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Table of Contents
1. Introduction ....................................................................................................... 5
2. Website flipping 101 .......................................................................................... 6
  Case study #1 ...................................................................................................... 8
  What tools you need to flip websites? .............................................................. 12
  Can you really make it big by flipping? .............................................................. 14
3. To buy or to create a site from scratch? ........................................................... 16
  The advantages of old sites............................................................................... 17
  The advantages of new sites ............................................................................. 18
  Which one's the best ......................................................................................... 19
4. Flipping Basics .................................................................................................. 20
  Market research + Keyword strategy ................................................................ 22
  How to buy a site for a good price .................................................................... 30
  Case Study #2.................................................................................................... 31
5. Making a site shine .......................................................................................... 35
  On page SEO ..................................................................................................... 36
  Off-page SEO .................................................................................................... 42
  Case study #3 .................................................................................................... 44
6. Creating your site ............................................................................................. 46
  Step by step guide ............................................................................................. 47
  Increasing the site's value ................................................................................. 49
  Monetizing the site ........................................................................................... 51
7. Selling the site .................................................................................................. 52
  Is the site any good? ......................................................................................... 52
  What's the right price? ..................................................................................... 54
  Advertising your sale......................................................................................... 55

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  Case study #4 .................................................................................................... 56
8. Making it big .................................................................................................... 58
  Duplicate and grow........................................................................................... 59
  A comprehensive case study ............................................................................. 60
9. Conclusion ....................................................................................................... 64

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1. Introduction
Website flipping…something that so many say that it’s dead, it’s very much alive
and it’s still able to make tons of money for the ones who know how to do it right.
So, why are there some who say that it’s dead? Because they were unable to flip
their sites – and when they failed, they automatically thought that it simply
doesn’t work, without considering that they are the ones that made a couple of
mistake that rendered their sites un-sellable.

Normally, the question is now: how will you be able to flip sites and make huge
profits this way? Well, this book is going to tell you all that you need to know to
make a successful flip. It’s that easy! We have all the steps that you need to take,
so no matter if you have some experience in website flipping or you’re a total
newbie, you can be sure that you’ll learn all you ever wanted to know about site
flipping, and most importantly, how to flip a site for a profit!

It’s needless to say that website flipping makes you wonder how much money you
can make. Well, it all depends on three things:

   - Your ability to follow everything in this book to the letter
   - Your patience into making that flip simply amazing
   - A bit of luck

So, let’s not waste another moment and get to it!

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2. Website flipping 101
Flipping sites is quite easy actually. So, what’s website flipping? Well, if you ever
watched Discovery’s Wheeler Dealers or any house flipping show you have your
answer. Basically, the idea is to buy an existing website and turn it around,
flipping it for a profit.

But, website flipping can very much mean building a site from scratch and selling
it for a profit.

Which one’s easier?

Of course, you might think that if you buy a site that’s already made, then you
have half of your work cut off for you. This may be true, but it may as well not.
We’re going to talk more about this later.

The main idea that we are going to focus on right now is that flipping is something
that everybody can do, even without any technical knowledge. You really don’t
need that much to flip sites.

However, one thing that needs to be mentioned when it comes to site flipping:
you need a budget. You won’t be able to flip a house or a car for free, would you?
Flipping is pretty much the same.

Even if you have all the tools, you still need to put on the work, or if you don’t
have the tools you need to put in some money.

Basically, there are some things that you can do yourself if you know how: create
content, create graphics, build a site and you’ll save some money if you do these
things, but at the same time, none of the above is required to flip sites. Of course,

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you’ll need to invest a bit more if you have no knowledge, but all that investment
will be returned to you when you successfully sell your site for a nice profit.

So, how much money do you need to get started? Well, try to have at least $100
ready to invest! This might sound like a lot for you, but it’s not, especially because
with a $100 investment you might get a $1k (1,000) return! So that’s 90%! Not
bad, is it?

Of course, you’ll need to do some things – either coordinate because you
outsourced all or put some elbow grease yourself – but it’s well worth it.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of people who flip websites full time, and they
easily manage to have a four figure income each and every month. This means
anywhere from 1,000 to 9,999 at least!

Can you make that much money from the first month? If you’re lucky! But,
remember that flipping websites isn’t about quick money necessarily. It’s about
big money!

The idea is that if you have a site that’s growing from month to month and it’s
doing well, you’re going to make a whole lot more money selling it later rather
than sooner.

A site that makes $150 each month and it’s only 1 month old will be sold for less
than a site that makes $150 each month and it’s 6 or more months old! So let’s
have a peek at this:

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Case study #1
Let’s take a quick look at this site. As you see, its domain name is
“” and it’s being sold for about $500 at the

If you take a look, the owner claims a $177 profit per month and the site is very
new – registered on 1st of January 2012 and established (aka went online) the 20th
January 2012. It has 3k unique visitors per month and right now, people are
willing to pay $505 for it. Not bad for a new site, is it? Only a couple of months old
and there are people willing to pay over $500 for it, but it’s going to sell for more
– people always tend to bid more as the auction is coming to an end. Most likely
that site will sell for a sum around $1000.

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Now, let’s take a look at another site that’s quite new:

As you see, this site was registered on 25th March 2012 and it was also established
on the 26th of March 2012. This tells us that the site was built quite fast, which is a
good indicator of the fact that the person doing this is a website flipper.

So, basically, the person worked one day and he’s going to get about $100 or
more for the site. As you see, the site claims no traffic, but makes a huge
statement that there are over 246k monthly searches for “natural beauty”. You’ll
see how that’s a trick when we’ll talk about keyword research later on.

Not bad for one day’s work, but when compared with an aged domain name
these two sites are selling for peanuts.

Of course, between the first example – a couple of months old, and the last
example, perhaps you’re better off selling a site that’s brand new because it’s
quick buck. But, it’s not always a guarantee that it will sell.

