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									                                                                                                                      no. 12 fall/W inter 2010

            AmericAn            college            of     SurgeonS          commiSSion            on    cAncer         preSentS


                     t o        A m e r i c A n                  c A n c e r           S o c i e t y           S t A f f

                                                        The Cancer Liaison Physician–
                                                        American Cancer Society Relationship:
                                                        A Physician’s Perspective
                                                        The relationship between the Cancer Liaison Physician
                                                        (CLP) and his or her local American Cancer Society (ACS)
                                                        representative is an important component for the success of
                                                        the CLP program. From the physician’s perspective, there are
                                                        a number of benefits to a strong CLP–ACS collaboration:
                                                        ! Newly appointed CLPs may benefit from input and guidance by their
                                                           ACS partner, who may have more experience with respect to the
                                                           opportunities and challenges that patients face in the community.
                                                        ! While physicians often focus on one particular aspect of cancer
Highlights of this issue include:                          care, their ACS colleague can be a valuable source of information
                                                           on broad cancer-related issues in their community.
! message from the Vice-chair                           ! CLPs review and report on cancer registry quality data to their
                                                           cancer program on a regular basis. Their ACS representative
! A tribute to ramesh V. patwardhan,
  mD, fAcS, georgia State chair
                                                           can help employ this information at the community level
                                                           with respect to cancer screening and support services.
! coc to Announce Standards revisions                   ! The Commission on Cancer (CoC) works to educate and support
! the collaborative Action plan is a useful tool           CLPs using their State Chair Network and multiple electronic
                                                           resources. As a volunteer physician, meetings with your ACS
! AcS executes field Staff Survey:                         community representative provide an important “in person”
  coc engagement                                           partnership to help implement national initiatives at the local level.
! many thanks to the coc Steering committee             In summary, active CLP–ACS community collaboration has much to offer
! AcoS/AcS collaboration                                the liaison physician and promotes success in his or her role. Consider
  Summit planned for April                              these potential “talking points” the next time you meet with your CLP.
! 2010 training calls Were Well Attended                                                         Phil Roland, MD, FACS, FACOG
                                                                                         Vice-Chair, Committee on Cancer Liaison
! 2011 training calls Begin on January 18
                                                                                           St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center
! have you Visited the CoC Community?                                                                                Hartford, CT
! AcS resource corner

                                                                                              CoC to Announce
          DIV ISIon                                                                           Standards
        ReL AT IonShI P
                                A Tribute to Ramesh V.
         MA nAGeRS                                                                            Revisions
       SoUTh ATLAnTIC           Patwardhan, MD, FACS,
         lynn erdman                                                                          ! Working draft of
                                Georgia State Chair                                             new standards will
             GReAT WeST
              Deb Schiro                                                                        be released soon!
                                Ramesh V. Patwardhan, MD, FACS, 62,
         neW enGLAnD            died Friday, November 12, 2010, at the                        ! Several new standards are
         Debborah Smith
                                Medical University of South Carolina in                         being pilot tested at 50 cancer
               ILLInoIS         Charleston. The Cancer Liaison program                          program surveys taking place
             Jennifer Briggs    would like to recognize the excellent service                   between now and June 2011.
                 ohIo           provided by Dr. Patwardhan, who served                        ! Final standards will be
              John Alduino      as the Georgia State Chair from July 2008                       released in July 2011.
        PennSyLVAnIA            until the time of his death. Beginning in                     ! Final standards are set
           lora heck            2006, he also served as a CoC Surveyor.                         for implementation
            FLoRIDA                                                                             January 1, 2012.
         Valerie Anderson

             emilia Jankowski

             GReAT LAkeS
              thomas rich

              martha ryan
                                The Collaborative Action Plan Is a Useful Tool
             hIGh PLAInS
              Karen torges      A sample Collaborative Action Plan is available in the CoC Community on The
              MIDSoUTh          Link in the Building and Maintaining the Relationship folder. Speak with your
              rachel King       supervisor about using this sample as a template or creating a version for your
               MIDWeST          division’s use when working with your CoC-accredited programs.
              Karla Wysocki
                                The Collaborative Action Plan can be used to document relationships with CoC-accredited
      ACS - CoC STeeRInG        programs. Having a Collaborative Action Plan is supported by the CLP but is not a requirement
    CoMMIT Tee LeADeRShIP       for CoC accreditation. CoC Surveyors will often inquire about an ACS Collaborative Action
                                Plan on survey day, seeking evidence of the program’s support of the ACS relationship.
    nATIonAL hoMe oFFICe
      Stephanie Van Winkle      The benefits of using a Collaborative Action Plan are that it:
    CoMMISSIon on CAnCeR        ! Provides structure and accountability to the relationship.
         connie Bura
                                ! Helps establish a formal referral process.
    CoMMISSIon on CAnCeR
        carolyn Jones           ! Aids in the facilities’ compliance with Commission on Cancer standards.
    CoMMISSIon on CAnCeR
          nina miller
                                “The Collaborative Action Plan has been well received by my CoC programs.
                                They appreciate having documentation of the partnership with ACS, especially
                                when they are preparing for a Commission on Cancer survey. The Collaborative
                                Action Plan helps track outcomes of the partnership and helps with setting
                                goals from year to year. It is the most valuable tool I use in my work.”
                                                                                                        —H. Guerrero, Midwest

