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  Release 4.0 changes
    • AGENDA
     -   Preventive Action Popup
     -   Any Site SPOC
     -   CAR Title Field
     -   Due Dates
     -   Due Date Extension Window
     -   Event Question
     -   Owning Site Final Approval
     -   Follow-Up Remarks in E-mail
     -   Follow-up/Effectiveness “Reviewer” & Notes
     -   Create New CAR button availability
     -   Efficiency Report scoring modified
     -   Fields rename in Browse Export
     -   Quality system popup
     -   Requirement popup
     -   Comments field on Browse/Export
     -   Active User Check Box
     -   CAT Process Efficiency Report
     -   Change Personal Information
     -   Arrows to select field position on report
     -   Root Cause Definition Update
     -   Added fields to Field Selection tab
     -   Additional updates

2                                           Honeywell Confidential
    Preventive Action Popup

                                              When you select
                                              Preventive Action
                                              CAR Type, an Alert
                                              box showing the
                                              definition will

3                    Honeywell Confidential
    Any Site SPOC

                                       Now there is an option to search
                                       Lead Requester, SPOC, Follow-up,
                                       or Effectiveness Reviewer from
                                       any site.

4                   Honeywell Confidential
    CAR Title Field

                                               An optional CAR Title has
                                               been added (75 characters

5                     Honeywell Confidential
    Due Dates

                                         •“Due to Requester” was
                                         renamed “SPOC Approval
                                         Approval Due” was

6               Honeywell Confidential
    Due Date Extension Window

                                              When changing due dates, this
                                              window will only show up for
                                              administrators; All other users
                                              will have the extension
                                              automatically counted.

7                    Honeywell Confidential
    Event Question

                                              The Event Question is now
                                              mandatory field to be able
                                              to initiate a CAR. Existing
                                              CARs will also require this
                                              Event Question to be

8                    Honeywell Confidential
    Owning Site Final Approval

                                               “Owning Site Final Disposition”
                                               section has been removed from
                                               all CAR types, except for
                                               “Supplier RMRA”.

9                     Honeywell Confidential
       Follow-Up Remarks in E-mail

     “Follow Up Remarks” have
     been added to the automatic
     e-mails send by eCATS.

10                                 Honeywell Confidential
     Follow-up/Effectiveness “Reviewer” & Notes

                                                   •“Follow-up Auditor” was
                                                   changed to “Follow-up
                                                   Reviewer” with a short
                                                   •“Effectiveness Auditor” was
                                                   changed to “Effectiveness
                                                   Reviewer” with a short

11                        Honeywell Confidential
     Create New CAR button availability
                                                At Pending Follow Up Review, the
                                                Create New CAR button is

                                                 When rejected, the Remarks
                                                 field becomes mandatory.

                                                     The Create New CAR
                                                     button is only available
                                                     when it is been rejected
                                                     and Remarks have been

12                     Honeywell Confidential
     Efficiency Report scoring modified

           Added calculation columns
           to the Efficiency Report

13                                 Honeywell Confidential
     Fields rename in Browse Export

                                                 The below fields were
                                                 renamed on the Browse
                                                 Export to better understand
                                                 from the user.

14                      Honeywell Confidential
     Quality system popup

                                               The Quality System
                                               Element is now a
                                               mandatory field required to
                                               initiate a CAR when CAR
                                               type is Network Quality
                                               System. Network Quality
                                               System existing CAR types
                                               will also require this
                                               Quality System Element to
                                               be populated.

15                    Honeywell Confidential
     Requirement popup

                                              The Requirement field is
                                              now mandatory to be able to
                                              initiate a CAR. Existing
                                              CARs will also need the
                                              Requirement field to be

16                   Honeywell Confidential
     Comments field on Browse/Export

                  Comment Log field
                  has been included in
                  the Specific Field               *** CAR IDs will be
                  Selection list.                  repeated for every

17                        Honeywell Confidential
     Active User Check Box

                                         Administrators when working on
                                         the User Maintenance Tab will
                                         now have the ability to select the
                                         Active Users check box in the
                                         Search Form to filter just by active
                                         users only.

18                    Honeywell Confidential
     CAT Process Efficiency Report

                                      “CAT Process Effectiveness” was
                                      renamed “CAT Process Efficiency”.

19                     Honeywell Confidential
     Change Personal Information

                    Users can update their
                    personal information.

20                       Honeywell Confidential
     Arrows to select field position on report

                                                   Arrows will allow user to select
                                                   position of the field on the report

21                        Honeywell Confidential
     Root Cause Definition Update

                             Definition for Root Cause has been
                             updated to match the definition in
                             CAMP Training.

22                     Honeywell Confidential
     Added fields to Field Selection tab

                                                 Added Root Cause
                                                 Code Text, Corrective
                                                 Action Code Text, and
                                                 Status Code Text
                                                 fields to the Field
                                                 Selection tab.

23                      Honeywell Confidential
     Additional updates

     • ECATS system will provide e-mail notifications for
       Effectiveness Reviews similar to those provided for
       Follow-up Reviews.
     • In the Admin Screen the “Move User” button is
       available to all “Site Administrator” to move users
       from any site to/from their own site.
     • The Training Link on the left side of the Main Menu
       has been changed to User Manual; There you’ll find
       the eCATS User Manual and the HTML Help Tool.

24                         Honeywell Confidential
     Additional updates (cont.)

     • For any question related to this training please
        - SME – Scott Long (
        - SME – Ramses Camara (

25                          Honeywell Confidential

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