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									                DAILY DUTIES AT GEL KAKINADA AS ON DATE: 20December 2012

S. No       Employee Name                Duty Post   S. No     Sup Employee Name           Duty Post
            GENERAL DUTY                                            ‘C’ SHIFT
 01     Sup H Kantha Rao        Security Office       22     SUP E.Jagadeeswara rao   Main Gate
 02     Sup SAN Sai Kishore     Security Office       23     Mar S.Mahendra           Main Gate
 03     B Purushottama Rao      Mess Incharge         24     Mar Ch.Srikanth          Ware House-O&M
                                                      25     Mar B.Nagaraju           Jetty – 01
                ‘A’ SHIFT                             26     Mar V.Ananda rao         Gravel Yard

 04     Sup K.N.S.V.Raju        Main Gate             27     Mar Mukesh kumar         Barge West
 05     Mar G.Suresh            Main Gate             28     Mar B.Surya prakash      Cooling Tower
 06     Mar Manoj kumar         O&M Building          29     MarS.Salman              7Acres
 07     Mar R.Gowreeswara rao   Ware House            30     MarY.Vara prasad         7Acres
 08     Mar Krishan singh       Jetty – 01                             TD
 09     Mar Mashuram            Gravel Yard-B/W       31     Sup P Sankara Rao            Ref/Training
 10     Mar Bakhshish chand     Cooling Tower                      WEEKLY OFF
 11     Mar D.Venkatesh         7Acres                32     Mar Dimple               Stand By
 12     Mar E.Ramesh            Main gate                              OSL                     From
                                                      33     Mar Balvinder Singh      14 November 2012

                ‘B’ SHIFT                                             LEAVE             Reporting Date

 13     Sup Y.Rajeswara rao     Main Gate             34     Mar Rajeev Kumar         28 Dec 2012
 14     Mar P.Shankar Reddy     Main Gate             35     Mar B Vinod Kumar        21 Dec 2012
 15     Mar Govardhan singh     O&M Building          36     Cook G Anil Kumar        21 Dec 2012
 16     Mar Kushal kumar        Ware House
 17     Mar P.K.K.Reddy         Jetty – 01
 18     Mar M.S.subhramanyam    Gravel Yard
 19     Mar Navinder singh      Barge West
 20     G.Shekhar               Cooling Tower
 21     Mar Mittal sharma       7Acres

                                                                                   SIGNATURE OF CSO

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