SILVER FALLS SCHOOL DISTRICT 4J
                               REGULAR BOARD MEETING
                                         July 13, 2009
                                           7:00 p.m.
                                 Silverton Community Center

Attendance:    Board members present were Chair Wally Lierman, David Beeson, Garth King, Julie
               Norris, Tim Roth, Jim Sinn, and Ervin Stadeli. Also present were Craig Roessler,
               Superintendent; Andy Bellando, Director of Personnel; Linda Brown, Director of Special
               Services; Janet Hoffman, Director of Fiscal Services; and Denise Childs, Board
               Secretary. Press was not present.

               FLAG SALUTE
               The Pledge of Allegiance was recited prior to the start of board business.

               OATH OF OFFICE
Oath:          Julie Norris and Ervin Stadeli recited the oath of office as newly elected board members.
               They then assumed the duties of their office. There was a round of applause by those in

               ACTION ITEMS
Board Chair:   Tim Roth moved, and Jim Sinn seconded, to elect Wally Lierman as Board Chair for the
               2009-2010 school year. The motion carried unanimously.
Vice Chair:    Garth King moved, and David Beeson seconded, to elect Tim Roth as Vice Chair for the
               2009-2010 school year. The motion carried unanimously.

               CONSENT AGENDA
               David Beeson moved, and Jim Sinn seconded, to approve the Consent Agenda. The
               motion carried unanimously. The Consent Agenda included:
               -- Approve minutes of June 8, and 22, 2009
               -- Designate the following:
                    (1) Chief Administrative Officer and District Clerk (ORS 332.515, 294.331) — Craig
                    (2) Deputy Clerk and Budget Officer — Janet Hoffman
                    (3) Custodian of the Funds — Craig Roessler and Janet Hoffman
                    (4) Regular monthly board meeting day, time, and place — second Monday of each
                        month, 7:00 p.m., Silverton City Council Chambers (Policy BDA)
                    (5) Superintendent Craig Roessler, Director of Special Services Linda Brown,
                        Director of Personnel Andy Bellando, Director of Curriculum Linda Myers, and
                        Federal Programs Director Dustin Hoehne to sign state and federal grants
                    (6) Amount of the fidelity bonds of persons who shall be bonded — $50,000 each
                        for Craig Roessler and Janet Hoffman (ORS 332.525)
                    (7) Pete Paradis as designated person, Asbestos Hazards Emergency Response
                        Act and Safety Officer
                    (8) Depositories for school funds – West Coast Bank and Wells Fargo
                    (9) Investment of funds (Policies DFA, DFA-AR, DG and DG-AR)
                  (10) Insurance Agent — Willis of Oregon
                  (11) Legal Counsel — Hungerford Law Firm and Garrett, Hemann, Robertson Law
Regular Board Meeting Minutes of July 13, 2009                                                           Page 2

                         (12) Auditors — Pauly, Rogers and Co., P.C. (audit year ending June 30, 2009)
                         (13) Workers’ Compensation carrier — SAIF
                         (14) Title VI and Section 504 Compliance Officer — Linda Brown
                         (15) Title IX, Title I and Title IV Compliance Officer — Dustin Hoehne
                         (16) Set annual tuition rate of $2,500
                    --   Approve 2009-2010 contracts for superintendent, administrators, supervisors and
                         confidential employees
                    --   Approve withdrawal of superintendent from Public Employees Retirement System,
                         effective June 30, 2009; and, retirement from SFSD, effective June 30, 2010
                    --   Adopt revisions to policies: BHD – Board Member Compensation and Expense
                         Reimbursement; DI/DIC – Fiscal Accounting and Reporting; ECAD – Security
                         Personnel; GBJ – Weapons in Schools - Staff; and JGABB – Use of Force by
                         Campus Security (also revisions to JGABB-AR – Use of Force by Campus Security)
                         (final readings)
                    --   Approve employment of the following teachers for the 2009-2010 contract year:
                           Kelli Doolittle   Silverton High   Counselor    1.0 FTE (probationary)
                           Donna Sadler      Central Howell   Kindergarten 0.5 FTE (probationary)
                    -- Approve Resolution Authorizing Interfund Loan (District’s cost for City’s sewer
                       improvement along James Street)

                    AUDIENCE WITH VISITORS
                    No comments from audience.

