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The Quartet Experience... - Barbershop Harmony Society


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                                                                 The Quartet
                                                                 Outfits change
                                                                 but the sounds
                                                                 of four-part
                                                                 harmony stay
                                                                 the same.

                                   The Half-past Foul'

                                                                     The Del'bytownel's

                                   Harrington Brothers
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hotels. The real Hawaii. White beaches. swaying palms. blue skies.
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Village and dramatic Diamond Head. And mllch. much morc.
                                                                               AMERICAN HAWAII CRUISES 0

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 •                                                             ~I;'                     ..;T~_~P                 - ..
                                                                                                                _ _-
   1910 was a good year for songwriters.             A BI-MONTHLY MAGAZINE PUBLISHED FOR AND ABOUT MEMBERS OF
New songs included "Come, Josephine, In              S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A.• INC. IN THE INTERESTS OF BARBERSHOP HARMONY.
My Flying Machine" and "Mot.her Mach-
ree" in addition to "Down By The Old
rVlill Stream" and "Let Me Call lUll
Sweetheart:'                                          Features
   Albert Von Tilzel' composed music for
and published dozens of hit songs, includ-
ing "Take Me Out 1b The Ballgamc:'                    4 DYNAMO II GETS DYNAMIC START
Junie McCree was a Broadway actor and                   by Mel Knight, Music Specialist
singel: "Put Your Arms Around Me,
Honey" is his only well-known song.                   6 THE QUARTET EXPERIENCE
   In 1910 Gleim Curtis new from Albany                 by Wilbur Sparks
to New York City, non-stop, a distance of
137 miles in twa-<'lIld-a-half hours! Clar-
ence Milford created the Western hero                 8 BRITISH CROSS THE ATLANTIC FOR BARBERSHOP
"Hopalong Cassidy", Victor Herbert's                    HARMONY
"Naughty Marietta" opened in New York                   By Don Webster
City. In Reno, Nevada, heavy-weight
champion Jim Jeffries lost his title when
he was knocked oul by Jack Johnson.                  12 MARKETING YOUR CHAPTER FOR FUN AND PROFIT
                                                        by Bob Arnold

                                                     14 SOCIETY'S 50th YEAR STARTS IN NATION'S CAPITOL
JULY/AUGUST 1987                                        AT MID-WINTER CONVENTION
VOL. XLVII No.4                                         by Terry Jordan
The HARi\·IQNIZF,H lISSN 0017-7849) is the
oO'idal publication of the Society for the Pres-     16 BIG APPLE CHORUS PERFORMS AT CARNEGIE HALL
ervat.ion and Encouragement of Barber Shop              by Dan George
Quartet Singing in Amel'iea, Inc. (S.PKB.S.·
Q.S.A.l. It is published in the months ofJanu-
ary. i\·larch. May. July, September and Novem-       18 JUDGES FEEL AT HOME AT S.N.O.B.S. CONTEST
her at 6315 - 3rd Avenue. Kenosha. Wisconsin            by Jack Pitzer
53140-5199. Second-class postage paid at Keno-
sha, .WI and at. additional mailing oO'ices. Edi-
torial and advertising offices are at the
                                                     22 BENDING AND THE BARBERSHOP CHORD
International Office. Adverti:-;ing rates avail-        by Don Lichty
able upon I'cqucst. Publisher assumes no
responsibility for rcturn of un;-;olicitcd m'pHl-
scripts or artwork. Notieo of change of address      24 YOU MAYBE TOO YOUNG TO SING WITH THE GOLDEN
should be submitted to the editorial o/rices of         AGE SONGSTERS
THE HARMONIZER, 6315 - 3r~1 AVK,I<EN-                   by J. Ward
OSHA, WISCONSIN fi3140-5H.lB. at least
thirt.y days before the next publication date. A
portion of eacll member's dues is allocated to
covel' the magazine's subscription price. Sub-
scription price to nOll-l1lcmbCI'S is $6 vcarly or
$1 an issue. Foreign sub;:;C!'iptions' arc 12·s       Also In This Issue
yearly or $2 an issue, Copyright. 191:)7, by the
Society fOl' the Preservation and 1':IH~ourage­
ment of Barbel' ShoJl Quartet Singing in AmCI'-      20 NEW MUSIC NOTES
iea, Inc.

                                                     28 BARGAIN BASEMENT ADS
                                                        SAN ANTONIO REGISTRATION

       San Antonio, Tex.
       Kansas City, Mo.
                                   July 3-10
                                    Jl;!Y 2-9
                                                      On The Cover .
1990   Sali Franci~co, Calif.       Jul\.' 1-8
1991   Louisville, Ky.        June 30-J;d)' 7
                                                        The quartets on the cover show just how much the styles have changed
                               MID-IVINTEl{          in the Society's history. The photographs are from The Harmonizer's
1988 Washington, D.C.          January 27-30         files. Some have been identified, a few quartet names still remain a
1989 Honolulu, Hawaii          January 16-22         mystery to us. If you recognize any of these nameless groups, please let
1990 Tucson, Ariz.             January 23-28         us know.                                                                 1
                                                                                                    INTERNATIONAL OFFICERS

                       Thinking Aloud                                                               International      a/Ticer...
                                                                                                    Presidenl. Oarr.v1 Flinn. I~O. Box 2879, 7975 Clcn:~­
                                                                                                        land A\"e .. N. W. N. Canton. OH 44720
                                                                                                    Immediate Past PresidL'nl. UilbL'rt L. Lt'lholz. 13316
                                                                                                        E. fJlst SI.. Kansas Cit.\". i\10 GH33
                                                 by Hugh Ingraham, CAE                              Vin~ President, James C. Warner, GOGO Poplar A"e ..
                                                                                                        Suite '29.'i, Memphis. TN 38119
                                                    Executive Director                              Vi('c Prc;;idcnt. Morris E. Jennings. 508 Gardner
                                                                                                        COllrl. ;'o.larion. IN 4(j9:J'2
                                                                                                    Vice Prt'sident:I'l"l'asurel~ James O. Richards. 1459
                                                                                                        Clarrllar Ave.. Host'villc. ;'o.IN .55113
   Grady Kerr afoul' Dallas l\'1ctI'O Chap-       "And singing by nole is considered by             Board Memhel's
ter recently spent some time in his local      O.C. Cash, founder and third assistant
library going through Tulsa newspaper          temporary vice chairman, as a strictly               Cardinal, Roger Davidson, 754 Ironwood 01:. Carmel.
                                                                                                         IN 4(iO:-I'2
files from the years 1938 and 1939. He         ~ub\'ersi\'e influence. If it. isn't. by ear, it
                                                                                                    Central States, ROll Abel. 10'232 Barton. Overland
found some very interesting material           isn't. barber shop harmon)~' l Now there's                Park. I(S GG214
concerning the early days of the Society       a change!l                                           Dixit·. Uobby Wuoldridge, 2510 - 8th St., Tust:aloosa.
and was kind enough to share what he              "Already talk is rife amung Tulsa bar-                 AL 35401
                                                                                                    E,·ergreen. John Shadden. 361 N I': 5tb. Hillsboro. OJ{
found with the international office            ber shoppers of setting lip the nat.ional
through a series of photocopied tlippings      organizat.ion of the S.PE.I3.S.Q.S.A. dur-           Far West"rn. Sam Barger.!:iIO Smithridgc Park, I{eno.
from the Tulsa Daily World and Tulsa           ing the convention here:' (From little                    NV SWi02
Tribune. Since I'm writing this just prior     acorns. )                                            Illinois..Jark WilHlsor, 2480 Lincolnwood Ct., Aurora,
to the international convention in Hal't.-        "Hulllor has it. that Hupcl't l-Ial1, who              IL 60505
                                                                                                    Johnny Appleseed. Frank Bufrington, 3054 Columbus
fi>rd, I was particularly interested in the    was instrumental wit.h Cash in forming                    St.. Grm'e Cit,·. OH 43123
clippings about our first convention in        the first chapter in Tulsa, will be backed           Land O' Lakes. D~I R.\'berg. 306- 17th 5\.. SW Horb·
Tulsa in June of 1939. I'd like to share       by the full strength and power of yoices                  ester, MN fi:"i9U'2
                                                                                                    i\1id-Atlantie. Bo.\" H"sse~e. Eton Circle, Regency Dr..
some of the material with you. The par-        in this area to head the national group.                  Salishllr,\".;'o.1J) 21801
enthetical comments are mine.                  'He would make an ideal president,' Cash             Northei.llitern. lJa"id i\1l"Farland, 21 Old Brook Road,
   "We would feel inexcllsably selfish if we   commented. First, he is interested in                     Shrewliblll"\". i\IA 01545
did not throw wide the gates and permit        real hmillony and has a fair vuice. Then             Ontario. DysUl~ Pinhey. IG I'arkside Cr('sr('nt. Ottawa,
                                                                                                         ONT ]('2G 3B5
all real music lovers in Tulsa to partici-     he is oul of town travelling a Jot and
                                                                                                    Pioneer. James C. Gougeon. 380.\21 Hurper. 1\1t. CIl·-
pate in and enjoy the tidal wave of har-       would be a grand roving ambassador of                     mens, 1\11 4HlJ0.\3
mony which willl'everberate through the        harmony and good will. And, being out. of            Horky ;'o.llluntain. Russell Bull. 30·15 Bruhn Wa.\". ellS'
auditorium Saturday as the finest bar-         town a good deal of the time, he would                    pel: WY 82609
                                                                                                    Selle('H Land ..Jim Eldridgt" 211 Jpfrerson St., Warren.
ber:;hop singing quartets in the country       not be able to say 'no' to anything we
                                                                                                         m ll:i3!:i5
pound down the stretch toward t.he goal        wanted to do:' (Please Ilote future Society          Southwestern. Julian White. 4101 GI('lIlilcre, N. LiI-
of winning worldwide acclaim:' (Those          nominating committees!)                          .        tIl' Rock. t\R 72I](j
were the words of the contest chairman,           And finally, words from an editorial in           Sunshine. Brett White. ~36 Brolldwa~' A\'('nuc.
William Lowe. They had 1,500 seats                                                                       Orlamlo. FL :tlSU:1
                                               the Tulsa J)ai(\' World. "The Barber
available lor the general public. In Hart-     Shoppers are doing a rea] service for the            Ami Pa::;t International Presidents
ford we'll have the same excitement of         count.ry. They arc zest.fully and gleefully          i\lerritl Auman. 24UO Wassner Dri'·e. West Lawn, PA
competition, but sOllle 10,000 Barber-         bringing up the old sings, the robust and                 HI!:iUU
shoppers on hand filling every available       sentimental favorites of other days. Un-             Ilank \nmacka. 1~81 Hose Streel. Samliota. Fl. 33fJ79
seaL)                                          doubtedly, this spontaneolls movement,               John T. Gillespie. 712 Newgalc Hoad. Kalulll<ll.Oo, 1\11
   As part. of the first convention the        which first came to light in Tulsa, repre-
Tulsa chapter sang at the Tulsa Cham-          sents a real publi<.: need. Degeneration
ber ofCol11mcn:e. Said the President of        had come to popular music, and melody
the Chambel; f\'lI: EvereLt Pope: ". , . In    and sentiment had been abolished in                  11lten/{/tio/laIOffice
deference to his advanced years and            favor of crooning Hnd moaning and sense-
because he thought up the idea of the          less jargon:' (Hmm, and written in 1939.)            HUGH A. INGRAHAM, CAl':. f<.'xf{·ulin· J>iredur
Barber Shop Singing society, we're going
                                                                                                    ,J 1M De BUSi\IAN, Music Gelleralis/
to invite O.C. Cash to get up and make a                                                            '1'0;\1 GEN'I'HY, ,Uu.~ic Spel'i(Jlist
speech at the meeting. But t.he chances                                                             MEL KNIGHT, ,\Ju.~it"SfJE'ci(Jli.~t
are that he won't get more than a lew           Since Darryl's kind words and                       DOLOHES J<OBHO\\; F:.\WUtit'I' S"t'n'tw:\'
                                                                                                    WARREN LI':ISEi\IANN, DO/II PmCt·.~,~illg ,\fgr.
words out of his mouth before the singers       concerned t.houghts in his lVIay-June               JOE LILES, ViI: .HI/sit" f;dl/t"tI/ifill (!lId Services
drown him oul:-;o nobody should :-;tay          Ilal"mnnizer column I've been the                    BILL MYERS, MusicS/Jt'l"ialis/
away because of the threat of a speech~'        recipient of so many wonderful phone                 HOBD OLLET'T, Dir.,durolCullllllullimtiulIs
I We're still long on singing and short on      calls, letters, cards, and messages                  HaN HOCI{WELL, Fidd Rcpn'.q'lI/alil'l'
                                                                                                     FHANI{ SANTARELLI, Director vl Fill(/lIl'e (1/11/
speeches - t.hank goodness.)                    concerning my cancer problem. For a                     AI/millis/fII/i/!/1
    "Shaving mug songbirds hit a shim-          while I tried to answer these perSOll-              LOUIS\<; SHAPLEY, .\111/1</);<'1: 0lrin' SY"'/l'III~
 mering minor chord here today to open          ally. But. I've been overwhelmed by                 LYNNE SOTO, P/l"Iil'/lti"Il,~ F:dit/Jr
 their first major convention .... Brotlwrs     your good wishes and lovely thoughts.               GARY STAi\Il\I. ,\1f.!1: Amlin· \'i.~w" S"ITi("e.~
                                                                                                    IlURT SZ/\ BO, .\ll/sit' ,S/ICe/lllisl
orthe lusty larynx immediately started          Please accept. this means as my way of
 tonsil testing. It was no trouble at all to    saying t.hank you. I've always known                S.PE.B.S.tl.S_A .. lilt'.
 get. a quartet started. Delegatl's wore        that [was part of a great caring Soci-              H315 Third An'llut'
 large tags bearing not on Iy their names       et.y. How lucky I am to have this type              ]«('no>,ha. WI .5310.\0·5199
 but their IClrte.1Nothing much has             of support at this time.                            Telephone: 1·11·0 650.\·9111
 changed! I                                                                                         Office Hours: ~ a.m. - 5 p.rn.
                                                                                                    i\londay-Friday ICenll"lll Ti I1lt· 1
                             Hello Good Friends                                                                                  •••
                                                                                              by Darryl Flinn
                                                                                                 International President

