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                            CONTENTS                                             EDITORIAL
                            CONTENTS                                             EDITORIAL
    Kelly Doley
    Penelope Benton

                            4-5.                                                 ACTION!
    Kelly Doley             COFA SRC tackle the 1/2 a Desk problem               Welcome to the fifth COFAtopia for 2012.
    Penelope Benton
                            6-7.                                                 Themed ACTION we take a look at some
    Kelly Doley
                            Flotsam & Flux                                       extraordinary students doing some
    Penelope Benton         8-9.                                                 extraordinary things. It may be the
    James McDonald
    Beth Dillon             WHAT’S ON                                            depths of winter but that doesn’t stop
    Samara Shehata
    Wilna Fourie            10-11.                                               the busy activity of COFA students
    Olivia Welch,
    Oliver Godsell
                            Acting Auditory: James McDonald                      James McDonald, Jack Condon and Rebecca
    Tahjee Moar             12-13.                                               Karageorgos, the all new art theory
    Jessica Stewart
    Vanessa Low             Meet & Greet: COFA’s YOLK Collective                 collective YOLK or the COFA SRC. Take
                            14-15.                                               a read about all the innovative steps
    Jack Condon             COFA kids at Kenso Survival Guide                    these super cool COFA kids are
    (detail)                16.                                                  taking to place agency in their own
    LOGO DESIGN             Art School Bash photos                               hands! Next issue: CLOSER TOGETHER
    Kiera Chevell
                            18.                                                  featuring UNSW Artsweek plus some hot
    PRINTING                SRC SAYS: SRC President Beth Dillon                  tips for the Biennale of Sydney from
    Arc Office @ COFA
                            19.                                                  a COFA student perspective. See you
    Arc @ UNSW Ltd
                            Kudos Gallery program                                then...

                                                                                 Arc at COFA xx

                                      W       AY
                               G IVEA                  al cool and
                                           ave been re kers to give away
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                               us some Dy ndo 64 comps this yeation on
                               in our Ninte ntly running a competi’t really
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                                FB about ‘’extrebut go to http://on.fb.m lly
                                get it? Neither,          and co  uld tota
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                                LIZADs to fiworth of Westfield vou
                                win $2500
                                                                                  mara Shehata
                                                              ss  Stewart and Sa exhibition
                                              Beth Dillon, Je scuss their upcoming            s
                                              from COFA SRC di at tackles the short and curlie y

    A DESK
                                              ‘Half a Desk’, th COFA. Showing at Kudos Galler
                                              of studio space       8 August...
                                              during ArtsWeek, 14-1
    Call for Submissions
    The COFA SRC wants your works for
    an exciting new show at Kudos Gallery.                                      of works, opening night at-      hoping for
                                              What is ‘Half a                   tendance, the mass (respon-      submissions that respond
    ‘Half a Desk’ is a response to the        Desk’ about?                      sible) consumption of free       creatively to the size
                                                                                drinks, and participation in     restrictions and exhibition
    lack of studio facilities and resources   Half a Desk refers to the         artist talks and discussions.    themes. This is a great chance
    provided to students during the COFA      amount of studio space                                             for COFA students to critically
    Redevelopment Project.                    currently allocated to                                             consider their experiences of
                                              Undergrad students at COFA:       Who can be involved?             studying within a construction

    Exhibition Dates:                         40cm by 75cm.
                                                                                All COFA students are
                                                                                                                 site. We expect submitted
                                                                                                                 works will express the unique
    13-17 August (Artsweek)                   The show is a response to the
                                              lack of acceptable studio
                                                                                encouraged to submit works
                                                                                for the exhibition. If you are
                                                                                                                 challenges of studying at a
                                                                                                                 campus plagued by limited
                                              facilities and resources made     Undergrad, Post Grad, Art        resources, facilities and the
    All COFA students are invited to apply.   available to students during      Theory, Art Education, Design,   absence of a student
                                              the COFA Redevelopment            Digital Media, Fine Arts, we     community at COFA.
    All mediums accepted.                                                       want your works!
                                              Project. The exhibition will
    Experimental works, works in              critique the failure of the       Don’t be shy.
    progress and works that use space         COFA administration to meet
                                                                                                                 APPLY APPLY APPLY
    creatively are encouraged.                the basic needs of students       CRITERIA:                        APPLY APPLY APPLY
                                              and celebrate the ability of
                                                                                                                 APPLY APPLY APPLY
    Works must fit within the dimensions      COFA students to create           Works submitted MUST fit
    of half a standard desk size:             brilliant and engaging works in   within the dimensions of half    To apply, email your name,
                                              spite of these adverse

