IRIS guaran-
                        tees clients the highest recognized standard in Europe and
                        the strictest anywhere in the world for efficient planning
                        and project management of traction system installation.
                        “Everything that makes cooperation better, easier, speedier,
                        more efficient and more economical we have comprehen-
                        sively optimized – from quality management through do-
                        cumentation to process stability – a total of 260 require-
                        ments,“ points out Stefan Jochum, leader of the IRIS pro-
                        ject team. For example, the role of key account manager as

                                                                                                                          Global news


                                                            Twin MTU units
                                                            for unusual locomotive
                                                            FRIEDRICHSHAFEN (db). The first two MTU Power-
                                                            Modules fitted with Type 12V 4000 R43L rail engines
                                                            were recently installed in the new 120-kph BITRAC 3600
                                                            heavy-duty locomotive made by Spanish rolling stock
                                                            manufacturer CAF. A further eight BITRAC locomotives
                                                            each driven by twin MTU traction systems have been
                                                            ordered from CAF by the Spanish freight train operator
                                                            FESUR in Seville.
                                                                With a total power output of 3,600 kW, the CAF
                                                            BITRAC is one of the most powerful hybrid locomotives
                                                            currently in use on goods and mainline passenger services.
                                                            The electricity to power the traction motors can either be
                                                            supplied by the diesel-driven PowerModules or, on electri-
                                                                                                                          3.600 kilowatts
                                                            fied routes, drawn directly from the overhead power lines.    of pure power:
                                                            The dual power supply capability allows fuel savings of up    Two PowerModules
                                                            to 40 percent on some routes. When the diesel engines are     based on Type 12V
                                                            not running, a new crankshaft lock developed by MTU           4000 engines form
                                                                                                                          the heart of the new
                                                            prevents damage to the crankshaft bearings from shocks or
                                                                                                                          BITRAC heavy-duty
                                                            vibration. The MTU rail traction engines are distinguished    locomotive made by
                                                            by fuel consumption of less than 200 g/kWh and are also       Spanish manufactu-
                                                            among the first to comply with the EU Stage IIIa nitrogen     rer CAF.

MTU rail traction modules
in Ireland
FRIEDRICHSHAFEN (aka). As part of a contract
worth 11 million euro, Tognum is to supply com-
plete traction systems consisting of engine and
components such as gearbox and cooling system
to the Korean railcar manufacturer Rotem star-
ting at the end of 2009.
    The PowerPacks supplied will enter service in
  Ireland from 2011 with operator Irish Rail in re-
      gional and long-distance railcar trains. The
          traction modules are based on the envi-
            ronmentally friendly Type 6H 1800 R83
             engine which has a power rating of 360
             kilowatts and meets the EU Stage IIIA          oxide and particulate matter emission
              emission standard. The units are dis-         limits that came into force this year.
             tinguished by fast acceleration, econo-            The CAF BITRAC is fitted with the latest-
            mical life cycle costs and low noise and        generation MTU Powerline rail automation system.
          vibration levels.                                 As well as the ADEC engine management system, it in-
                                                            cludes the POM power output module for starting and
                                                            power current regulation and the PAU STAR power auto-
                                                            mation unit that provides a multiplicity of control, sensor
      Change management subproject:
      One of the subprojects handles the management         and modulation functions such as constant monitoring of
      of modified parts. Pictured, from left, are Herbert   fan operation and coolant level.
       Dengler, Wolfram Wiggenhauser (Series 4000               There are also ten more BITRAC orders on the books
            assembly foreman), Rolf Wiggenhauser            for power car versions with diesel-electric-only traction
                 and Rudolf Sievers.
                                                            systems destined for passenger services in Saudi Arabia.

    Global news


   Sunseeker contract:
       Paul Vincent and
 Robert Braithwaite of
Sunseeker, Mike Ferris
 of MTU UK and Chris-
tos Ramnialis, Head of
 Sales and After Sales
   Region 1, signed the
extension to the gene-
  ral contract to supply
 MTU engines for Sun-
   seeker yachts at the
 engine plant in Fried-

                           MTU yacht engines in demand
                           FRIEDRICHSHAFEN (aka). Tognum has recently arranged                      Tier 2 and IMO – and are supplied with SOLAS certifica-
                           an early expansion to its existing framework agreement                   tion as standard.
                           to supply the Sunseeker shipyard with MTU yacht engines.                     Tognum power units for motor yachts score highly
                               Under the new agreement, which was extended to                       in North America too. The Tognum subsidiary MTU
                           2012, Tognum will supply V8, V10, V12 and V16 diesel en-                 launched the performance-enhanced version of the yacht
                           gines from its Series 2000 range and V12 and V16 Series                  engine at the Miami Boat Show in the spring of this year;
                           4000 units covering an overall power range from 810 to                   at the end of July, the first two 16-cylinder units were de-
                           3,440kW (1,086 to 4,613 bhp). MTU will potentially sup-                  livered to the yacht builder Viking. „The engine will be
                           ply 450 engines dependant on market forces, up to 2012.                  installed in a new Viking 82-foot sport fishing yacht“, said
                           Propulsion plants for high-speed yachts have traditionally               Alexa Swindell of Marine Sales at MTU Detroit Diesel. The
                           belonged to MTU’s core areas of expertise. The latest                    new Series 2000 engine will build on the success of its
                           model in the Series 2000 range, the 2000 M94, produces                   predecessors, delivering greater power and enhanced acce-
                                  the highest performance figures in its class as well              leration.
                                       as delivering an enhanced power-to-weight
                                          ratio. In addition, Series 2000 and 4000 en-                 MTU
                                            gines comply with all valid ship exhaust
                                              standards worldwide – including EPA

                           Viking contract: The US MTU distributor Johnson & Towners has
                           supplied its first two Series 2000 M94 units to Viking in New
                           Jersey. Pictured, from left, are Pat Healey and Bill Healey of Viking,
                           Walter Johnson III, Dave Johnson and Bob Shomo of Johnson &

                                                                                                                    Global news


Iron men for Lake Constance Ferry
                                                                                                                    Endurance athletes
FRIEDRICHSHAFEN (kh). The first two eight-cylinder versions of the new                                              for Lake Constance:
                                                                                                                    The first two 8-cylin-
generation of MTU “Iron Men“ engines for working vessels will power the
                                                                                                                    der Series 4000 “Iron
longest Lake Constance ferry operated by the municipal transport authority                                          Men” working vessel
of the city of Konstanz.                                                                                            engines power the
    The first engine was fitted in the 82-meter ferry prior to its launch at the be-                                new Lake Constance
ginning of October at the Bodan shipyard in Kressbronn . The second followed                                        ferry launched in
a day later. The optimized “Iron Men” engines are extremely clean-running,
even without an exhaust treatment system. But with the added benefit of a diesel
particulate filter, the new 746-kW propulsion units are well inside the appli-
cable emission limits. Particulate matter emissions are reduced by as much as 99

                                       Patented propulsion system
                                       PERTH (ld). Australian shipbuilders Austal are currently
                                       building a globally unique trimaran. Unlike other tri-
                                       marans, it is powered not by four but only three
                                       engines housed in the ship’s center hull. And they
                                       are supplied by MTU.
                                           Each of the three 20-cylinder Series 8000 units
                                       delivers 9,100 kilowatts of power at 1150 rpm and
                                       will propel the fast ferry at speeds up to 39 knots.
                                       The patented propulsion system concept and the
                                       craft’s corresponding hydrodynamics will primarily
                                       save the operator fuel costs. Not just because the en-
                                       gines are light and offer the best power-to-weight ratio
                                       in their power class. The trimaran itself is a whole engine
                                       lighter than previous designs.

                                       The next generation of superfast trimarans (left) from Austal is propelled
                                       by triple MTU Series 8000 engines (right, during installation).

Global news


                        New Series 2000 in 2011
                        FRIEDRICHSHAFEN (wob). The first of a new generation            Friedrichshafen, Suzhou and Detroit and incorporate unit-
                        of Series 2000 engines are already going through their          pump injection. However, the Mercedes-Benz commercial
                        paces on the test stands at Tognum subsidiary MTU               vehicle engine, from which the MTU units were originally
                        Friedrichshafen, with the engines’ market debut sche-           derived, is now being phased out so that MTU will no
                        duled for summer 2011.                                          longer have access to economically-priced large-volume
                            The new engine has been comprehensively enhanced            components for the series. The Series 2000 common rail
                        in order to meet future exhaust regulations and its intro-      engine already used in marine applications will therefore
                        duction will see a slimming-down of the Series 2000 pro-        be at the heart of the future 2000 series. „From 2014, we
                        duction range in future. According to Rainer Breidenbach,       will be producing just one basic drive unit, one core en-
                        Tognum Executive Board member and ‘Engines’ COO, the            gine, for all applications“, explained Klaus Pöpsel.
                        2000 engine is not „some exotic special edition but a bre-          All components have been revised and enhanced and
                        ad-and-butter engine“. The significance of the new unit is      the crankcase has been reinforced. As a result, ignition
                        likely to increase with time because, as project leader Klaus   pressure can be increased by 30% as compared with the
                        Pöpsel reckons, considerably more 2000 engines will be          unit-pump version and that means reductions in both fuel
                        built. One reason for this is a growing market. Another is      consumption and emissions. One of the most crucial steps
                        that the MTU engine is simply better than the competition       will be certification of engine compliance with the specifi-
                        in crucial areas which are decisive for purchasers, thus        cations of the US Environmental Protection Agency
                        opening opportunities for increasing market share.              (EPA).
                            The appearance of the
                        new engines will also mark
                        the beginning of the end for
                        the first generation of Series
                        2000 units introduced for C&I
                        (Construction & Industrial),
                        Genset and Oil & Gas applica-
                        tions in 1996. These original
                        engines are currently built in

     New Series 2000 model:
     The next generation of the MTU Series 2000 engine
     (top) is due to come on the market in the summer of
     2011. In August this year, the project team handed over
     two prototypes for bench-testing (right).

                                                                                                                                Global news

                                                                                                                                in Cottbus:
                                                                                                                                400 Deutsche Bahn
                                                                                                                                V290 Class locomo-
                                                                                                                                tives have been
                                                                                                                                modernized with
                                                                                                                                Type 8V 4000
                                                                                                                                engines supplied
                                                                                                                                by MTU.