   I've been feel in' like a lost soul in the   recording or giving to and being proud of      exercise. We've seen first drafts, which
throes of acute quartet-iUs lalely.             Logopedics ... 01' introducing a new           identify barbershop as love, i.e. being a
My last quartet, the Antique Music              membcr to the Societ.y ... or spending a       singing member is to be with men who
Revue, hung it up in late '85 and since         week at Harmony College ... after              can love each ot.her through our sharing
I've always been in a quartet (my first         coaching,judging, teaching or adminis·         of harmony. Quartetmen know of this
foursome was dUling my fl'cslllnan year         trating ... or just standing on the risers     special kind orJovc. It's sometimes spo-
in high school, almost 40 years ago), I've      enjoying all the highs that come from          ken, oflen felt ... and almost always
begun to feel like an orphaned child.           chorus singing, some of liS must still go      includes entire families.
I mean, what is an unemployed bari to           for the magic that can happen only in a           One of myoId quartets, the Chord
do? I'd bet a solid gold pitchpipe that         quartct.                                       Dusters, will have a reunion this sum-
there are hundreds of us in the same               Steve Diamond gave liS a wonderful          mer. \o\'e won't sing well but you can bet it
predicament.                                    gift with his article, "Barbershop singing     will be a world-class love in. To sing in a
   But wail ... I now know that I'm not         - A hobby that's good for your health:'        quartet is to make great memories for
the only unfulfilled soul around Canton,        It appeared in the last issue of The I-Iar-    later in life. Of course, we weren't ... but
Ohio. Recently, lead David Wallace of           monizer and it's pure gold. Did you read       I relnember the Chord Dusters as world
'fhe Rapscallions fame, and bass Chuck          it? Ifnot, please do! Steve points out that    champs. Why not, no one else will.
Reiman, with whom I've sung in the '60s         singers live longer and that singing our          I've missed being in a quartet a lot.
with both the Chalkdustcl's and the             kind of harmony brings a special inner         :Mavbe if your life could use a bit. of love
Chord Dusters, have become i nlcl'csted         peace. I couldn't agree more and further       anci peac~, you'll find yourself in a ncw
in finding the perfect tenor (we think          suggest that doing it in a quartet. will       quartet or with a renewed appreciation
we've found one who's not a member yetI.        double the positive effect.                    for the one you're in. I'm suspicious t.hat.
So if we're lucky, we'll find a bit of sanity      Our hard at work "Future II" task           somewhere near by, thcrc are three other
by expressing our love of singing through       force, headed by Ed Waesche (another           guys who feel just like you and me.
harmonizing in a new quartet. My                temporarily unemployed bari and a die·            And hey you ... guy who has ncvCI;
excitement about this possibility is the        hard quartetmanl is looking at how bar-        ever been in a quartct!!! Take a chance
reason I'm sharing it with you via this         bershopping and our Society should func-       and ask someone to sing with you.
article.                                        tion jusl13 short years from now, in the       In other words ... go for it. ... it's still
   Those of us who are "do at' die" quat'·      year 2000 ... and beyoud. That group of        who we arc. It's exactly the foundation
tetmen might agree that what I'm about          talented men is creating a vision state·       upon which this great Society was built!
 to say is difficult to arliculate yet is       ment for our Society: Many major organi-
 known to be exactly the way it is ...          zations have worked very hard to create a      RS. )'cw've 110 doubt noticed that chapters
so here goes.                                   short paragraph that expresses its ideals          with lots ofquartets ami quartet
    Beyond watching an International can·       as a vision statement. It's a wonderfully          activity are Ilsually vel)' sllccessful.
 test or listening to a great barbershop        mind expanding and time consuming                  Wonder what causes that?

          DYNAMO II Gets
           Dynamic Start
                                                                                                by Mel Knight
                                                                                                   Music Specialist

   DYNAMO, the evolutionary program              10 to J2 weeks of preparation and a            program, with special emphasis on how
to build musical strength within the             strong commitment on the part of the           it can best be tailored to that chaptet:
chapler and develop a strong base for            chaptel: Herein lies an important aspect       Questions are answered and plans made
membership. is beginning to be felt              orthe program: the chapter must it'ant it.     for the all-day Saturday sessions.
throug'houl the Society. From Tacoma,            Wi t hout the total cooperation and involve-
Washington Lo Rockville, Connecticut:            ment of the chapter, no program such as        "By the end of the prescntation everyone
from St. Petersburg, Florida to St. Croix        this can succeed.                              was convinced that there was a place for
Valley, J\'linnesota, DYNAMO is making                                                          DYNAMO in the chaptel: I think this is
an impact. During' the nrst six months of        "Far Western District DME Ken Custer           the single-most exciting att.ribute of the
1987,25 chapters in 15 Districts have            started the ball rolling in Decembel; con-     program ... it sells itself."
had the program presented. The Inlcl'llu-        tacting Pomona Valley and Santa Clarita        Bob Coant, Seneca Land District
t.iollal staff has trelined 35 District volun-   Valley as candidate chapters to receive        DYNAMO t.rainer
teers who are ready Lu spread the word to        the new program. 'The response was over-
even morc chapters. Most important,              whelming' said Custel; as both chapters          Saturday morning the chapter officers
chapters who have been "Dynamoed" feel           eagerly accepted the opportunity to            and music team present the program to
it is an experience that will have a posi-       :;howcase DYNAivlO for t.he District and       the entire membcrship. Each member of
tive eflcct on the direction and success of      Societ)(                                       the leadership team thus has the oppor-
their group.                                     Dick Girvin, President                         tunity to tell the chaptcr what his role
                                                 Pomona Valley, Calilbrnia chapter              will be and what he hopes to accomplish.
''This is one of the most interesting and                                                       And the chapter members receive a clear
enlightening programs I have attended               The principlcjob oflhe DYNAMO               picture of where their group might be
in my 42 years of barbcrshopping~'               tnliner is to show the individual chapter      headed in the future. Nearly every
Floyd Blackwell, Far Western Districl            how to best organize and implement their       DYNAMO][ presentation has found this
Area Counselor                                   musical program. It. has nothing to do         session to be highly informative and one
                                                 with building a competition chorus or          in which a positive altitude has been
   Foundation of the DYNAMO II pro-              one which excludes any man who wishes          built into the chaptel:
gram is the mu~ic teHm concept, as out-          to sing. In fact, the main thrust is to
lined in the new i'vIusic Lcader::ihip Team      develop eve,)' aspect of chapter life, from    "The DYNAMO program t.hat was pre-
manual. Emphasis is on the sharing of            woodshedding to polished show package.         sented to us is already paying dividends.
responsibilities within the music team,          It not only deals with CUlTcnt member-         I can see an improvement in attitude and
rather than depending solely on the cho-         ship but is concerned with building a          an incl'case in enthusiasm. Our attend·
rus director. Through a well organized           wcll organized new mcmber orientation          ance is also improving:'
music program the chapter can raise the          process as well. Special emphasis is on        Hay Johnson, :MVP
quality of singing, develop the talent           making t.he chapter meeting night so           Columbia, South Carolina chapter
within the group, make rehearsals marc           exciting that members can't wait until
interesting and productive, retain mem-          next week.                                        On Saturday afternoon a model meet-
bers, and build pride in thc chorus.                                                            ing is held. TI~is two and one half hour
                                                 "I bclieve this chapter will benefit           chapter meeting uses a format recom-
"I can say categorically, as a 34 year           greatly from the program and will              mended by the DYNA~'10 program,
mcmbel; that I have never been as enthu-         become a revitalized group. The leader-        stressing a variety of activities to make
siastic abollt uny Society program as I          ship team and members came away very           the meeting fUll as well as to assist the
am about DYNAMO. If ,,;e follow the              enthusiastic and positive about. the           members in singing bette1:
guidelines set down in the program we            future:'                                          A special bonus is the opportunity for
can't help but succeed~'                         Jim Graham, Illinois District President        the chapter to reap t.he benefit of coach-
Dick Jones, President                                                                           ing from the visiting DYNAMO trainCl:
Syracuse, New York chapter                          The "11" in DYNAMO 11 signifies a           Trainers arc selected, not only for their
                                                 two-day prognull, consisting of four sepa-     knowledge of the program, but their
   I~ach chapter that has thus rar been          rate sessions. What is this DYNAMO II          musical skill as well. The Saturday after-
involved in a DYNAMO II presentation             weekend like? It begins on Friday night        noon session weaves in this music,~1 help
has either been selected by their District       wit.h a meeting of all administrative and      that a chapter might not be able to
Ivlusic Educator tOME) or volunteered to         music team members. The DYNAMO                 receive on a regular meeting night.
participate in the experience. It requires       t.rainer goes step by step through the           The DY NAMO II weekend concludes

with a potluck, mini-show and afterglow.
What a great way to wrap up a new
beginning for the chapter and share the
excitement. with family and friends!           DYNAMO II Chapters
"The potluck dinner provided by the
chapter boosters was a great time for          Fairfax, Virginia                     Hockville, Connecticut
fellowship and a key aspect was the bind-      81.. Petersburg, 1"lorida             Columbia, South Carolina
ing toget.her of members into a team to        Buffalo, New York                     Mankato, Minnesota
assure the success of DYNAMO. Fun,             Pomona Valley, California             Knoxville, 'I'ennessec
fun, fun, ~ums it up. I-loamy for              Santa Clarita Valley, California      Canton, Ohio
DYNAMO II'"                                    St. Croix Valley, Minnesota           Salisbury, Maryland
George Jarrell, DYNAMO trainee                 Joliet, lllinois                      Syracuse, New York
                                               Greensburg, Indiana                   Acadiuna, Louisiana
  The DYNAMO concept has laken                 Danville, Illinois                    Brunswick, Maine
several other forms in addition to the         Sun Antonio, Texas                    Tucson, Arizona
weekend format. C.O.T Schools have             Lawton, Oklahoma                      Tacoma, Washington
instituted a class especially aimed at         Tallahassee, Florida                  Johnstown, Pennsylvania
music vice presidents. A music leadership      Heno, Nevada
class will be taught at Harmony College
as well as a number of District mini-
HEP schools. The :Music Leadership
Team manual is available for every chap-
ter to purchase and read. Finally, many
chapters, who already have a music team
in place, have chosen to have a one night
mini-DYNAMO presentation to help
them fully implement the program.
                                               DYNAMO II Trainers
"All the music leadership team from
Saddleback Valley who attended this ses-       Hon Knickerbocker - i\'Iid·Atlantic   John Plazek - Land O'Lakes
sion returned all fired up and this enthu-     George Cotton - Evergreen             Ernie Nickoson - Cardinal
siasm has carried ovel: Big things are         Tom Sterling - Mid-Atlantic           Dave Gelb - Cardinal
expected in 1987:'                             Sam Breedon - Sunshine                Jim Buttel - Cardinal
BilllVterl'Y, Far \\'estern District DVP       Joe Breedon - Sunshine                Tucker Goodwin - Evergreen
                                               Oliver Leonard - Sunshine             George Peters - Illinois
   Perhaps t.he most important step in         Dick Chocas - SUllshine               S)'I Wetle - Illinois
the success of a DYNAMO program is             Bob Coant - Seneca Land               Rick Bourgeois - Southwestern
follow·up ... by division vice presidents,     George Jarrell - Seneca Land          Jim Gay - Dixie
area counselors, district music educators      Jerry Knickerbocker· Seneca Land      Jack Uonaldson - Dixie
and the International staff. But the most      Bi II Merry - Far Western             Paul \Vind - Seneca Land
essential follow-up is by the members          Ken Custer - Far Western              Andy Andre - Johnny Appleseed
themselves. A DYNAMO presentation              Bob Wilke - Far Western               Dan 'rice· Johnny Appleseed
can give direction, but it's up to the         AI Smith - Far Western                Joe Jenkins - Johnny Appleseed
chapter leadership to put the pl"ogram         Chuck Hunter Jt: - Far \\'estern      Tim l"rye - Johnny Appleseed
into effect.                                   Sam Gonzalez - Far Western            Frank Buffington - Johnny Appleseed
                                               Jeff Ebner - Far \\'estern            Newt HuIT - Mid-Atlantic
"Since DYNAMO, the Joliet chapter has          Judd GrIT - Land O'Lakcs
hired a new director, stabilized member-
ship, qualified for the fall chorus contest,
bid for and was granted hosting responsi-
bilities for the lllinois District Spring
1988 COIwention, are establishing goals
a nd seem to have tu riled the cornet: Did
DYNAMO do this? No. The rcsurrection
of our chapter is the direcll'esu It of hard
and consistent work by dedicated chaptcr
members. DYNAi'vlO has givcn us direc-
tion ... a rudder for our drifting ship.
The guys in the chapter are Illaking it
Ear) Meseth. President
Joliet, Illinois chapter