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So, let’s take a good look at a site that’s at least 1 year old and see if it’s worth
waiting so long to flip a site:

Now, that’s a site that’s only 1 year old, has a premium domain name aka .com
domain name and makes money only from advertising. The price for it? $60k!
Was it sold? Yes it was!

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This makes that that person made about $5k per month for that site, plus the
$100 per day it got while still holding ownership over it. The owner claimed over
$17,000 in profit since April 2011 and the site was sold in August 2012.

So, this means that the owner of the site cashed a bit over $77,000 from a single
site in less than 1 year (minus expenses, naturally) which means about $6.5K per
month! Not bad, is it?

Think how it would be if you would have 2-3 of these sites! That would be great!

Let’s face it, in any country over $5,000 per month is more than enough to live a
nice easy life! But who says you need to stop here?

The idea is this: if you keep on buying or creating sites that are valuable to the
audience/buyer (it doesn’t matter if you perceive it as valuable, it only matters
how the other persons perceive it) then you will be able to make profits quite

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What tools you need to flip websites?
It’s needless to say that the tools of the trade are domain names. No matter if
you’re buying or selling, you will need to have a good domain registrar. Basically,
you can find plenty of them today, but honestly, you want to use something that
everybody knows and that’s internationally known. That’s why, the two registrars
that we recommend using are and You can
choose either of them. IF you’re on a budget, don’t think that
has the best prices. Just look around – you might find that GoDaddy has a better

The next thing that’s going to be needed will be a place to host the site, right?
Now, there are plenty of them to use, but if you’re planning on going into website
flipping full time, then it’s recommended that you get a reseller account. Basically,
this account allows you to have a domain name on a separate cPanel, so you can
have more sites and you can give your buyers a unique ID and password to
manage and use the site and domain.

The main choice when it comes to hosting is Why? Because you
can be sure that your sites will be up and running 100% of the time and you get
really good tech support. You will have however to pay $24.95 per month for a
reseller account (at least that’s the price when this book is written) but it’s well
worth each and every penny. Plus, think about how much money you’ll make. It’s,
a good investment to have this type of hosting.

There are a few things we need to mention when it comes to hosting. You should
always make sure that the hosting solution that you’re getting has these:

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   - Linux based
   - cPanel
   - Fantastico (optional)

Why these? Because Linux is pretty much the industry standard concerning web
hosting, it’s very secure and reliable, and almost all script marketers use Linux-
based scripts.

cPanel makes it really easy for you to manage your sites and databases.

Fantastico makes it easy to create sites – you can make a Wordpress site with it in
less than 5 minutes!

The other tools you’ll need are mostly graphic tools and Wordpress knowledge or
programming knowledge. Basically, you want to learn how to use Photoshop or
Gimp (a free Photoshop clone) and when it comes right down to it, you can make
tons of sites only using standard Wordpress without having to break a sweat –
and you can always outsource the hard programming bits and parts!

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Can you really make it big by flipping?
Yes, you can. Take a look at this print screen we took from, a site that provides information about “Who Sold What
on Flippa and For How Much” as they say:

As you can see, the undisputed champion is this person who sold only 1 site for $4
million dollars. That’s a nice retirement plan, isn’t it?

The second place is held by this person who makes over $2 million by selling 23
sites, and that’s not bad at all, is it? This means on average the sites sold for $86k.

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And we have our 4th place where you find the user “Flipping Enterprises” who
made over $1 million by selling 44 sites.

So, if you take a look at how this works, you’ll see that you can make big money
by making flipping a full time job, or you only need to have a good domain name
and in house programming.

What’s funny is that the site that sold for $4 million didn’t have any full time
personnel, so it was pretty much only the owner – who, by the way, got over $16K
each month in sales from the site:

You can make it really big, and you don’t really need to have a bunch of people or
be a business. You can make money flipping with a bit of know-how and
investment straight from the comfort of your home.

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3. To buy or to create a site from scratch?
When it comes right down to if you might wonder whether it’s really worth
buying a site when you can create a new one! That’s a good question, and we’re
going to have a go at it.

It’s needless to say that if you don’t have any technical knowledge, then you will
like to buy a site that’s already build, keep it for a while, improve it, and then sell
it for a profit.

On the other hand, if you have lots of technical knowledge you’ll say that it’s ten
times easier to build a site from scratch and then monetize it.

Truth be told, it depends on what you want to do and where you stand. However,
keep in mind that you can ultimately outsource everything when it comes to
website flipping, so, it’s quite easy to build a site from scratch without any
experience and technical knowledge as it’s quite easy for someone with
experience to improve an existing site.

So, which one should you choose? Which one will bring you the best profit? From
our case study, we already saw that sites that are older sell for more. So, you
might be tempted to buy a site that was there for a while, and hope that you’ll get
more profit. But, it’s not always like this, and you’ll see how and why.

Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at the ups and downs this process!

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The advantages of old sites
Straight out of the box and old site has more value, because the domain name is
aged. But, think about wine. You all know that wine only goes better with time.
That’s true with domain names. However, even with wine, only wines with a
special pedigree are really priced – all the rest are either sour or, don’t sell for
much more than a brand new bottle of wine.

What does this mean? Those even with old site you want to make sure that you

       A top domain name aka .com (but .net and .org also work) and keyword
       rich (we’ll talk about keywords in a bit)
       A good PR – at least 1 or 2 if you really want to make some money
       Income/revenue (there’s no point in buying a domain that doesn’t
       monetize, is it)
       Good search engine rating – for at least one or two keywords the site
       should be on first page

Now, if you get your hands on a site like that, then you’re in luck! But, keep in
mind that these types of sites don’t come cheap! Of course, if you do your thing
on it, you’ll be able to make it worth even more, and make a big profit!

However, keep in mind that old sites might run on platforms that are old, and you
might need to update them – and this can be time consuming or it can cost if you
don’t know how to do it yourself. Of course, Wordpress based sites don’t enter
this category – and you should always go for Wordpress because that’s a very
versatile platform, and the most popular today on 70% of all sites!