    40cm x 75cm
                                                                                a standard desk size: 40cm       phone number, 3 photos
                                              conditions.                       by 75cm. Height is flexible.     of your work and a brief
                                                                                                                 proposal outlining what you
    No height restrictions                    Curated by the COFA Student       We will accept 2D works,         intend to exhibit to:
                                              Representative Council (SRC)      sculptures, performances,
                                              ‘Half a Desk’ is part of the      time-based works and
    Email your name, phone number and         SRC’s ‘Dear Dean campaign’;       installations. Experimental      Deadline for submissions is
    three images and a short description      a letter writing project that     works, works in progress and     30 July, Week 3, Sem 2.
    of your work or proposed work to          provides a forum for students     works that use the gallery
                                              to voice their concerns about     space and size restrictions      ‘Half A Desk’ is part of Arts-                       current conditions at COFA.       creatively are encouraged.       Week, 14-18 August, Week 5
    Submissions due                           The exhibition is also part of
                                                                                                                 at Kudos Gallery, 6 Napier St.
                                                                                Why should people                Paddington. The exhibition
    5pm, Mon 30th July                        the SRC’s ongoing quest to
                                                                                                                 opens 5-7pm, Tue 14 August.
                                              re-establish a sense of           get involved?
                                              community amongst the
                                                                                                                 For more info on the rest of
                                              COFA student body. With this      ‘Half a Desk’ is a great         the Artsweek program visit
                                              project we are hoping to get      opportunity for students to and
                                              as many students involved         not only show finished works     pick up the next edition of
                                              as possible, whether that         but also experimental works      COFAtopia.
                                              be through the exhibition         and works in progress. We’re                                      5
                                                          FLOTSAM & FLUX
                                                          JACK CONDON and REBECCA KARAGEORGOS
                                                          Flotsam & Flux is an action         “toys with the notion of             an unprecedented number of
                                                          packed photomedia                   interiority, portraying the          exhibition proposals this year
                                                          exhibition by recent (2011)         sublime facades of domestic          and the rest of 2012’s program
                                                          COFA graduates Jack                 life and the body”.                  is already full!
                                                          Condon and Rebecca
                                                          Karageorgos that opened to          Her work, whilst beautiful, is       We are now accepting
                                                          a full house at Kudos Gallery       a little unsettling. She says of     submissions for the 2013
                                                          in O Week Semester 2. The           her subjects “their tranquility      program. The next deadline
                                                          exhibition is open till Sat 21      is haunting as they are              is Friday 10 August. This is
                                                          July, don’t miss it!                surrounded by an unnatural           also the deadline for the next
                                                                                              form of the domestic. Each           round ofArc @ COFA Art &
                                                          Kudos Gallery is open Wed           ones eyes, glazed over and           Design Grants (ADG) - you
                                                          to Fri 11am - 6pm and Sat           or distracted as their exterior      can apply for up to $500 for
                                                          11am - 4pm.                         becomes a stage for their            an extracurricular project!!
                                                                                              interior to be exposed.”             For more information about
                                                                                                                                   Kudos Gallery and ADG, or to
                                                          This is a very schlick and          Jack Condon’s work makes             download application forms,
                                                          slightly sexy show of portraits     me smile. It has such a raw
                                                          in intimate spaces, that evoke      honesty about it. I admire
      Jack Condon Balloons                                a sense of timelessness, yet        anyone who can make such             If this exhibition has you in-
                                                          feel so very now. The works         an eclectic mess of a room full      spired to start taking pictures,
                                                          are art-house cinematic and         of expressionless and some-          Arc, in collaboration with
                                                          the lighting is dramatic,           what disconnected figures            the UNSW Photo Club are
                                                          emphasised by the use of film       look so alive and glamourous.        currently running our annual
                                                          flood lights (we hear they’re       They’re fun, like 5o’clock in        LensLife competition. Suc-
                                                          straight off the set from Mad-      the morning fun.                     cessful entrants will have their
                                                          Max) to illuminate the works in                                          work exhibited during Arts-
                                                          the gallery. The install inspires   He says he aims to “explore          week, 13- 17 August. Entries
                                                          a journey through uni-student       how our unconscious desires          close Monday 30 July. Entry
                                                          living; TVs on the floor, messy     manifest themselves inside           forms are available online at
                                                          rooms, games of boredom             mundane everyday experi-    or email
                                                          and distraction, it takes us        ence... (and) seeks to heighten
                                                          down a confined, creepy and         the constant tension between
                                                          confronting hallway, and then       desires and resolution, dreams
                                                          across to a series of softly        and realisations, potential and
                                                          sexualised masculine figures.       compromise”. Jack refers to
                                                          Both artists’ works are heavily     his work as staging, manipu-
                                                          stylised, domesticated hyper-       lating and fabricating reality.
                                                          reality with a darkness and         He “creates new tangible
                                                          depth that many photogra-           realities and narratives that
                                                          phers strive for.                   reflect back on contemporary
                                                                                              life where a duality of magic
                                                          It’s common for friends to          and hopes is contrasted with
                                                          propose a two-person show,          the limitations of the human
                                                          but it’s been a long time since     condition”.
                                                          we’ve seen two friends exhibit
                                                          together like this and not only     Jack Condon is showing at
                                                          does it makes sense, but it         Firstdraft Gallery, Surry Hills in
                                                          looks so good.                      September, look out for that!