   Does your chapter need a rudder? Con-
tact. your District ivlusic Educator or the
International music department, and gel
the details 011 being DYNAMOcd. J'

The Quartet Experience
                                                                                             by Wilbur Sparks
  Not long ago, we made what :5cemed a                                                       HOW CAN WE HELP 1'1' HAPPEN IN
simple, basic observation which would be                                                     OUR CHAPTERS?
immediately obvious to any l3arbershop-
per. "!.!:very member", we said, "should
                                                 "As more of                                    We can make the quartet promotion
                                                                                             chairman a major person among our
have the quartet experience:' But ques-
Lions were hurled back that shook us to
                                                your members                                 chapter's leadership. In the best of all
                                                                                             possible worlds, he might be a member or
our shoetops: "What's the quartet experi-
ence?", "'Vhy have it?", "'Vhy aren't          have the quartet                              an acti ve, registered quartet that regu-
                                                                                             larly enters contests and sings for t.he
more orus having it?", and "How can we                  •
encourage it?"                                    experIence,                                public. If your chapter can't fill even a
                                                                                             part of that bill, just look for a man who
  Well, we started thinking about this
startling curiosity (ignorance?1 about
something that seemed so basic, and now
                                                 your chapter                                has some quarteting experience and loves
                                                                                             to sing four-part harmony. Find a man
                                                                                             who will develop a sense of mission with
we have worked out a little primer that
may help to get more of us into the quar-
                                                 will become                                 this assignment. It now is considered so
                                                                                             important that the Society has a course
teUng groove. Wouldn't it be great if that
could happen ~ all over the Society?            more fun and                                 ill promoting quartcts at Harmony
11'111\'1' IS THE QUARTET                      your chorus will                                  In our chapter, Alexandria, Virginia,
                                                                                             we have a strong quartet promot.ion pro-
   It is simply the apport unity and pleas~
                                                start to sound                               gram. While our chorns gets primary
                                                                                             attention, quartet promotion, chaired by
ure of being part ora chord with just
three others. Not necessarily the forma-       better."                                      John Adams, is also featured before, dur-
                                                                                             ing and after the meetings. ln 1986,
tion ora real quartet. Not necessarily                                                       Adams (tenor of two champion quartets
sinl-{ing with three others in front of an                                                   - Nova Chords and Alexandria's Rag-
audience, 01· enteril1l-{ a contest.              The largest number of our members          time Band) saw 48 members singing in
   The (Iuartel experience can come from       who don't. have this experience are tho~e     16 dilTerent registcred quartets, some-
woodshedding, or casually singing from a       who are skittish about it. They "don't        times with members of nearby chapters.
wriUen arrangement; from meeting to            have time", they "can't find anyone who       Quartet activity in our chapter played a
sing at somebody's home, 01' standing in       is interested", their job "prevents their     substantial role in winning the 1986
the corner to sing after chapter meeting.      takin~ on such an obligation" or they         International achievement award.
It doesn't huve to occur with the same         came from a glee club 01' church choir            You can ask the program vice president
three other guys each time you try it,         and "enjoy the chapter chorus, but see no     to feature your chapter's organized qual'-
and it certainlv doesn't have to involve a     sense in trying something about which         lets at meetings and on your shows. Im-
plan to sing together beyond the enjoy-        they know little:' Sometimes these arc        portant: When they sing an appearance,
mellt of the momenl.                           hOl~est feelings, but often t.hey are only    let all the members know it through
   If it can happen with some degree of        excuses.                                      chapter announcements and through the
regularity - once a week or once H                                                           chapter bulletin. Praise them when they
month. fine. lfit is highly irrcgulal: fine.   WHY SHOULD EVEHYONE I-lAVE IT?                win and when they 10l:ic. Develop a 8ense
 I~ut each of us shou ld have the fluartet                                                   of chapter pride in all their activities.
                                                  rVlost important. because it's run~ You
experience - the more often, the better~                                                     They'll love it, and other members will
                                               may have hesitated to try quarteting
                                                                                             say, "Why not me? That sounds like
                                               because it's a new C'xperience and looks
WIIO liAS 'I'll E QUA In "'I' j,;xl'lml-                                                     they're luwing fun!"
                                               difficult. Once you have dipped lhal toe
ENCE - AND WHO DOESN'T'                                                                          As promising combinations find their
                                               in the watel~ however, you'll discover how
                                                                                             way togethel~ they may decide, sponta-
   Obviousl~'. those C\l1Tentl~' singing ill   much enjoyment it can bring.
                                                                                             neously or as the result of encourage-
registered und unregistered but orga-             Quarteting can make you a better sing-
                                                                                             ment. to organizc as a quartet. From
nized quartets enjoy it whenever they          er. and therefore bring you more satisfac-
                                                                                             that experience they may develop as a
meel. The avid woodshedder may have it         tion in your chorus. It'll also bring )'our
                                                                                             registered quartet and inspire others to
cven more oftell. The experienced quart£>-     chorus director a feeling of great comfort!
                                                                                             have this great experience.
tel: who is always 3\'ailable to sing with        It'll also give your chapter's member-
three others, may often be asked to join       ship vice president a feeling of great
                                                                                             HOW CAN THE CIIAPTEH ENCOUH-
three others for a session. The member         assurance. because once you become a
                                               quartctel~ the less likely you are lo drop
                                                                                             AGE THE QUAHTET EXPERIENCE?
who would like to try it. but seldom does
because he is afraid t.o let others know.      out.. Quarteters stay lorever - they re-        'tuu can make the program vice presi-
still may get an tH.:I.:asiollal chance.       new their membership automatically!           dent and the quartet promotion chail'-

man into an important team. First,            other available men togethel: If your             One of the most enjoyable contests is
suggest to the quartet promotion chair-       chapter has a gang that goes to a local        the put together conte~t. The goal is to
man that he take a census. If he will ask     watering hole after the meeting hall is        have every possible person in the chapter
every member of your chap tel; not al-        closed, chances are that they go there to      singing in one of the contest quartets. In
ready singing in a quartet, "Would you        quartet. Take that new member along,           order to get extra tenors, some members
like to do some quarteting?", he may          and get him to try the fun.                    who regularly sing one of the three other
learn a lot. He should not put the ques-                                                     parts agree to sing tenor on this occa-
                                              HOW CAN MEMBERS HAVE THE
tion in terms of"~rauld you like to form a                                                   sion. It is also possible that a few mem-
                                              QUARTET EXPERIENCE DURING
quartet, and sing on a chapter show, and                                                     bers will have to sing in two different
enter a contest?" That wi II scare off the                                                   quartets.
members who "don't have the time, "              To work the quartet experience into            The quartets are put together by the
"can't find three others," or "can't carry    chapter meeting programs, the program          quartet promotion chairman, using his
my own part well enough" to do all of         vice president and the quartet promotion       knowledge of who is experienced and who
those things.                                 chairman need to combine as a team.            is a novice, and follows rules, announced
   The census will probably turn up some      The program vice president may not have        in advance, dealing with what the make-
established members and some new              room every week for such a feature, so         up of each quartet must be - no more
members who are at least interested in        he'll need to tell the quartet promotion       than one or two experienced quarteters,
some low-key quarteting. If they are con-     chairman when he has available time.           at least one member who has never sung
vinced their answer will not necessarily      On the other hand, when he realizes            in an organized quartet, and no two
bring them into a long-term, serious and      there is a good deal of desire for such a      members of a registered quartet singing
obligatory program, they may let him          feature, he may make room for it more          together. Announcing this will persuade
know that just a little quarteting might      often.           .                             some shy members to enroll.
be fun. The new men may regard their             All kinds of events can bring the quar-        To bring this ofT successfully, prepara-
answer as a beginning that can give           tet experience into your meetings. They        tions must be made two or three months
them knowledge and might get them into        may be presentations of new quartets,          in advance. The date for the contest is set
a real quartet after a while. The estab-      contests, and games of all kinds. An easy      and announced. Under the direction of
lished members may try it just to help        one is to present one of your registered       the quartet promotion chairman, each
out the chapter in a program that will        quartets, singing a chorus song, but           member (even inactive ones) is asked per-
encourage others. The census may bring        minus onc of their members. Before the         sonally whether he will sing and for what
out some closet quarteters that never         program start.s (or even a week in ad-         parts he will be available. The ideal put
before had been asked to try this             vance), tell several non-quarteters, who       together list will have an absolutely
experience.                                   sing the same part as the missing mem-         equal number of tenors, leads, baris and
   With this information, howevCl; the        ber of the registered quartet that they        basses. (It can be done!) If the number on
quartet promotion chairman can suggest        can sing a familial' song, or part of one,     the list doesn't divide by foUl; hold the
some combinations to those that are           with the registered quartet if they'd like     remainder in reserve, for you will have
interested. Perhaps he can get them all       to try it. Never make it a must or an obli-    dropouts, even as late as contest day. It
together at one or a series of meetings,      gation of any kind. Don't pressure them        will probably be necessary to try this
trying out various combinations to see        - don't make it a big deal. If it is sold as   process several times before he is satis-
whose voices fit together. l\'Iost impor-     just a few moments of some fun, the deal       fied that a fail' mix has been achieved.
tant, he can hope that some combina-          will n)~ Don't tell the chapter in advance.       When the list of quartets is announced,
tions will come together spontaneously.       The surprise to the chapter, and the enjoy-    each foul' should meet and decide on a
These may turn out best of all. He can        ment by the fill-in singers will make it       name. Publishing this list in advance
then suggest that one 01' more of the com-    an experience of great pleasure. The reg-      will whet the chapter's interest. Cos-
binations learn a song - just for the fun     istered quartet will love this sharing ex-     tumes may be allowed, and it will be fun
of it (no obligation) - and sing it for him   perience of supporting the fill-in singers.    to invite your ladies to the contest. De-
in a few weeks. Then he can let nature        If the song is sung twice, and the fill-in     pending on how many quartets .you as-
take its course. If they learn a song, per-   singers are asked to sing just halfway         semble, it could be a special event on a
haps they'll be interested in performing      through one song, two non-quarteters           non-meeting night, and it could even be
at the chapter hall - maybe for the pro-      can I~ave this wonderful experience in one     used by two or more chapters at once.
gram, or maybe after the meeting has          evel1lng.                                         The program vice president of your
ended. This will attract some attention,         Once a year or more, you can have a         chapter knows or can learn about many
and maybe they'll get some spontaneous        pickup quartet contest. To prepare the         games involving quartets that can be
encouragement. This is what they really       wa); gather several quartet singers to-        made a part of your meeting night pro-
need.                                         gether (any numbCl~ based on your chap-        gram. Such time-honored devices as the
   As each new member comes into the          ter size) and tell them that in a month,       pushout quartet and choosing quartets
chaptel; the quartet promotion chairman       the meeting program will feature this          by the numbers can be augmented by
should ask, "Like to try some quartet-        contest. Each man is asked to find three       less well-known games like the octet·
ing?" We have a theory that many men          others to form a short-term, temporary         dropout and the point out chorus. These
come into the Society expecting to sing       quartet to enter this contest. They must       and many other games with the same
in a quartet. If it doesn't happen, some of   not load the quartet with experie;1ced         motive - giving one and all the quartet
them drop out for that reason alone. Ask      quarteters, but are put on their honor to      experience - are described in the man-
them early - the earlier the better-          mix it up - novices, chorus singers and        ual used by the program vice president.
and keep them at it.                          maybe one other membcr with experi-               As more and more of your members
   Finally, make sure the new members         ence. Limit the contest to one song per        have the quartet experience, your chap-
and others have a chance at the quartet       quartet, and prohibit costumes or any          ter's meetings will become more fun and
experience in settings where they can be      special preparation except whatever re-        your chorus will start to sound bettel:
invited to join informally in quarteting      hearsal each quartet wants to give it.         The spirit is sure to go up, up and up.
- before and after the meeting, at the        The chapter will enjoy it - and the nov-       There is nothing, just not.hing, like the
afterglow, or wherever there are thrce        ices will love it.                             quartet experience. .J'

