Expectations of Yourself

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					Expectations of Yourself

Humans are at their most fulfilled when their actions are able to produce visible and real good in
                                                                     the lives of others and in
                                                                     their own lives. They feel as
                                                                     if they have accomplished
                                                                     something. In order for this
                                                                     great feeling of fulfillment to
                                                                     manifest in your own life,
                                                                     though, you must have high
                                                                     expectations of yourself.
                                                                     This is NOT to say that you
                                                                     should set high goals and
                                                                     then feel really bad that you
                                                                     cannot reach them or which
                                                                     make you feel inadequate.
                                                                      Rather, it is important to
                                                                      expect much of yourself.
                                                                      Expecting a great deal of
                                                                      yourself essentially makes
                                                                      you pliable and willing in all
of the right ways and stubborn and forceful in all of the right ways, too. If you expect high things
of yourself, then you are not likely to stay with someone who sets easy goals for themselves or
who has a self esteem problem. You are more likely to find and mix with a higher quality of
people, and this high quality determines the kind of person you will be.
Companies use Alcohol Drug Testing to accomplish this task. They are able to view their employees in
an objective manner, and they are able to set high expectations for the company itself and for
their own staff. You see, if you know what a person’s limits are, then you do not need to worry
about stepping over personal boundaries or lines drawn in the sand. Drug testing equipment can
be obtained from our sister site, but we at Mediscreen provide onsite drug screening services. If
you have any questions, you can call us.

Drug screening allows a business to set a standard for itself and to hold all of its employees to
that standard. Anyone who emotionally or otherwise cannot handle this will find themselves
booted out the door, so to speak. For this reason, onsite drug & alcohol testing is one of the best
ways that you can strengthen yourself, your business and your employees as a whole. We invite
you to ask us any question that you can think of. Call us today.

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