                    DISCUSSION ITEMS
Molalla River       Wally Lierman, Garth King and David Beeson described the meeting (Thursday, July 9)
School District:    they had with three Molalla River School District (MRSD) board representatives to
                    discuss student transfer requests. They noted the different philosophies between the
                    two school districts where Silver Falls School District (SFSD) works to accommodate
                    families with educational decisions for their kids, while MRSD wants more decision-
                    making control in regard to keeping students and State funding within its district. Wally
                    understood that MRSD would be reviewing its board policies with OSBA (Oregon School
                    Boards Association) and researching what other school districts were doing in regard to
                    student transfer requests. He shared that MRSD proposed that SFSD resident students,
                    who attended MRSD last year, be “grandfathered in” to continue their education at
                    MRSD, but, at this point, it appeared they were not willing to allow any of their resident
                    students to attend SFSD. The Board discussed various student transfer options.
                    Following discussion, the Board asked Mr. Roessler to send letters to the SFSD families,
                    who had kids attend MRSD this last school year, giving an update on the issue of
                    students transferring between the two school districts. The letter would explain that the
                    SFSD Board would release its 15-17 resident students, who attended MRSD in 2008-09,
                    for the 2009-10 school year if the MRSD Board agrees to allow the 5 MRSD students,
                    who attended SFSD in 2008-09, to attend SFSD in 2009-10. (One family paid tuition for
                    their 3 kids to attend SFSD, and 2 kids were granted permission to complete the 2008-
                    09 school year at Butte Creek School).
Employment of       Wally Lierman said that he had met with Mr. Roessler to discuss a possible timeline and
New Supt.:          process for hiring a new superintendent for the 2010-2011 school year. (Mr. Roessler
                    will be retiring June 30, 2010.) Options to consider could be an internal search within the
                    District, or to advertise the job opening to include individuals not currently employed with
                    the District. Wally advocated that (with consensus of the Board) an internal search first
                    be done to see which employees may be interested. He noted the past success with the
                    internal hire of Mr. Roessler and his predecessor, which well served the District. In first
                    doing an internal job search, Mr. Roessler suggested that over the next 60 days if the
                    Board does not find somebody it wants to hire internally, then there is still plenty of time
                    to work with OSBA (Oregon School Boards Association) or another search organization
Regular Board Meeting Minutes of July 13, 2009                                                           Page 3