                  British Cross The Atlantic For
                      Barbershop Harmony
                                                                                                                      by Don Webster

   It wus a fortnight 01' wonders ... and         Phoenicians ancl ShcfTield, and t.he two-           100 people over a two week period would
the wonders never ceased! There were              week honeymoon began immediatcl/'                   be astronomical. And unafTorciable! So,
trips to shopping malls, to Disneyland               When Lloyd Steinkamp returned after              the Phoenicians offered to share their
and the Grand Canyon. There were                  coaching John Grant and the Hallmark                homes with their British counterparts,
rehearsals and shows: afterglows and              of Harmony chorus to H gold medal in the            the the fun times began. It was love at
glimmers. There were cookouts and                 1986 B.A.B.S. chorus competition, he                first sight! Those members who were for-
pOliticks, Hnd harmony-for-Iunch. There           talked about the possibility of reciprocal          tunate to be selected as hosts were to
was singing and fellowship and fun for            visits with the Phoenicians. The idea, at           experience a truly unforgetable two
all. But most of all there W~lS love barber-      first received with something less than             weeks: a real life cultural exchange
shop style!                                       unbridled enthusiasm, soon became a                 based upon a commonality oflanguage
   Even the sought-after winter weather           chapter compulsion, and plans for such              and a love of barbershop singing.
of Arizona was saying: "\Vclcolllc! 'Ve           an interchange began to formulate. The                 The Hallmark of Harmony chorus
want you to feci at home" to the 112 visi-        concept of an international show featur-            along with Junction 33, the 1986
lors li'om Sheffield, England, members            ing championship choruses from two                  B.A.U.S. (IUartet champions, and third-
and loved ones of the B,A.B.S. champion           countries was mind-boggling, as were                place medalists Times Square, joined the
Hallmark of Harmony chorus, as they               the logistics involved in accomplishing             Phoenicians and five chapter quartets in
arrived in Phoenix on a cold, rainy after-        such an undcrtaking.                                pl'Oducing one of the finest barbershop
noon in February. 'I'hw; was the auspi-              I~ven after arranging for super-                 shows to be seen anywhere in recent
cious beginning 01' a historic experience         bargain airline rates (which involved two           years. "You Ain't lI~ard Nuthin' Yet: A
that was destined to change the livcs of          stop-overs between London's Gatwick                 t.l'ibute to the great Ai Jolson" played
those who participated. As Phoenician,            Airport ancl Phoenix's Sky Harbor), the             to ent.lmsiasLic, responsive audiences
Jack Mauney wrote in the chapter bulle-           financial hardships were painfully evi-             t.hrough five performances over two sue-
tin: "A maniage was made between the              dent. Housing costs alone for more than             cessi ve weekends, and was declared a

                 The Hallmarh of Harmuny ChUl'lll:l ffllm Sheffield, }!.'/IJ.rland and the Phoellicia/ll:l from Phoenix, Arizol/a.

resounding success. That was only the
icing on the cake! The bonds of friendship
that were developed, the mutual respect,
the admiration and regard for each othel~
not only as singcrs but as brothers, was
the real success of this endeavor.
   Virgin Atlantic, the fledgling airline
that transported the British from London
to Newark, New Jersey, was instrumental
in procuring for the Sheffield members, a
travel costume that coincidentally includ-
ed a bright red blazer. Although their
Wednesday afternoon arrival; neither by
land, nor by sea, was not preceeded by a     The Sheffield chorus rehearses its show routine.
midnight ride, the symbolism was nol
lost on the Phoenicians. The red-coats
had, indeed, arrived! After mceting with
their respective hosts and hostesses the
visitors, who had had practically no sleep
in the previous 48 hours, joined the
Phoenicians fol' the first of our joint.
rehearsals. It must have been a grueling
thrcc-and-one-half hours for thcm but
they sure didn't show it. They performed
with vigor, precision and a professional
aplomb t.hat can only be described as
   Thursday night saw another lengthy
technical rehearsal for all participants
followed by the first performance on Fri-
day night and two shows on Saturday;
What a mind-blowing, spine-tingling,
hair-raising experience it was to stand
alongside our British brothers singing
"One Voice" and "Battle Hymn ofthe
Republic" ... 170 men, international in
scope, four-part in harmony and as one
in the kinship that is barbershop
   Beginning with the Sunda.'t' afternoon
glimmer at the home of chapter president
Ed Prettyman, a week of memories in
the mak i'ng got underway. Loti and Helen    The Phoenicians at their practice sessiun.
Laurel hosted a pot-luck that was attend-
ed by more than 100 people; as did Vic
and Pat Bowen. Tiny Boland threw a           rant, and then took all t.he guests home           was enjoyed by all ... with the possible
woodshed party for anyone who wanted         for aftel··dinner drinks and barbershop            exception offour-ycar-old Sue Curtis
to sing along. About 50 folks showed up      records.                                           from Sheffield, who came down wit.h a
for that one. The Franklin twins, Bill          The Times Square quartet and fami-              case of mumps cnroute.
and Bob, van-pooled 18 visitors to his-      lies (eight people in aliI, who were guests           01: nen Hastic loaded a group of visi-
toric Sedona, Arizona while John Fenner      of Ed and Faith Prettyman, decided that            tors into his airplane and new them to
wit.h help from Mike Ilatfield, organized    they wanted to see Disneyland (about               San Diego. Lonnie Culp took a group
a bus trip t.o t.he Grand Canyon for 88      400 miles li'om Phoenixl. Ed borrowed a            water skiing at a nearby lake. Young
people. The Paul Gl'ahams sponsored an       van from the Slcinkamps and took his               Chris Lindseth took two teenage girls to
impromptu pizza party at their rest au-      guests to Califol'nia for a day. The t.rip         H Phoenix disco. Hcm Brooks, director of

thc Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania chorus,
took a week of vacation t.imc and came to
Phoenix to see the show and socialize
with the British. He was seen nearly
everywhere, woodshedding and leaching
    And so it went for one short week. Sud-
denly, it. was Sunday again. Two marc
shows, and then it would be over. There
had been no plans for a final afterglow,
but we had one anyway. Lloyd Steinkamp
was officially made an honorary member
of the Sheffield Club by Chairman Percy
Skinnel: All the show quartets performed
one final time and there were tearful
farewell embraces as the finality, and the
realization of parti ng became evident. At
midnight, everyone in the room joined
hands for "Keep The Whole World Sing-
ing:' There was not a dry eye; nor a doubt
 in anyone's mind, that truly BAHBl'~R­
    There is yet another happy footnote to
 this stOl'Y: Ken Roebuck from Sheffield
 was reunited with his brother, l\Iaurice
 who had left l~ngland in the 1960s.
 l\Iaurice now li\;cs in California and       The Sheffield quartets - JIll/ction 33 and Times Sqllare.
 came to see the Sunday afternoon show.
 After a separation of more than 20 years,
 thcy got reacquainted at the farewell get-
 tagethe!: ~

Brothers rellnited - Maurice (left) and Ken   Music Appreciation 101 (I to r) Terr.v Arrunian, Uuyd Steinlwmp. Rob Jackson and Gary
Roebuck                                       Steil/hall/p.

A    ON C E-IN -A-LIF ETIME                                                         EXPERIENCE!!!

     • RECORDED LIVE ... a 2·hour show ... "in Concert" ... with a 175 voice Finale that had
       the audiences on their feet all five shows!
     • $14.95 PER SET ... (add $2.00 per order for
       postage and handling).
     • CHECK or MONEY ORDER payable to:
           4324 East Darrell Road
           Phoenix, Arizona 85040
    The Entire Program Includes:
       REMEMBER WHEN            and
       5 Phoenix Quartets
       plus ...
       JUNCTION 33         and
       TIMES SQUARE          from
       Sheffield, England!
     • A Truly International Show

    ,/ Please complete the order blank below or
       a photocopy thereof and forward with
       your check or money order.
       The distribution, sale or advertising of unofficial recordings is
       not a representation that the contents of such recordings are all approp·
       riate for contest use.
                                 PLEASE ALLOW 4·5 WEEKS FOR PROCESSING AND SHIPPING
r ---------------------- ---------- --------_._-
    4324 East Darrell Road
    Phoenix, Arizona 85040
    Please forward to me               Cassette Sets of "YOU AIN'T HEARD NUTHIN' YET" @ $14.95 each plus $2,00
    for mailing.

    Total enclosed $                               PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE

    Name                                                                            _

    Address                                                                             _

    City                                                  State           Zip           _
              (Please submit all payments in U.S. dollars. Thank you in advance!)

      Marketing Your Chapter
        For Fun And Profit
                                                                                              by Bob Arnold

  I doubt whether there's a chapter in        ented organizations. After a list has been      might. also enlist. the help of a local radio
our society, large or small, which isn't      compiled, all it takes is compofiing a          station to produce a brief cassette tape of
faced \\,jth the problem of finding suffi-    presentation and an appropriate cover           your chorus and/or quarlets which can
cient income to run its operations and        letter.                                         be recorded at one of your chapter meet-
provide morc services to its members.             Don't expect any overwhelming success       ings. The cassette tape, along with the
Some of the larger chapters have budgets      during your first year of using this ap-        brochurelflyer and a cover letteJ; can be
in excess 0[$100,000 annually_ And the        proach. Corporations and foumlations            sent to groups on the Chamber of Com-
smaller chapters, with proportionally         have literally thousands of organizations       merce list soliciting elnployment as enter-
smaller budgets, have an even more diffi-     approaching them annually for funds for         tainment for an npcoming convention or
cult time digging up enoug-h income to        many worthwhile programs. The Vocal             business meeting/seminal:
support chapter operations because of         Majority sent. out approximately 175               A 45-minute program by your chorus
the smaller talent. pool from which to        applications to 'I'exm; foundations and         and quarteUsl can bring in some excel-
draw.                                         some GO to corporationf.; in Dallas. Less       lent performance fees. The fees can
   The Vucall\'Iajol'iLy, because of in-      than haIr the foundations responded at          range, depending upon the size ofthe
creased activities, skyrocketing travel       all, ilnd none of those responding had          group and its budget, from $100 to
costs for contests, and inOalcd prices for    funds available at this time. However,          $2,000. And it's what might be termed
everyt.hing the chapt.er purchased, met       five oft.he corporations in Dallas respond-     easy money. There are no tickets to sell
the problem by creat.ing a new position       ed with Illodestl-{ifts to aid the chapter      or elaborate staging as in a show or con-
called the marketing director while a         treasury.                                       cert. The chorus/quartet simply shows
marketing director position within your          The important thing to remember is           up, sings, and collects its performance
chapter may be impractical, there are         keep trying. The curporations and loun-         fee.
many methods and techniques for rais-         dations may never have heard of your               There's no reason why barbershop cho-
ing additional chapter funds which would      chapter 01' S.P.E.I3.S.Q.S.A. before, but       ruses cannot command some excellent
certainly be applicable.                      they will have heard of you and your            performance fees. ~'lany times we sell
   All chapters in the Societ.y are incor~    worthwhile programs after the first con-        ourselves short when it comes to the
porated in their home state as non-profit     tact. Repeated annual contacts could             value we place on our entertainment
educational, charitable corporations          turn up some additional funds worth the          packages. Smaller choruses don't have to
under Section 501lcIl31 of the Internal       efTort. And. once you have made the giv~         be ashamed of the fact that they don't
Revenue Code. Other similar corpora-          ing list of a corporation or foundation,         have the number of singers as larger
tions in your home town and state obtain      chances are they will maintain or                ones. (These convention and business
gifts ami grants from businesses and          increase your gin or grant annually              meeting groups have probably never
foundations. There is no reason why           thereafter.                                      heard a Vocal Majority or a Louisville
barbershop chapters cannot apply and              Another more immediate source of             Thoroughbred chorus perform, so they
obtain such available gifts and grants.       funds is to IllHrket your chapter chorus         have nothing with which to compare your
    Our chapter is fortunate to have sev-     and quartets to convention groups and            chorus.)
eral individuals ('xpericnced in applying     businesses in your geographic area. Have            Another tactic which. The Vocal "Major-
 for such funds, which must be accom-         one of your chapter members whose firm           ity has used with success is enlisting our
 plished by following some fairly formal      is a member or your local Chamber of             city's corporations to help in obtaining
gu ide lines. Ho\\'evel~ wit h a Ii UIe re-   COinmerce obt~in a copy of the chamber's         items the chapter needs. Our current
 search by someone in your chapter into        list of convent.ions and business meetings      need is for a panel truck to store and
 those guidelines, applications for gifts     to be held in your conllnunit.\~ The listing     transport OUI' chorus risers and other
 and grants can be a worthwhile project.      is a\'ailable either for free or for a modest    equipment. We're contacting companies
 Your public library can provide lists of     price.                                           which use a neet of such panel t.rucks in
 corporations and foundationfi which have         Prepare an attractive brochure or nyer       their business and asking them to donate
 donated funds for arts and music-ori-        about. your chorus and quartets. You             the truck to the chapteJ: In return, the

