Self_Evaluation by pengxuebo


									Digital Storytelling: Final Self Evaluation (Student)

What did you learn in creating your digital story?

      That there are two different sides of the war. Not all of it is fighting. Some compiled
      You really have to work on one page at a time don’t do the whole thing
      On the computer is harder than looks. People really get into what they are doing.
      Making one working to start the process.
      I learned how to make an Imovie really well and I had fun doing it to.
      I learned how to put a digital story together.
      I learned that having bone cancer is not a lot of fun. I learned that there are two main
       things to bone cancer.
      Sometimes it’s not as easy as it seems.
      Amputation can be caused by STUPID mistakes and following directions is
      How to cut the videos and add things. It was really fun.
      I learned a lot of things like don’t let everybody else do the work instead of you.
      I learned how to use this kind of technoligy. I also learned that you can do all sorts of
       stuff with technoligy.
      That amutation is hard to adapt to.
      How to put in music to give it feeling. I also learned how to put in cool sound effects.
      I learned I have OCD and I learned about life.
      How hard it might be to be adopted and not seeing your really family.
      Lots of things I didn’t know about substance abuse.
      I learned about how drugs affect you, and learned that drug can not only affect you but it
       can affect your family and friends too.
      I learned how people feel and what amputees go through. I learned how to make an
       Imovie. I learned the whole story of how Howard Bach lost an arm.
      How to be more creative and to use a computer more better than I used to.
      That the imovies are a good to show people what things are.
      Well it takes a lot to do it if you want to make a really awesome. You have to get the
       audio that’s right for your topic. Then pick an awesome title to go with it.
      I leaned that it can be fun and educational at the same time!
      I learned how important it is to pay attention to the details and work as fast and hard as
       you can.
      I learned alot of the affects of drugs and that imovie has alot of stuff you can do with it.
      How to create a digital story, info on P.O.W’s.
      I learned how to create a digital story. I also learned what to do if you suspect someone is
       abused. And I learned how lucky I am with my family and what a lot of other kids go
      That Non-Hodgin Lynphoma does exist.
      I actually learned alot! I learned that you have to be patient when something don’t work
       right away! I learned the Kensburn affect which is really cool! I learned how to video
       tape and take certain clips of them!
      I learned how to make a movie
Digital Storytelling: Final Self Evaluation (Student)

      I learn to work in team better. How to add music to the IMovie. Also how to add
       interviews to a Imovie and edit them.
      I learned alot about the topic I chose. I also learned how to edit and clip audio,
       interviews and pictures. I learned how to add cool effects.
      i learned to work together and how to use iMovie and how to work easier on a computer.
      That when something that needs to be done right away, you shouldn’t procrastinate.
      I learned alot like how to split music to add to the Imovie and where to put things. Also
       things like working with other people and putting up with them.
      I learned that you should make the movie short and th the point. Also don’t spend to
       much time on one thing.
      I learned that digital movie is really a group thing. Learning how to do the Kenburns
       effect. Also editing, putting them in order was fun.
      I learned that you just don’t have to hav one clip after another. You can use the Ken burn
      I learned how you can take one thing and make it into something wonderful.
      I learned how to use iMovie. This was the first time I ever used it. It’s just another way
       of telling a story with music and things.
      I learned alot about the computer. Music is important because it sets the theme, and it
       should go along with your story. Pick songs that relate to your movie, not your fabe song
       on the radio.
      How to make one and the hardships they faced.
      That steroids also have good effects, and some of the bad effects.
      I learned how bad steroid really are. How they can kill you and do worse stuff then get
       you kicked out of a sport.
      I learned many things. I never new how to even start up Imovies. I learned how to
       record people’s voices over something. I learned practically everything Ms. Behmer
       taught us.
      I didn’t even know about Ewing Sarcoma. I learned that 20 people who got it and only
       12 survive.
      I learned alot about how to make the movie more interesting. Also how to catch the
       attenetion of other students by making a cool beginning.
      I learned how to use iMovie and how to interview someone. I also got to know my group
       members a little more.
      How to make cool i-movies. Also about Dropouts.
      I learned how important it is to look at the details. I learned alot about steroids. I learned
       the consqences and the legal steroids.
      I learned to use all of the imovie effect and how to cut and just about everything else.
      That it takes time, you have to be very patient. Team work is real good. It helps because
       then the job gets done real fast and easy.
      How to interview someone.
      I learned alot about cancer and how to make imovies.
      I learned more about it then I did before like how to extrct the audio, create a still picture.
      I learned how to make an iMovie, and do all the effects. I learned what people like Ms.
       Behmer can do in collage.
Digital Storytelling: Final Self Evaluation (Student)