                     to do an external search to attract candidates. Mr. Roessler explained the typical time
                     period, where superintendents start looking, is November or December for other job
                     openings. He cautioned that waiting until March to begin the search process, may be
                     too late for good candidates as they have already been applying, interviewing and
                     accepting jobs. Wally noted that OSBA had contacted him about assisting with the
                     Tim Roth inquired how the internal job search would be done. Mr. Roessler explained
                     that the job opening is posted. Then through the e-mail system, a message is sent to
                     everyone letting them know that the position is open. For those interested in applying,
                     they submit a letter of interest and other documentation (e.g., letters of
                     recommendation). A time is then set up for the Board to screen those applicants and
                     schedule interviews.
                     Jim Sinn asked what were the minimum requirements for the superintendent’s position.
                     Mr. Roessler said that a person has to have a superintendent’s license or be qualified for
                     a superintendent’s license by July 1, 2010. Andy Bellando added that some of the more
                     recent administrative training programs people have completed are eligible for every
                     administrative position. He noted that some programs are specific to superintendent or
                     assistant principal/principal positions, so there is some differentiation.
Athletic Contract:   Greg Kaatz, Athletic Director, reviewed and discussed with the Board Draft #7 of the
                     revised Athletic Code of Conduct Contract. He noted that he had received input from
                     parents of the focus group, Wes Kuenzi (as requested by Jamie Martinson), individual
                     students, coaches and the administrative team. The Board shared their appreciation for
                     the time and work that went into composing this contract. Speaking from the Athletic
                     Department point of view, Mr. Kaatz said that in 4-5 years, this contract may need to be
                     tweaked because the community may change in what it considers important. Mr.
                     Roessler then clarified for the Board that the Athletic Department would like to start using
                     this contract for fall sports, so he suggested this be an Action Item at the August board
Dropout Report:      Mr. Roessler reported that the federal government is requiring states to adjust the way
                     they calculate dropouts so the calculations are the same across the United States. He
                     noted that students receiving GEDs will no longer be counted as high school graduates.
                     Under these new guidelines, Mr. Roessler said they are still trying to get clarification on
                     whether or not kids who graduate from Winema Alternative High School will be
                     considered high school graduates. Mr. Roessler explained that the GED program will
                     probably be eliminated, but one possible alternative is the GED program at Chemeketa.
                     He said that another option to consider is expanding Teacher Helen Thomas’s
                     Alternative Education Program to keep these kids enrolled in school.
                     From the audience, Mark Hannan, Silverton High School Principal, shared that the
                     Second Solutions Program (GED based program) will no longer be housed at Silverton
                     High School. He noted this may cause a hardship for some students, but they will either
                     create a new program or work within the current high school programs to help keep
                     those students enrolled in school. Mr. Roessler added that some of these kids have
                     nearly completed the program. They were planning to come back in the fall and get their
                     GED. For some of those kids, they may be better off continuing on the GED route
                     and/or the Expanded Options Program at Chemeketa Community College.
                     Tim Roth inquired if there would be a space issue if the Alternative Education Program is
                     expanded. From the audience, Mark Hannan replied that would be a concern so
                     decisions would need to be made as to where the program could be housed and
                     possibly hiring more staff. Mr. Hannan said they will wait to see what is decided about
                     the Winema program.
Policy DJF:          There was a second reading of proposed rescission of policy DJF – Purchasing
Revised Policies:    There was a second reading of proposed revisions to policies: DJ – District Purchasing
                     and DJC – Bidding Requirements.
Regular Board Meeting Minutes of July 13, 2009                                                          Page 4

                    Roessler — District Office. Mr. Roessler reported that the District Office has moved to
                    the old high school - Schlador Street Campus. He explained the Business Office and
                    Maintenance Department are located where the attendance office and business
                    classroom used to be, and then the rest of the District Office is in the old administration
                    office. Mr. Roessler said that a design is being worked on by Architect Randy Saunders
                    for remodeling the Music Building to house the District Office. He recommended that the
                    Board not make any decision to move forward with the remodel until Facility Grant
                    dollars have been received and decisions have been made as to what the priorities will
                    be. Mr. Roessler noted the earliest that Facility Grant money may be available is March
                    Hoffman — Financial Report. Mrs. Hoffman noted the preliminary 2008-09 end of the
                    year numbers. She explained that bills are still being paid from the month of June so the
                    carryover amount won’t be known until about the first or second week in August. Mrs.
                    Hoffman felt it is looking pretty good compared to what has been budgeted to begin the
                    2009-10 school year. Mr. Roessler added that it is still unknown what is going to happen
                    to Oregon’s economy and income tax collections, especially for the 2010-11 school year.
                    In response to Garth King’s inquiry as to how the Food Services Program is doing, Mrs.
                    Hoffman replied that significant cuts in staffing were done. She explained that it won’t be
                    known until August as to what the contracts for food look like as far as costs. Mrs.
                    Hoffman noted that “a la carte” pricing is being reviewed and decisions will be made
                    whether or not to raise prices.
                    Linda Brown — Special Education Services and Program. Dr. Brown reviewed the
                    2008-09 school year for Special Education Services, and an overview of the plans for
                    2009-2010. During her report, Dr. Brown described student demographics, 2008-2009
                    achievements (e.g., Mark Twain School Basic Skills Class, new Specific Learning
                    Disabilities identification process), and plans for 2009-2010 (e.g., new special education
                    teachers and behavior specialists, new Special Education Data System called TIENET).
                    Wally Lierman said he appreciated all Dr. Brown is doing and her personal investment in
                    the Special Education Program.