company will have its name and "logo"          from contacting airlines in your area to      of members of YOUI' own chapter. There
painted on the truck as the donor.             explore similar opportunities.                are certain marketing techniques which
   As we mentioned, travel is one of the          An article in a past Harmonizer out-       are basic and are well known hy your
largest budget itcms for choruscs which        lined the possibilities of your chonts re-    chapter members engaged in sales. adver-
regularly compete in district and Inter-       cording a record album which could be         tising and marketing in their jobs. Use
national contests. The Vocal ivlajority        used - among other things - to provide        these techniques to make your chapter
traded out several performances for a          additional income for your chaptel: The       bettcr known in your community and
regional air carricr in cxchangc for free      sales of record albums provided about         geugraphic region. Our churuses and
travcl to a district contest held in Hous-     one-fifth ohhe total annual income for        quartets provide some of the finest qual-
ton. The airline enjoyed the alliance so       The Vocal 1\<lajority. And again, your cho-   its, clean entertainment available to con-
much that its markcting department has         rus does not have to be a majul' chorus       v~nlions and business mcetings. Why not
suggested other promotions which will re-      in our Society to reap the benefits of a      tap these and othcr markets to t.hc bene-
sult in future advantages for our chapter.     modestly produced record album.               fit oryour chapter treasury and your
There's nothing to prcventyolir chaptcr           Make use of the marketing know-how         chapter members benefit? ~

Peter May Serving as B.A.B.S. Chairman
   Peter May, like many others, was first      quartet, which they take to be a possible
sold on barbershop after watching the          omen for the future.
1973 convenlion film - you know, the              In addition to club office Pcter has
one where The Pacificaires didn't win!         succcssfully produced three shows 1'01' the
In February 1978, Peter was one of five        club and during The l\lost Happy Fel-
founding mcmbers ohhe Guildford club.          lows' last UK tour he managed to ac-
Originally Peter expressed an interest in      quire the famous Lakeside Country Club
singing 'the tune' but due to a shortage       for a special caberet performance by the
in the baritone section he was obliged to      quartet. His biggest thrill, apart from
be the club baritone. Eventually as num-       being electcd B.A. B.S. Chairman, was
bers swelled he was able to get his way        singing with the Haps on his back lawn.
and he was allowed to join the leads.             Petcl' was born in SUlTe)~ Hejoined the
   Up until this year he has held office       Surrey Constabulary in 1961 and, after
continually in the club, as either treas-      25 years ofv31'iolls duties including quite
ure}; chait:mun, public relations officer or   a bit of administrative work, he is now a
chorus directOl: He sang with three ver-       ChiefInspcctor in thc Force Planning
sions of Harmony Guild quartet and for         Branch on inspection and performance
the past two and a halfyeal's he has sung      measurement.
lead with Ring Four Service, the club's           Peters lists his likes as barbershop,
first registered quartet. The quartct's        gardening, decorating, pottery and col-
main claim to distinction is the fact that     lecting Zane Gray books. Peter's theme
in the Quarter Register they are both          for 1986/87 is "Whatever you're doing-
preceded and followed by a Gold Medal          do it better!"

                                                                                             Peter Ma)', 1.986/87 I3.A.B.S.

     Society's 50th Year Starts In Nation's
       Capitol at Mid-Winter Convention

                                                                                             by Terry Jordan

 The 775 Harben;hoppcl's of'the greater       In nearby Virginia are the Arlington           Washington, D.C. include: Alexandria,
Washington, D.C. area chaptt!l's have a       National Cemetary, IVlount Vernon, the         Arlington, Fairfax, r"c1.uquier County,
capital idea for you. Come Lo the mid-        Robert E. Lee Home, Luray Caverns, and         Loudoun County, and Prince William
winter convention in D.C. and enjoy our       Endless Caverns, to name '(1 few. In near-     County, Virginia; District orColumbia;
coo) northern weather moderated by our        by Pennsylvania thcre is Gettysburg            and Anne Arundel, Bowie, Montgomery
warm southern hospitality. \Ve are cer-       Battlefield Park. In both Maryland and         County, Patapsco Valley, Prince George's
tainly looking forward to sharing our         Virginia there are Civil \Var forts and        County, and 'l'ri-County, i'vlaryland.
area with you. We fccllhis will be the        battlerields to visit. And we have snow          We all welcome you to \Vashington,
best mid-winter convention ever and we        ski areas in Virginia, Maryland, Penn-         D.C. and ask that you put the dates Jan-
want you to be a part of this historic        sylvania, and West Virginia. In \Vash-         uary 27-30 on your personal calendal:
evcnl.                                        ington, D.C. you can watch our money           See you in Januar)~
    The convention will have its usual        being printed or attend Congress and             Iryou find that you cannot attend our
round of meetings lbr our International       watch money being spent.                       50th year beginnings, there is still some·
Board and all others who wish to attend.         The headquarters hotel will be the new      thing you can do to help make this anni-
It will feature the musical talents of our    J.W Marriott in downtown D.C. This             versary special. Please write a letter
medalists quartets. The third annual          will be the site for most events. Other        giving your support for a U.S. commemo-
Sen iors Quartet Contest wi II a Iso be a     evcnts will be within a short walking          rative stamp recognizing barbershop
part ol'the week's m.:livities. There will    distance from The rvlarriott. Details of       music. For all the details about this
be barbershop shows to attend on Friday       specific convent.ion events, the registra-     effort please refer to the Septcmber/
evening, Saturday aftcrnoon, and Satur-       tion forms, room reservations, tours, and      Odober 1986 issue of the Harmonizer
day evening and an afterglow Saturday         other events will be in the next issue of      and re-read the article "Plans for Barber-
night. Meetings and mw.;ic certainly can      the Ilarmonizm:                                shop Harmony Commemorative Stamp
fill up a convention schedule but we havc        The 13 chapters from the arcas around       Need Your Help:' J'
much more to offer .VOtt.
    Many Barbershoppers visited us lor
the 1976 mid-winter convention. Wash-
in~ton, D.C. and the surrounding areas
of Maryland and Virginia continue to
grow. We wish you would come and spend
the whole week with us because the area
now oilers more and better evcnts for you
to attend; more places for you to shop;
and more attractions to visit, both his-
toric and fun. High on the list of favorite
places to visit are the U.S. Capital
 Building, White House, Washington
 r\'lonument, Jefferson Monument, Lincoln
 l\rIonumcnt, Roosevelt Island, Kennedy
 Centel~ Vietnam Ivlcmorial Wall, Smith·
 sonian Institutc, Original National
 Aquarium, National Arboretum, Nation-
 al Cathedral, and the National Zoo.
     We have opera houses, movie theaters,
 dinner theatres, live theatres, pro sports
 teams, and restaurants. In fact, we have
 restaurants representing almost every
 region orevery country of the world and
 almost cvery ethnic origin you can imag-
 inc. A new culinary experience awaits
 you when vou visit our area.
 , We hav~ attractions to match your spc·
 cia I interests. In nearby Maryland, you
 can visil Baltimore with its inner har-
 bour area of shops and restaurants and
 the New National Aquarium. Annapolis         Constitution Hall, site of the "Heritage of Harmony" show presented by the Chorus of the
 is the ~itc orthe U.S. Naval Academy.        Putomac.

                          a or                                                                     -
                          am oree
Once again, Sunshine barbershoppers want to                And, we'll have plenty of great barbershop
share this wonderfut famity-oriented holiday with       activities tool Starting with the finalists of the
the rest of our great Society at the incredibly         District Novice Contest and a fun-filled Chordat-
beautitul Innisbrook Golt Resort.                       orium in the night club and ending with an excit-
   Amid the perfectly maintained facilities, you        ing show on Sunday night featuring tile Inter-
and your family and friends can woodshed                state Rivals and an informal afterglow around
around the pools, challenge par on one of three         the main pool. What a barbershop feast l
championship golf courses, have a ball, day or             If we've piqued your interest, write to Steve
night, on one of the 18 tennis or six racquetball       Barrell for brochures and complete information.
courts, try your luck for bass in the sparkling         But don't wait to long because it's gonna' fill up
lakes, take a leisurely ride on the scenic bike         fast.
trails or just completely relax with your new-
found barbershop friends. They don't come any           ,------------------,
friendlier than they do in Sunshine l                   I    For more information, mail to Steve Barrett, General Chairman   I
   You can choose from a large variety of hous-         I    1746 Brentwood Dr" Clearwater, FL 34616. (813) 447-4744         I
ing - anything from a double hotel room to club
suites, one and two bedroom suites or super             I N,me                                                               I
deluxe suites (perfect for a quartet and families)      I                                                                    I
and, you'll love the convenience of the com-            I   Address                                              ~~-I
plefely equipped kitchens in all the suites. If you
feel like dining out, Innisbrook prides itself on its   I C"y _ _
                                                        I                       _ _ _ _ _ Slale_                       I
facilities. Any tiling from a snack to a beautifully
served meal is there for you to enjoy,                  I OISll1CI_ Approx No parly __                    In           I
                 Big Apple Chorus Performs At
                        Carnegie Hall
                                                                                                by Dan George

