Princess Charming lyrics: Enjoy this nice song by Megan & Liz right now

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					Princess Charming lyrics: Enjoy this nice song by
Megan & Liz right now
 “We're Megan & Liz. we're
  constantly referred to as one
  person: the twins. megan
  likes glitter, liz likes vintage,
  and we both like a little place
  called YouTube :)” That is
  self-described of the twins
  Megan and Liz.

    There are not many beautiful
    twins singers in the music
    world, Megan and Liz are the
    twins that are not only very
    beautiful but also got the real
    talent of singing and playing
 There are many interesting facts
  about the twins that their fans
  want to discover everyday. The
  fan page of them twins now
  reach the 300 thousand fans,
  their channel on youtube reach
  more than 175 millions view and
  about 800 subscribers.
 Although they are not the top
  stars of music world but the
  numbers say that there are many
  people love them as singers.
  There are many different fan
  pages are created and attracts
  countless people to update to
  their images and music products
 Megan’s full name is
  McKinley Mace, and Liz’s
  Elizabeth Morgan Mace. They
  are often known as the name
  Megan & Liz. They was born
  on November 21, 1992 in
  Edwardsburg, Michigan, The
  United States.

 Both of them can sing and
  write the songs well. Besides,
  Megan usually plays as the
  guitarist. Both of the
  beautiful girls are single and
  currently live with their
 In the self-described note at the
  beginning of this articles, the
  twins said that they “like a little
  place called youtube”. A big
  reason that make they love this
  channel so much like that, their
  music career started with the
  help of youtube.

 The first music video by Megan
  and Liz was named “The Note”,
  written by themselves at the
  age of 15. The first cover of
  them was “Ain't No Mountain
  High Enough” but they were
  better known for the cover of
  Diana Ross.
 The channel of two
  beautiful girls that
  cover so well the
  greatest hits attracted
  more and more
  people. At the
  moment, it reaches
  about 175 millions
  views in total and 800
  thousand subscribers.
 The initial success gave
  them more chances, they
  were invited to perform at
  the Totally Tube concert
  and then co-operate with
  many famous singers and
  music productions.

 Their career is getting
  more and more
  professional with the
  breakthrough event. The
  twins are featured in a
  commercial for the 2012
  MTV Video Music Awards,
  they were the nominees for
  "Best Female Video”
 There are many famous songs by Megan &
  Liz but one of the most popular is Princess
  Charming. The speed of this song seems to
  be so fast so many of listeners may not
  hear the lyrics clearly. Visit the site
  ncess_charming.html for a full Princess
  Charming lyrics.

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