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									Cerna home care group expanding to meet need for excellent senior
citizen care giving as baby boomers hit retiring period. Caregivers
Orange County announces their new brand name and expansion.

In home care Newport Beach CA Company based in Irvine formerly
known as Cerna health care, has rebranded as Cerna home care
( The company also announces it has expanded
its footprint to include the Greater Dallas area.

Cerna home care is skilled in caregivers Orange County for the elderly
with injuries and illnesses of the brain. The most requested offering is
its Level II service with cognitive and physical stimulation, among
other services specifically catering to patients with Alzheimer’s,
Dementia, and Parkinson’s as well as stroke victims.
“Cerna’s services play an important role in maintaining independence for persons with
Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders,” said William Rodman Shankle, MD, MS, founder
of the Shankle Clinic and a neurological specialist in Alzheimer’s disease and Related
Disorders (ADRD). “In addition to providing companion care, they work with each patient to
develop a program of mental and physical stimulation that gives individuals a sense of
purpose and can improve their abilities.”

Care giving is one of the fastest growing industries in healthcare, in line with many reports. By
2012, there will be more than 40 million Americans over the age of 65, and over 70 million by
the year 2030. By that time, 1 out of 5 people in the U.S. will be potential clients for home

“Our deeper level of services that go beyond basic home care is spearheading the company
to the next level in our growth,” said Chief Executive Officer Nick Payzant. “As we quickly
expand beyond Southern California, we had to migrate to a new brand that was clearly
different than other healthcare providers, particularly in the western United States.”

Cerna home care has management staff in Irvine and Texas. The company currently provides
services in Orange County, Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, North San Diego as well as Dallas.
Cerna home care (caregivers Orange County) provides in-home and onsite care,
coordinated care and nursing services. Founded in 2008, Cerna is a leading provider of
Level II Home Care services, which includes cognitive and physical stimulation for patients
that play an important role in recovery for those returning from a hospital stay, have an
impairment due to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkison’s, and Stroke or suffer from general
aging issues.

Cerna home care services can be found in places throughout Southern California, San Diego
and Dallas. For additional information regarding in home care Santa Monica CA stop by -

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