   There's a very old story told about a       its membership. Broadway, one ofIvIid-           formed with great artistry and excite-
musician, newly arrived in New York            Atlantic District's finest foursomes, and        ment, could find acceptance alongside
City, who stops a stranger on the street       a 1987 International qualifiCl~ was avail-       Manhattan's other grcat. cultural insti-
and asks, "How do you get. to Carnegie         able, and only too willing to become part        tutions. Fueled by that dream, inspired
Hall?" The stranger looks the musician         of this historic event.                          by the musicianship of Don Clause, and
ovel~ and gives the now classic reply,            The excitement mounted as the Big             united by a common goal of excellence,
"Practice, mun, practice!"                     Apple Chorus began to assemble on Fri-           the Big Apple Chorus had, in its four
   A more accurate reply might well have       day. The chorus entered Carnegie Hall            short years of existence, come to meet its
been, "Practice ... AND sing with the          through t.he stage dom; and was quietly          dream, face to face. In a few moments,
Big Apple Chorus!" because on April 10         ushered to its second floor dressing room.       the Carnegie Hall audience would decide
and 11, I\'lanhattan's barbershop chapter      The New York Pops was already in re-             if thc Big Apple Chorus did, indeed,
had the unique opportunity and rare            hearsal on stage, and the chorus was to          belong on that great stage.
privilege of performing in Carnegie Hall,      follow them for a brief stage orientation           Like most exciting and long awaited
the world's most prestigious concert hall.     before going to dinnm: As the Big Apple          performances, this one went quickly. As a
   The Big Apple Chorus was invited by         Chorus filed on stage, we were greeted           performel~ looking out across the stage
l\lacstl'o Skitch Henderson, founder and       by IVlaestro Henderson and, to our sur-          into that magnificent house, filled to
music director of the New York Pops            prise, a live audience. As he later ex-          capacit.y with 2,800 concert-goers, will
Orchestra, to join them in a concert celc-     plained, pat.rons of Carnegie Hall are           always remain a thrilling memory. Mae-
bmting native American music. Hencler-         invited to sit in on all Pops rehearsals as      stro Henderson introduced the Big Apple
son had heard about the chorus through         a gesture of gratitude for their support.        Chorus, and shared with his audience
friends at the New York Daily News, in         The hall was about half filled, and the          his impression of his first encounter with
whose oITice building the chorus had per-      atmosphere very informal, as Don Clause          barbershopping. His delight was obvious
formed two Christmas concerts. It didn't       and Associate Director Tom Sterling put          as he explained how he stumbled on our
take Manhattan's Board very long- to           the chorus through its warm~up routine.          International Convention in Pittsburgh.
enthusiastically accept this unique oppor-        With rehearsal and stage orientation          He was in town to conduct the Pitts-
tunity to bring barbershop harmony to a        completed, the chorus was released to            burgh Symphony and he became en-
new, and musically sophisticated audi-         have a quick meal and return to Carne-           thralled with the fact that the entire city
ence. Our performance was part ofthe           gie Hall to dress and begin final warm-          seemed to be singing. Everywhere he
New York Pops subscription series, and         ups. I'm sure that each member of the            went he heard the most beautiful har-
there were many seasoned concert-goers         Big Apple Chorus had his own private             monies, and the memory stayed with him
 in the audience who had never heard bar-      thoughts on what this performance                as he planned this concert on American
bershop harmony.                               meant to him. For many, as amateur               mUS1C.
    Our appearance with the New l'ork          musicians, appearing at Carnegie Hall              Henderson then introduced Don
 Pops was in two parts - a Friday eve~         would be a moment which they could               Clause and the Big Apple Chorus with
 ning performance, followed by a Saturday      share with their grandchildren. The              genuine enthusiasm and affection. As we
 mat.inee. Chorus 1\'lanager, Ross Porritt,    phrase, "I sang at Carnegie Hall!" has           began our performance, we couldn't help
 handled the m.Yl'iad of logistical details,   an almost magical ring to it, and marks          but notice Henderson, instead of retiring
such as riser transportation, allocation of    the performer who can make that state-           to his dressing room off-stage, pulled up
 dressing room space (in addition to 100       ment as someone quite special. A few of          a chair at the corner of the stage and
 plus members of the Big Apple Chorus,         us wondered aloud what our Society's             became a member of the audience. From
 an entire symphony orchestra also had to      wonderfully warm, and somewhat irrev-            that moment forward, the Big Apple Cho-
 dress!/, and creating a "plan of the day"     erent, co-founders, a.c. Cash and Hupert         rus held the audience spellbound. This
 for our chorus members. lvIeanwhile,          Hall, would have thought ofbal'bershop           was, after all, an audience which expect-
 lvIusic Director Don Clause and lvIusic       harmony at Carnegie Halll I think it             ed its choral groups in white tie and
 Committee Chairman Brian Horwath              would have really tickled t.hem.                 tails, music folios in hand. \-Vhen the Big
 reviewed the Big Apple repertoire with           The butterflies were there as chorus          Apple Chorus broke into it.s signature
 an eye to selecting our most exciting and     members completed their final prepara-           piece, "New York, New York, " complete
 representative songs. The program             tions, running through music and chore-          with high kicks and choreography, the
 which they finally chose reOectcd not         ography, and checking riser positions and        audience went wild!
 only the best of the Big Apple Chorus,        uniforms while waiting for the call to go           The Big Apple Chorus succeeded in
 but the best of barbershopping.               on stage. IVIanhattan chapter's founding         introducing barbershopping to a new
    Don and Brian agreed that the audi~        president, Keith i\'lielke, stepped fOl'\\'ard   audience of musical sophisticates ..
 ence's exposure to barbershopping would       to remind us that this moment, this per-         and they loved it! And, we think that
 not be complete without a couple of songs      formance, marked the fulfillment of a           a.c. Cash and Rupe Hall would have
 from a top quartet. Fortunately, the Big      dream. The chorus' foumlers passionately         loved it too' ".,
 Apple Chorus has such a quartet within        believcd that barbershop harmony, per-

                    Mail Order Prices
                                                                                         "Control Yourself "
                                                                                       The fifth and latest H.E. recording was made during
          QUANTITY DISCOUNTS? OF COURSE!                                               the tenth anniversary year of the quartets champion-
                   Single record albums or tapes - $8.00:
                                                                                       ship. Its the first with baritone, Dick Treptow. As you
                               any two - $15.00;
                         three or more - $7.00 each.
                                                                                       will easily hear, the H.E. is at peak form while singing
                                                                                       some of t he most cha lIenging music to be done in the
           Plene send me the following albums and/or tapes
               Please allow three 10 lour weeks lor deli\lery.                         Barbershop style. When you listen to this album, you
                           Checks payable 10:                                          just may not be able to "Control Yourself!"
                          EMPORIUM RECORDS
            1425 N. Innlbruck Drive, Mlnneapoll., Minn. 55432.                                                  Songs:

  Name                                                                                     Side 1
  Street                                                                                   When I'm 64
                                                                                           Four Leaf Clover
  Cily                                            Slate        Zip
                                                                                           Walkin My Baby Back Home
                                          Album Cassette a-Track Total
CootH)l 'Jburrelf (lales. release)
                                                                                           Control Yourself
                                                                o .... lob~

Nowe Tllen                                                                                  Side 2
Rise N Sh:ne                                                                                Dream A Little Dream of Me
RIOhl   From the Stall                                                                      Its A Good Day
        Postane & Hendline                                                    1:'100        Sleeping Child
   Canadian orders add $2.00 and specify "U.S. Funds"      I    Total                       Firefly
                                                                                            Harmonizin' Medley: Harmonizin'/Sweet Lorraine/
                                                                                              When My Sugar Walks Down the Street I
            Tho distribution, salo or adverlising of unofllcial recordings
            is nol a representation lhallhe contents of such recordings                       Breezin' Along With the Breeze/Button Up
            8te appropriato lor conlest use.                                                  Your   Overcoat
                             Judges Feel At Home At
                               S.N.O.B.S. Contest
                                                                                                by Jack Pitzer

  It didn't take long to realize we were     to the U.S. for a tour but at that time           work wit.h the chorus there. And after
not dealing with an organization of nov-     thcir organization's winners were not             the chorus had finished, we took timc to
ice Barbershoppers. There was plenty of      asked to compet.e at International.               coach the four quartets from that 30-
talk about expanded sound. They had              Thc chorus contest was won by the             mcmber chorus.
Bluegrass Student Union quartet al-          Vocal Vikings from Stockholm. Their                  Wednesday night we got off the train,
bums, played tapes of the Harmonizers        evening show was very entertaining and            were treated to dinner by our host fami-
and Vocal Majol'it.y in their cars, knew     even with the MC speaking in Swedish,             lies and went off to coach the Ronninge
all fours parts to "Last Night Was The       we knew what was going on.                        chorus and the quartets from the Vik-
End of The World, " and all carried brief        We noticed that the guys love to sing         ings. Also that evening we had observers
cases to chapter meetings.                   and entertain. Thcy're not inhibited              from the Twinkle City Chorus - 12 guys
   Al Copp from Houston, Texas, Connie       about having fun. The afterglow was a             organized by the Happy Nites Quartet
Ked from Bryn Mawl; Pennsylvania, and        one-act-right.-after-another entertain-           who sang in Salt Lake City last yeal:
I traveled to Sweden on April 3 to judge     ment. session - comedy songs, skits,                 Our host. families were great and let us
the S.N.a.B.S. contest in Nykoping near      jokes, mini choruses. We also learned             have thc run of t.heir homes for the three
Stockholm. The contest was held in a         that one in 10 adults is involvcd in some         days we were in the Stockholm area. We
school and the headquarters was a motel!     kind of singing organization. Thus thosc          w~re treated to some new eating habits
restaurant complex.                          who have found barbershop harmony                 and loved the attention.
   Right away it was just like being at a    (about 350) are on top ofa brand new                  But the most special aspect of the
district or divisional contest. Guys com-    hobby. This could also explain why the             whole trip was the "it's just like being at
ing up that you had met some other place     average age ofS.N.O.B.S. members is                home with the guys in our own division
and really didn't remember their names.       very young - they want to try a new              or chaptet:' Barbershoppcl's arc great.
(Mostly they were past S.N.G.B.S.             kind of singing.                                  folks no matter where! And they all want
champs whom we had seen in the U .8. at          Aft.er the contest weckend (when we            to be better singers and better entertain-
one of our conventions or at Harmony          were about to get caught up with our              ers. Plus t.hcy all are fricndly and willing
College. S.N.O.I3.S. sends a number of       jetlag), we met. with S.N .O.B.S. leaders          to share.
men to Harmony College each year and          at the home of their president Steig Aple-           You will get your chance to Illeet many
some chapters send their own repl'esen~       man in the Honninge suburb of Stock-              membcrsofS.N.O.B.S. in 1988. They
tatives.l The lobby had three or four         holm. After a great smorgasbord we                are already planning a mass chorus of
gl'oups belting out a tag. Competing          settled on the itinerary for visiting with        S.N.O.B.S. singers to cOllle to our 50th
quartets were heading for the school and      three chapters and their quartets on              anniversary con\'ention in San Antonio.
briefing. And the judges were waiting for     l\londay, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.           You can sing a tag with them, talk about
a ride to the contest from the hotel.            ?vlonday we coached and taught the             past champs or just ask them about their
   Al and Connie had been through all         Vocal Vikings in Stockholm and t.he               favorite songs. They all speak l~nglish so
this before. They judged the 1986             quartets from nearby Honninge. Tuesday            don't hesitate to get acquainted. It.'s all
8.N.O.B.S. contest at which the Evening       we went three hours north to Falun to             part of keeping the whole world singing! J'
Swingers quartet was named champs.
This is the quartet which will compete
in the U.S. this July in Hartford. l'vlany
of you may have seen this youthful quar-
tet when they were on tour in 1985 in the
U.S. with a Sweet Adeline quartet called
Growing Girls.
   For the contest Al judged Sound, Con-
niejudged Interpretation and I judged
Stage Presence. \Ve were joined on the
panel by Cliff Taylor, a Tulsa Barber-
shopper who has lived in Copenhagen for
several years and has provided valuable
service as a coach, director and promoter
of barbershop harmony. He concentrated
on song arrangements.
   There was plenty of sophistication on
every hand - ringing chords, good solid
arrangements like those sung by champs
here at home, and lots of gestures, mood
sets and facial animation to make the
performances enjoyable.
   Quartet winners were the Good Time
Singers from Ronninge who had won the         Sound jud/{e AI Copp (standing), in terpretatiun judge Cunnie Keil (center) (lnd Jach Pit zer,
vcry first S.N.O.B.S. contest. They came      Stage Presence judge, before the contest in the judging area.

B   L   U        E G' R                    ASS                                STU                               DEN                                    TUN                                  ION

         Here's samet
        that will make your
          sit up andlisten.
                                                                                                                      Jukebar Sarur(/a\,
                                                                                                                               Nigh'             .

                                                            If your friends atlhe tennis elub can't undersland why you seem to be
                                                                 moving to a different tune lately, they just don't know how good
                                                                Barbershopping can be. Give them a taste of the best with the latest
                 1I11 \11 'V \1\'   J                          release by the "Bluegrass" singing "Jukebox Saturday Night". The
                                                              Bluegrass Student Union has put together the sounds of America's
        111c MI/sic                                        "Golden Era" of popular music as nobody has belbre. The best of the
        Mall                                              1930's and 40's in that style that has put Bluegrass Student Union at the top.
                         After          '171e Oltler, ..   Listening once will make your friends litelong fans. But let them order
                         Class          the Beller       their own copy Friendship has its limits.
             I BLUEGRASS PRODUCTIONS                                                         o RECORDS 0 CASSETTES '8"
             I PO. BOX 4010 910 NACHAND LANE                                                 o AFTER CLASS 0 OLDERIBETTER 0                                          MUSIC MAN
             I JEFFERSONVILLE, IN 47131-4010
                                                                                             o JUKE BOX SATURDAY NIGHT
             I Name                                                                          300 S2 00 sh PI! ng mil hillllf ng

             I Address
                                                                                             SET OF 4 for '30"               addS1.00shlJjlJlll"",,,,,,,,.ng
             I                                                                               Bluegrass Siudeni Union
             I Cily                              State          Zip                          LIVE IN CONCERT VIDEO                        0 VHS               0 BETA '29"
                                                                                                                                          add S3 00 sh pp n9 and hmd' ng
             I Don't forgel to include sh:pp:ng &
             I handl"ng charge and to designate

               RUSH ORDERS CALL 1·(812) 2834019
             I (9:00 a.m. 10 5:30 p.m. Mon.lhrou9h FrI.)
                                                         Tolal S

             I record or cassette. All orders sent UPS lor promp1 de1ivery.
             I Canadian Orders Please Specify "u.S. FUNDS" ~

                                                                              1 . . . . .1
                                                                                             FOR SHOW BOOKING CONTACT:
                                                                                             Larry F Knoll, Business Manager P.O. Box 4010
                                                                                             Jeffersonville. IN 47131-4010
                                                                                             WHILE THEY LASTI
                                                                                             MUSIC MAN 8-TRACKS HALF-PRICE!!
                                                                Exp. Dale                    The d,strbutoo. sa'e or ad;'fILsog 01 uoolhc!<ll Ie<Ol'dogs IS IlOI a1!'P;e:,rolaLon ltr.:!t
             I Card /I                                                                       the CCtl:enls 01 such recorlfngs ale appropr~e lCoI contest uso::.
           New Music Notes
                                                                                                by Burt Szabo
                                                                                                   Music Specialist