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The advantages of new sites
New sites are great as well, because, well, you’re the one who’s going to be
creating them and you’ll be able to make them as good as the buyers demand
them, and as informative and valuable as you want them to be.

Basically, new sites are great because:

      You can use the latest web design platforms creating amazing sites
      You can customize them as you see fit
      You can buy the domain name you want
      You have the liberty to turn them into whatever your heart desires or sees

However, when it comes right down to it, new sites aren’t that good short term
because being brand new they’re not as well established which sometimes makes
them sell for a lot less than older sites.

But, who’s to say that you can’t age your sites until they’re good enough to be
sold for a major profit –after all you’ll be basically take all the revenues the site
generates until you sell it, plus, what you get for it. It’s not bad, is it? You’ll be
making some money off the site, and then a lot of money when you sell it – and
that’s really good!

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Which one's the best
It’s hard to say. However, one thing that needs to drive you when it comes to
website flipping is monetization potential!


Because you can make the most wonderful site in the world – if you don’t make
money off it’s all in vain. At the same time, you can buy an aged site and sink it for
good, so that would only end up with you losing money.

For a site to be good and really worth your time, you’re going to be able to
critically assess it, no matter if you want to buy it or build it. So, how can you
assess a site?

Well, that’s what we’re going to learn in the next chapter: flipping basics! Let’s
see what you need to do in order to be a successful flipper – and not one of those
persons who end up saying “flipping is dead” because they were unable to sell!

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4. Flipping Basics
If you go online to you’ll see that there are tons of sites up for sale.
You can buy them, or you can create them, it doesn’t really matter. What matter
is money – the green stuff!

So, how can you make money online through flipping?

Well, it’s a simple 3 step process

   1. You find a market where
      a) You get lots of people looking for quick solutions to their problems
      b) You can reach the buyers easily (through forums, blogs, PRs, etc.)
   2. You then create a product that caters to their needs aka a site with info and
      remedies or a course, or an e-book – it depends on your niche and what
      you want to do or what you buy
   3. Sell your product on

It’s that easy! If you can only respect the three steps above, then you can make
money and live the easy life!

Basically, what everybody wants is a nice site that has some stable and decent
income, that has traffic from organic sources and that’s pretty much low
maintenance. So, you need to provide them with a site that already has revenue
and traffic. Basically, if you create a site or you buy one that has little profits and
start making that site has traffic and revenue, you can sell it to someone who
might be interested in it. Can you say $$?

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Basically, we’re going to take a look at how you can create a site that makes
money through affiliate programs (Clickbank, CPA) and then how you can
promote that site.

Don’t think that you can’t use the same strategies and techniques on your own
products! It’s quite easy to make your products and sell them! You can even use
these sites for AdSense as well (but why you want this, because it pays peanuts)!

Here’s the thing if you have

      An affiliate site (aka Wordpress blog)
      That site has about $100 in revenue
      That site has over 150 backlinks
      That site has some good content (about 20 posts)

Then you can sell this site for about $1,000!

If you add:

      A custom theme
      A couple of subscribers
      Guest posts on other authority blogs

Then the price goes up!

Really easy in theory, isn’t it? But how about the practical aspects of it all?

Well, let’s take a closer look at what needs to be done!

First, you need to know your market and for this, you need to find the keywords…

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Market research + Keyword strategy
Now, one thing that should not be taken lightly is market research. Does it right,
and you’re in for the big money. Does it wrong, and you’re going to end up
wasting lots of time and your money. It’s that simple!

So, how can you find good markets? By the way, in flipping lingo these are called
niches. So, let’s talk about how you can find a niche that will make you some

First of all, you can go and choose some of the evergreen, popular markets. Go to
Clickbank and use their marketplace, and look for products that have a gravity of
30 to 100. Then see if you can’t apply that.

For example the very popular “Truth about Abs” is on Clickbank a top seller. What
a surprise, isn’t it? Then again, you see those annoying commercials everywhere.
However, what does this mean? That the fitness niche is evergreen!

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You can also go to and check out the auctions that just ended. See
what people buy there (because that’s where you’re going to sell your stuff) and if
something works really well, then you found your niche.

On Flippa, you can see that sites in the dating niche, penny auction aka finances
and freelancing is also selling quite well. That’s good to know.

You can also go to the Warrior Forum and check out the sites for sale there. If you
find a pattern, then you can use it to develop your site around. So, let’s have a
look at what’s currently on sale on Warrior Forum…Seems like we get listings in
wine niches, debt/finances, gadgets (iPhone) and freelancing and make money
online niches:

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As you can see, on Warrior Forum the prices are really lower than what you’d
expect on Flippa, and that’s because the guys who design these sites are usually
flippers themselves – but the type of flippers that create new sites, do all the
work for you, but don’t bring any traffic, so their sites have no ranking, no traffic
and no revenue, and it’s up to you to do this.

But, if you really get yourself a SEO specialist or you pay for a SEO service (can
cost up to $50 per month) and you have a nice site that has lots of traffic
potential, then you’re set!

Another good place to see what people need and buy is Amazon’s Bestseller list.
Basically, can see what the most popular products on Amazon are, and most
importantly, what’s hot today!

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Amazon is quite powerful and, you can browse by categories. We went for the
bestselling books category, so, once we got there, we seen that the “Hunger
Games” series of books is really hot right now.

You can make a really short term profit if you make a hunger games fan site or a
site that’s revolving around the hunger games franchise, and you can sell it for a
big profit.

That’s another thing that you need to do when choosing your niche: focus on
current trends or events. For example, you can make a FIFA world cup site for the
year in progress or the Olympics, or even the latest movie or book craze. How
much do you think a Twilight or Harry Potter site is worth? Quite a lot!

The thing is that these sites short term, are very profitable. So, keep that in mind!