400th Deutsche Bahn locomotive fitted with MTU engine
COTTBUS (mgu). On 8th October, Tognum subsidiary                without having to invest in com-
MTU and German railway operator Deutsche Bahn (DB)              plete locomotives. The new power
celebrated the 400th repowering of a V290 Class multi-          units provide higher performance
purpose locomotive at DB’s Cottbus depot. Between               while also reducing operating and
2002 and September 2009, MTU supplied a total of 412            maintenance costs. Due to their com-
Series 4000 diesel engines to Deutsche Bahn for the             pact dimensions, they fit easily inside
modernization program.                                          the available space in the engine bay and
    The Type 8V 4000 R41 engines have a power rating of         can also make use of the existing peripherals.
1,000 kilowatts (1,360 bhp) and have replaced MTU 12V           Customized interface technology between the MTU engine
652 units, some of which have given over 30 years’ reliable     management system and the train control system makes
service. By opting for repowering, the operator Deutsche        for simplified traction unit installation.
Bahn is able to benefit from the advantages of new engines


New administrative HQ for Tognum
FRIEDRICHSHAFEN (aw). Tognum’s new administra-
tive headquarters building in Friedrichshafen is due to
be completed by June 2010.
    The five-storey office block directly adjacent to Plant 1
will accommodate 400 staff from in the Corporate Func-
tions (V) and Corporate Service (C) divisions. That inclu-
des, for example, the Legal Department, Marketing and
Distribution, Quality Management, Auditing and Risk
Management, Strategy and Project Consultancy, Commu-
nications, Corporate Finance, Controlling, Human Re-
sources, Training and parts of Technical Services. Offices
which are vacated at Plants 1 and 2 will be occupied by
departments which were temporarly relocated to other
sites during recent years due to a lack of space. Tognum
will rent the L-shaped building on a long-term lease from
the investment group, although the contract also includes
an option to buy.                                               The new Tognum admin building is growing:
                                                                Around 400 staff are due to move into the new office block in
                                                                Friedrichshafen which Tognum is renting from the developer.

Global news

                                                                                                                     First Large Engine
                                                                                                                        Service Center :
                                                                                                                    MTU Detroit Diesel
                                                                                                                    „Field Service Coor-
                                                                                                                    dinator Alameda“ –
                                                                                                                      Konrad Puchstein
                                                                                                                           at the sreen.
                 MTU DETR0IT DIESEL

              First large engine service center opens in California
              SAN LEANDRO/CALIFORNIA (jr). MTU Detroit Diesel                 MTU has been a supplier to the Marine Defense
              marked the grand opening of its first Large Engine Ser-         Market and specifically the U.S. Coast Guard for many
              vice Center on May 27th in San Leandro, California, just        years. This long standing relationship dates back to the
              nine miles from the U.S. Coast Guard station in Alameda.        first installation of twin 8V 396 engines in the Coast Guard
                     It enables us to provide the best maintenance and        fleet – a fleet that today includes more than 70 Coastal
              service support to the Coast Guard and also further             Patrol Boats, over 100 Motor Life Boats, the Response Boat
              demonstrates MTU’s ongoing commitment to the U.S.               Medium, the new multi-mission capability boats, and the
              Armed Forces. It has an 800 square feet office space and an     National Security Cutter (NSC).
              additional 4,450 square feet of warehouse. We consider this          At 418 feet, the NSC is the largest and newest ship in
              facility a model for future MTU Large Engine Service            the Coast Guard’s fleet, powered by two 20V 1163 TB93
              Center locations and plan to open additional service cen-       engines including an LM 2500 GE turbine and MCS 5 Type
              ters for the Coast Guard and the Navy as their MTU-             2 electronic controls and monitoring system. With its
              powered fleets continue to grow.                                homeport of Alameda, the USCGC Bertholf is the first of
                                                                              eight Northrup Grumman built National Security Cutters.

                 MTU DETROIT DIESEL

                 Customer satisfaction initiative
                 DETROIT (jr). In July, MTU Detroit Diesel launched a
                 Customer Satisfaction Initiative to enhance the cus-
                 tomer experience in Region 3.
                     Focusing first on the basics, MTU Detroit Diesel
                 set out to improve the process in four key areas: quo-
                 ting prices and products to customers; timeliness of de-
                 livery; availability of spare parts; and ownership of pro-
                 blems, i.e. standing behind what is built and taking re-     her 50 are scheduled to be trained before the end of the
                 sponsibility for MTU products and services.                  year.
                     To measure its success, MTU Detroit Diesel has               “Changes like these work to our benefit to establish
                 established customer-oriented Key Performance Indi-          MTU as the company that truly cares about its custo-
                 cators. The company has also made strategic invest-          mers, both in Region 3 and on a global basis,” said Ron
                 ments in company-wide business communication and             Broekman, Project Manager Customer Satisfaction
                 customer service training. So far, over 125 employees        Initiative.
                 have taken the MTU Start Service Training and anot-

                                                                                                                                        Global news

                                                                                                                                        Online compliance
Online employee compliance training                                                                                                     training:
                                                                                                                                        Thanks to the new
                                                                                                                                        online training, Dis-
DETROIT (jr). Thanks to its newly launched online com-                                                                                  bursements Analysis
pliance training program, employees at MTU Detroit                                                                                      Manager, Shauna
Diesel now have the convenience of completing required                                                                                  Weathers, can com-
training from the comfort of their own workstations.                                                                                    plete her required
                                                                                                                                        training in the com-
They also have the flexibility to start and stop a training
                                                                                                                                        fort of her own work
module as their work schedule allows.                                                                                                   station. Training
           „We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from                                                                              coordinator, Rebecca
employees,“ says Rebecca Reiter, MTU Detroit Diesel’s                                                                                   Reiter, is always
training coordinator. „Employees like the new system so                                                                                 ready to offer assis-
much more than the DVD-based version, which we used
to have. With the DVD based version, employees had little
opportunity for interaction and were without an assess-                  information. This is especially important when addressing
ment to prove if they did indeed retain the information.”                topics that may change with new state and federal regula-
    The online compliance training option improves upon                  tions, such as sexual harassment, discrimination, work-
the DVD-based system both in terms of engagement and                     place safety, ethics and hazardous materials.
information retention. The modules are completely inter-                     All employees will be required to complete the new
active, allowing for employees to complete exercises, which              training, a task that will be completed by March 2010. „We
help reinforce the information, throughout the modules. In               are excited about the opportunities that the online training
addition, employees must complete a quiz at the end of each              platform provides,“ says Patrick Kapusta, MTU Detroit
module and receive a passing score on each quiz in order to              Diesel’s Senior Manager of Human Resources. „Initially, it
obtain credit for the training. As these online courses are re-          will be used for compliance training, but it has the func-
quired training, employees who do not receive a passing                  tionality to do much more. This has been a long-term pro-
score must retake the training until they are able to do so.             ject that is coming to fruition and in the future we hope to
    Another benefit of the online compliance training pro-               offer more MTU Detroit Diesel specific training courses in
gram is that it is easily updated to provide the most current            this type of web-based forum.“


Brain gain
FRIEDRICHSHAFEN (sto). Well trained new recruits with an academic education and experience of working abroad
do not grow on trees. That is why, last year, Tognum AG set up an 18-month trainee program for six recent further
education and university graduates.
    This year the number of participants has almost doubled to eleven. „The positive experiences with the first year’s
intake encouraged the HR department and the mentors in the specialist units to increase the numbers,“ em-
phasizes recruitment marketing specialist Regine Siemann. Also the interest shown by new graduates
substantially increased. One reason is the broadening of international horizons in the shape
of the six-month placement in each of the three Tognum regions. Trainee Dirk Patzelt, who
is completing his posting at MTU Asia in Singapore, observes, „Learning to understand
Tognum as a globally active corporation means experiencing globalization at first
hand. A healthy portion of open-mindedness, curiosity and a willingness to
immerse yourself in the local culture are/were the essential requirements for
gaining fascinating insights and experience in a variety of sales projects.“

The new Tognum graduate trainees, from left: 1st row: Felix Köhler, After Sales; Björn Ibach,
Operations, Production; Georg Müller, Operations, Logistics; 2nd row: Markus Gerich, Finance and
Controlling; Martina Müller, Human Resources; Bastian Hanfeld, Operations, Assembly;
3rd row: Klaus Goffart, Research and Development; Matthias Schweitzer, Research and Develop-
ment; 4th row: Julian Jürgens, IT consultant; Sebastian Gieser, Marketing; Tetje Henning Dietrich,
Finance and Controlling

Global news

                                                    MTU TURKEY

In brief …                                       MTU Turkey starts cylinder liner production
Ekrem Kuraloglu is new CEO at MTU Turkey
      ISTANBUL/TURKEY (sto). Since 1st Octo-     ISTANBUL (sto). The phase-in of cylinder liner production at MTU Turkey is now in full
ber 2009, Tognum Group company MTU               swing. In December 2009, the Tognum subsidiary will already be supplying over 90 Series
Turkey in Istanbul has had a new CEO in the      4000 cylinder liners per shift for engine production in Friedrichshafen and Detroit.
person of Ekrem Kuraloglu (46). He suc-                   By the Insight copy deadline in October, the trial and pilot production phase that
ceeds Muammer Iyi in the post. Ekrem
                                                             started right on schedule on 2nd September had already produced around 2,000 cy-
Kuraloglu – seen here on the right
with Tognum COO Rainer Breiden-                                linder liners. And so MTU Turkey has become the first-ever MTU production
bach (left) and subregional ma-                                  site for MTU engine components outside Friedrichshafen.
nager Ingo Metzer (right) – pre-
viously spent 22 years in the
automotive industry. For the                                                                                                       Cylinder liner pro-
past 15 years, he has been run-                                                                                                    duction in Istanbul:
ning the bus sales division of                                                                                                     Series production
Mercedes-Benz Turkey.                                                                                                              was launched with
      The new CEO studied business ad-                                                                                             a small celebration
ministration. Before joining Mercedes-                                                                                             in Turkey. In Fried-
Benz Turkey, he managed major projects                                                                                             richshafen there
for Caterpillar. He was also sales manager                                                                                         was a small farewell
at Honda and responsible for expanding the                                                                                         party for the project
sales and service network in Turkey.                                                                                               team members.
      In his new position, he is currently in
charge of a workforce of 110 people. He sees
his key tasks centering around cylinder liner
production for the Series 4000, improving
utilization of workshop capacity and the two
test benches, and above all intensification of
sales activities in the local market. He also
aims to make MTU Turkey fit for future chal-
lenges through modern organization.