   Since January 1, 1987. the Society has          Ed Waesche provided the Society              ment \Vas created by S.P.E.I3.S.Q.S.A.
issued 18 new arrangements. You have            wit.h an excellent arrangement of ALL-          using the best ideas heard through the
received three of these in The Hanno-           AMERICAN GIRL (Stock No. 7235 at                years. But why wait until March 17?
nizet: The others are available through         GO¢1. It seems that foot.ball has been          Sing it now!
the Order Department at the Interna-            a popular t.heme of contest packages
tional Office. If you are a Music Sub-          recently, and of course, the song will          BY SPECIAL REQUEST
scribel~ you have already received most.        fit into any college theme show. Ed's
of these.                                       arrangement is not difficult and is loaded        Through the years, the International
                                                with stage presence possibilities.              Office has been asked many, many times
                                                   Many arrangers' ideas are incor-             for an arrangement of THE LOHD'S
HARMONIZER RELEASES                             porated into DOWN THE TRAIL TO                  PRAYER. Joe Liles and Tom Gentry put
                                                HOME SWEET HOME (Stock No. 7236                 their heads toget.her and came up with
   The January-Fcbl'U31''t' Harmonizer          at 50¢l. This is another typically beauti-      this very singable arrangement in as
carried Joe Liics' arrangement of the           ful Ernest Ball composition. Ball was the       authentic a barbershop style as possible
medley CONEY ISLAND BABYI                       writer of LOVE ME AND THE WORLD                 while preserving the reverent. message of
WE ALL FALL (Stock No. 8095 at 25cl.            IS MINE. Ir you are looking for a tender        the prayer. It's easy to learn and easy to
This is a great production number, hav-         ballad, this may be it..                        sing. (Stock No. 8525 at 50c).
ing almost unlimited potential for crea-           Stock No. 7237 lat 50c) belongs to II"
tive stage presence ideas.                      YOU HAD ALL THE WOHLD AND ITS
   In the March-April issue, we presented       GOLD, another great ballad by the same          SHOW·TUNE SERIES
ON SAN FRANCISCO BAY (Stock No.                 composer who gave us THE CURSE OF
8096 at 25~), in recognition of the 50th        AN ACHING HEART. We've heard lots of                New issues in t.he Show-Tune Series
anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge.          contest. presentations of this song, and        begin with THE HALLS OF IVY (Stock
It's a neat song, certainly one that the        our arrangement includes the best ideas         No. 7689 at 50~), another song that will
California quartets should sing frequent-       of a number of fine arrangers.                  fit beautifully into a college theme show.
ly. It will al:;o fit well into any show hav-      PALS OF THE LI'j'I'LE RED SCHOOL             We've heard many arrangements of this
ing a travel/geographical theme.                (St.ock No. 7238 at 50¢) is one t.hat hasn't.   song but none that. captures so effectively
   The May-June issue of The I-humo-            been heard much in contest recently But         the bittersweet. nostalgia of its fine lyric.
nizer brought a revised arrangement of          we are sure this new arrangement will           \Vait until you sing the tag!
one of the classics of 19th century popu-       become one of your favorites. If you hav-          Stock No. 7690 (at 50~) introduces a
lar music, WHEN YOU AND I WERE                  en't sung this anangement, don't wait           series of alTungements prepared espe-
YOUNG, MAGGIE (Stock No. 8014 at                any langei: It'~ a sure winner and a great.     cially for the coming winter holidays.
25¢1. This lovely old ballad is a gem, and      companion piece for IN THE Ll'lvl'LE            Burt Szabo arranged JINGLE-BELL
one that we should hear often in this very      RED SCHOOL HOUSE.                               ROCK and several others in this group.
singable arrangement.                              \Ve are pleased to thank Kirk Roose for      1\'lost every chapter and every quartet
                                                his fine \Vork on I'M ALL THAT'S LEFT           sings at the shopping malls during the
                                                OF THAT OLD QUARTET IStock No.                  December holidays. \Ve are sure this
SONGS FOR MEN SERIES                            7239 at 50¢) and welcome him to the list        one will be great fun for you and your
                                                of published arrangers. Kirk has been           audiences.
   Stock No. 7234 (at50~) is I'M KNEE           arranging for many years and his skill              I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA
DEEP IN DAISII'S. ShelTY Brown was a            and fine technique is evident in this           CLAUS (Stock No. 7691 at 50~1 is
fine arranger and great l3arbershopper           numbCl: If you're ready for a bit of nostal-   another of those light, kind of ofT-the-
who died in 1977. We found this incom-          gia, try thi~ one.       .                      wall holiday songs that folks will enjoy
plete arrangement, lacking just a few              Next St. Patrick's Day we should be          hearing. Everybody knows the words, so
notes here and there, among Sherry's             hearing, and you should be singing, I'I"S      don't be surprised if the audience sings
papers. It is a song we haven't heard for a     THE SAME OLD SHILLELAGH (Stock                  along.
whi le. Why not gi ve it a try.                 No. 7240 atGOe). This excellent arrange-           It seemed right to add one more hal iday

                                                   INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION BIDDERS
                                               Chapters interested in bidding for the 1992 International convention
                                               must submit their bid to the International Office by August 1, 1987.

                                               For Inore information contact: Robb Ollctt
                                                                              Director of Communications
                                                                              S.P.E.B.5.Q.5.A., Inc.
                                                                              6315 Third Avenue
                                                                              Kenosl"" WI 53140-5199

carol to the many we already sing and
DECK THE HALLS (Slack No. 7692 at
25c) was our choice. It moves easily and
quickly and the fa In las contribut~ to the
holiday spirit. We're sure you will like it.               B ARBERSHO P 6TH A1,~T(Ji\L
IT SNOW' <Slack No. 7693 at 50 c l is
from the pen of Joe Liles and we're ~ure
it will be a welcome addition to your rep-
ertoire comc the first snowfall of the win-
ter (only a few months away!). Not for
contest: of course, but grea"t any other
                                                Holiday T Rolling Meadows (Chicago) IL
   One of the most popular Christmas                                 SEVrEMDER 10-13
numbers ofa few years back is ALL 1
WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY TWO                                     Around-the-Clock Woodshedding
FRONT TEETH (Stock No. 7694 al50cl.                                 Big Show Saturday Night
Burt Szabo did this one also, and the
kids of all ages will love it.                              Featuring the Great Quartets of the Past
   What holiday season would be complete
without a performance ofRUDOLPli
THE RED·NOSIW REINDEER? A bar-                       You've read about us - now come and see for
bershop arrangement is now available. It             yourself! No rules, regulations, rehearsals, risers or
is Stock No. 7695 at 50~. Burt did this              regimentation. Sing the old songs with a group of
one, t.oo, in response to many requests.             fUfl-loving, died-in-the-wQol Barbershoppers.
Again, the audience will sing along,                 Around the clock woodshedding until the
especially the little folks, 'cause they             "tenors drop in their tracks." Barbershop
know all the words.                                  as O.C. Cash intended it. Don'l miss
   lly the lime you read this, a number of           wllat your hobby is all about.
addilional holiday songs will have been              Fa, de/a,ls contact Joe Shekleton 710 E IVave,ly Drive
released, including a new arrangement of             At/mytof} 1IC'lghts IL 3121259-·J890
BOY THAT SANTA CLAUS FORGO'!:                        Barbershop Pioneers-
THE TWJ,;LVE. DAYS OF CHRISTMAS                      Tom Neal, Founder
received hundreds of requests for holiday
songs in addition to the favorite carols
we havc sung all our lives. In addition,
many chapters are presenting holiday
shows and are asking for a greater vari-
cty of holiday music. \\'c hopc that you
enjoy these and sing them frequently
during the holiday season . ."

       Bending And The Barbershop Chord

                                                                                                 by Don Lichty

    My introduclion to barbershopping was      detect. But therc were two rules that            chording.
by Ill)' grandfather when I was a boy          seemed to be enforced, (1) "bending",               The point in all this reminiscing- about
spending SliIII Illers with my grand~          which was a slide trombone movement              my grandfather is that he is the reason
parents in northeast Pennsylvania. My          from one note to another, was almost. an         why I am herc telling you about him. He
grandfather wm; a railroader and his           exclusive prerogative of my grandfathel;         enamored me with close harmony quar-
qual'lclcrs were his co-workers and            and (2) no song was sung the same way            tet singing to thc cxtent that I was moti-
neighbors who. in their words, "ran the        twice - never ever! Another melodic, if          vated to sing in a quartet in high school,
Lehigh Valley Railroad:' When they were        not notable, practice was that the melody        in college, and in this chaptet: The bass
not working, which was a good part of          usually was sung by thc sin/:{er who came        in the high school quartet and I came to
the time during the '305 depression, they      up with the next song, requiring a lot of        chapter meetings in an effort to form
would frequently "bend a few" around a         nexibility in part singing and causing           another quartet. Although it took a
large round oak pedestal table that had        the constant consternation of my grand-          while, we were successful. I was totally
to be dead centcr in grandmother's             mother who not only insisted on hearing          unprepared for singing in a chorus and
kitchen.                                       the melody, but wanted it sung by her            singing from musical arrangement.s. In
    "Bending a few" was my grandfather's       favorite tenor. Needless t.o say, he was not     the chapter's first shows there was little
tel'l11 fol' woodshcdding, and it did not      my grandfather.                                  chorus singing and a long parade of quar-
then have the same connotation fbI' cer-          Lest some of you purists out there con-       tets, some of which did some "bending".
lain barroom activity that it has today.       clude that such a musical melee was              Incidentally, the first and only time I
What it first meant to me was to hear          nothing short of a dismal display of dis-        tried "bending" at a chapter meeting,
four men sitting around that kitchen           sonam:c, let me assure you that most of          Jean Boardman, our chapter's founder
table going on an exciting search and          the time the quartct. ran~ with harmony          and gatekeeper, quickly removed his
savor mission in barbershop hurmony. I         and with H blend t.hat produced some             glasses and gavc mc one of his long, cold-
sti II have H vi vid recollecLion of them      ~cintillating sounds. Their fans num·             blue-eyed penetrating stares that made it
singing "Jimmy cracked corn and I don't        bered more t.han family as they were in           perfectly clear that 1 was not to do that
care" and the free-lor-all that ensucd on      mllch demand at gath~rings at the "Y",           again.
the word "carc" the last lime they sang it     the fire house, and the Legion Hall.                1\'lost of Illy barbershopping years have
in the refrain. There were a series of         After all, my grandfathcr was no com-             been spent in singing in the Singing
 I'apid, sometimes frantic, movements          mon musician, even though he was                  Capital Chorus and the Precisionists
around the melody notc until somethng          uncommonly adept at playing the mouth             quartet, and listening to barbcrshop
 particularly satis(ying was found, fol· -     organ, guitUl; washboanl,jug Ow had a             music. There havc been many pleasant
 lowed by considerable "bending" by the        bass and tenor onel,jew's harp and the            and exhilarating experiences. Barber-
 second baritone (my gnllldfatherl. The        carpenter's saw. According to my grand-           shopping is indeed, great fun! J'
 parts were called first and second tenor      fhthel; only hicks played a woodman's
 (the latter being the melody) and first       saw since it took a tcnder touch and a
 and second baritone, which is an indica-      fine ear to bow the smaller ones. A final
 tion of the closeness orthe harmony.          note for the purists. The quartet took             [ryOU wOllkllilie to share your stOl)'
     There were few conventions or styles      pitch from my grandfather's "C" melody             about how you started barbershoppil1g,
 that shaped this singing that I could         mouth organ along with a lot of their              please semI it to The Harmonize1:

        I                                           I I

     fl,l f;f:,\li'rr: f:r.r rf,fI, 0

DOll also sallg with the Precisionists Chorus, a setect group of singers from the District of Columbia chapter showll here at their May 1956
COllcert fur the mililar.v personnel al the E/lf{illeer Cellter and Fori Helvuir.


                f);!,,\'-'SUU- SPL8S0SA
                                                    1987 Convention Video
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?~                                See highlights of the Hartford convention. This is a 30 minute
?~                                    video tape produced from the official convention film.

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                                  Orders place after September 1 will cost $35 (U.S. funds only).

~                                              Video tapes will be delivered in late November 1987.
~                                                                                                                                                        ~
                                   This Hartford convention video cassette cannot be offered for
                                                sale after next year, so order now!                                                                      «
~                                                                                                                                                        ~
          Please specify BETA (Stock No. 4027) or VHS (Stock No. 4028). Order through the
          Order Desk at the International Office.                                                                                                        «

                                                                                                               AT EASE
     Have just released more of those endearing songs you've enjoyed                                   WE'RE OFFro
     hearing them do in person including ... "Only A Rose," "If There's
                                                                                                 Proll) !he
                                                                                                                   SEE ...
     Anybody Here From My Hometown" and "London By Night" plus a
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            NUMBER TO SEND:                            ALBUMS      CASSETIES     II
           Thanks For The Memories
     I     We're Off To See.
           At Ease                                                                    I
                                                                                                  Send the order form with
                                                                                                  your check marked "US Funds" to:

     I   SHIP TO:                                                                     I           MHF Records
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     I NAME                                                                           I           Federal Way, WA 98023

     I ADDRESS;________________ I                                                          The distribution, sale. or advertising of this recording is
     l-                                                                        ----...J
                                                                                       I   not a representation that the conlenls are appropriate for
                                                                                           contest use.