By the way, here are the evergreen niches that you can choose from:

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         Credit, debt, money and finance
         Games and sports
         Technology (the new iPhone sites are selling for a lot of money)
         Weight loss (how about that Truth About Abs)
         Skin problems
         Dating and relationships

Of course, you need to nail the keywords that people search, so how do you do

Keyword research – do it right and you’re in the money…again!

Now, if you don’t have enough money to start using Market Samurai, then you
can use Google Keyword tool! It’s easy and free to use, as long as you create a
Google account.

The idea is this: you want your site to rank as high as possible in search engine
results aka Google. Basically, if you’re on the #1 position for a keyword, you get
up to 80% of all traffic. Second position gets about 40%, third about 20% and so
on and so forth.

Some markets take longer to rank for than others, so, let’s take a look at how you
should choose your keywords with Google Keyword tool – Market Samurai is a bit

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easier to use, so we recommend that you get it as soon as you make some money

Google keyword tool is easy to use. Type in the keyword, and then see what you

Now, if you’re looking on the left hand side, we circled around the “match type”.
To know exactly how many times a specific phrase aka keyword is searched,
always make sure that you only check “[exact]” or else you’re going to get your
results wrong.

As you can see, on broad (this means by the way, all additional keywords because
Google Keyword tool returns results based on the assumption that you’re going to
buy ad space from them) there are far more results than on exact. However,
there are exactly 1.2 million queries for “hunger games”. So, you can make lots of
money on that today.

But, check out the local search trends on the right. As you can see, the graph
clearly shows that the “hunger games” keyword has simply skyrocketed recently.
So, if you want some quick cash, go in for some of these keywords, and find a
thing that interest people enough to get your site lots of traffic – which translates
in lots of visitors and in turn it translates into lots of money!

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Keyword research it itself is easy, but you need to be quite careful with it, and
always make sure to get the numbers right!

Now, there are tons of books on how to properly do keyword research, but you’d
be wasting your money because it’s not really that hard.

Here are some good quick resources that will tell you more about how to properly
do keyword research:

Search Engine Guide’s 5 Steps to Effective Keyword Research

Part on Keyword Research from SeoMoz’s free SEO Manual

So, once you got all that sorted out, you’ll be a keyword researcher expert, and no
matter if you’re going to outsource your business or do it yourself, you’ll always
know how to assess keywords!

But, there’s a bit more to it. So, here’s what you need to check out when it comes
to website flipping keywords.

First of all, you need to come up with some keywords. Once you have your
keywords, check out your competition aka sites that are out there. You’ll need to
know how you’re dealing with, right?

So, the idea is that you want to rank really easy for your keywords and to have
your pages optimized for them (more about SEO optimization of pages in the next
chapter). Why? Because you don’t want to wait years and years to get to #1!

To see what your competition has install the SEO for Firefox plugin to your Mozilla
Firefox browser.

Now, you should look at least one or two pages of Google results with sites that
have less than 50 backlinks and a PR of less than 2. If you see Squidoo lenses,
forum threads, or article directories on the first page’s first few sports then that’s

What you want is to find 15 to 20 keywords that

                                         Page 28
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   - Have at least 50 searches per day aka 1400 searches per month
   - Reasonable competition (aka at least 2 pages with sites less than 50
     backlinks and PR2)

Save the list, as you’ll need it to create content around it.

Of course, you will need to do a bit more keyword research if you start the site
from scratch. Usually, when you buy a site, the creator will tell you the keywords
and niche that that site is created around and that will give you a good base to
start with your optimization.

So, how can you buy a site that’s bound to make you some money?

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How to buy a site for a good price
Well, when it comes right down to it, you want to make sure that the site that
you’re going to buy is going to be making you money and this quite fast, isn’t it

Now, just browsing through Flippa you’re bound to find a site at an acceptable
price that you feel is going to make you some money.

However, the most important thing when you’re buying a site is to make sure that
the domain name is keyword rich, and that your main keyword has at least 50
searches per day. This is going to make a ton of difference when you’re going to
monetize and later on sell the site.

Of course, if you want a really good price, then you should go for a relatively new
site, that doesn’t have any revenue yet. Check out the keywords; see how much
potential it has, and then check out your competition. If everything looks fine, the
next step is to bid.

When bidding, always make a budget. Don’t go over that budget! Keep in mind
that after buying the site, you’re going to have to invest in it some more money,
so when deciding upon your budget make sure to that that under consideration.

Of course, if you’re lucky, you’ll be getting the site that you want. If not, that’s
okay, because there’s plenty more fish in the sea, and you already have a good
idea of what you want and you can build a site from scratch yourself.

However, keep in mind that if the site that you wanted didn’t sell, you can always
contact the owner later (go to the site and use the contact form) and say that
you’d be interested in buying the site. Make a slightly lower offer than what
you’re willing to pay, because the owner will most likely want more, and you can
meet together right in the middle.

If we’re talking about large sums of money, use (sums of over $1,000)
so that you’re safe. If not, you can always go for trust and use PayPal.

                                         Page 30
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Case Study #2
Let’s take a look at what’s going on when we want to buy the site. For this
purpose we chose a random site on sale on

This is a brand new site that claims no revenue, no traffic and it’s a fully
automated site. Now, these are great if you manage to get traffic to
them because amazon affiliate commissions will keep on rolling. The starting bid
is $10, so you have a winner, right?

Well, let’s take a closer look at the site…

                                         Page 31
                               © 2012 Website Flipping Ninjas

Go type in the name of the site, then right click and select “view source” or “view
page source”. Then hit “Ctrl+F” and type in keywords. You will find:

<meta name="keywords" content="Rod & Reel Combos, FishingHats,
FishingBoats, FishingLine, FlyFishing, Ice Fishing" />

Now, the keywords that this site is supposed to rank on are:

   • fishing gear
   • fishing gear stores
   • Rod & Reel Combos
   • Fishing Hats
   • Fishing Boats
   • Fishing Line

Keep in mind that the first two keywords aka the domain name keywords are not
included in the Meta keywords group – that’s a mistake.