      I learned about a new syndrome called Tourettes syndrome. I learned how to use a
       imove, edit and piece together it.
      That Christopher Reeves was parolized. The different types of paralysis and places if
       effects your spinal cord.
      That it takes alot of skills to make a movie and its not as easy as it looks. You really need
       to know what your doing, but in along run it was the funnest thing at 7th grade so far.
      alot of things.
      How to add/edit music/interview. I also learned how to do transitions.
      I learned how to edit out things, get music in, the credits.
      learned how to transfer stuff from the video camera to computer
      How to make good I-movies. Al the tiny details, and everything make a movie great.
      I learn 2 how to use Imovie.
      How to make an Imovie.
      How to create a Imovie. How do edit scenes.
      You shouldn’t drop out of school. You have a really good chanse of doing bad things.
      That it takes time and you need a lot of time to get things in place and how you want
Digital Storytelling: Final Self Evaluation (Student)

What personal connection did your story have for you?

      Not much but I feel bad for the families.
      Nothing really but everyone agreed on it
      Not a lot, but during the whole time I kept thinking of poems (and I finally came up with
       1) but a poem to me is like a mind of it’s own.
      Nothing
      I didn’t really have much of a connection I would of liked being in a war Imovie or
       something like that.
      Nothing
      I don’t have any. It’s John’s brother’s girlfriend.
      With the war it is hard not to get into the pain and suffering when a loved one is sent off
       to war.
      One of my Dads friends had his finger cut off by a garage door.
      That alot of people go through alot of things, and you aren’t the only ones with problems.
      I dont really have any connections, but afterwords I learned alot about it.
      I didn’t have any personal connetion to me.
      I didn’t have any personal connections.
      It was fun working with Mike Tabor. ADHD was fun because of all the famous people
       who had it.
      I have tourettes.
      My grampa was adopted and I saw the form for him.
      None, but I see others doing it.
      That you should tell someone if you have any problems so you can get them taken care
       of. Your family can help.
      It made me sad when I was learning about Howard Bach’s story.
      It made me think how u shouldn’t make fun of someone with something wrong with them
       because it will always come back and stab u in the back.
      That some people dont have as much as us and the love and caring that we get from our
      Because I’m not homeless so I can’t really tell you anything that’s happen to me.
      I personally tried to put myself into the viewers shoes and made it interesting.
      I learned a lot more about steroids than ever before it was really interesting and fun to do
      None really but my dad just quit smoking and I hope this will influence other parents to
      Not much. That’s why it was good to learn about something different and new.
      I knew Ashley was abused and she is a friend of mine and I’m just interested in that kind
       of stuff.
      Mrs. Malony is my prinsiple.
      Well this story is personal because my dad was in foster care!
      My step brother has ADHD. My brother has ADD.
      My grandma had cancer. She died at age 51, two ears before I was born. I didn’t know
       her at all. I knew her from story’s and pictures from mom and family.
Digital Storytelling: Final Self Evaluation (Student)

