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									                            LOWER FAZELEY STREET HERITAGE TRAIL

Fazeley Street got its name from the canal which runs adjacent to it.

The trail begins at the focal point of Fazeley Street “The Fazeley Canal”. This
canal runs 15 miles through 38 locks. It forms part of the Warwickshire canal
ring. The Fazeley canal played a major role in increasing Birmingham’s
potential as an inland town and enabled its worldwide development as an
industrial centre.

Fellows Morton & Clayton Canal Carriers

The company existed on Fazeley Street as early as 1886 and the narrow boat
makers were still going strong in 1903.

The Bond is made up of the Ice House, courtyard and Toll House

In 1889 the Bond was known as a company called the “Patent Transport Ice Co”.
As the name suggests they were ice manufacturers. Such buildings were used to
store ice before the invention of the refrigerator.

Today the Ice houses have been replaced by the complex known as “The Bond”.
The Bond has retained the fine cobble court entrance, surrounded by the
original canal building.
The Bond provides managed accommodation for all types of businesses in one of
Europe’s leading regeneration areas.
Unitarian Chapel & Sunday school

Originally known as the “Birmingham Free Christian Church and Sunday
School”. Mostly used by the Unitarians to provide a whole range of services for
many of the poor and education for the children in the area.

Iron Foundry
Existed here in 1889 and owned by Graham William & Co but by 1905 it was
replace by the City Rolling Mills.

Community of Fazeley Street

Birmingham’s Italian population provides a real sense of community in the
Digbeth area, especially on Fazeley Street. The community contributed a great
deal to the infrastructure of Fazeley Street through running businesses such as
confectionary and jewellery shops. In the 1800’s they introduced the people of
Birmingham to the taste of ice-cream. The community was a large part of
Digbeth as well as providing the residents with a variety of businesses they also
entertained them through skills such as street selling and playing musical

Key                                                Directions
1 The Fazeley Canal                                Fazeley St by bus from city.
2 Fellows Morton & co Canal Carriers               No97 bus stops near to the Forge
3 Warwick Wharf                                    Tavern between Fazeley Street
4 The Bond                                         and Great Barrs Street
5 The Unitarian Chapel & Sunday School             Fazely Street by car -
6 Iron Foundry                                     Parking is available on side
                                                   street and there is a number of
                                                   pay and display car parks on
                                                   Bordesley Street and Park
                   Lower Fazeley Street Presentation



Canal System


Fellows Morton & Clayton Canal Carriers

The Bond

Unitarian Chapel & Sunday School

The Iron Factory

The Community Of Fazeley Street


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