MTU presents supplier awards
                                                    MTU ASIA
    FRIEDRICHSHAFEN (aka). Tognum
subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH has          Factory building in Datong completed
chosen Gienanth Eisenberg GmbH, the
Swiss company Peter Fuchs and ZF Marine          DATONG/CHINA (sto). The new factory of Shanxi
of Padua as the recipients of its supplier
awards for 2008.                                 North MTU Diesel Co. Ltd (SNMD) in Datong, 300 kilo-
                                                 meters west of Beijing was completed at the end of
Effective service in Asia                        October 2009.
     DEHLI/DALIAN (aka). The MTU India                The workforce of around 60 employees will move
office in Delhi moved into new premises in
                                                 into the premises at the end of the year and production
September. A new service agency was also
opened in Dalian in China in October.            is due to start in June. The company was established in
                                                 2007 as a joint venture between the Chinese Norinco
                                                 Group and MTU Asia. The general manager of SNMD
                                                 is Bernd Lemkamp. Peter Kneipp, CEO of MTU Asia
                                                 is also a director. The main focus is on Chinese nuclear   New factory takes shape in Datong, China:
                                                 power stations, marine applications and after-sales in     Pictured (from left) are Bernd Lemkamp,
                                                                                                            General Manager of Shanxi North MTU
                                                 the mining sector. By establishing the factory in Da-
                                                                                                            Diesel Co. Ltd., Rodney Chang and the site
                                                 tong, the operation has satisfied the Chinese govern-      manager, Mr. Du.
                                                 ment requirement for local investment and produc-
                                                 tion by foreign companies.

                                                                                                                                Global news

                                                                                                            In honor of the fallen:
                                                                                                            A new fireboat for the New York
                                                                                                            City Fire Department is powered
                                                                                                            by four 12-cylinder MTU Series
                                                                                                            4000 engines.

Fallen heroes remembered
NEW YORK (jr). During the terrible events of          reminding us all of the incredible sacrifices so
September 11, 2001 when terrorists attacked the       many of our members made eight years ago.“
World Trade Center in New York City, 343 New              The Three Forty Three is the first of two new
York firefighters and paramedics lost their lives     state-of-the-art vessels, and it has been specially
while trying to save the lives of others.             designed to allow firefighters to operate even in
     Eight years later, on September 11, 2009, the    extreme circumstances such as another terrorist
New York City Fire Department (FDNY) remem-           attack. Each vessel has four MTU 12V4000 M70
bered those fallen comrades with the launch of its    engines provided through Atlantic Detroit Diesel-
newest firefighting vessel – the „Three Forty         Allison. Management of the engines, gears, and
Three“ – named in their honor. As a fitting memo-     shipboard monitoring is also part of the scope of
rial, the steel numbers 3 - 4 - 3 on the ship’s       supply.
bulwarks forward and in the transom were cut by           The new 140-foot, 500-ton, $27 million dollar
the FDNY crew using actual steel from the World       boat will be the country’s largest fireboat with a
Trade Center.                                         maximum speed of 18 knots. The Three Forty
     „On September 11th, we all saw how impor-        Three will provide the FDNY with the latest tech-
tant fireboats are to New York City. The FDNY         nology available, including the capability of pum-
Marine Division rescued and transported hun-          ping 50,000 gallons of water per minute; nearly
dreds of citizens and provided the only supply of     30,000 gallons more than its predecessor.
water to battle the fires at the World Trade Center       The Three Forty Three was launched from
for many days,“ said Fire Commissioner Nicholas       Eastern Shipbuilding of Panama City, Florida and
Scoppetta. „The Three Forty Three will signifi-       is expected to arrive in New York City in Decem-
cantly improve our ability to respond to emergen-     ber. It will be assigned to Marine 1, stationed on
cies in and around New York Harbor, while also        the Hudson River in Manhattan, New York.

Series 1600

              The standard production Series 1600 engines have been coming        Dream start:
                                                                                  Production of the
              off the assembly line in the Überlingen plant since 1st October.    Series 1600 in
                                                                                  Überlingen began
              Although the new model has made a discreet entry into the en-       in October.
              gine range, on closer inspection of a number of subprojects it is
              clear that the overall Series 1600 project is having an extensive
              dynamic effect that is providing impetus for many changes.

                                                                                                                                   Series 1600

Extensive effect
             The new Series 1600 has been in volume production since 1st October


             RIEDRICHSHAFEN/ÜBERLINGEN.               up, mostly by hand, on display boards and flip-
            The newest and smallest engine            charts – production plans, flowcharts, job tasks,
            made by Tognum company MTU                suggested improvements. “Aims and tasks have
            has been in series production as a        to be made visible,” Dr. Beulker expounds.
            12-cylinder version for power gene-       So the production area is also a super-sized
            ration applications at the pilot plant    meeting room. And what is constantly planned
in Überlingen since the beginning of October.         and improved there is implemented on the spot.
Behind that simple fact lies an enormous              “We don’t want to be a team fighting for survival
achievement. Not only processes and structures        but a learning, forward looking organization,”
but also the tasks, authorities and role percep-      states Dr. Beulker. So practical production has
tions of managers and staff have been intensive-      been accompanied by constant discussions at all
ly rethought and redesigned.                          levels from the very first day. And almost always
                                                      at the center of the action is plant manager,
Learning factory                                      Dr. Klaus Beulker. Everyone has a line of com-
    “The idea of setting up an entirely new fac-      munication leading directly to him. The various
tory for a new product has proven correct,” un-       threads of production, quality management and
derlines plant manager Dr. Klaus Beulker. The         logistics all join up with him – a boss within
generously dimensioned rented premises pro-           reaching distance. He combines the roles of ma-
vide the framework for perfectly harmonizing          nager and foreman. Which is why he is able to
office, production, bench-testing and warehou-        motivate his staff personally, permanently and       Production launch on 1st October:
se areas. The production plant has been desig-        while imparting a wealth of knowledge to             During an inspection of the assembly plant
                                                                                                           in Überlingen project manager, Thomas
ned as an integrated factory in which all proces-     greater achievements and responsibility. “Our
                                                                                                           Harr (right) and plant manager Dr. Klaus
ses are closely interlinked. In that way, two appa-   target is the employee concerned, who looks          Beulker (center) showed Tognum Chairman
rently contradictory principles can be success-       beyond his or her immediate job and, by doing        Volker Heuer the various stages of engine
fully combined – sound, reliable processes on         so, understands it better.“                          production.
the one hand and flexibility, constant advance-
ment and change on the other. The guiding             High-capacity production
principle is that of material flow. Across all pro-        In order to accomplish high process reliabi-
cess stages, only what can be used by the next        lity, fast throughput times and the highest levels
stage is planned and produced.                        of production quality, new methods were intro-
    As abstract as that might sound, its applica-     duced. Thus every station is connected to the
tion on the factory floor could not be more           electronic brains of Series 1600 assembly, the
practical. Directly adjacent to the assembly line     PS2 system (see IT below). The cylinder heads
and in many other places, all the information         are completely preassembled alongside the main
that immediately advances the project is written      assembly line so that they can then be bolted

  Series 1600

                           Learning factory:
        Every day the managers discuss the
 pending tasks right next to the assembly
       line – assisted by display boards and
  flipcharts showing the latest production
    figures, work schedules and suggested


                                                 onto the cylinder blocks in a single operation.        within a few seconds it is up to maximum out-
                                                 The cylinder head mounting station bolts down          put. The legal requirement is only 35 percent. As
                                                 the cylinder heads automatically within a matter       Jens Schneemann points out, “For a generator
                                                 of seconds to precisely the correct torque. The        set to deliver that sort of per-formance, a client
                                                 production plant design unit in the Plant 1 Spe-       would normally have to order a much more
                                                 cial Production Department designed around             powerful and more expensive engine with an
                                                 180 different items of production equipment for        output well above the actual demand.”
                                                 assembling the Series 1600, from simple drifts to           Another aim was a clear and simple engine
                                                 the cylinder head pre-assembly station.                concept. The unit had to match the strict cost
                                                                                                        targets, comprise components that are straight-
Inspection with lean production manager:         Highly automated hot test bench                        forward to assemble, offer high performance, ef-
    Plant manager Dr. Klaus Beulker (right)          In the immediate vicinity of the assembly          ficient fuel consumption and be optimized for
    regularly tours the facility with his lean   line, a highly automated hot test bench has been       low emissions. Moreover, a fully developed de-
       production manager Roland Schiele
  (center). Here they are also accompanied
                                                 installed on which the complete test sequence          sign capable of proving itself in practice from
          by logistics expert Armin Jeschin.     including setting up is completed in only 17 mi-       the outset was to be produced in a short space of
                                                 nutes. “The engine is drawn onto the test bench        time. “We work closely with our suppliers and so
                                                 in a special fit-up cage. The connections for fuel,    often benefit from their system engineering
                                                 water and electricity go through the cage and are      skills, including in the automotive supplier in-
                                                 automatically connected up to the test bench           dustry,” Jens Schneemann relates.
                                                 system as soon as the fit-up cage is in position,”
                                                 explains Ralf Orthober, test bench project ma-         Evolution of new parts
                                                 nager, who developed the concept together with             Decisive for intensive and rapid develop-
                                                 a supplier.                                            ment is the evolutionary development method.
                                                                                                        It involves developing a series of incremental
                                                 Series 1600 development –                              improvements. The aim was not a high-end
                                                 simply ingenious, ingeniously simple                   solution but one which was at the same time the
       Production and handling equipment:            “The stress on an engine as it gets off to a ra-   best technical and most economical concept. A
    The Plant and Equipment Design unit has      cing start, with tires screeching, is nothing com-     good example is the exhaust system, which is
      supplied over 180 items of equipment.
                                                 pared to the demands made on a gendrive engi-          subjected to extremely high thermal stresses of
                                                 ne during ramp-up,” says Jens Schneemann, de-          over 700 degrees Celsius. Although even the first
                                                 velopment subproject manager – and he is not           design model (the “A“ specimen) was competi-
                                                 exaggerating. When there is a mains power ou-          tive, a subsequent series of individual measures,
                                                 tage, an emergency backup generator has to res-        which also improved functionality, achieved a
                                                 pond as quickly as possible. In such circumstan-       saving of around 45 percent.
                                                 ces, the Series 1600 gendrive engine is in pole
                                                 position among its rivals. It can take up 65 per-
                                                 cent of maximum load instantly on startup. And

