Power Line Communication (PLC) Systems Market Global Assessment & Forecast-(2013-2018)

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					Power Line Communication (PLC) Systems Global
Assessment & Forecast Market 2013-2018
Power line communication (PLC) is a technology that enables sending communication data over electric
power cables. Power line communication is used at different frequency bands depending on signal
transmission characteristics of the power wiring and the application for which it is being used. PLC’s
areas of application are across voltage ranges in both - power transmission and distribution. In this
regard, the utilities are favoring implementation of the PLC systems in their substation automation
projects. In addition to this, the medium and low voltages area of application is seeing an uptrend with
respect to adoption of PLC solution as cost-effective and, in turn, favorable. Typical application in
medium voltage range is smart grid and in low voltage is home automation and networking. PLC has its
advantages and disadvantages in the different environments it is used in, but the fact that it does not
require any external wiring infrastructure keeps pushing it to the forefront.

Apart from these applications in smart grids, home networking, and M2M communications in the
Neighborhood area network (NAN) and Home area network (HAN), PLC also has a few niche long-haul
applications in areas like irrigation, internal automobile communication, railroad and transport
applications, etc.

PLC is broadly classified into two types by available technologies:

       Narrowband PLC
       Broadband PLC

Narrowband PLC typically allows low data transfer rates and works at lower frequencies and has a
longer range. Broadband PLC allows high speed data transfer, works at higher frequency ranges, and has
low range.

Narrowband PLC has garnered a lot of attention off late due to its use in applications pertaining to the
smart grid. Some of its major applications include Automated Meter Reading (AMR), street light control,
electric-vehicle charging, etc. Broadband PLC has found its use as a “last mile” technology in applications
like Internet access and home networking and control.

Narrowband-PLC is expected to witness a faster growth rate and has great potential with respect to
smart grid and M2M applications. Narrowband PLC with its simple, reliable, and highly cost-effective
solutions provide a perfect medium for two-way communications across the grid. Thus, PLC is in the
initial growing phases in the smart grid application. In the other applications, PLC is at the introduction
stage or has just started growing.

The global PLC revenue market is expected to grow from $2.94 billion in 2013 to $7.10 billion in
2018 at a CAGR of 19.3%. In terms of revenue, the broadband market is larger than the narrowband
market with a split of 60-40 favoring broadband in 2012. This is mainly because B-PLC is a high revenue
market while N-PLC is a high volume market. The global PLC unit shipment market is expected to grow
from 38.90 million units in 2013 to 417.16 million units in 2018 at a CAGR of 60.7%. The market for N-
PLC shipments is larger than that of B-PLC. The reason behind this is that the average selling price (ASP)
of a narrowband PLC system is lesser than that of a B-PLC system.

Some of narrowband players are Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (U.S.), Maxim Integrated Products,
Inc. (U.S.), Echelon Corporation (U.S.), STMicroelectronics N.V (Switzerland), etc. Companies involved in
this space include Qualcomm-Atheros (U.S.), Sigma Designs, Inc. (U.S.), Marvell Technology Group Ltd.
(Bermuda), Broadcom Corp. (U.S.), etc.

Report Details:

Published: December 2012

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Scope of the report

This research report categorizes the global PLC market based on technologies, applications, verticals and
geographies; it also covers the forecasted revenue from 2012 to 2018 and future applications of PLC. It
describes the deployments of PLC technology in various regions. The report describes the applications
mapping of the PLC market with respect to the growth potential and adoption by the users.

       Technology: Narrowband & Broadband
       Applications: Applications of the PLC System market are split into four major types, namely
        smart grid, indoor networking, long haul, and Machine to Machine (M2M). Each of the four
        applications is further divided into specific types such as utility and non utility.
       Verticals: The types of applications are termed as verticals and they are broadly classified as
        residential, commercial, and industrial. Each vertical is further segmented into related sub
       Geographies: Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the World (ROW).

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Description: PLC has its advantages and disadvantages in the different environments it is used in, but the fact that it does not require any external wiring infrastructure keeps pushing it to the forefront.