Now, let’s crunch in these keywords into Google keyword tool and see what pops.
As we said, we’re looking for keywords that have over 50 searches per month and
the first pages of results have PR2 or less.

So, firstly, let’s take a look at how many times these keywords that the creator of
the site says are best for us are worth our time.

Here’s a print screen of what Google Keyword Tool has to say:

                                         Page 32
                              © 2012 Website Flipping Ninjas

Firstly, we selected broad and exact to see what the numbers are. And Google
says that there’s a lot of competition for these keywords but fishing gear is
searched for over 12k per month which means that it’s a good keyword.

But, if you look at approximate CPC aka cost per click, you see that the numbers
are okay, but there’s a lot of competition. Which means that even if you won’t
pay dollars for keywords if you are planning to advertise this site on Google (even
if ideally you want to pay under $0.05 or about $0.10 per keyword not $0.65)
you’ll have to outbid your competition nevertheless, which, well, let’s take a look
at what we have:

                                        Page 33
                                © 2012 Website Flipping Ninjas

Now, as you see, there are over 36 million competing sites and lots of ads. That’s
not good.

What’s even worse is the fact that we checked the competition we have on the
first page, and all those sites have a PR of 5 or 6. That’s not good at all!

Conclusion? That site isn’t worth very much because it’s going to take lots of
money to make it have some revenue, and even so, it’s going to be really hard to
make it rank good as the competing sites are quite established. Not a
recommended buy!

You’ll have to do lots of on page and off page SEO, try to get organic results, and
so on and so forth. And speaking of these, let’s take a look at how it’s done!

                                          Page 34
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5. Making a site shine
No matter if you’re buying a site or if you’re building it from scratch, the thing
that you want to do is to make it valuable. Just like when you’re selling a car or
looking to buy one, you know that looks aren’t everything! The car needs to be
comfortable to drive, and, the engine needs to run like a charm. It’s the same
thing with sites.

The site can look great, but it needs to be easy to use (for the admin and for the
user) and it also needs to be practical aka make money and ergonomic aka be low

When it comes right down to it, it comes to two things: graphics and SEO! That’s

Now, when it comes to a site looking good, we already said that we recommend
Wordpress as there’s plenty of themes that look amazing (some free, some paid).
We’ll talk about Wordpress and themes later on when we’re going to tell you who
to build your site from scratch.

Now we’re going to focus on SEO.

What’s SEO? It comes from “Search Engine Optimization” and it’s something that
you need to do to ensure that your site is going to pop up in search results, and
your end goal is to make your site to be on the first page on the first position in
search results.

There are three things you can do to ensure this: on page SEO, off page SEO and
by promoting the site. Let’s take a look at all!

                                         Page 35
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On page SEO
In Wordpress, you need to ensure that your permanent links are search engine
friendly, so the first thing you need to do is to go to the admin part of the site
then go to Settings-Permalinks, then select ‘Custom Structure’ and insert

Now, what you want to do next is to go to make sure that everybody knows when
you updated the site. Basically, you’re going to have to add a ping list. Nothing
easier, simply goes to Settings >Writing > Update Services then paste the
following list:

                                         Page 36
                                       © 2012 Website Flipping Ninjas

                                                 Page 37
                                     © 2012 Website Flipping Ninjas

                                               Page 38
                                © 2012 Website Flipping Ninjas

Just copy-paste it!

Next thing is to add some plugins. Now, some of these might be installed, and
some of them might not be installed. However, the minimal recommended plugin
list for a Wordpress site that’s making money is:

   • All In One SEO
   • Contact Form 7
   • Easy Privacy Policy
   • Google Sitemaps
   • Pretty Link
   • SEO Friendly Images
   • SEO Smart Links

Plugins are really easy to be installed. All you need to do is to go to Plugins > Add
New then type in the name of the plugin in the search box and click search. Install
and activate it. It’s that easy! The configuration of plugins is easy as well, simply
follow the instructions.

Now the other thing that you need to do is to add Google Analytics to your site.
This will tell you how much traffic you get, how many visitors, etc. Plus, you can
use your Analytics detail to show potential buyers that you’re for real and the
numbers you tell are in fact true.

                                          Page 39
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So, you need to go to Google Analytics and follow the steps needed. You’ll get a
code that you’ll crunch into your header.php. It will look something like this:

Now, the next step is to get some content on site. Content should be posted
about 2-3 times per week, and it should be SEO optimized meaning you need to
have your keywords sprinkled in the articles you have written.

You can either write content yourself or outsource it.

In terms of content you want informative posts that aren’t that long – 300 to 400
words tops and that are written in a couple of paragraphs.

If you can do it yourself, then that’s great. If not, there are a couple of places
where you can find decent writers.

The top places to find writers are:

                                         Page 40
                              © 2012 Website Flipping Ninjas

You can also find writers on the Warrior Forum or Digital Point forum.

Make sure that you see some samples of their work – no matter if they’re native
or not, and then choose 2-3 to write for you. One main writer and one or two
secondary ones in case you need extra work done or the main writer can’t deliver
on time.

Outsource 10-20 posts at a time. Keep in mind that good writers are hard to come
by, so makes sure that once you found one or two good ones, you keep them
happy. There are lots of writers who can’t write in decent English so, to make sure
that you got a right one, ask them to write for you a custom sample (max 200
words) on a weird topic –because this way you’ll be able to see if they can do a bit
of research and if they have a good command of the English language.

That’s it when it comes to on-page SEO, let’s take a look at Off-Page SEO!

                                        Page 41
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Off-page SEO
When it comes right down to it, off-page SEO is all about getting relevant and
good quality backlinks, while trying as much as possible to make this process look
as natural as possible.

It’s not that hard to get backlinks. You can have someone build them for you
manually (like your Virtual Assistant) or you can pay for them.