      You May Be Too Young To Sing With
          The Golden Age Songsters
                                                                                             by J. Ward

   "I first planned to have everyone in the        "Within the Golden Age Songsters is       all driving is during daylight hours.
group be 80 years or older, "explained         the oldest operating quartet in the           Members have an alternative to normal
Glen, "but I only got four 01' five men. So,   world, "Glen stated proudly. "The oldest      chapter practices. The men sing at
I had to go down to 60 years - or dis-         member is 93 and the youngest is 79~'         lodges, clubs, churches, hospitals, conva·
band. Now we have 15 members: four                 "Our theme song is "I'm Still Having      lesccnt hospitals and even Meals on
basses, three baritones, six leads and two     Fun, " he said. "\Ve perform at convales-     Wheels in Ventura, Santa Barbara and
tenors. We sing four-part harmony, bar-        cent hospitals, mobile parks, fund·rais-      Los Angeles, California counties.
bershop style:' lvIany of the singers belong   ing events - anytime anyone wants us             Is it any wonder that Robert E. Fraley
to the Channel Islands, California             - anywhere in the county.' Although           is held in such high regard? He serves a
chaplei:                                       they try to limit their singing engage·       reallleed as director of the Golden Age
   The Golden Age Songsters range in           ments to once a week, "It quite olten goes    Songsters. "Mr. Fraley is the heart and
age from 62 to 93. The group was orga-         to twice pel' week, "Glen admitted.           soul of the group," said Glen. "He will
nized by Glen Gettemy in 1980 with Bob             What appeals to these oldsters is two-    always take time off from work to MC a
F'raley, musical dil'ectOl: Bob tells people   fold. They are able to pursue their love of   performance (Fraley, 53, is employed as a
that he's loa young to sing in the group,      singing barbershop and they are not           naval engineer at Port Hueneme,
so they let him wave his hands and do          required to be on the streets at night.       California). 1.I
their advertising. He also arranges songs      1'\l105t of them are uncomfortable dri ving
to fit the complexity of the group.            after dark. In the Golden Age Songsters

The (;olden Age Songsters.

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                                              INSTITUTE OF LOGOPEDICS

     Video Tape Tour Of Institute Available
                                                                                      by Laura Baron
                                                                                         Public Relations Director
  If yOll can't get to Wichita, Kansas,        while the students were outside. The             tute children two years ago.
in the Ileal' future to lour t.he Institute    enthralled children talked about it for             In addition to using t.he audio-visual
of I.ogopedics, then bring the Institute       days. And tcachel's reported tile event as       tour as a preview for Institute guest~ and
to vou!                                        excellent for teaching new words.                large audiences, the Instit.ut.e plans to
  A. special S 10,000 grant from the Har-         Copies of the presentation arc now            produce special versions on admission
monv Foundation has made it possible for       available on 16mll1 film for loan to             and referral information for presenta-
the institute to produce an audio-visual       Barbershoppcl's nationwide. '1'0 reserve         tions to school districts and other inter-
tOlll' of the Institute's 40-3c1'e campus      )'our cop)'. contact the S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A.        ested persons.
and programs.                                  Ordcr Desk, Ilarmony Hall, 6315 Third               Ifyotl can get to Wichita to tour the
   Focus of the 15-minute presentation is      Avenue, I<eno~ha, Wis., 53140-5199,              campus in person, contact Larry Hager-
the Institute children, who «lUnd the          1414165,1·9111.                                  SOil, Institute Director of Development.
week-long nJllling l~lscinating. Highlight        The Order Desk also has availablc for         The Institute provides free overnight
was the night of a hclicoptcl; complete        loan The Most. Happy j''ellows' production       accommodations on campus for Barbcr-
with camera crew, over the playground          of the "Wizard of Oz" presented to Insti-        shoppers and their families. J'

   The New Tradition, 1985 quartet champion, perfurmed at the Illstitllte, (( tu r)Johll Sherburn, Dall Jordan, John Miller and Rob Gray.

i _.._.._.._..   _.~   ..   _.~~~          .. _.._.._._.._.._.. _.._.._.._.._.._.. _.._.._.._.._.._.. -!
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     Barg~in                           Basement
WANTED - Chorlls Oil'cctOl', The Peterbor-                  D111ECTOHS OIl ASSISTANT D111ECTOHS,                WANTI<;O - Chorus DiI'cctor. The New Or-
ough Harmony Singers ladies barbel'shop                     Thinking ofl'etil'ing to Flol'ida?Thcn whv not      leans chaptl!l' "Manli GI'as Chorus" seeks a
chorus is seeking a new director. We arc for-               come down to Lehigh Acres, (southwest Flor-         dynamic and expel'ienccd c1il'cctor, We al'c a
mer arca champions and have won small cho·                  ida) where you and your wife can enjoy yeal'-       Ccntury Cluh chaptcl' 011 an upward spiral.
rus awards. We have a music committee. Our                  round good weathcl' and friendly people.            We have a highly qualificd musie staff and
chorllS desires an upward spiral and wish an                Lchigh Acrcs ChaptcI' has a slllali ChOl'llS (20)   OUI' lllembcl'S I'ecently adopted firm, docu-
experienced <liI·cctor. For further information             with a faithful attendance record. We are           mented musieal standards, For 11100'e info on a
contact President i'\1al'g Nelson, H.H.6, PctCl"            willing' to use an Assistant DirectOl' who can      grcat chaptcr in a great city, contact: Hick
borough, Ontario, Canada I{9J 6X7. Tele-                    gl'OW with us, Contact Frank Montemurno;            Bourgeois, 197 0.1<, Avenue, Harahan, LA
phone (705) 745-3494.                                       129 Highvicw Ave" Lehigh, FL 33936; 01' call        70123, Telephone: (504) 737-7426 (H) and (504)
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WANTED - Chorus Dil'cctol'. The Venice.
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tor. The right man could take this chorus to                view of the dVCl'boat Delta Queen, ApPl'Oxi-        FOR RENT - World War I replica unifOl'lUs
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Swanson, 99 Oak Grove MHP, Englewood,                       once, like new condition. Pictures availahle        gings. Willl'cnt slllallCi' quantitics, SUpCl' suc-
Florida 33533. This is a 55 man chorus. Please              upon request. Contact: David Griffin, 6464C         cessful show theme - WWI song list, script
call collect (813) 474·5810.                                Summit Point, Norcross, GA 30092. Tele-             and staging suggestions a\'ailable, Contact:
                                                            phone: (404) 441-9782,                              Tom Hussell. Rivcrhend Dl'ive, Box 254A,
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with jackets of this type to spare, send color              available upon requcst. $7 fl'eight collect.        WANTED - "Hal'lllonizable" SONGS for
photo 01' sample to Crossl'oads Chorus, 106                 Call Bob Rich: Dav - (314) 694-8174 or Evc-         MALE QUABTETS. Quartet al'l'angements 01'
Jeffrey Drive, Carterville, IL 62918,                       ning- (:H4) 921-2628. 2400 Parkel' Road, Flor-      SHEET MUSIC, Necd BECORDINGS of vocal
                                                            issant, 1\10 63033,                                 gl'Oups c,g. ,!um'tets. Send list. Can accept
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bershop chorus Hal'mony Inc. seeks experi-                  madc gold wool gnbcll'dine cutawa\'s with           20 page Harmony Song Guide listing OVCI'
enced music director with barbcrshop                        black vclvet collar and pocket flaIls, gold         1000 4-part al'l'angemcnts for 83 (CASH
knowledge, We are an active chorus of 24                    pants with black vclvct stl'ipe. All in neHr-       please). Member SPEBSQSA, NSi\lS, SMX &
enthusiastic singers motivated to leal'll and               pcrfcct condition, variolls sizes, 825 caeh,        HTS, CASgy PARI{EH, Harmony Songs,
progress. Contact: Jane Waugh, phone (519)                  photo available, Call Chuck Valenti, Chm'us of      38833 Overacker Avc" Fl'cmont, CA 94536; 01'
472-3583,689 Steeplcelwse Dr" London, Ont.                  Chcsapeake, (301) 592-9344, 01' write 11512         call (415) 793-2715. Scnd 9 x 12 envelope with
N6J 3P3, Canada,                                            Shcrwood Road, Upper Falls, MD 21156,               39c stamp,

                                                                                                                 , - - - - - INSTRUCTIONS - - - - - ,
I hereby order registrations as follows:
                                                                                                                       Complete order form and mail
   QUANTITY                            RATE                 TOTAL AMOUNT
                                                                                                                       with payment to: SPEBSQSA,
                      ADULT        @   $50.00           $                                                              6315 - 3rd Ave., Kenosha, WI
                        JR.                                                                                            53140-5199.
                     UNDER (19)    @   $25.00           $
                     TOTAL               TOTAL
                                                        $                                                              Registration fee includes
                     REGISTRATIONS     PAYMENT                                      US FUNDS                           reserved seat at all contest
                                                                                                                       sessions, registration badge
  CHAPTER NO,                                          MEMBER NO.
                                                                                                                       (identification at all official
                                                                                                                       events) and souvenir program,

  ADDRESS                                                                                                        Registration tickets and event informa-
  CITY STATE                                                        POSTAL                                       tion will be sent in the first weeks of April
  PROVINCE                                                          CODE                                         prior to the convention. In the meantime,
                                                                                                                 please keep receipt for your records.
MASTERCARD                  VISA         Exp.Oate:                                                      _

Acel. No.:                                                                                              _        If your address changes before
                                                                                                                 convention, please send a special notice
Signature:                                                                                             _         to SPEBSQSA CONVENTION OFFICE.
                                                                                                                                 FOR OFFICE USE
Authorization No.:                                 _

Make checks payable to "SPEBSQSA." Registrations are transferable but not redeemable.
                                                                                                                        1988 CONVENTiON ONLY
  . . . In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A.
       A collection of 66 Barbershop favorites newly arranged
              especially for our golden anniversary year.
                        Available January 1988.

                                    HERITAGE OF HARMONY
  Containing ...                                                     IN 2 MAGNIFICENT EDITIONS
  AfIl.T TIll' Ball
  Auld Lang S\'tll'
                                                                            Over 200 pages
  Till' Band Pt;\Yl.'d    all
  A Bk\'ck Built Fur Twu
  C0I1ll:. Josl.'phiIW, [n i\I,\' Flving J\ladlinc               Thc Deluxe Edition is bound in board with a
  Dl'ar Old Girl
  Harrigan                                                       concealed binding allowing it to lay flat for easy
  IldltJ~   i\1\' Bah\,
  In i\\\' t<.l~·rr\' Oldstllubik'
                                                                 reading. Cover imprinted with 50th Anniversary
  III Thl.: Sha~lL' of Thl' Old Appk' Tn.T                       logo. A volumc you will treasure for many years to
  II's" I.ung. I.ung Way Iu Tiplwrar....
  i\k..,[ ,\k Tunight 111 Drl';\I11hllld
  i\luullJight Ray
                                                                 come. A volume you will bc proud to present as a gift
  l\h' Old KelltllCky IIOl11!.:                                  to a special friend.
  1'(11 Yuur Arms I\ruund i\k, HUIll'\"
  Thl' Sidewalks or New York             .
  Tht," Sl\'l'l'tlwill'l uf Sigma chi
  WllL'll Irish ["l'S Arl' Smiling                               The Special Edition is thc samc in content as the
  TIll' Y,mKcl' QU(Jd].., Bo\'
  YUU'fl' A Grand old FI~g                                       Deluxe Edition, without the board cover and 50th
                                                                 Annivcrsary logo.

                                                     PRE-PUBLICATION RESERVATION FORM
  Yes, reserve _ _ copies of the 50th anniversary Heritage of Harnlony collection.

  _          Cupies Deluxe Edition @ $25.00 - urdcred befure January I, 1988, $35.00 a[ler
  _          Copies Special Editiun @ $10.00

  NAI'vlE                                                          MEMBER NO.                                         _

  STREET                                                                                                              _

  CJTy                                                                                                            _

  TUlal Amuunt Enclused $                                    _

Order froll1 S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A., Inc., 6315 Third Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53140-5199
VISA and MasterCard accepted.

           '-.:=..    :..;.-:'-
P atch Chord Q           -        '"----- - -

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