                                                          Rebecca Karageorgos’ work           Kudos Gallery has received
6 6                          Rebecca Karageorgos Ramesh                                                                                                               7
WHAT’S ON ON                                                                                                   WHAT’S ON ON
 OWEEK!                                                                   FRI 13 July
                                                                                                               WHAT’S ON ON                                                        1 pm

                                       2-3 pm                                                                 WED 18 July

        OWEEK!                         Yellow Shirt Campus Tour           10 am - 3 pm                                                                                             Long Lazy Lunch 1

                                       Main Library Lawn, UNSW            COFA Computing Workshops                                                                                 COFA@Kenso Courtyard, UNSW
                                                                          F106, F Block, COFA.                Filmscreening: Dr Strangelove,
                                       3-4 pm                                                                                                                                      3-4 pm
                                                                                                              Stanley Kubrick                                                      Stitch n’ Bitch
    MON 9 July                         UNSW OFFICIAL WELCOME              10am – 1pm                          EG02, COFA                       MON 23 July
                                       Central Lecture Block,             Under 18’s Arrival Essentials +                                                                          Bring your needles and your
    10 am – 4 pm                       Theatre 7, UNSW                    Campus Tour                                                                                              gossip
                                                                                                              3-4 pm                           11am-12pm
    GETTING STARTED                                                       CLB 2, UNSW                                                                                              Common Rm
                                                                                                              Stitch n’ Bitch                  SOCCER,
    A range of support services        4 – 5pm                                                                Bring your needles and your      Meet in the Arc Office or meet us
    will be centrally located in the   UNSW Library for                   11am – 12pm                                                                                              4-5 pm
                                                                                                              gossip                            at Moore Park. To join the
    UNSW Main Libary for com-          Postgraduates                      Bang on Budget: Ways to Best                                                                             Nintendo 64/weekly comps,
                                                                                                              Common Rm                        group you can also find us on
    mencing students to assist with    Matthews A, UNSW                   Manage your Money                                                                                        prizes galore and glory!
                                                                                                                                               FB: COFA SOCCER 2012
    enrolment, student ID                                                 CLB 4, UNSW                                                                                              COFA Common Room,
                                                                                                              4-5 pm                                                               Level 1 E Block, COFA.
    cards and IT Support.              4 – 5pm                                                                Nintendo 64/weekly comps,        TUE 24 July
    UNSW Main Library                  Get That Part Time Job             2 – 3:30pm                          prizes galore and glory!
                                       CLB 8, UNSW                        Strategies That Will Improve                                                                             4-7pm
                                                                                                              COFA Common Room,                5-7 pm
    Download Uni-Verse,                                                   Your Mood - Presented by Ed                                                                              MID WEEK SOCIAL
                                                                                                              Level 1 E Block, COFA.           Exhibition opening at Kudos
    UNSW’s official SmartPhone         THU 12 July                        Lukaszewski                                                                                              Booze, food and games
    application for iPhone and                                            CLB 4, UNSW                                                                                              all in the name of fun
                                                                                                              4-7pm                            Science Fictional
    Android plus                       10 – 11am                                                                                                                                   COFA Common Room,
                                                                                                              WELCOME BACK SOCIAL!,            Andrew Frost
    FULL O WEEK PROGRAM:               The Insider: Guide to Your First                                                                                                            Level 1 E Block, COFA
                                                                                                              Booze, food and gamesTO          continues to 4 August               Few Weeks at University                                                celebrate the start of Session   Kudos Gallery
    au/whatson.html                    CLB 4, UNSW                                                                                                                                 THU 26 July