Now, a simple but effective backlinking strategy is getting links from

   - From where your competitor get their links (and you can see that either
      using Yahoo Site explorer or Market Samurai)
   - From forums, blog comments and guest posts (you can outsource this on and get plenty of them but make sure they’re not low quality)
   - Directory and RSS Feed Submissions
   - Mass link networks like UniqueArticleWizard(UAW), SEOLinkWire, Article
      Marketing Automation, etc.)

Let’s talk a bit more about getting links.

Now, getting links from your competition can be a bit time consuming, but its well
worth it. You need to basically look at the top 3-5 ten sites and use Yahoo Site
Explorer to see where they get their links from. Then go there, and place a link of

Keep in mind that spamming tons of comments with your link is cheap but the
results are minimal. Either do it properly, by placing good comments, or don’t do
it at all. Thing is that if you place good comments frequently on the same blogs,

                                         Page 42
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you’ll be known by the admin and most likely you’ll even be able to have a guest
post and that’s worth its weight in gold.

When it comes to it, try to find as many forums and blogs in your niche, put them
in your Google Reader or RSS Feed and when there’s a new post throw a
comment. Forums are pretty much the same, but, most of them are tight knit
communities so don’t spread your link right away. Ask and answer questions, get
involved and then you can put your link in your signature.

Another way to get more backlinks is:

   - Directory submissions
   - RSS Feed submissions

For the first go to DigitalPoint or Fiverr and you’ll find plenty of cheap services.
For the latter, use a RSS Feed aggregator and submit your feeds to it.

Keep in mind that all these things you can do by yourself or outsource them. Even
if you outsource them all, it won’t cost more than $50 to do all the things
mentioned above!

As already said you can also use Mass link networks. These aren’t free but you can
get tons of backlinks from them, and if you target low competition keywords you
can get on first page for them only by using these networks! Basically, all you do is
to submit your articles to these networks and then they’ll do the rest!

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Case study #3
How much money can you make with a good Wordpress site? Well, let’s take a
look at an auction that took advantage of the upcoming iPad 3.

So, what did the person do? Bought the domain in 2011,
made it a nice Wordpress site that started in June 2011, and sold it for $15,000
one year later!

                                        Page 44
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The site makes about $1k per month, which isn’t bad, especially considering that
the posts are added 2 times per week.

The site’s got a good solid PR4 and over a couple of hundred links in Bing and
Google. Not bad.

Now, keep in mind that this site claims to have an over $1k net profit per month
and it’s been sold for $15k! This means more than one year’s worth of profit in

The person who bought this site was happy to pay this amount of money because
once the iPad3 is launched, this site is going to make tons more money!

So, how hard would it be for you to create a simple iPad 3 site from scratch and
sell it for $1k? Very very simple!

But, how do you create a Wordpress site like this one? Well, let’s take a look!

                                         Page 45
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6. Creating your site
Don’t expect to get all technical now. WE already covered a bit of what needs to
be done to an existing site, but we barely scratched the surface to what you need
to do when you’re creating a site from scratch. So, in this section, we’re going to
talk about what you need to do in order to ensure that you’re going to have a site
that’s going to be really good and valuable.

Truth be told, creating sites isn’t as hard as it used to be. Only 10 years ago you
would need to have strong HTML knowledge at least to be able to create a site.
Right now you can get one already made for $10 or you can hire someone to
design it for you, or, you can follow a couple of instructions and create a
Wordpress site in 10-15 minutes!

Yes, you can create a Wordpress site in under 15 minutes. The first one will be the
hardest one, but after that, you’ll see how it all becomes easier and easier.

So, let’s take a look at a step-by-step non techie approach on how to build your

                                         Page 46
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Step by step guide
So, without further ado, here’s what you need to do to create a Wordpress site by

Step 1: Keyword Research

We already talked about keyword research. Basically, you want to find a good
keyword to revolve your site around. You already know how you can get ideas, so
we’ll assume that you have a 15-20 keywords list.

Step 2: Check out your competition

Take each keyword, and have a look at the first 3-4 sites and what they offer. It’s
a good insight into what your audience will want to know. This way you’ll be more
familiar with the subject, and you can even get some general interest categories.

Step 3: Buy your domain name and hosting

Go to and start crunching in domain names. Always go for .com,
.net and .org as these are the most valuable ones. If you can’t find and exact
match, be creative, but make sure that your whole main keyword is in the domain
name. So you could go for something like “” or
“HowToKyeowrd”. Try to avoid numbers and dashes in your domain names.

For hosting, buy a reseller package (or for your first site you could go for free
hosting) and make sure to set the nameservers in your GoDaddy Account to the
information you got from your host.

Step 4: Install Wordpress on the site

                                         Page 47
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Go to and check out the installation tips. You’ll find all the
information there – and it’s really easy to follow even if you’re a complete

Step 5: Have a cup of tea or coffee and congratulate yourself!

You did it! You have your first site. But, it doesn’t look like much, does it? That’s
when it gets nice…You’ll need to install the theme and configure the site, and all
the rest that we talked about in the making your site shine section of the e-book.
But, we didn’t cover how to install a theme earlier, and themes give your site that
extra that can be a major selling point…

                                         Page 48
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Increasing the site's value
Making your site worth more is done using a theme. So, let’s talk about themes
and their importance in site flipping!

If you’re just staring flipping, then you should definitely use a premium theme as
this will add more value to your site. You might say that it will cost a bit – true.
However, you don’t have an aged and established site, and you need to get as
much money as you can. With established sites there are other things that add
value like the revenue and traffic they get, their PR. With new sites, the only thing
that means value is their potential and value – which is perceived value which is in
turn given by the looks of the site.

To install a theme it’s really easy! All you need to do is to go to Appearance >
Themes > Add New and then either upload a .zip file you got (usually you get
these with custom and premium themes) or you can use the search function to
look for a theme.

There are some nice ones that we recommend as they are simple, two column
themes that are quite easy on the eyes and guarantee a nice click-through rate.
Some great free Wordpress themes are: paper punch, iNove, Erudit, Arthemia,
Mag on Wood, Mainstream, etc.