      My cousin has ADHD. I just wanted to find out alot more about what it is like.
      Well my mom had to live in foster care and well I would always hear her talking about it
       I though it would be cool to tell her story
      My dad served in Iraq for 3-4 months. So I decided that I should take pride.
      I have a lot of connections connsidering my family members have had it. We put alot of
       emotion into it which means more.
      I connected because my grandpa was in a few wars.
      Well that alot of kids include me suffer with hemangiomas. Sad thing is I have it in my
       head. It sometimes really affects them or how they look.
      I found out that the hemangiomas were really serious and I could of died.
      It was about relatives with cancer and I have a lot of relatives with cancer.
      My personal connection would be is because Maggi is my cousin and it reflected on my
       whole family because we were all very fortunate that she lived.
      I had no clue how many children were abused. I’ve never been abused, but after doing
       this, I sorta feel for them. Reading all the stories put me in their shoes.
      was about history
      I wanted to know more about the effects, dering and after steroids are taken.
      It was very surprising I thought cause of the differences it does to muscles and the things
       it does to you.
      I picked this topic because it shows how people’s lives are different than others.
      It was interesting to learn about this. I have no connection, but I will pray for anyone
       who has this and that they will get better.
      I really care about children that have those probloms at home, and alot of our movie
       talked about how they need help and we should give them help.
      I think that it’s a very interesting topic, and I also wanted to talk to someone who was a
       homeless person.
      Not really anything, I was just couris.
      I learned alot about steroids I never knew. This was fun and interesting I would like to
       do this again. I learned more about what steriods can do. It was fun.
      It should me that you really have to stay away from drugs.
      The story was relly sad, I knew the people who it happend to pretty good.
      I have friends in Iraq.
      I learned more about Ashley and it helped me understand what cancer is like
      I remember the night it happened. The summer before I remember going with Forest
       down to bees once away. He would let us do a lot of fun things.
      I learned more about Maggi, and what happend to her. I learned about the problem in
      I have a friend Ty with tourettes syndrome.
      How paralysis changes peoples lives and the way they live.
      Well, my cousin JT (Jerry Yarolem Jr) died in a fire 4 yrs ago at a very yound age. And I
       know what its like to have those feelings, etc.
      My uncle was the one we interviewed. We also interviewed me.
      My cousin is at war right now, and I wanted to do something on it.
      My cousin died in a fire when she was 8 years old, two years ago.
Digital Storytelling: Final Self Evaluation (Student)

      In capture the flag I get caught and get put in kinda a jail but not as bad as they got hurt.
      Talking about history. Nothing else really
      It is really sad
      I get kind of hyper sometimes.
      Not to dropout, it ruins your life without, it would be harder to find jobs.
      Stay in school. Because it will get better.
      That people go threw day, weeks and don’t know somethings wrong with them and when
       they find out there shocked.
Digital Storytelling: Final Self Evaluation (Student)

How would you change this project in the future? What advice would you give other
students making digital stories?

      Don’t put all interview cut some out. Pick great songs that have a connection with your
      To you: I would let them have more time we barly even got the credits. To students:
       Don’t waste a second you need all of it to make it just right
      Different music more spacing. It’s fun and a lot of hard work, but make sure you stay on
      Cut the music longer then you think.
      Have fun and do it right.
      I would have used a more advanced system so we could do a little more.
      I wouldn’t chang much. Be really serious about your stories.
      I should of used more time doing the project. Take your time don’t get fustrated with it
       and don’t waste time.
      I wish we could have more time to work on it.
      I really wouldn’t change it. I would tell the students to work together do equl amount of
       work. Have things you all like not just one person. Not let some one take over every thing
       and have them do it there way and have every thing what they want. Help your group.
      I wouldt change anything. My advise is to try to do something to help.
      I wouldn’t change anything in this project. I would tell other students to do there best
       with it and have fun.
      I wouldn’t change it. The advice I would give is to really work as a team and choose the
       movie clips carfully.
      I wouldn’t chang much it was fun. I would tell others to get good music so it attracts
       attention. Also good pictures too.
      I wouldn’t change anything. The advice I would give is pay attention to the teacher and
       get along with your group.
      I would not I think it turned out good.
      Maybe add more. Then when you make it, it really helps you with you understanding of
       computers and tecnolegy
      Just take your time it will all come together in the end if you do your very best. I
       wouldn’t change close to nothing cause it was great!
      I wouldn’t change much only to make it longer. The advice I would give is that you
       should believe in your heart and do what is right and also try your hardest.
      I would make the movies longer and maybe get more information before we start and
       more time. Make sure you have a lot of info.
      I would tell the other kids to make sure they listen well and be very creative. What I
       would change would have to be take out some of the interview and only talk about the
       important things that would help people learn more.
      You have to put the Star Wars theme in their. Only if it goes with your thing you pick.
      TAKE YOUR TIME! Have fun making the movie!
      I wouldn’t change it a bit it is an excellent program. I would tell them to work hard, listen
       to your teacher and instructions, and just have fun with it. Use your imagination and just
       do the best you can.
Digital Storytelling: Final Self Evaluation (Student)