                                                                                                              COFA Common Room,                6 Napier St. Paddington
                                                                                                              Level 1 E Block, COFA                                                1-2 pm
    TUE 10 July                        11 – 11:30am

                                                                                                              .                                6-8 pm
                                       Be a Leader: Discover the UNSW                                                                                                              YOGA, free for Arc
                                                                                                              THU 19 July                      COFA Talks
    5-7 pm                             Leadership Program                                                                                                                          members, 5 bucks otherwise.
                                                                                                                                               EG02, E Block COFA.
    Exhibition opening at              CLB 4, UNSW                                                                                                                                 E101, Level 1 E Block. COFA
                                                                                                              1-2 pm
    Kudos Gallery:                                                                                            YOGA, free for Arc               WED 25 July
    Flotsam and Flux                   12 – 1pm                           MON 16 July                                                                                              2-3 pm
                                                                                                              members, 5 bucks otherwise.                                          Meditation.
    Jack Condon and Rebecca            Become an ASPIRE Travelling                                            E101, Level 1 E Block. COFA      9-5 pm
     Karageorgos                       Ambassador                         11am-12pm                                                                                                Meditation will be explored
                                                                                                                                               Arc Flea Markets
    Continues to 21 July               John Goodsell LG19, UNSW           SOCCER,                                                                                                  from a mindfulness
                                                                                                              2-3 pm                           Arc Precinct, UNSW
    Kudos Gallery                                                         Meet in the Arc Office or meet us                                                                        perspective.
                                                                           at Moore Park. To join the         Meditation.                                                          Arc Activities Room Level 1
    6 Napier St. Paddington            1, 2.30, 3.15 pm                                                       Meditation will be explored      1pm
    open Wed to Fri 11am-6pm,          COFA Library Tours                 group you can also find us on                                                                            E Block. COFA
                                                                                                              from a mindfulness               Film screening: Full Metal Jacket
    Sat 11am-4pm                       Sign up in E Block foyer., COFA    FB: COFA SOCCER 2012
                                                                                                              perspective.                     by Stanley Kubrick EG02, COFA
                                                                          TUE 17 July                          E Block. COFA
    6-8 pm:                            3 – 4. pm
    COFA Talks                         COFA Student tours of                                                  2-3 pm
    EG02, E Block COFA.                COFA campus. Meet out-             9 am- 4 pm
                                                                          WELCOME BACK DAY                    Sketch Club
                                       side EG02, COFA                                                        Venue TBC
    WED 11 July                                                           Main Walkway, UNSW
                                                                          Kensington Campus                   UNSW
                                       4 – 6 pm
    9:30 – 11 am                       COFA Faculty Welcome                                                   5 pm-late
    Writing a Succesful Resume and     Lecture Theatre EG02, COFA         12-1 pm
                                                                          COFA@KENSO WELCOME                  START OF SESSION PARTY
    Cover Letter                                                                                              Roundhouse, UNSW
    CLB 7, UNSW                        6 – 7.30 pm                         BACK DAY!
                                       Arc@COFA Welcome Drinks            COFA@Kenso courtyard, behind
    11am – 12pm                        COFA Common Room                   the Roundhouse, UNSW
    The Insider: Guide to Your First   E Block, COFA
    Few Weeks at University                                               6-8pm
    CLB 4, UNSW                                                           COFA Talks
                                                                          EG02, E Block COFA.

8                                                                                                                                                                                                                9
Acting Auditory:
          James McDonald on his Internship at Kudos Gallery
 James McDonald is a 3rd
 year SPI major at COFA. In
 Semester 1 he was the
 Kudos Gallery Intern, a
 sought after position in the
 intern world as not only
 is it PAID (!) but it opens
 up a whole lot of doors to
 new skills and contacts. I
 recently got the down low
 from James about intern-
 ing, and the innovative
 exhibition he curated at
 Kudos, ‘Acting Auditory’.

 What were some of the
 benefits from doing an
 internship at Kudos?