                                                                                                                                 Series 1600

Fast-throughput prototype assembly                   One of them is the V12 version for agricultural
and test benches                                     and industrial applications. It will meet the
    Prototype assembly for the Series 1600           ultra-strict EPA Tier 4 final emission require-
allows up to nine trial engines to be worked on      ments that come into force from 2015. The en-
simultaneously. Without such high efficiency         gine shown in the group photo on page 41 was
combined with the flexibility of the three spe-      exhibited at the “Agritechnica” trade fair for
cial Series 1600 test benches, time and cost-op-     agricultural machinery in November.
timized design testing based on fast throughput
times would not be possible. As with the new hot     Value engineering plays central role
test bench, special adaptor cages for assembling         “We have saved around 30 percent of the
the engines on test bench pallets ensure quick       cost of producing the camshaft for the Series        Production-friendly design:
setting-up times. The test benches have been         1600,” Werner Dillmann, a member of the Value        Eduard Görner bolts completely
                                                                                                          preassembled cylinder heads onto
equipped specially for engine development. The       Engineering Department proudly reports. In
                                                                                                          the cylinder blocks.
temperature and humidity of the intake air can       contrast with the original plans, the camshaft is
be precisely adjusted so that the readings taken     not a solid shaft but a tube. That saves metal.
are much more meaningful. As well as two test        Finding cheaper solutions that still perform the
benches with water brakes, there is also a tran-     same function is generally the prime task of

                                                                                                               Automated hot test bench:
                                                                                                                  Ralf Orthober, test bench project
                                                                                                                    manager, helped to design the
                                                                                                                      new hot test bench. The en-
                                                                                                                       gine is automatically drawn
                                                                                                                        onto the test bench (right)
                                                                                                                        on a fit-up cage.
                                                                                                                        Fuel, water and electrical
                                                                                                                       connections to the test
                                                                                                                      bench are also joined up

sient test bench equipped with a 4-quadrant          value engineering. Examining all aspects toget-
asynchronous motor which can be used to              her, from materials through manufacturing
apply dynamic load-change cycles. Such facili-       technology to packaging, is what makes the
ties are absolutely essential nowadays in order to   work an interdisciplinary exercise. “First of all,
obtain the emission certificates for certain en-     we bring the right people together. Then col-
gine types.                                          lectively we work out all the technical possibili-
     At present, developers are working fever-       ties for fulfilling the intended purpose, assess
ishly on more variants of the Series 1600 engine.    them in terms of overall cost and then decide

Series 1600

     Testing the new Cameo software:
        The new Cameo program that is
 subsequently to be used on other test
     benches as well is tried out on the
  Series 1600 test bench. Development
specialists like Dr. Thomas Bubolz (left)
and Gerd Rupp (right) work closely with
       the test bench operators such as
           Yeison Kratofil pictured here.


                                               which is the most economical solution,” explains        hour test was used to verify that the new method
                                               Volker Wachter, value engineering manager.              was effective. Another simpler and more econo-
                                                   Value engineering plays a central role in the       mical solution was a new method of detecting
                                               Series 1600 project in particular because the cost      engine speed. Instead of using a laser-machined
                                               targets are so ambitious. One value engineering         disc with teeth as in the past, holes were drilled
                                               method that results in more economical solu-            in the flywheel to perform the same function.
                                               tions and, above all, ones that offer greater pro-      “We have been able to utilize a lot of cost-saving
                                               cess reliability is simultaneous engineering with       potential with the help of our suppliers in that
                                               suppliers. “In contrast with conventional rela-         way,” stresses Volker Wachter.
                                               tionships with suppliers, the starting point for
                       Series 1600 design:     the discussions was a detailed examination of the       Local marketing
     The Series 1600 was designed entirely     supplier’s production technology and capacities.            “Customers have recognized the benefits of-
      by the Development subproject team
                                               By site visits to the suppliers, we found out about     fered by the world’s first thoroughbred gendrive
         of which Ralf Gunkel is a member.
                                               their facilities and got a feel for the production      engine – and the demand has been accordingly
                                               processes,” Werner Dillmann elucidates.                 high,” Harry Günthör of the sales subproject
                                                   That makes sure that the components can             team is happy to report. The successful sales
                                               actually be manufactured economically and reli-         debut of the new Series 1600 can be attributed
                                               ably on the available machinery. In that regard         not least to the numerous marketing activities
                                               too, the suppliers played a very active role. As        that the subproject team put together with the
                                               a result of a suggestion by one supplier, for in-       assistance of other specialist units. Among the
                                               stance, it was possible to dispense with the            highlights were the initial product launch in
                                               usual method of hardening gear-shaft surfaces.          Konstanz, the PowerGen trade fair in Cologne
                                               Instead, they were hardened by rolling. A 1,000-        in May, the Powergen show in Las Vegas in Sep-
                                                                                                       tember and other exhibitions around the world.
                                                                                                       Numerous other distributors, OEM clients and
                   Component test bench:
     Development engineer Daniel Speiser
                                                  Background …                                         customers attended Series 1600 road shows in
                                                                                                       countries across Europe, Asia and the USA from
   (left) and test bench fitter Leo Wagner         Cameo role in engine optimization
                                                        The new Cameo software is being trialed        Spain to Indonesia, and from Thailand to China
   with an oil pump that is being tested in
      conjunction with an oil filter module.       on the Series 1600 test benches. With its help,     and Japan. The initial invitees comprised all
                                                   statistical test planning, also called Design of    major clients plus a broad selection of potential
                                                   Experience (DoE), can be carried out. It enables    new customers. “Because we are aiming to ex-
                                                   empirical models of engine interrelationships to
                                                                                                       ploit new markets, to that extent we spared no
                                                   be pro-duced with the minimum of work. “That
                                                   means you can optimize an engine’s fuel con-        expense in our efforts to convince the world-
                                                   sumption in relation to the legally required        wide market of the benefits of the new Series
                                                   emission limits, for instance,” explains develop-   1600,” reveals subproject manager Nadine Buh-
                                                   ment engineer Dr. Sven Christian Fritz.             mann.
                                                                                                           The events focused heavily on the product’s

                                                                                                                                Series 1600

strengths – the engines are tough, economically       well – and we will be able to use that as a good
priced, environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient      sales pitch in our future marketing activities,”
and technologically state-of-the-art. And the         expands Harry Günthör.
fact that the power unit offers a diversity of cus-
tomer-oriented options despite its high degree        “Webshop” sales
of standardization is an achievement attribut-             A special software program was provided for
able not least to Product Line Management who,        sales and distribution of the production engines
together with the Sales Department, conducted         and the sales technicians were given training on
exhaustive market studies which identified not        it. The “webshop” is simple for distributors to
only what customers required but also the high        use. It allows all a customer’s desired options to
sales potential of the new product before de-         be put together into an order. “The system is
velopment was started.                                easier to use than our standard tool IPAS,” stres-
                                                      ses Gudrun Patulski, who set up the system and
System development with clients                       also reconfigured SAP CS2 for the purpose. “So
using pilot series engines                            far, the new webshop has already been very ac-
   A decisive aspect for the sales of the genset      tively used,” Harry Günthör confirms.
engines is their system-compatibility. In terms

                                                                                                           Test shop (top):
                                                                                                           The prototype engines are built on
                                                                                                           three assembly lines in all.

                                                                                                           Development subproject team:
                                                                                                           Back, from left: D. Speiser, J. A. Reitz,
                                                                                                           S. Conrad, T. Bildstein, H. Conrad,
                                                                                                           U. Fissenewert, Y. El Filali, T. Heise,
                                                                                                           S. Gessler, J. Schneemann.
                                                                                                           Front: M. Herrenknecht, M. Arndt
                                                                                                           (assistant to Dr. Dohle, former Series
                                                                                                           1600 subproject manager), F. Henssler,
                                                                                                           J. Engelhardt, J. Hiry and M. Wiedmann.

of their dimensions and also a large number of        Further network expansion for After Sales
interfaces, they have to be capable of integration        The After Sales department has also seen
in a complete genset unit as easily as possible. So   some reorganization. The service network is
from July 2009 prior to their market launch,          being further expanded hand in hand with Sales.
pilot series engines were sold to a number of         Petra Kinder, After Sales network developer, held
OEM clients including Tognum subsidiary               workshops for distributors to prepare them for
MTU Onsite Energy Corporation in Mankato.             the establishment of a closer service network and
The advantage was that customers were able to         inform them about the service targets, service
build prototype gensets with the engines and re-      center equipment and staff qualification. For
port back any modifications they would like.          their part, the attendees set out their require-
The development department at MTU was thus            ments. Especially those customers whose appli-
in a position to adapt the design of the standard     cations operate in tough continuous duty condi-
production engines. “In that way we established       tions demand rapid availability of support ser-
solid foundations at an early stage for an all-       vices. “In all regions we have a relatively close-
round, on-schedule production launch and              meshed network in the coastal areas due to the
created a high level of demand for the future as      numerous marine applications. So, above all, we

Series 1600

                Testing for tightness:
Achim Wegerer checks for leaks. Every
 conceivable device for the purpose is
     available at assembly station 18.