What you also want to do is to add an autoresponder to collect your user’s
emails. That’s great, because a site with a little list of subscribers sells for a lot
less. Did you know that a list of only 100-200 subscribers can increase the value of
the site with $300 to $500?

                                          Page 49
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Basically, all you need to do to get an autoresponder is to sign up to an email
marketing company like Aweber or Getresponse.

But, you might ask how can you get people to give you their emails? Well you use
a bribe!

A bribe can be anything like a 7 autoresponder emails that are delivered to their
emails (like a mini course) or you can make them sign up for your newsletter or
you can give them access to a PLR e-book or a PDF or video. Usually, the products
that you’ll be promoting will have a free report or something like that (like a
video) in their affiliate section.

And since we’re on this topic, let’s see how we can monetize the site through
affiliate programs…

                                           Page 50
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Monetizing the site
Once your site is complete and you have a couple of posts, you can start
promoting a few products as an affiliate– if the site has some revenue, that’s
always a good selling point so keep that in mind.

Basically, you can get some reviews written on the products you promote and you
can even add a couple of the products’ banners on the site.

The types of products you’re going to promote depend entirely on the niche
you’re in. CPA offers are preferred by many internet marketers because they
convert easier and pay really well. But, Clickbank products work as well as well as
Amazon Affiliate orPayDotCom. Check these out and create an account with

Let’s say that your site is in the fitness niche. Then go to Amazon and Clickbank
and type in “fitness” and see what pops out.

When it comes to Clickbank, you should always select a couple of products that
have a gravity of 30 to 100.

One thing that you can also do is to Google “yourKeyword + affiliate program”
and see what pops out. With these affiliate programs there’s very little
competition and you can get a couple of sales per month which will make a great
selling point to your site. Keep in mind that some of these in-house affiliate
programs are not trustworthy, so make your pick after you reviewed carefully
their affiliate program .With Clickbank, Amazon, and PayDotCom you can be sure
that you’ll be paid but with in-house, not so much.

                                         Page 51
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7. Selling the site

Is the site any good?
Okay, now, what makes your site worthy? It’s hard to say, isn’t it?

One of the things that you need to be able to do if you want to be successful at
flipping is to be able to step into your buyer’s shoes. Basically, two types of
persons buy sites:

   - Newbies like you
   - Experienced Internet Marketers

No matter what, everybody wants to buy a site that’s nice, that has some traffic
and that’s quite easy to monetize without putting into it too much elbow grease.
Keep in mind that people who want to buy the site from you, want to work as
little as possible on it. If they would have been keen on working on a site, they
would have created the site themselves, right?

Basically, people who buy sites are looking for long-term earnings and traffic. But,
can you really give them something that’s going is making lots of money in a
year’s time?

Well, you will if you offer them a site

      In an evergreen niche (unless you opted for a quick cash event site )
      That has about 200 backlinks
      That has about $100 in revenue
      That has about 20 posts

                                          Page 52
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      That has about 50 unique visitors per day
      That offers them other assets (like the subscriber list)

If you took all the steps we talked about and you have 20 posts and you’ve done
some backlinking you should have 200 backlinks easily, which will mean that
some of the pages of your site are on the first page in search engine results, which
in turn will mean that you’re getting about 50 or more visitors per day only from
search engines. More visitors can also come from forum postings, guest posts, or
blog comments.

It all adds up. If you get nice organic traffic then you’ll have a list of 100 subs in no
time because this would mean getting about 3k visitors per month, which means
that you only need a 3% conversion rate to build a list of 100 subs – if you give a
nice bribe, of course!

All this makes the site good. And, if you advertise a few products that make $30
per sale, you need to have 5 sales to get a $150 revenue per month, which in turn
means a conversion rate of 0.17%, and usually Clickbank conversions are about
0.5% which means that you’re in the money making business easily!

                                          Page 53
                               © 2012 Website Flipping Ninjas

What's the right price?
Well, the right price depends. If you have all of the above and you also have a
niche clean custom theme that you got for about $100 and that adds another
$200 or $300 to the value of your site, then you might easily get $1k for your site.

Now, of course, you don’t want to be greedy and cheeky. So, what you want to
do, is to keep in mind that a decent sites sells for 7 to 10 times the amount of
monthly earnings.

If you’re not getting any sales at the moment, then you might want to keep the
site for a bit more, until you’re sure that you can get some nice money on it. Truth
be told, it’s easy to keep a site that’s making a couple of hundred dollars per
month and that requires minimum investment, keeping in mind that you’ll be
cashing in some money on a monthly basis and you’ll also cash a big check when
you sell it.

Now, a site usually starts getting traffic in 2-3 weeks since its creation so you can
sell a new site when it’s only 1,5 months old for about $1k.

Of course, if you don’t get as much traffic and as many sales, then you can sell it
for about $500, but you’ll still be making a profit.

If your site’s over 5 months old and it has a growing history and averages $150
per month, then you can sell it for a lot more than $1k, so keep that in mind as
well – keeping a site might be a good thing!

                                         Page 54
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Advertising your sale
Now, these types of sites sell really well on Flippa. It’s not free to advertise your
sale on Flippa, so you need to make sure that you nail it the first time.

This means getting an enticing auction copy – or better still, have someone write
it for you.

Keep in mind that a good auction copy needs to answer some questions

   -   Niche of the site
   -   Revenue of the site
   -   Traffic stats and traffic sources
   -   The amount of work required to maintain the site
   -   What are the assets (subs list and such)
   -   Why is the site sold

Now, in order to make sure that your auction will get the right attention you need
to use some Flippa upgrades:

   - Feature your listing
   - Use a border
   - Use the Yellow background

Always start with a $1 with Flippa when it comes to the price and make sure to
put your reserve at about $500-$600 or the amount of money you’re comfortable
with. You might be tempted to put a “Buy itnow” aka BIN right from the start.
Don’t do that! The site might be more valuable than you think! So, put the BIN
price only after you’ve seen the interest level of your listing!