 Definitely the contacts            The show you curated,            The majority of the work
 made benefited me and will         ‘Acting Auditory’ brought        was video or documentation
 continue to do so in future,       together 18 COFA students        of performance, which we
 even if it was just getting to     to explore the links             had on multiple TV’s and
 know COFA students. But            between performance and          large projections. There were
 equally as important was           audio. What are the              also sculptural installations
 the insight into art admin         connections?                     incorporating sound and one
 and the skills needed to be                                         purely sound installation. On
 successful in the industry. I’ve   Audio and performance            opening night we had ‘Half
 definitely improved my             both exist outside of the        Time’, a live performance in-
 communication skills over a        realm of ‘pure’ art, often       volving orange quarters and
 range of areas. I now think        relegated to the field of        yellow cards by Beth Dillon,
 I can write a pretty good          acting and music. Through        Jess Stewart and Nick Fox
 email!                             this exhibition I wanted to      donning their recent
                                    reveal the direct relationship   ‘Carrotonian’ personas.
 Over the duration of the           of performance and sound
 6-month internship any             outside of this popular          What’s next post Kudos
 highlights? Lowlights?             definition. I also wanted to     Internship?
                                    question whether they could
 Highlights were being              be separated successfully to     Post lazy Uni holidays, in
 continually exposed to a           stand alone, and highlight       Semester 2 my focus will be
 range of exhibition styles         the contextualising nature       to finish COFA subjects and
 and mediums, meeting               of sound to performance. I       get ready for the Annual
 heaps of artists and the           also wanted to present the       Exibition. Next year I’ve
 supportive team at Arc at          effect of recorded or            applied to go on exchange
 COFA has been exhilarating         synthesized sound that is        to Lyon, France so I am
 and engaging.                      reproduced in the absence        eagerly anticipating that!
                                    of a performer.
 Lowlights, I guess pulling
 the rubbish laden wheelie                                           This semester’s Kudos Intern
                                    What sort of works did you
 bin from Kudos to the                                               is ArtEd student Claudia
                                    have as part of the
 COFA loading dock every                                             Nicholson. The next call out
 week wasn’t the time of my                                          for Arc Interns will be in
                                                                     October so stay tuned!          Top left: ‘Primary’, sound booths, Madeleine Love exhibited sounds which related to the colour of each individual booth i.e.
                                                                                                     Above: Performance, ‘Half Time’ Beth Dillon, Jess Stewart and Nick Fox. Bottom Right: ‘Detritus’, Kate Harris
10                                                                                                                                                                                                                              11
                                                                                                       Meet & Gree
                                                                                                                                                       O LLEC TIVE
                                                                                                                  Y OLK C
                                                                                                     YOLK Collective are Olivia
                                                                                                     Welch, Oliver Godsell and
                                                                                                     Tahjee Moar, the hottest new
                                                                                                     group on the scene. YOLK’s
                                                                                                     three COFA Art Theory
                                                                                                     students are making some
                                                                                                     interesting stuff happen with
                                                                                                     an exhibition and
                                                                                                     publication ready to launch
                                                                                                     in July, these 3rd years are
                                                                                                     ones to watch. Kelly Doley
                                                                                                     got the low down..

                                                                                                     Why did you guys get

                                                                                                     YOLK Collective was formed
                                                                                                     in late 2011. We wanted to cre-
                                                                                                     ate opportunities and editorial
                                                                                                     for emerging artists, inside
                                                                                                     and outside of COFA. We also
                                                                                                     wanted to create a platform
                                                                                                     where we could share our            Definitely! As the art pages in     Within our studies at COFA we
                                                                                                     thoughts and use the knowl-         our newspapers diminish and         found that we have a shared
                                                                                                     edge gained in our degree by        people, still scarred by the        interest in cultural difference
                                                                                                     creating quirky and interesting     economic crisis, are investing      and cross-cultural diversity in
                                                                                                     written material on art and         less in the art world, critical     visual art, which is very topical
                                                                                                     design related topics.              dialogue in the art scene in        in this post-colonial, globalised
                                                                                                     Tell me about the upcoming          Sydney has suffered. To add         world. So the opportunity to
                                                                                                     exhibition and publication...       to this, cross-pollination within   curate an exhibition centred on
                                                                                                     ‘OF LIGHT’ is our debut exhi-       the arts and between art &          those themes with artists such
                                                                                                     bition centred on themes of         music, art & science etc. is        as Yinka Shonibare, Kara Walker
                                                                                                     light, luminosity and electric-     something we feel the arts in       and Jason Wing would be
                                                                                                     ity. It will be open from the 13-   Sydney is lacking and needs         beyond amazing for us!
                                                                                                     15 July at The Barn, Mosman         more of in order to create
                                                                                                     and will showcase works from        dialogue, whether critical or       Any hot picks for the Sydney
                                                                                                     a range of talented emerging        experimental. This is some-         Biennale?
                                                                                                     artists. We are also develop-       thing YOLK Collective aims to       Postcommodity, Jonathan 13
                                                                                                     ing our first biennial magazine,    foster.                             Jones, Philip Beesley, Pinaree
                                                                                                     which will be launched on the                                           Sanpitak & Tiffany Singh –
                                                                                                     opening night of ‘OF LIGHT’.        If you could curate a show          they’re all so exciting!
                                                                 ‘OF LIGHT’ opens 6.30-9.30pm,                                           with any artists in the whole
                                                             Fri 13 July and continues to 15 July.   Is there a need for more            world, no matter dead or            Thanks guys for your
                                                                            at The Barn, Mosman.     critical dialogue in the            alive, super famous or              insightful answers and looking
                                                             For more info about the exhibition      Sydney art scene?                   emerging - who would you            forward to what comes next
                                                            and all things YOLK Collective go to                                         choose?                             from YOLK.
 Kirst Ohh, ‘Vivid’ 2012, Digitial work, Heatpress poster
                                  If you’re after something slightly    If you wish to drown your
                                                                                                           EXTRA STUFFFFSSS
                                  more organic and home–grown,          sorrows, whatever they may
   OFA kid
                                  visit the Thoughtful Foods Coop-      be, there are two happy
                                                                                                           Life on Kensington cam-
 C                                erative, also handily located me-
                                  tres from the COFA Courtyard.
                                                                        hours to choose from. The
                                                                        Roundhouse happy hour
                                                                                                           pus is as interesting as you

