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                        The Best HRT Free Menopause Treatments Today
The use of Hormone Replacement Therapy was a popular practice a century ago. At that
time, women had no other available choices to treat menopause symptoms like night
sweating, hot flashes, reduced libido, fluctuating periods, severe bleeding, and so on.
Today, however, Hormone Replacement Theory is practically a health taboo. A lot of studies
have proclaimed it ineffective – and worse – dangerous to women’s health.
Hormone therapy, which basically deals with combining estrogen and progestin to alleviate
the symptoms, can make the breasts look denser on mammograms, making breast cancer
more difficult to detect. Also, when this particular menopause therapy is used for an
unusually long period of time, it increases the risk of breast cancer - a finding that has been
confirmed in multiple studies of different hormone therapy combinations, not just limited to
a combination estrogen-progestin pill.
Women with a current or past history of breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancer, blood clots
to the legs or lungs, stroke or liver disease are advised not to take hormone therapy. And,
those who are on the therapy are recommended not to smoke and drink alcohol.
The risks of hormone therapy varies depending on the following: 1.) whether estrogen is
given alone or with progestin, 2.) your current age and age at which you experienced
menopause, 3.) the dose and type of estrogen, and 4.) other health considerations such as
your risks of heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease, cancer risks and family
medical history. All of these factors must be taken into perspective, should you decide to go
into hormone therapy.
The above information became a hot topic that scared women from all over the world. Some
who were on the therapy abruptly stopped for fear of intensifying the risks. Later, various
researches on alternative treatments for menopause were started and published. And today,
thanks to modern medicine, all women can now have access to HRT free menopausal
treatments. One of the most favored of these is natural therapy which emphasizes the use
of herbal plants, certain types of food, a healthy lifestyle and proper regular exercise. More
and more women are opting for these natural therapies, as they come with no side effects,
and they come at a lower cost.
Women who aren't bothered by menopause symptoms and who started menopause after
age 45 have no need for hormone therapy in order to stay healthy. If you’re one of these
women, talking to your doctor about strategies to mitigate the risk of conditions like
osteoporosis and heart disease is a good move. Other aspects to consider include lifestyle
changes and medications other than hormone therapy for a long-term protection.
So, there you have it. What we just shared to you should be enough to give you an idea of
what HRT free menopause treatment is just right for you. One last advice though, consult
with your doctor before going into any treatment plan. If you need more valuable
information, you may get them on our website at

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