                                                need to expand the network in the inland areas       ty control, production and financial controlling
                                                for the Series 1600’s many genset and other ap-      to after sales. In PS2-BR1600 all subsystems are
                                                plications. Generally, our aim is to be available    highly integrated into a harmonized overall sys-
                                                24/7,“ Petra Kinder relates. “Due to the high unit   tem – the essential foundation for high-quality
                                                production figures there will also be a large de-    volume production similar to the automotive
                                                mand for spare parts,” explains Jochen Kling, Af-    industry with a comparable variety of options.
                                                ter Sales subproject manager. It will primarily be   “The basis for all of those processes,” relates
                                                covered by the new parts depot in Überlingen.        Marian Klem, subproject manager, “is a central
                                                    Low life-cycle costs (LCC) are achieved by       parts list for all business processes which is pro-
                                                low consumption, but also by durable materials       duced by the Development Department.”
            Camshaft value engineering:         and components. In addition, all components          Among the system’s highlights is an integrated
 Werner Dillmann (left) of Value Enginee-       are easily accessible and can be replaced or ser-    option configuration facility.
 ring and designer Christian Haug present
                                                viced in a relatively short time. The mainten-
            the cost-optimized camshaft.
                                                ance concept for the Series 1600 was designed in     Customer order registration and sales planning
                                                close cooperation with the LCC team headed by             Distributors anywhere in the world can
                                                Patrick Stöckle. Once again it involved bringing     order engines around the clock from the “web-
                                                several different groups together around the         shop”. The order configuration is recorded from
                                                table to make the engine competitive from the        the very first point at which the customer order
                                                start – the Development Department, the After        is registered. On that basis, all components re-
                                                Sales LCC team and Quality Management. To            quired are automatically identified via the parts
                                                make sure that the engines are serviced on site      list. The customer orders are also automatically
                                                by well qualified technicians, the trainers at the   offset against the sales planning figures (MRF)
                                                20 training centers around the world themselves      of all three sales regions.
                                                undergo intensive training at the Friedrichs-
                                                hafen Training Center where they benefit from        Procurement based on sales code
                                                the very latest training media including inter-         The ordering process with suppliers is also
        Sales activities close to the market:   active 3D graphics.
      Subproject manager Nadine Buhmann
            (right), Harry Günthör and other
     colleagues organize the market launch.
                                                PS2-BR1600 –                                            Terms explained …
                                                the brains behind all core processes
                                                                                                        Value engineering
                                                    It is one of the most powerful and complex               is a systematically planned method of
                                                systems in the whole project. We are talking            finding the most economical way of producing
                                                about the SAP IT (information technology) sys-          a product for a specific purpose without dimini-
                                                tem PS2-BR1600 which was developed by the               shing its quality, reliability or marketability. It
                                                                                                        aims to identify the lowest-cost option at every
                                                Series 1600 IT subproject. It keeps all Series
                                                                                                        stage of the product life cycle. Value enginee-
                                                1600 core processes working from customer or-           ring provides the means by which a company
                                                ders through development, procurement, quali-           can become or remain competitive.

                                                                                                                                         Series 1600

                                                                                                                After Sales: “The maintenance concept is
                                                                                                                customer-friendly and competitive,” accor-
                                                                                                                ding to subproject manager Jochen Kling.

highly automated. The sales codes in the cus-
tomer orders serve as the basis on which the ma-
terial requirements planning system automatic-
ally identifies all the components needed. The
system then raises an order/requisition and for-
wards it to the supplier on the same day. The
supplier then delivers the goods just in time for
production, thereby minimizing stock quanti-
ties and the associated costs, and enabling high
unit output.

Engine assembly
    The system can also manage, pre-sort and
prepare the assembly data for various processes.
A work schedule sets out all assembly processes
in Überlingen. Every station has a small monitor
networked to PS2-BR1600. As an engine reaches
each station, the data sheet on the trolley is scan-
                                                                                                                SAP IT system PSR2 in Series 1600
ned by a barcode reader. PS2-BR1600 then lists
                                                                                                                assembly: When an engine reaches the
the required operations on the monitor screen –                                                                 next assembly station, the data sheet on
an important contribution to process reliability.                                                               the trolley is scanned by a barcode reader.
“It allows staff to concentrate better on the ac-                                                               PS2-BR1600 then lists the operations re-
tual assembly tasks,” emphasizes assembly fore-                                                                 quired on the screen in the background.
man Uwe Gundelsweiler.

Teamwork in project rooms
    PS2-BR1600 was produced by the IT core
team together with representatives of Engineer-
ing, Operations, Sales, After Sales, Quality Ma-
nagement, Logistics, Finance and Controlling,             IT subproject: The IT System PSR2 supports all core
and Infrastructure. A total of around 140 staff           processes for the Series 1600. the picture shows
                                                          subproject manager Mirian Klen (right) and Norman
contributed to the work. As Marian Klem points
                                                          Koselowski, IT infrastructure project manager.
out, “To cope with the scale of the assignment,
special project rooms were set up in Building
30/4 in Plant 1.”

          Words: Wolfgang Stolba, Pictures: Robert Hack

Side glance


Illuminating logistics
F    RIEDRICHSHAFEN (sto). This might look like airport runway lights. But it is actually
    the command center of the pallet store in Hall 34 of Plant 2 in Friedrichshafen. As many as
1,000 containers pass through here on roller conveyors every day. The items they contain are put
                                                             together with supplies from other
                                                             parts of the warehouse for delivery
                                                             to the production, assembly and
                                                             dispatch departments. There are
                                                             around 19,000 storage locations
                                                             available for the purpose including
                                                             the pallet store. Markus Burkardt
                                                             (left) and trainee Philipp Wied-
                                                             mann are part of the team that
                                                             operates the control panel.
                                                                              Pictures: Robert Hack

Side glance


      1. Boxer MRAV:       1
A Type 8V-199 engine
   capable of 530 kW
  drives the 33-tonne
       Boxer multirole
      armored vehicle.

       2. Husky mine
   clearance vehicle:
        Its engine is a
 150-kW Type 6R 106
unit supplied by MTU.

              3. Engine
       The 500th Type
 6R 106 for the Husky
      and the excellent
    customer relations
    were celebrated in
      proper fashion at
    MTU South Africa.
   In attendance were
        (from left) Paul
Bower, Lyall Volkwyn,
       Dave Nicol, Emil
    Stohr, Kobus Janse
  van Rensburg, Mark
     Barrett and Hilton

                           Lightweights getting heavier
                                                                                                                                   MTU power
                           The Series 106 and 199 engines are offered by MTU            Light but powerful drivetrains for the new light vehicle
                                                                                        types. The South African Husky is a prime example. It has
                           as bespoke power units for light and medium-
                                                                                        been successfully deployed by Canadian and US forces on
                           heavy military vehicles. The more so in the light of         UN missions and for protecting personnel and vehicle
                                                                                        convoys in Iraq and Afghanistan. MRAVs such as the
                           the latest trend – light wheeled vehicles are getting
                                                                                        Boxer can be transported quickly by aircraft to virtually
                           heavier. So now they need greater reserves of                any deployment zone. Thanks to their power units,
                                                                                        they are also very fast over the
                                                                                        ground once in the field.
                                                                                        The 530 kW (721 bhp)

                           F    RIEDRICHSHAFEN/CAPE TOWN (sto). The Series
                                106 and 109 engines for military vehicles place Tog-
                           num right up with the pace. A total of 228 MTU Type 8V
                                                                                        Type 8V 199 can move
                                                                                        the Boxer at a top speed
                                                                                        of 103 kph. And with its
                           199 engines (530 kW) have been ordered by the Dutch and      compact 150-kW Type
                           German armed forces for the Boxer multirole armored
                           vehicle (MRAV). Another 187 units had previously been
                           ordered by the German army in 2007. And a whopping 500
                           Type 6R 106engines have been sold by Tognum subsidiary          Technical Data
                           MTU South Africa to the manufacturer DCD Dorbyl in              Engine:     8V 199
                           Johannesburg for its mine detection and clearance vehicle.      Power:      530 kW (721 PS)
                           Now known as the Husky, the vehicle has become a top-           Torque:     2.700 Nm
                           selling export.


                                                                      Interview …
                                                                      … with Knut Müller, head of Defense on the strengths
                                                                      and potential of the Series 106 and 199.

                                                                      “Excellent torque”
                                                                      Mr. Müller, the sales figures for the Series
                                                                      106 and 199 are impressive. How important
                                                                      are they to our defense business?
                                                                          They form a broad product range together
                                                                      with the larger engines and so contribute to the
                                                                      long-term stabilization of our business. They have their
                                                                      own independent product cycle and so have been able to
                                                                      counterbalance other less successful areas in the past year of
                                                                      financial crisis.

                                                                      Light vehicles are getting heavier. Does that mean
                                                                      that some time or other we will no longer need smaller
                                                                          In the future we require more engines with a broad range
                                                                      of power outputs, i.e. with a choice of cylinder configurations.
                                                                      That means the client can equip vehicles of different weights
                                                                      with engines of the same basic model, which offers logistical
                                                                      and economic advantages. In addition, military vehicles are
                                                                      constantly updated over a period of service extending to at
                                                                      least 30 years, becoming heavier in the process. Therefore, the
                                                                      engine requires enough power in reserve. The new vehicles are
                                                                      more heavily armored than their predecessors and so heavier
                                                                      from the outset. That is where our Series 106 and 199 engines
                                                                      come into their own.
units indemand for military vehicles
                                                                      The Series 199 is derived from the Mercedes-Benz OM 500
   6R 106 engine, the Husky easily tackles rough terrain and          engine. Is a truck engine the right basis to start from?
   steep gradients.                                                       Yes, because for the light and medium-heavy vehicles, we
       Many armed forces no longer use vehicles without ar-           need engines that are powerful and economical at the same
   mor protection in crisis deployment zones. The risk of at-         time. The truck engine has an economical basis as it is made
   tack by improvised explosive devices is too great. So vehi-        in large numbers. We turn it into a high-performance engine
   cles are now more heavily armored and carry additional             that meets military requirements.
          protection against mine attacks. As a result, the
           weight of the vehicles is considerably greater in          That sounds good. But isn’t there still some doubt as to
           some cases. More weight without losing agility             whether the substantial orders in 2009 might prove to be
               thus demands compact and even more power-              a flash in the pan in 2010?
                 ful engines. „That trend is very welcome for             The technological and economic potential of the Series
                   MTU because our enhanced-power Series              199 is a long way from being exhausted. The top-selling
                   199 units derived from the OM500 truck en-         Piranha V made by the Swiss manufacturer Mowag is being
                  gines cover precisely the range of outputs re-      tested out right now with the new V6 version (6V 199). And
                  quired,“ points out Knut Müller, the man in         we have increased the engine’s power to 430 kW. Its starter
              charge of the Defense Department in Fried-              generator and its outstanding torque mean that this engine
             richshafen.                                              will be setting the benchmark in the near future.

