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SGS Technologie LLC announces (read more)


SGS Technologie LLC a leading custom software applications development company located at Jacksonville, FL. announcing their IT solutions to provide risk free and time management for business related to IT services.

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									                         SGS Technologie LLC, Jacksonville, Florida
                                     (A company information)
Jacksonville, FL. December 20, 2012- SGS Technologie LLC a software development
company, proud to announce their innovative end-to-end software application solutions
for commercial and government sectors in and around Jacksonville, FL. Their goal is to
understand all the risks and objectives of the businesses to develop a custom software
application based on client inputs.

About SGS Technologie LLC, is a leading software development company specializing
in web development & design, custom software application and other IT application
services ranging from simple HTML based website to complex based web development
programming and e-commerce web applications. SGS, with their creative and
experienced team of software development consultants, they are rapidly expanding IT
consulting organization to provide solutions to any software development challenges for
the businesses. By using SGS your companies are guaranteed for efficient access to the
newest technology this means cost savings, flexibility and reduced risks.

Adding details for SGS-

SGS is a Software development and IT consulting company dedicated to exceed their
client’s expectations by simple formula “Quality over Quantity” and this has allowed SGS
to grow successfully into a multi-national corporation in three continents.

Advantages of SGS-

A forward thinking business professional will look for technology solutions having
tomorrow’s challenges today, therefore SGS will provide the following advantages-

-IT professionals highly skilled on web application development

-cost effective, flexibility and reduced risks unmatched by the competition

-business friendly partnership in IT innovation (Microsoft Gold partner, IBM certified partner and
Oracle Silver partner)

-timely and quality client support

Also SGS is specialized in industries as serving since 2003- State and Federal
Government, Banking and Financial Services, Automotive, Entertainment, Food, Retail,
Technology, Transportation, Telecommunications, Insurance, Healthcare and Utilities

With a high value, innovation and experience SGS has its headquarters at Jacksonville,
FL, Texas, Virginia and an Offshore Company in Coimbatore, India

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