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A Toronto education is all about learning in an urban environment that is all-
inclusive and offers exposure to not only highly respected programs but also
students from all walks of lives. What better place to obtain this type of
experience than Centennial College, which is centrally located and has almost
100 ethno cultural groups represented in its student body as well as 80
languages are spoken on campus?

This Toronto college offers student a variety of programs and ways to learn,
making it ideal for anyone looking to obtain a post-secondary education and
launch a long-lasting career. Supporting this is Centennial's enrolments of
14,400 full-time students and 28,000 Continuing Education students. In total,
Centennial College offers more than 95 diploma and certificate programs on a
full-time and Continuing Education basis in business, communication arts,
community and consumer services, engineering technology, health and
transportation. These career-oriented programs emphasize practical experience
with laboratory learning, industry and agency placements, as well as co-op

To cater to its number of programs as well as its high enrolment numbers,
Centennial College offers a Toronto education through four different locations
across the Greater Toronto Area. The largest of these Toronto college locations
is known as Progress Campus. Housed at this lovely, open-spaced campus are
many of Centennial College's business courses as well as the Hospitality
School's programs. As such, it boasts a real-life restaurant and conference
centre from which Hospitality School students obtain practical training. The
second location is Morningside Campus. The most high-tech of all the
campuses, it is home to many of the School of Community and Health Studies
programs. These undertakings include Nursing, Esthetician, Paramedic, Food
Service Worker, Spa Management and more. It boasts a clinical environment as
well as state-of-the-art computer labs and science labs. The third campus is
Ashtonbee Campus, which is home to the province's largest transportation
training centre. This includes fully-equipped labs (with tools of the trade and
vehicles donated to the school) and an airplane hangar, which is used by
students of aviation programs. The final campus of this Toronto college is the
Centre for Creative Communications from which programs such as Digital
Animation, Magazine and Book Publishing, Journalism, Fine Arts Studio,

Address: Centennial College, P.O. Box 631, Station A, Toronto M1K 5E9, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 416-289-5000, Email:                                   Page 1
Marketing and Children's Entertainment are taught. In-house TV studios, art
studios and large creative spaces enhance its students' Toronto education.

In addition to getting a Toronto education on campus, Centennial College
students also have the option of learning from home. That's because continuing
education at Centennial College doesn't just occur on campus. The Toronto
college also offers a reputable Distance Learning option. Students who choose
this option should be independent learners as they work in their own time and
space, with 24- hour access to the online classroom.

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Address: Centennial College, P.O. Box 631, Station A, Toronto M1K 5E9, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 416-289-5000, Email:                                   Page 2

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