                    BOARD REPORTS
High School         Wally Lierman noted that he had missed the July Bond Advisory Committee (BAC)
Construction:       meeting, but he still had some updates to share: Gym – almost done. Theater – Seats
                    are installed, painting is almost done, and stage curtains to be installed next week.
                    Entrance to new high school – Replace pavers and concrete entry with concrete
                    because the surface had become uneven and was a tripping hazard in some areas.
                    CTE Building – Scheduled to be done around August 10. Tennis Courts –
                    Construction underway and should be done in about three weeks. Wally reported that
                    the staff move is almost complete. He also shared that the BAC had determined that
                    September will probably be the last regularly scheduled meeting for the group, and then
                    it will be an ad hoc committee as needed.
Open House:         Jim Sinn asked if there is going to be an “open house” for the new high school. Mr.
                    Roessler said yes, and that could possibly happen at the end of September. He
                    explained that it is not yet ready for the public to tour. Mr. Roessler added that the plan
                    is to have the kids as part of the open house, so they need time to get familiar with the
                    layout. He then said that the Board could have an earlier tour. Mr. Roessler suggested
                    possibly having the August board work session at the new high school and then go on a
Eugene Field        Garth King shared his concerns that the damaged modular at Eugene Field School may
Modular:            not be cost effective to repair because of new ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
                    requirements. He suggested Blazer Industries send someone to evaluate the structure.
                    Jim Sinn inquired if there is insurance on the modular. Mr. Roessler explained that the
                    District’s deductible on property is $25,000. He noted that the driver (who hit the
Regular Board Meeting Minutes of July 13, 2009                                                          Page 5

                     modular) has insurance, but Pete Paradis, Maintenance Supervisor, had talked with the
                     insurance company and its adjustors. With the amount of damage done to multiple
                     buildings and vehicles, the driver’s insurance could exceed the limits on his policy.
                     There may not be enough coverage to take care of Eugene Field School’s modular and
                     David Beeson then asked to hear the whole story. Mr. Roessler explained that about
                     2:30 a.m. Saturday morning, a person driving from Mt. Angel came to the signal light at
                     First Street and C Street. He drove through the intersection heading the wrong way on
                     First Street and ended up hitting a city trash container, side-swiped a parked truck, went
                     through three of Eugene Field School’s cyclone fences, hit the modular and apparently
                     knocked it off center. Mr. Roessler said they are still gathering information. He thought
                     contacting Blazer Industries to evaluate the modular structure was a good idea.

                     Wally Lierman acknowledged receipt of the 2008-2009 Bethany Charter School Annual
                     Report. From the audience, Bethany Charter School representative Karyn Buchheit
                     thanked the Board and District staff for their support.

School Reports:      Wally Lierman requested that throughout the next school year, to have schools
                     (including Bethany Charter) report on how they academically compare to other schools
                     in the District, and what programs they could put in place to improve their academic
                     situation. Tim Roth asked for feedback on Bethany School’s assessments. From the
                     audience, Karyn Buchheit noted what they need to improve in, which included writing.
                     Mr. Roessler added that soon a new report card will be coming out for the 2008-09
                     school year.

                     AUDIENCE WITH VISITORS
                     No comments from the audience.

                     ACTION ITEMS
Account Signer:      Mr. Roessler explained that a bank was requiring the Board take action when a change
                     is made as to who has the authority to sign checks. Mrs. Hoffman added that usually
                     banks have allowed the Custodian of the Funds (Mr. Roessler and Mrs. Hoffman
                     designated by the Board) to delegate that authority, but now this bank wants to be more
                     specific. David Beeson then moved, and Tim Roth seconded, to approve replacing Jodi
                     Drescher with Mark Hannan as a signer on Account #0110002375, along with Amy
                     Chisman and Carmen Fennimore remaining as signers on the same account. The
                     motion carried unanimously.
Athletic Contract:   Instead of waiting until the August board meeting, David Beeson moved, and Tim Roth
                     seconded, to approve Draft #7 of the Silverton High School Athletic Code of Conduct
                     Contract as presented. The motion carried unanimously.

Adjourn:             No further business was brought before the Board and the meeting adjourned at
                     8:13 p.m.

Chair of the Board                                           Superintendent-Clerk

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