                                                                                                           make it. There are loads
                                  This is one of Kenso’s best kept      is 5-6pm and Whitehouse
                                                                                                           of things to get involved
                                  secrets. They have an amazing         happy hour runs from 4-5pm.
                                                                                                           with. Artsweek, that hap-
                                  collection of tea, grains, tinned     The Whitehouse is a
                                                                                                           pens in Week 5 in Semes-
                                  goods, weird ingredients and if       relatively new venue on
                                                                                                           ter 2, and is practically
                                  you sign up with the coop and         campus (find it through the
                                                                                                           made for COFA kids. Look

                                  do some volunteering you get          northern archway of the
                                                                                                           out for opportunities to
                                  a sweet discount. They also do        Quad. It has cheap yummy
                                                                                                           show your work, perform
                                  great value veggie boxes every        food, cocktails that come
                                                                                                           and basically get your art
                                  Thursday. Find them and their         in jars (it’s almost like being
                                                                                                           on. If you want to make
Lower Campus – the area           product list online (thoughtful-      in Surry Hills… almost) and
                                                                                                           some $weet cashola Arc
that you can get to without                        cheery staff who put on fun
                                                                                                           runs flea markets in the
going up stairs; the first 891                                          things like Art Attacks and
                                                                                                           Roundhouse precinct on
stop on High St.                  Moving on from the Courtyard          Live at the Whitehouse, a
                                                                                                           the first Wednesday of
                                  and back into the Roundhouse          radio program that is ‘broad-
                                                                                                           every month. For the more
One can easily spend an           we have the SD (Student De-           cast’ exclusively from the
                                                                                                           altruistic amongst you
entire degree on the bottom       velopment) office, kind of like       Whitehouse to the people in
                                                                                                           there is always the Vol-
half of campus, especially if     the Common Room without               the Whitehouse.
                                                                                                           unteer Army which helps
going to the library doesn’t      the common room bit. You can
                                                                                                           connect students with
really merit the physical         find helpful Arc people here,         Upper Campus – aptly
                                                                                                           volunteering opportunities
exertion required to get to it.   including the COFA@Kenso of-          named as it is indeed at the
                                                                                                           in their community.
However, lower campus can         ficer. You can also find informa-     top of a lot of stairs; the sec-
look like a giant walkway plus    tion about clubs and societies        ond 891 stop on High St.
a weird looking lime-green        and volunteer programs. The
building if you don’t know        common room part of the SD            Apparantly the Scientia Lawn
                                                                                                           If you order online at Siam
the secrets lying off the beat-   department is actually across in      (at the top of the Scientia
                                                                                                           Fusion (a Thai restaurant)
en (and by beaten I mean          the Blockhouse. If you go to Arc      steps) has been engineered
                                                                                                           on Anzac Pd the meal will
paved in sandstone) track.        reception you will find the stu-      to provide the perfect angle
                                                                                                           be ready by the time you
                                  dent welfare and womyn’s rooms        for napping. This is a vital
                                                                                                           walk there! What’s not
First off there’s the COFA        which have microwaves and             piece of information. Another
                                                                                                           to love about that!? Also,
Courtyard (behind the             kettles and various other things      vital piece of information is
                                                                                                           if you’re at the Design
Roundhouse) which features        for students and womyn to make        that once you find an empty
                                                                                                           studios the walk to ‘The
benches, an awesome tree          use of. In the Blockhouse you         desk in the library HANG ON
                                                                                                           Spot’ is only ten minutes.
and very easy access to the       can also find offices that house      TO IT. Do not leave. What-
                                                                                                           Then, of course, there’s           So you’re a COFA
best and cheapest food on         various Kensington SRC repre-         ever occurs. You have found                                                               kid going about yo
                                  sentatives that you can go and        a rare beast. Don’t let it go.