                                            Words: Wolfgang Stolba
               Pictures: MTU, Deutsche Bundeswehr, MTU South Africa



               Gensets from Mankato:
                  Tognum’s US plant in
                  Mankato, Minnesota,
             has been making the new
             Series 2000 gensets since
               July 2009 and the Series
             4000 and 12V 1600 ver-si-
                  ons since 1st October.
              They will be joined by the
             other Series 1600 cylinder
             configurations by the end
                                of 2010.



in large numbers
                               Tognum expands high-volume business
                                     in electricity generator modules

MTU is establishing a new genset product line for sale in large numbers. The new gene-
ration of MTU Onsite Energy diesel generator sets based on the Series 1600, 2000 and
4000 engines will be sold directly to end users via the global distribution network.
Designed for use as emergency backup, peak-load and continuous-duty generators,
they are already being produced at the Tognum plant in Mankato/USA and, since
November, at the Togum facility in Magdeburg, and will soon be made at the factory
in Suzhou, China, as well.

M    ANKATO/USA. “Everything was just right
       – the Bavarian Oktoberfest ambience, the
atmosphere and, of course, the great interest
                                                    Energy diesel generator sets. Center stage at the
                                                    event was occupied by the prototype of a stan-
                                                    dard genset based on the new Series 1600.
shown by the guests in our new standard gen-            “With these new gensets we are expanding
sets,” was the verdict of Christof von Branconi,    our involvement in the standard-system busi-
Tognum COO with responsibility for the Onsite       ness, and thus developing a closer relationship
Energy & Components Division, on a customer         with the end user,” emphasizes Christof von
event organized by the company at its facility in   Branconi. Up to now, MTU has primarily sup-
Mankato, USA, at the beginning of October.          plied engines to genset producers who make
Over the course of the three-day event attended     them up into generator sets, or produced cus-
by 70 distributors and 230 end users from the       tomized project-based system solutions for          Oktoberfest atmosphere in Mankato
USA, Tognum presented its new MTU Onsite            individual clients. In addition to those types of   (above and below):
Energy brand product line called MTU Onsite         business, which will continue to enjoy a position   The Onsite Energy & Components Division
                                                                                                        presented the new genset product line at a
                                                    of importance, the gensets produced indepen-        Bavarian-style customer event in Mankato.
                                                    dently by Tognum will be offered directly to a      Center-stage was a prototype based on the
                                                    wider market of end users. That includes the        Series 1600 (left).
                                                    owners of large buildings such as banks, data
                                                    centers or administrative offices, and applica-
                                                    tions in industry and agriculture.
                                                        The new gensets will be produced as stan-
                                                    dardized models available with short delivery
                                                    lead times. They will meet a broad range of cus-
                                                    tomer requirements. Depending on the power
                                                    rating needed by the customer,
                                                    they consist of a choice of
                                                    either a Series 1600,
                                                    2000 or 4000 engine,
                                                    an electricity gene-
                                                    rator, the electronic
                                                    control system and a
                                                    radiator, all mounted


                                                                                                        Background …
                                                MTU ONSITE ENERGY
                                                                                                         Modular design concept
                                                                                                               Depending on the output required by the
                                             on a common baseframe. The choice of power                  customer, the gensets now consist of a choice
                                             outputs ranges from approximately 270 to 3,250              of Series 1600, 2000 or 4000 engine, an elec-
                                             kW. Although the gensets are supplied as basic              tricity generator, the electronic control system
                                                                                                         and a radiator, all mounted on a common base-
                                             models with a standard specification, buyers will
                                                                                                         frame. The basic components are complemen-
                                             have numerous individualization options avail-              ted by a comprehensive range of additional op-
                                             able from their local contacts, the distributors.           tions such as electrical power switchgear, sound
                                             They will be able to select from a choice of stan-          insulation covers and coolers. The client can
                                             dardized variations at fixed prices.                        create a custom configuration from the choice
                                                                                                         of high-quality components. The modular de-
                                                                                                         sign concept offers the buyer an economical
                                                                                                         solution and short lead times.

      Development team in Mankato:           Sale of the first units based on the Series 2000
  The team that made the first proto-        started in July 2009. From 1st November, the pro-
  type of the new Series 1600 gensets
                                             duct line was expanded at the top and bottom end
comprises, from left, K. John, ODA ma-
 nager; K. Snaza, designer; N. Majeski,      by the addition of the Series 4000 and the new V12
     Applications team leader; K. Black,     Series 1600 respectively. By the end of 2010, the
       Electrics team leader; C. Dieken,     lower end of the range will be completed with the       IPAS system and the distributors given training on
        Applications; T. Riemann, COO;       introduction of the other cylinder configurations       it, so that ultimately they are able to exploit the
 K. Schäfer, Electronics; T. Bode, fitter;
                                             of the Series 1600, so that Tognum can claim to be      markets. “A trained distributor can order a stan-
  W. Farr, Series 1600 Genset Develop-
             ment subproject manager.        a genuine full-line supplier.                           dard genset on the IPAS system in ten minutes; the
                                                 According to Christof von Branconi, the main        delivery times are around six to twelve weeks, de-
                                             focus of the sales activities, apart from the already   pending on model,” Frank Forberger indicates.
                                             well established business in Region 3 (North Ame-            The Mankato plant is playing the lead role in
                                             rica), will be on around 20 other countries in Sales    the production of the new units. The factory has
                                             Regions 1 and 2. Especially places where gensets        been building gensets with Series 2000 engines sin-
                                             with MTU engines have previously not been sold          ce July this year, with the Series 4000 since August
                                             or only sold in small numbers, such as the Middle       and with the Series 1600 units since November.
                                             East, Latin America, North Africa, Australia and        Mankato is also responsible for developing the Se-
                                             Eastern Europe. This significant step from engine-      ries 1600 gensets, while the Friedrichshafen plant
                                             only to standardized system business involves ma-       is responsible for the Series 2000 and Series 4000
                                             jor challenges for the worldwide sales and service      models. In order to bring production closer to the
                                             organization, which includes the distributor net-       market and so save costs in the other regions as
                                             work as well as the sales regions. The team around      well, the gensets will also be assembled in Magde-
                                             Frank Forberger, Head of Onsite Energy Sales, will      burg, Germany and Suzhou, China, from 2010.
                                             have the job of bringing the distributors up to
                                             speed in terms of sales and service. The corpora-       Strategy for the energy market
                                             tion has had to adapt to the new product line in-           For the first time in the company’s history, a
                                             ternally as well. Orders will be processed using the    special image was developed specifically for the


energy market for the introduction of the new
gensets. Because, historically, the business has its
roots in other areas. “Although we have been sup-
plying highly sophisticated emergency backup
gensets for nuclear power stations for some time,
and to a limited extent for airports, hospitals and
data centers – most of which are ‘on our own
doorstep’ so to speak – we never paid special at-
tention to the energy market,“ elucidates Christof
von Branconi. That only started in 2008 with the
creation of the new Tognum brand, MTU Onsite
Energy. Tognum is now tackling the energy mar-
ket in earnest and, with diesel and gas-fueled gen-
sets and fuel cells, is venturing into new markets
with the aim of selling more products in that way.
    With the new standard gensets, the group is
pursuing three aims in particular, as Christof von
Branconi explains: “Firstly, we want to wrest as
many customers as we can from our competitors.         – and not for stock but only when they are orde-      Project team in Friedrichshafen:
Secondly, we are fundamentally technically capa-       red. MTU Onsite Energy Corporation in Manka-          Back, from left: Amanda Fischer,
                                                                                                             Bettina Ernst, Anne Heiland,
ble of doing that on our own by selling complete       to is ideally equipped for such demands. Having
                                                                                                             Klaus Schäfer.
systems and now want to do so to a greater degree.     produced gensets under the name of Katolight          Front, from left: Andreas Ruess,
And thirdly, we want to find a direct route to the     from the 1950s until 2008, the company enjoys an      Siegfried Metzger, Peter Bossert,
end user.“ Generally, he points out, the genset        outstanding reputation. “My staff have substantial    Armin Allgaier, Armin Gröber, Susanne
business is a better means, compared with the          experience and exceptional skills not only in de-     Wolter and Melanie Meschenmoser.
other applications, of reaching the end users and      velopment but also in production, logistics and
so ultimately selling more engines – in a market       sales,“ points out Armin Gröber, CEO of MTU
that is growing with the expanding population          Onsite Energy Corporation in Mankato.
and rising standards of living.                            The plant has built impressive numbers of
    The biggest challenge is volume-producing          gensets with Series 2000 and 4000 engines since
model variants that reflect customer requirements      2006 – including in 2009, the year of the financial
                                                                                                             System engineering experts:
                                                                                                             The Mankato factory has decades of
                                                                                                             experience. On that basis it now makes
                                                                                                             gensets using the Series 2000, 4000
                                                                                                             (pictured) and 1600 in large numbers
                                                                                                             and with short lead times.


                  MTU ONSITE ENERGY

              crisis – though not as yet as the new standardized          “Advantage of the newcomer”
              system modules. Thirty-one gensets were made
              with Series 2000 engines in 2006 and 166 in 2008,           Christof von Branconi, Tognum COO with responsibility
              while ten were built with the Series 4000 in 2006           for the Onsite Energy & Components Division, and
              and 240 in 2008. Reviewing those figures, Armin             Armin Gröber, CEO of MTU Onsite Energy Corporation in
              Gröber observes, “We created the necessary capa-            Mankato, talk about the new genset product line.
              cities at exactly the right time and have set up a              The production of standardized gensets opens up new
              new plant in leased premises for the smaller units          markets. However, only the development and production
              up to the Series 1600. The existing factory will be         expertise of the Mankato plant combined with the expan-
              used for the larger gensets with Series 2000 and              sion of sales and distribution activities can ensure that
              4000 engines. And our Mankato work-                                  the opportunities those products offer are actual-
              force did all of that without outside                                   ly utilized. That is made clear by the following
              assistance. Experts have certified                                         interview with Tognum COO, Christof von
              that it is state-of-the-art.”                                                Branconi, and CEO of MTU Onsite Energy
                                                                                            Corporation, Armin Gröber.
                            Words: Wolfgang Stolba
                      Pictures: Robert Hack, MTU DD                                         Mr. von Branconi, what are the oppor-
                                                                                            tunities that the genset market offers?
                                                                                               Christof von Branconi: It offers us a
                                                                                          good opportunity to sell more engines, speci-
                                                                                       fically by continuing to supply OEM clients on
                                                                                    the one hand, and on the other by establishing
                                                                              ourselves as complete system suppliers and thus gai-
                                                                          ning access to end users in markets where we have not done
                                                                          business in the past. Markets that are growing with the ex-
                                                                          panding population and rising standards of living. Overall,
                                                                          we are targeting a market share of around 15 percent.

