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									Why Site Owners today Choose to
Evaluate the HTML5 New
                                   HTML5 has definitely been a big trend in
                                   the Web industry for over a year now and
                                   is starting to be used more regularly
                                   across a broad range of websites.
                                   Because of this, the Development team of
                                   Cornerstone shows their interest and you
                                   have to be aware of it.

                                   HTML5 background

Without learning the real functions of HTML (HyperText Markup Language),
you might not easily determine the HTML5 exact functionalities. Through
the HTML code, it will be very easy for many web portals to reveal the
websites online through giving them visibility. Our company is using this
regularly to develop various websites for our clients and with the help of our
Ecommerce Consultants we can update any changes easily.

Despite the years of existence of HTML online, the advancement of the
Internet did not reveal many changes regarding this code. As years passes
by, many online marketers and developers begun to imagine the possible
ways to modify this secret language and use it for better site development
and usability. Their ideas were compiled, discussed and effectively resulted
in the birth of HTML5.
HTML5 - Key Features

This latest language presents impressive new features. Some of these are
behind the scenes and so are not easily noticed, however many of them
directly affect how Web Pages can be used, how they present content to
search engines and the types of content that can be displayed to the user.

I have listed a selection of some of our favourite new features that HTML5
provides- there are many more:

Communication with Search Engines: It is very important to publish the best
and related subject matter to the webpage that will not mislead the visitors,
for example, make sure to indicate the right text when mentioning an
important factor like names, addresses, price values, headlines and more. Be
means of giving the best content for the page, many web portals can
immediately acknowledge the website and index it for higher ranking. Sites
that are faster to index are generally considered by search engines to be
better maintained and this can help in overall search rankings.

Additional Form Field Types: With the great inclusion of the best form fields
using the HTML5, it is now easy to determine the details of the customers
through their online forms. This is very advantageous for those who use
Smartphone/Tablet because the keyboard modifies the symbol
automatically. For instance, using an iPhone and typing an email address will
automatically include the “@” symbol. With the inclusion of the ‘Drag and
Drop’, it certainly offered great benefits to many users in uploading files

Video and Audio Support: The old versions of HTML, web crawlers needed
to depend on plug-ins like Flash, Quicktime and Silverlight, among others to
view videos or listen to audio sounds. With the HTML5, it is now easy to gain
access to these video and audio files without requiring us to use these types
of plugins or security holes.

Local Storage of Data: Definitely, it is impossible for web pages to operate
without Internet connection. Using HTML5, you can easily store the data you
need on the search engine, do your tasks continuously, promote your
business and all these are synchronized without repeating the process when
opening the webpage. This simply means that wherever destinations your
users will go, they can gain access from your forms as long as they are
connected online!

HTML: Web Browser Support

As what many users understand, the developers of web portals are popular
in not adjusting to the changes online and have difficulty in following the
rules. Actually, the HTML5 elements are familiar with this issue and other
important features from HTML5 are not compatible to the usual or
traditional browsers. By the year 2014, Web Browsers are going to benefit
from the HTML5 support because of the upcoming improvement of these

Luckily, we can now start using many of the offered HTML5 features in
keeping the webpage visible online using these features. We actually have
utilized these elements in most of the websites of our clients to continue to
provide the best strategies in achieving online success easily.

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