      I would use some quotes. My advice is that audio is very powerful choose music
       carefully. And to not use to much interview.
      Make sure it’s a topic you don’t know much about so you can learn something you didn’t
       know before!
      I would tell people to use their time wisely and you want to get along with your partners
       because you don’t have time to fight or to screw around. Don’t get caught up in music but
       you really want meaningful music in your iMovie that has to do with the topic.
      Get more info. Do the interview after we got info. Get more music. Work on interview
       more. Get a lot of information. Have good questions in the interview.
      I wouldn’t really change anything! It is a really great project!
      I would give them more time so they could make them better than ours. Don’t space off
       you can’t wast much time
      Maybe you could have one group do the major of year, if is one. My advice to other
       students is to do something that you will want research. Because if you don’t like the
       topic you want have a good attidue towards it.
      Make sure you have a good interview. Use lots of audio and get lots of info, have good
       music that goes with your story or topic.
      To plan... before because if you don’t it is hard to start your imovie and make sure you
       don’t go over the limit with songs... make sure it makes sence... like the music goes with
       the topic and make it creative... and make the watcher interested otherwise... they aren’t
       as cool! I LIKED IT ALOT!
      That pick your jobs, and try to do only your job and more effort. So everyone will have a
       chance to do something.
      I don’t think I would change much. Mabey go through things more and little things like
       that. The advice I would give is do use your time wisely and know a lot of what you are
       going to be doing.
      I would change it by some of the music we used. I would say that you need to use only
       the important parts.
      I wouldn’t make any change Its perfect. The advice I would give is to do it as a team
       each take responsibility. It takes a lot of effect plus find something that is a real intrest.
      I wouldn’t really change any thing. The advice that I would give is If you have time use
      I would probly say that I would change some clips and music. Advice: That this
       program is really fun and it helps you learn about other problems in the world.
      My advice would be to make a script before you do anything because it’s so much easier
       to look off that than to start from scratch.
      More time to work on it, I’d tell the others to have fun, get into it, and do your best!
      Take your time and don’t slow off your job.
      I would put more facts about steroids. Put alot of facts and credits in then you can worry
       about your music, and names, and just have a good time doing this.
      If I could change our presentation I would add more facts, I would tell about the things it
       did to guys and to gals. I would tell them to get a topic they wanted to learn in and get a
       lot of info.
      I would change more time we had. I would tell kids to have patience.
Digital Storytelling: Final Self Evaluation (Student)

      I would have kept telling the people who wern’t doing anything to do something.
       Advice: Make sure everyone is doing something. Don’t let anyone boss you around or
       take all the credit for what you did to.
      Maybe add more of the music to get more emotion. And also add more pictures.
       Continue with the great topics and idea’s. Also insted of doing music you like put some
       music that actually has something to do with your project.
      I would use a lot more pictures in a future iMovie. I would tell other people to be
       creative, to think outside the box.
      Spend a lot of time on it.
      I really wouldn’t change anything cause I thought that everything was fund to do. I
       would recommend to get alot of information because the more information you have the
       better they are. So do a good job and remember stay off the roids!
      Nothing I think our imove was perfect. That should make in a story because people can
       follow a story.
      Do not slack off. You can make the story relly good all you have to do is find a nice big
      Do a good Interview pick the right kind of music
      Make sure that your interview isn’t debated or messed up. And be sure to have the right
       music at the right time.
      I would make it a longer time to work. Get working on it right away.
      I would try to get more than 15-30 seconds on a song, and to use more effects. My
       advice is to make it powerful, and really tear jerking. Make sure the songs match the
      I would change this project by having more time. I would tell future people that you
       shouldn’t waste time and to choose people that get along with eachother.
      I would put more info in like: graphs and statistics. I would also find different music
       other student should capture the interest in the beginning. They should have some info
       with the topic.
      STAY ON TASK! DON’T WASTE TIME! and last but not least have an idea at what
       your doing! and good luck!
      Use your time wisely, work really hard, and just have fun!
      More time to do this project. Don’t waste any time
      I would have different music. My advice would be to get a lot of info, then get interview
       done and downloaded, edit, get pictures, then the music, and start typing the credits at the
      Pick a fun topic to do. Find more info.
      Edit a little better. Find the music that fits the part just right.
      Work hard and you should get it to become great.
      I would change nothing.
      Maybe a different topic, a more sadder topic.
      Pick a good subject, use good music, arguing wastes time.
      To put more picture in. Not to talk and to make sure you have a topic that you like and to
       take part in the project as much as you can. Not to talk to other people in other groups.

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