                                                                          By pushing out competitors?
                                                                              Christof von Branconi: In some countries, yes, but
                                                                          overall it is a growing market and therefore not just a case
                                                                          of predatory competition. Especially in Africa, Latin Ame-
                                                                          rica, the Middle East and Asia, we are looking to profit
                                                                          from market growth.

                                                                          Aren’t major genset producers already there?
                                                                               Christof von Branconi: Not everywhere. Every large
                                                                          tower block, data center and hospital has an emergency ge-
                                                                          nerator. In total there is a vast demand for distribution and
                                                                          still numerous large and small areas that haven’t been co-
                                                                          vered. But basically you are right: we also have to challenge
                                                                          the position of our competitors by our unique selling points.

                                                                          … which are?
                                                                              Christof von Branconi: The price alone is not the deci-
                                                                          ding factor. It is a case of the right mixture of a number of
                                                                          factors, intelligent solutions, such things as flexibility, tech-
             Worldwide production: The gensets are produced at the        nology, proximity to the customer. And it is important that
             American facility in Mankato, Minnesota (pictured), and in   we offer a range of defined individual variations.
             future will also be made at Magdeburg in Germany and
             Suzhou in China.


Why did we buy the US company Katolight, or MTU                   successor to the De-
Onsite Energy Corporation as it is now known?                     troit Diesel name. If
    Christof von Branconi: There is a vast difference be-         we market our pro-
tween selling comparatively small numbers of gensets as           ducts systematically,
part of specialized project contracts or else just engines to a   we have fantastic po-
few OEM clients, as we have done up to now, and volume-           tential. Even in the
producing complete gensets for sale to hundreds of buyers.        USA, which is a satu-
It would not serve a useful purpose for us to attempt to          rated market. The
acquire the necessary capabilities ourselves. MTU Onsite          customer event in
Energy Corporation in the USA are specialists who know            Mankato at the begin-
how to make gensets in large volumes, how to sell the them        ning of October pro-
in large quantities and how the logistics work.                   ved that. The interest
                                                                  from the trade was
Why is the advantage of Tognum’s subsidiary in the                enormous and buyers
USA?                                                              now see us as possible future suppliers.                         Interview:
     Christof von Branconi: It gives us access to the North                                                                        Tognum COO Christof
                                                                                                                                   von Branconi (right)
American market. Geographical proximity is a key factor in        What have been the consequences of the global finan-
                                                                                                                                   and Armin Gröber,
selling directly to the end user. In addition, we have already    cial and economic crisis?                                        CEO of MTU Onsite
sold gensets there, but only products made by third parties.           Armin Gröber: The financial crisis has caused a no-         Energy Corporation,
In future we intend to combine the two and so cover more          ticeable slow-down in orders and a four-week shutdown at         explain the opportu-
of the market.                                                    the Mankato plant. But overall there is still high demand        nities, aims and im-
                                                                                                                                   plementation of the
                                                                  for our products. IT companies, hospitals and data centers
                                                                                                                                   new genset produc-
Mr. von Branconi, how do you explain the sales success            still need emergency generators even in an economic crisis.      tion line.
of the large gensets so far built between 2006 and 2008?          However, many of our main competitors are moving more
    Christof von Branconi: As we are still relatively small       into onsite power generation due to loss of sales in other
as system suppliers without a great deal of market penetra-       sectors. That considerably increases the pressure on dead-
tion, we have been able to make decent inroads and return         lines and, in certain cases, on prices as well. In addition,
figures better than the market as a whole. That is the ad-        clients are putting off many projects until the very last
vantage of the newcomer. Basically, the crisis has shown          minute. And that means we have to deliver them to the
that the decision taken two years ago to move in this di-         tightest schedules.
rection has made us considerably less susceptible to market
fluctuations. But that cannot disguise the fact that we still     The standard gensets are also to be built at SKL in
need to substantially expand our sales capabilities in parti-     Magdeburg and at the Chinese plant in Suzhou. Why?
cular.                                                                       Christof von Branconi: Our aim is to be involved
                                                                                 in this business worldwide for the long term.
Why? After all, we have sold gensets                                                Because, as we have said, proximity to the
before!                                                                               market is a key factor and the business
     Christof von Branconi: Yes, and in                                                has to be optimized with respect to
the USA our distributors already know                                                   transport costs as well, we also have to
our systems well. But in Region 1 and in                                                produce in Magdeburg and Suzhou.
Asia we still have to develop our sales to                                              The Magdeburg plant has a lot of expe-
end users. Step by step. And in particu-                                               rience in genset production. It will be
lar, train the distributors. That means in                                            making the 50-hertz versions of all three
2010 we will not be marketing worldwide                                             models there. We are already producing
but beginning with about 20 countries. They                                      Series 2000 engines in Suzhou, which will be
are primarily countries where our OEM clients do                             made up into gensets in the same factory. Specia-
not operate. It is important that we make the MTU Onsite          lists are being sent out from Mankato to train up the Chi-
Energy brand better known worldwide. Especially in the            nese workforce. Production is due to start in 2010.
USA, we have to get the message across that MTU is the


                          Vocational training
       MTU FRIEDRICHSHAFEN           vocation
                                                                                       90 years of training in Friedrichshafen
                                                  2009 is a special year for anniversaries. As well as Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichs-
                                                  hafen’s centenary, the company’s training department is celebrating its 90th birthday.
                                                  The company has always looked upon ensuring a continual supply of highly qualified
                                                  staff as one of the most important foundations for success, and as the basis for a suc-
                                                  cessful career in the industry.

                                                  F   RIEDRICHSHAFEN. A Friday afternoon in
                                                      1963. The apprentices in the Maybach trai-
                                                  ning workshop can hardly wait for the end of the
                                                                                                         rather authoritarian style of the training in those
                                                                                                         days. Hermann Hoher, who eventually ended up
                                                                                                         in charge of industrial technical training himself,
                                                  working day. But as yet they are all standing to       observes, „That was the past. Today we conduct
                           Old-school training:   attention by their workbenches. With a certain         things as a partnership between trainers and
      Top: in the early decades, craftsmanship    amount of apprehension they are waiting for the        trainees.“
 skills such as filing were high on the agenda.
                                                  training foreman to inspect their carefully arran-          To prepare young people for the high pro-
  The picture shows the training
          workshop in the 1950s.                  ged rows of files and tools. Fifteen-year-old ap-      fessional demands from an early stage, MTU
 Right: the relationship                          prentice machine fitter Hermann Hoher is rather        Training introduced project-based learning in
  with the trainer was                                        nervous. Unfortunately he has bro-         the mid-1970s. Instead of spending months
for a long time strictly                                               ken the tip off one of his        practicing filing skills, apprentices had to design
                                                                        files. He is fervently hoping    and build small 2-stroke diesel engines, small
                                                                          the strict foreman doesn’t     generator sets or waste disposal stations in order
                                                                           notice. That small anec-      to gain an understanding of technical and or-
                                                                           dote, which by the way        ganizational aspects early on.
                                                                                       had a happy            The need for highly qualified staff as the ba-
                                                                                       ending, clearly   sis for the success of any business was something
                                                                                     illustrates the     that Karl Maybach recognized 90 years ago. The


company had already set up a training workshop      lights Martin Stocker, Head of Industrial Tech-
for women in 1917 due the lack of male workers.     nical Training.
The apprentice training workshop established in         Industrial technical training was joined by
1919 was the first in the Upper Swabia region       commercial subjects and in the 1970s by electro-
and a pioneer of cooperative courses in Ger-        nics. Other additions have been industrial
many. Maybach-Motorenbau provided the rooms,        practice semesters for mechanical engineering,
teaching models, projection equipment and           business engineering and electrical engineering
other teaching materials and the training staff     courses at the Ravensburg Vocational Training
for the practical subjects. The local education     Academy, which is now known as the Baden-
authorities supplied the teaching staff for the     Württemberg Cooperative State University
theoretical training at the company’s own voca-     (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg).
tional college.                                         Today, a total of 310 young people are com-
    An important factor in practice-based and       pleting their training at MTU Friedrichshafen,
forward-looking industrial technical training       the vast majority of them as industrial mecha-
was always the proximity to production. The         nics, mechatronics engineers or electronic en-
fact that learning does not take place in ivory     gineers in automation technology, others in
towers is made obvious by the concept introdu-      commercial subjects. How important the next
ced in the mid-1980s of „training stations“ that    generation of qualified employees is to MTU is
are directly incorporated in the production         shown by the new training workshop officially
areas. There, apprentices are directly integrated   opened in February this year. Its 2000 square          Modern vocational training at MTU Plant 1:
in the production process and learn the latest      meters of space offer trainers and trainees the        Top: mechatronics trainees A. Heiss (left)
                                                                                                           and J. Baumann program handling equip-
manufacturing techniques on modern CNC              perfect new home.
machines. The apprentices also gain plenty of                                                              Center: the previous training manager
practical experience in the „long-term training“                                 Words: Wolfgang Stolba    Mr. Hoher (right) with Simon Amman at
phase. It involves working for seven to eight                          Pictures: MTU-Archiv, Robert Hack   the production training station.
months in the same area. „That means that by                                                               Bottom: Mr. Krug, Electronics training
                                                                                                           manager with Roman Ungern-Sternberg
their first day on the job, they can already mas-
                                                                                                           (right) and Volker Altenhof, DHBW electri-
ter 80 to 90 percent of the work involved,“ high-                                                          cal engineering/automation students.


