Economic test for first grade high school by AuliaGalayudha


									LKS page 16 - 17

   18. The following is a direct cost is......    22. Here's the non-economic goods
           a. Economic costs accounted                are included.......
              for in the expenditure as                   a. Open air
                                                          b. Oxygen tube
              the cost of production
                                                          c. Water at the time of rain
           b. Costs that have not been                    d. Machinery
              recorded despite having                     e. Hurricane
           c. Sodium absorption ratio            23. According to the need at the
              reasonable costs incurred              subject's needs are divided over.....
              by the company                              a. Needs of primary,
                                                              secondary and tertiary
           d. Costs associated with
                                                          b. Individual and collective
              money                                           needs
              e. Costs for which payment                  c. Needs are not necessarily
              is made after the goods are                     the time and all the time
              sold                                        d. Social and psychological
   19. Indirect objects can be used to                    e. The need now, urgently
                                                              and future
       meet human needs is called the
       object.....                                24. Examples of free body are......
          a. Consumption                                 a. Cars and electronic goods
          b. So                                          b. Household furnishings and
          c. Economy                                        clothing-free
          d. Noneconomic                                 c. Sand, soil and field sports
          e. Production                                  d. Pure oxygen and water
                                                            during the dry season
                                                         e. Air, sunlight and water
   20. According to the science, worship
                                                            during a flood there
       including the need......
           a. Now
                                                  25. Human life needs that are not
           b. That will come
                                                      limited can be seen from the .....
           c. All the time
                                                          a. The way people earn a
           d. Spiritual
           e. Physical
                                                          b. The way people look for
                                                              need not always fit
   21. Marriage ceremony, cremation,
                                                          c. How to spend all humen
       sekaten, and others including the
                                                              being income
       things that affect people's
                                                          d. Human way in meeting the
       needs. These include factors......
                                                              basic needs
           a. Natural conditions
                                                          e. How to save all human
           b. Civilization
                                                              beings in income
           c. Religion
           d. Demonstration effect
                                                  26. Examples of complementary goods
           e. Mores
                                                          a. Shoes with socks
LKS page 16 - 17

           b.   Coffee with Tea                       d. Domestic market running
           c.   Apples with oranges                       smoothly
           d.   Plate with a bowl                     e. Equitable income
           e.   Bread with rice                           distribution
                                               31. The desire to save money is a
   27. Human needs are unlimited, while            business which aims to meet the
       the number of resources to meet             needs.....
       the limited needs, encourages                  a. Now
       people to......                                b. Future
           a. Leveraging opportunities                c. Primary
           b. Economic motive                         d. Physical
           c. Acting economical                       e. All time
           d. Economic principles
           e. Working vigorously               32. The hospital is useful when there is
                                                   a doctor, this includes the use.....
   28. Overseas excursion with family, go             a. Element
       on a cruise and staying at luxurious           b. Place
       hotels in Europe, a reflection of              c. Time
       a........                                      d. Service
            a. Prosperity                             e. Ownership
            b. Satisfaction
            c. Needs                           33. Based on the manufacturing
            d. Desire                              process, goods are divided
            e. Wealth                              into......
                                                       a. Substitution goods and
   29. Faid worked in the private Bank                      complementary goods
       with a salary of Rp 35,000 per                  b. Consumption goods and
       day. However, he wanted to take a                    production goods
       computer course for two months                  c. Free goods and economic
       at a cost of Rp 600,000.00 (one                      goods
       month = 60 days). Faid decided to               d. Cheap goods, expensive
       take a computer course for two                       items and luxury goods
       months. The amount of                           e. Crude goods, intermediate
       opportunity cost to do Faid is.......                goods and finished goods
           a. Rp3.600.000, 00
           b. Rp2.100.000, 00                  34. Limited number of goods as well as
           c. Rp1.500.000, 00                      necessary sacrifices to get it
           d. Rp1.050.000, 00                      called......
           e. Rp570.000, 00                            a. Substitution of goods
                                                       b. Goods production
   30. Advantages of the traditional                   c. Consumer goods
       economic system are.....                        d. Economic goods
          a. No there is competition                   e. Free stuff
          b. Not aim for profit
          c. Underestimates the                35. Figure who first raised the
             efficiency                            command economic system is......
                                                       a. Adam Smith
LKS page 16 - 17

           b.   J.M. Keynes
           c.   Karl Max
           d.   J.J. Rousseas
           e.   Max Webber

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