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									          BDF organizes customized seminars
BDF organized the last month of October a couple of seminar sessions for
customers and distributors in the facilities of the Science and technological park of

W     ith the aim of always providing the best service and response to clients, last
      October BDF organized a couple of customized seminars to international
clients accompanied by their respective distributors in the country. The conferences
took place at the new facilities located in the science park of Girona, using the
space for meetings and conferences.

                                  First day seminar

During seminars, BDF presented the principal product lines such as the PROBIND
range, based on the enzyme Transglutaminase, and BINDER series based
on Alginate formulations. Besides the theoretical part, there were practical
applications adapted to client’s interests with "in situ” demonstrations of all
different products. Customers had the opportunity to test the finished products and
comment their different points of views in respect of BDF products and final

These seminars allow a direct exchange of experiences between BDF and their
customers enabling more direct relationships. The joint collaboration offers the
opportunity to know first-hand the needs and suggestions from customers
permitting to give customized solutions and answers.


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