                                                                                                           the Regent Hotel, known            business among th                        ur
campus. Tropical Green – hid-                                                                              affectionately as the Rege.                             e fig trees and
den away in the back corner       annoy. They get paid for it so        Those that are still in                                              suddenly you find
                                                                                                                                             Kensington campus self on
                                                                                                           If you wish to kick on into
of the Roundhouse – makes         pester away.                          Mathews building have
                                                                                                           the evening by heading                                    ALL THE TIME.
the best phở, steamed buns                                              probably found the Mathews
                                                                                                           away from the city, then          What are you goin
                                  Across the Main Walkway we            food court and home of the                                                                g to do about it?
and Vietnamese salad rolls                                                                                 this fine establishment is        following helpful                       The
EVER! A chicken roll and          come to the new giant solar           most popular food place on                                                                survival guide will
                                                                                                           for you!                          get you through yo
drink won’t cost more than        panel of a building. The coffee is    campus – just a tip, if you                                                                ur time in purgator
                                                                                                                                            Hopefully this ca                           y.
$5.50 which makes it even         a bit expensive BUT the terrace       want a salad or soup from                                                                n cut through crie
                                  is AMAZE. Diagonally across           Stockmarket go before noon
                                                                                                           Some Handy contacts              ‘It’s so big!’, ‘The                    s of
more tasty and delicious. If                                                                                                                                     re are so many
you want something similar,       from this you will see UNSW’s         – the line is not worth your       Artsweek Coordinator: Zeynep     humans!’ and ‘Too
                                                                                                                                                                . Many. Steps.’ Th
try Ivan’s Fernery, which is      vendetta against right angles,        life over lunch. Another up-        tips in this guide                       e
                                                                                                                                                                 might make up fo
on level 1 of the Roundhouse.     the Law Building. Some avoid          per campus institution is the                                      fact that you’ve jo                     r the
                                  this place like the plague but it’s   Coffee Cart outside Morven         Flea Market Coordinator:                              ined the hordes on
Ivan is a UNSW institution                                                                                 Scarlett   the 89 1 and can no
and his restaurant is filled      the easiest place to find (a) a       Brown. They’re awesome and                                                                longer look
                                                                                                                                           effortlessly stylis
with a whole bunch of awe-        place to study – just ignore the      carbon neutral, so get a cof-      Volunteer Army Coordinator:                           h waiting for your
                                  evil looks you get from actual        fee and then lie on the grass                                      down Oxford St. Th                         bus
some things including the                                                                                  Sarah s.weiner@arc.unsw.                               ey probably won’t
                                  law students when they see your       outside of the library. Lots of                          make up for it, bu
incredible stained glass                                                                                                                                        t ya know – we tr
windows he created himself.       process diary and (b) the most        degrees have been made up                                                                                  y
                                                                                                           COFA@Kenso Officer: Wilna
                                  easily accessible loos on the long    of these activities alone. .au
                                  walk down to Anzac Pd.
14                                                                                                                                                                                           15
                                                             oss the three
                                         Social in Kings Cr
                        On 5 June at fbi             de history by comi
                                         Sydney ma
                        art schools from                   !
                                           e roof to party
                        together under on
                                                                from SCA,
                                            d by all students
                        Lots of fun was ha                          imwear,
                                             they jammed to Sw
                        COFA and NAS as              roes of psycedeli
                                           d the he
                        Rainbow Chan an                      spun their digital
                                              m all schools
                        Holy Balm. DJ’s fro            some hot dance
                                 t set the scene for                           d
                        wax tha
                                             s were had   by all, an arrest an
                         moves. Free drink                     ted   and we are
                                            affitti were repor
                         some naughty gr              inter-campus roma
                         yet to he ar of the tales of                  anyone?