                                      MTU FRIEDRICHSHAFEN

Practice is (almost) everything
                                  Ninety years’ experience in apprentice training have shown one thing above all: training
                                  is only as good as its practical reference. To reinforce that aspect, Tognum offers exter-
                                  nal practical training placements and extensive project work, among other things.

                                                                                         gineers attending to the propulsion units. But as
                                                                                         the time drew closer, I started to worry if I had
                                                                                         what it takes. How would I manage? Having only
                                                                                         recently passed my driving test, I was a little ap-
                                                                                         prehensive about the 800-kilometer car journey.
                                                                                         But as soon as I was on my way, I found that as
                                                                                         each hour and each day passes, you can achieve a
                                                                                         little more than you could before.

                                                                                              I especially became aware of that in the days
                                                                                         that followed in Wilhelmshaven. One of the MTU
                                                                                         engineers there looked after me for the whole two-
                                                                                         week placement, and even met me on the evening
                                                                                         I first arrived. No, I wasn’t thrown in at the deep
                                                                                         end. On the first day he showed me the gigantic
                                                                                         port installations in Wilhelmshaven, the frigates,
                                                                                         the engine rooms, the workshops on board ship
                                                                                         and on the dockside, and the spare parts depot for
                                                                                         the MTU engines. And then I went with him to
                                                                                         watch a Series 956 unit being hoisted out of the
              Benjamintomer                                                              engine room because there is too little space inside
               23, cus engineer                                                          for certain repairs. I realized that you need a lot of
                service                                                                  knowledge and skills beyond just knowing about
                                echtel re-
                   Benjamin Br                                                           the engine in order to be a customer service spe-
                                o practical
                   ports on tw
                    training pl
                                 acements         Smelling                               cialist. I also helped to completely dismantle a
                               leted during
                 that he comp ship in
                                                  practical                              Series 396 genset engine in the hot and sticky at-
                  his apprentice                  reality at                             mosphere of an engine room heated by summer-
            northern Ge
                        rmany. Sinc
                                     e then
                                                  the waterside                          time weather. I learned what order the first parts
                        al l over the                                                    have to be removed in to get at the ones underneath,
           he has been           ments for
             on service         ch as the
                                                  Benjamin Brechtel, 23, custo-          how you pick spare parts from the warehouse and
               la rge ships su nchijigua          mer service engineer in Fried-         to put them away properly. And I found out how
                          rry Be
              trimaran fe     d) that serv
                                           es     richshafen, completed two pe-          important it is for your own comfort in the hot
            Express (picture La Palma.
                            of                     riods of practical training in        weather to change your dirty and oily overalls re-
                the island
                                                   north Germany during his              gularly. I got through three sets in a week.
                                                   apprenticeship in 2006. One
                                  of them was a service placement at the German              On the way to the Hamburg office I found out
                                  Navy dockyards in Wilhelmshaven.                       what it’s like when your sat nav fails and you have
                                                                                         to find your way around the concrete jungle on

                                  A      t first I was quite elated. A practical trai-
                                         ning placement! At the Wilhelmshaven
                                         naval dockyards. It covers a vast area in
                                  which 15 frigates were waiting to be serviced
                                  alongside its quays. There were ten MTU en-
                                                                                         your own. The tour of the MTU center made up
                                                                                         for it though. In Berlin, I learned how customer
                                                                                         service jobs in the genset and rail sectors are dealt
                                                                                         with at short notice. Another thing that became
                                                                                         clear was the key role of the electronics, such as


                  How MTU apprentices grow into the world of work

when a rail PowerPack management computer
has to be reprogrammed with new software.

     I have now worked as a service engineer for
two years and have already been abroad several
times to places like La Palma, Singapore and
Australia. I wouldn’t want to have done without
the practical training, especially because of the ex-
cellent support I was given and the practical un-
derstanding I gained.

in engineering
Benjamin Wulle, 21, is studying engineering
economics at the Baden-Württemberg Coope-
rative State University in Ravensburg (DHBW).
This year he had to produce a product-related
viability study which gave him a comprehensive
insight into the world of heavy-duty diesel en-
gines in the penultimate semester of his univer-                                                                    Benjamin Wu
sity course.                                             sights and opportunities                                   is studying lle, 21,
                                                                                                                    ring eco     enginee-
                                                         for development. Among all of those subject-
                                                                                                                    the DHBW nomics at

W        hen, in my fifth semester, I opted for a via-
         bility study in the area of engine manu-
         facturing, I thought, “No problem, I can
just research it“. I couldn’t have been wider of the
mark. In my first conversation with my mentor,
                                                         related and organizational tasks, the one job
                                                         that was the toughest of the decathlon of dis-
                                                         ciplines was undoubtedly finding the right
                                                         people for each job and winning them over.
                                                         If there is one general observation I have
                                                                                                                     As part of
                                                                                                                  the Baden-Wü
                                                                                                                   rative Stat
                                                                                                                                  his course
                                                                                                                                rttemberg Co
                                                                                                                               e University
                                                                                                                                 Benjamin Wu
                                                                                                                  produced a                 lle
Gebhard Happle, who helped me fantastically              about this course it is that it gives you                             prod
                                                                                                                    study. In th uct-related
throughout the project, it became clear what a dif-      direct practical experience at exactly the              gained usef e process he
                                                                                                                              ul insights
ficult, even Olympic-proportion challenge it was.        right time – just before you finish. I can’t           many depart
                                                                                                                             ments and ho
In my scientific study, I examined all the technical     imagine a better preparation for the po-                        work togeth      w they
and economic aspects on which the success of a           tential culture shock of entering the real
potential new product depends. They extend from          world of work.
the business management level where the basic
strategic and operational questions are considered                   Words: Benjamin Brechtel, Benjamin Wulle,
right through to the details of technology, physics               Wolfgang Stolba, Pictures: private, Robert Hack
and mechanics, engine and gearbox design, pro-
duction processes and procedures, and after-sales
issues. Added to that, there were economic via-
bility calculations, analyses of the market and
competitors, sales activities and pricing conside-

    I spoke to more specialists and arranged more
meetings than I can remember. It was not always
an easy task, either organizationally or on a per-
sonal level, but it gave me many important in-

Work & Social

                   MTU ASIA

                Spirit of enterprise at MTU Asia
                                         MTU Asia celebrates traditional Chinese festival of spirits

                      Burning money to appease
                  the spirits? To western eyes it
                                                                S   INGAPORE. In Chinese culture, the seventh month of the lunar calendar –
                                                                     that is the period from mid-August to mid-September on the western calen-
                                                                dar – is a very important time of the year. It is when the gates of hell open for
            might at first appear to be a rather                roughly 30 days and the spirits of the underworld are on Earth. That is the time
                                                                when the Chinese celebrate the festival of the hungry spirit – their version of
            unusual custom – but it is just one                 Hallowe’en. To appease the spirits of the dead souls, people offer them ritual
                  of many observed in countries                 meals or burn money. It is a custom properly observed at MTU Asia in Singa-
                                                                pore. The celebrations for the festival started with an auction of all sorts of items
                where Tognum Group companies                    and ended with a dinner for the staff taking part. An essential part of observan-
                                     are represented.           ce is that no events with a bearing on future prosperity such as weddings or busi-
                                                                ness meetings are held during the period – because the spirits, so the tradition
                                                                says, are the real masters of those days. Whether the efforts to appease them will
                                                                meet with success, remains to be seen – perhaps business developments in 2010
                                                                will reveal the answer.
                                                                                                  Words: Markus Keiper, Anika Kannler, Pictures: MTU Asia

                                     Appeasing the spirits:
                In the Chinese Festival of the Hungry Spirit,
            ritual meals are offered up and money burned.

                                                                                                                                      One of us

                                                                                                                                      festival at Mehmet
                                                                                                                                      Akif Mosque,
                                                                                                                                      Top: Emel Coban
                                                                                                                                      with visitors in
                                                                                                                                      the prayer room.
                                                                                                                                      Inset: Insight
                                                                                                                                      into the Koran.
                                                                                                                                      Bottom: Welcoming
                                                                                                                                      guests to the
                                                                                                                                      visitors’ corner.


Building bridges
                                               Emel Coban helps to promote understanding
                                                between German and Turkish communities

F    RIEDRICHSHAFEN. A Sunday in May. Below the glit-
     tering gold dome of the Mehmet Akif Mosque in Fried-
richshafen, market stands offer oriental delicacies for sale.
                                                                   is that Islam is also taught in schools as part of religious
                                                                       She is currently a committee member of the DITIP, the
But what particularly attracts the German visitors to the an-      “German-Turkish Union of the Institute for Religion“ and is
nual community event is the chance to gain an insight into         a founder member of the “Friedrichshafen Dialogue Com-
the interior of the mosque, the Islamic religion and, ultima-      mittee“. As deputy leader of the General Parents’ Associa-
tely, the culture of their 3,000 or so co-citizens of Fried-       tion in Friedrichshafen, she works for greater equality of
richshafen. For devout Muslim Emel Coban, who works at             opportunity for all migrant children. She chairs the Parents’
the MTU Electronics Center, the event is a welcome oppor-          Association at the Graf-Soden-Realschule secondary
tunity to pursue her “greatest commitment after the family“        school. She has also helped to produce a concept for migrant
– promoting understanding between Christians and Mus-              children in the City of Friedrichshafen’s
lims, Germans and Turks. She provides guided tours of the          Cooperative Planning Group. As well as all
mosque, explains the Koran to the visitors together with the       that, she also gives Turkish lessons for
imam (leader of prayers), tries to overcome prejudices and         Germans at the local community college.
points out all the things that unite the two cultures.                 Where does that strength of commit-
     On their way around the fete and the mosque, many feel        ment come from? “When I came to Ger-
that what is being explained has to be experienced together        many at the age of nine, I learned German
with all the other impressions here in order to fully under-       quickly and easily. But many other ethnic
stand it – the robes, the prayers, the colorful carpets, the or-   Turkish schoolmates fell behind,“ she re-
naments and scriptures. Emel Coban elucidates the impor-           lates. Because she is so well assimilated in
tance of the mosque as a place where the generations come          both communities, her aim is to help
together: “The family and the mosque play a decisive role in       build bridges between the cultures.
the religious upbringing of our children“. Her greatest wish                                      Words + Pictures: Wolfgang Stolba


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