By the way, a “No-Reserve” listing is a NO NONO! This because it’s will get you
tons of exposure but you’ll end up selling your site for peanuts!

Always go for escrow if you’re doing anything above $2,000 – to be on the safe
side! And, make sure that you’re listing the highlights of your site in the title, and
you’re set to make money! That’s it!

                                         Page 55
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Case study #4
Let’s take a look at this site that sold for quite a lot on

That’s part 1 of the listing. As you can see, the site sold for $4k and it was a bit
over 1 year old.

The title has a clear statement that tells how much money the site makes, that it
gets organic traffic and that it’s a PR3 – all highlights and selling points!

Let’s move on to see how in the second part, the seller gives us an insight into the
keywords and rakings of the site in search engines and more:

                                          Page 56
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As you can see, the seller tells how you can increase the revenue, how hard it is,
the reason he’s selling, and also talks about the assets you get when you buy the

The site has verified AdSense information and Google Analytics to back up the
traffic and revenue claims.

Now, it’s needless to say that this site sold like hot bread, and it wasn’t hard for
the seller to get 13.3 times the monthly revenue in advance! Not bad, is it? So,
how can you make it big and sell lots of site for lots of profits?

                                         Page 57
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8. Making it big
It’s needless to say that when it comes right down to it, you want to be able to flip
sites as you breathe and make money with all of them while you’re holding them,
and then get a huge profit out of them.

Is this possible? Yes it is! We’ve already took a look but here it is again:

There are people on Flippa who made millions! And you should focus your
attention on Flipping Enterprises and HK users who seem to have found a perfect
recipe to make flipping a very profitable business. So, how do they do it?

                                          Page 58
                               © 2012 Website Flipping Ninjas

Duplicate and grow
It’s quite easy! Once you find a niche that works and you were able to sell the site
for a profit, then duplicate and duplicate again!

You will see that while you’re looking for ideas, you might start seeing patterns of
what’s hot and what sells for lots of money.

Then it’s a matter of finding a good domain name, and building a site, or, buying
an older one, flipping it so that it gives you tremendous revenue and then selling
it for a fortune.

Of course, it’s not each day that you find old sites that you can buy for a bargain
and then flip for millions. But, you can create those sites, make them bring you
huge amount of money and then sell them for big bucks.

Let’s say that you find that the self-care niche is really good and you’ve sold a site
that was only 1 month old for $2,000! Then, it’s up to you to find other niche and
rich keywords in the self-care niche and create sites around them and sell them
for a profit.

Right now, backlinks and sites that offer backlinking services seem to be really
hot. And you can build them really easy and get the service providers straight off
Fiverr (or you can get a subscription to Xrumer or something like that and sell
packages) and make tons of money. There are always options to make it big. You
just need to look around and notice pattern and what sells, then replicate!

We have a guy here that makes tons of money by rebranding PLR! Let’s take a
look at his business model:

                                         Page 59
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A comprehensive case study
First of all, what’s PLR? PLR is Private Label Rights meaning products that you can
use as you see fit without having to pay a dime to the author for publishing rights.

If you want to learn more about PLR check out this Wikipedia article here:

Now, there are lots of ways you can use PLR.

Basically, you can resell these on ten sites, all under a different name but giving
the users the same product. Or you can modify them as you see fit. So, what this
fellow does it this.

                                                                   money at
He takes PLR sites that sell pretty much anything from how to make mo
home to how to make money as an internet marketer or how to make
money…well, he’s in the how to make money niche, and then he rebrands them
under a different name and sells them.

                                        98                         e
He has a huge number of 98 listings aka 9 sites put for sale, and he sold 98% of
them! And in just under 2 years he made $29.1K! That’s by simply buying a
domain name and hosting and modifying the graphics for the site a bit! Can it be

Check out the user Turnkeywebpublishing on Flippa or check out the site that this
person has here:

As you can see, this is a business that says they are the #1 Seller for Clickbank
sites, meaning sites that have a product that can be sold on Clickbank through
Clickbank’s affiliate program.

                                         Page 60
                                © 2012 Website Flipping Ninjas

Truth be told, it can cost up to $1k to develop a Clickbank site with a product, and
this company sells them at about $300. Not bad, is it?

And what’s even better is that there’s great feedback. The only person who
seemed to be disturbed by the fact that it’s a PLR product was the last buyer, but
the rest of 98 persons were more than happy as you can see in this screenshot of
the user’s feedback!

So, here’s how a listing looks like:

                                          Page 61
                             © 2012 Website Flipping Ninjas

As you can see, the site is marketed as a stunning Clickbank Ready site! The BIN
price was $590 when we started writing this book, but now, the site was sold for

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And let’s take a look at how the si that was sold looks like:

And here’s how the original site looks like:

The resemblance is quite astonishing isn’t it?

And this person’s selling sites constantly and it doesn’t take more than 1 day to
set up a site like this – with domain name buying, hosting buying, installing the
site and modifying the graphics!

That’s a very lucrative thing!

PS: The Turnkeywebpublishing has sold yet another site meanwhile! How about

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9. Conclusion
As you can see, website flipping is something that’s not dead, and there are
plenty of people who do it and who make tons of money off it. The last example
we gave you, the Turnkeywebpublishing user on is the living proof of

And what’s even more surprising is that he’s doing something that everybody,
including you, can do! And making lots of money off it!

As you can see, there are tons of ways to flip sites, and there are plenty of niches
and the only thing that you need is to invest a bit of work, or to have a quick and
easy idea and duplicate it over and over again!

This book told you everything you need to know to get started flipping sites even
today, so, the only thing that you need to do, is to get started, and start making
money! Anyway this is my first ever WSO. So if you don’t like my writing style or
have anything to criticize then send me email at

See you on the other side!

To Your Success,


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