photos by Vanessa Low

16                                                                                    17
                                          This year COFAtopia is giving over it’s naughty back
                                          page to the COFA Student Representative Council (SRC).
                                                                                                         EXIST, I INSIST
                                                                                                       I FLOTSAM & FLUX
                                                                                                       Alexander Poulet
                                          The SRC @COFA are a bunch of students who represent YOU!       Jack Condon and Rebecca Karageorgos
                                          They are there to campaign for your needs to
                                                                                                       insert a short sentence about exhibition here
                                          the larger university body as well as                           Somewhere between light and dark is the truth of
                                          make sure your student voice is heard                           who and what we are. There is no sense in showing
                                          when it comes to national affairs.                              darkness without beauty or gorging ourselves on the
                                                                                                          beatific without the pain that is part of everyday reality.
                                          In this issue we hear from                                      We’re caught in a sphere of great familiarity and at the
                                          SRC @ COFA President                                            same 5-7pm Tuesday 21 February
                                                                                                       Opens time, a great distance. A sphere where the past
                                          Beth Dillon. If you want to                                     and
                                                                                                       Closes present have3been removed and all that remains
                                                                                                                   Saturday March 2012

                                          get involved in the conversation,                               is a cutout pretending to be something more than the
                                          friend them on FB at COFA Src.                                  stillness of the moment.

             S                                                                                                  GALLERY
                                                                                                       KUDOS5-7pm Tuesday 10 July
                                                                                                        Closes Saturday 21 July 2012
                                                                                                       6 Napier St Paddington NSW 2021
                                                                                                       11am-6pm Wed to Fri, 11am-4pm Sat

                                                                                                         SCIENCE FICTIONAL
                                                                                                       T 02 9326 0034
                                                                                                          Andrew Frost
                                                                                                       Kudos Gallery is run by COFA students and
                                            Dear student,                                                 Science Fictional is an expanded short story
                                                                                                       funded by Arc @ UNSW Limited
                                                                                                          incorporating telemetry from a 3.5 year deep-culture
                                                                                                          research mission. Six screens of image and four
                     Feeling disadvantaged by the COFA Redevelopment Project?                             channels of sound were sorted and edited according
                 Peeved at paying top dollar for a campus with limited studio facilities,                 to strict apophenic principals, eschewing strict
                  resources and amenities? Got concerns, gripes and grumbles about                        temporal alignment while maximizing emotional and
                                                                                                          cognitive response, here presented for your viewing
                          the quality of your university education experience?

   The COFA SRC wants to hear your constructive criticisms as part of our Dear Dean Campaign.            Opens      5-7pm Tuesday 24 July
                                                                                                         Closes     Saturday 4 August 2012
     Over the past few months your student representatives have been gathering letters of the
     email and hard copy variety expressing the collective and individual concerns of COFA
  students. Want to have your say on the matter? Then write a letter detailing the problem and
how you’d like the issue to be resolved, then either place it in the drop box in the Common Room         OH, FOR THE LOVE
                             or email us at
                                                                                                         OF PRINTS!
                                                                                                         Rebecca Geddes, Helen Daley, Angela Butler,
  The SRC will be presenting your letters to the Dean mid-Semester 2. It is hoped that through           Anna Russell, Helen Wardle, Jess Bradford,
constructive dialogue between students and the Dean, we will be able to secure better conditions         Jessica Hoddkinson, Max Gosling, David Quoy,
  for students studying at COFA both at present and once the construction period has ended.              Kate Landau, Verity Wells and more!
                                                                                                         A celebration of the diversity of printmaking from
                             Want to express your concerns through ART?                                  The Prints Charming Collective: a printmaking
                                                                                                         studio and education space in Newtown facilitating
     Then get involved in the COFA SRC’s Half a Desk exhibition at Kudos Gallery, ArtsWeek, 13-17
                                                                                                         experimentation and collaboration.
     August. We’re looking for works that fit within the physical dimensions of half a standard desk
       size provided to Undergraduate students at COFA (40cm x 75cm). The show’s theme is                Opens      5-7pm Tuesday 7 August
                                                                                                         Closes     Saturday 11 August 2012
          both critique of COFA’s cramped studio facilities and a celebration of how talented
           COFA students are, despite the dismal conditions on campus. Works in progress,
             experimental works and works that explore the size restrictions creatively are
                definitely encouraged. To apply or inquire, email 3 photos and a short
                 description of your work or proposed work to
                                         by 5pm, Mon 30 July.
                                                                                                       KUDOS GALLERY
                                                                                                       6 Napier St Paddington NSW 2021
                                            Cheers,                                                    11am-6pm Wed to Fri, 11am-4pm Sat
                                           Beth Dillon                                                 T 02 9326 0034
                                     COFA SRC Representative                                           E
                                                                                                       W                                                  19
                                                                                                       Kudos Gallery is run by COFA students and funded by Arc @ UNSW Limited

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