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									                 Sunflower              Test Date: January 11th
              Lesson 8. The haft Seen

1. level
2. funnel
3. lean
4. object
5. reflect
6. delicate               funnel                 level
7. chuckled
8. If something is level, it is smooth and flat.
9. Funnel is a kind of tube with one narrow end and one wide end.
10. Something that is delicate is easily broken or damaged.
11. An object is a thing; something you can see or touch.

* lean: When you lean, you bend to one side or rest against something.
         People can lean, and so can things.
* reflect: When you look in a mirror, you can see yourself.
       The mirror shows, or reflects, your image. Other shiny objects also
         reflect an image like a window, lake and a shiny car.
* chuckled: To chuckle is to laugh in a quiet way.

   Lean                                     reflections

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