                                      ACS executes                   Many Thanks to the CoC
           STATe C hA I RS

                                      Field Staff                    Steering Committee
    Donna lynn Dyess, mD, fAcS
                                      Survey: CoC                    A special thanks to the CoC Steering Committee! Each
           Kevin Stange, mD           engagement                     member took time from his or her very busy schedule
                                                                     to be part of the Committee and offer expertise in
      richard J. gray, mD, fAcS       More than 180 division         developing field calls, resources, and tools to support field
                                      staff participated in          staff across all American Cancer Society divisions.
     Albert reed thompson, mD,        the CoC Engagement             CoC Steering Committee Members
                fAcS                  Survey in November
           CALIFoRnIA n
                                      and December 2010.             StephAnie VAn WinKle • Director, Strategy and
        lisa Bailey, mD, fAcS         This response represents       Collaborations, National Home Office, American Cancer Society
                                      engagement with
          CALIFoRnIA S
                                      more than 700 CoC-             DeB Schiro     • Vice-President, Cancer Resource Network,
    James A. recabaren, mD, fAcS
                                      accredited programs.           Great West
          CALIFoRnIA X
      ujwala D. rajgopal, mBBS,
                                      Feedback from the              rAchAel King      • Division Health Initiatives Director, Mid South
                fAcS                  survey has helped to
                                      guide the Steering             K ArlA l. W ySocKi       • Director, Information, Midwest
                                      Committee in planning
      larry D. Dillon, mD, fAcS
                                      future field calls,            mArthA ryAn       • Director, Health Systems Initiatives, Eastern
         ConneCTICUT                  defining resources to          K Aren torgeS      • Director, Strategic Collaborations, High Plains
     ramon Jimenez, mD, fAcS
                                      support your work, and
                  DC                  providing invaluable           emiliA JAnKoWSKi         • Vice-President, Mission Delivery
        patrick g. Jackson, mD
                                      insight on the impact          Relations, California
           DeLAWARe                   of the CoC relationship
     James Spellman, mD, fAcS         across all divisions.          DeBBorAh Smith          • Senior Vice-President, Health Initiatives,
                                                                     New England
            FLoRIDA A
      Steven n. hochwald, mD,         Many thanks to all who
                fAcS                  completed the survey!          lynn erDmAn       • Vice-President, Medical Affairs, South Atlantic
            FLoRIDA J
                                      Please contact your CoC        John AlDuino       • Senior Director, Health Initiatives,
         carmine Volpe, mD            Division Relationship          East Central
                                      Manager or supervisor
            FLoRIDA M
    Juan carlos paramo, mD, fAcS
                                      if you still want to           ninA miller • Manager, Cancer Liaison Program,
                                      participate, as the survey     Commission on Cancer
               GeoRGIA                will remain open until
                                      the end of January 2011.       connie BurA • Administrative Director, Cancer Programs,
              hAWAII                                                 Commission on Cancer
      lieutenant colonel richard
           Smith, mD, fAcS


            ILLInoIS C                ACoS/ACS Collaboration Summit Planned for April
    constantine V. godellas, mD,
                                      The American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer and the American
           ILLInoIS L                 Cancer Society have worked together since 1913 to improve the quality of
      norman estes, mD, fAcS
                                      cancer care in the United States. The collaboration has resulted in significant
              InDIAnA                 accomplishments, including the establishment of the Cancer Liaison Program, the
    robert J. goulet, Jr., mD, fAcS   National Cancer Data Base, and the American Joint Committee on Cancer.
      hisakazu hoshi, mD, fAcS        Leadership, staff, and volunteers representing the American College of Surgeons,
                                      the CoC, and the Society will be meeting at the National Home Office in Atlanta,
      James J. hamilton, Jr., mD,
                                      GA, for the American College of Surgeons–American Cancer Society Collaboration
                fAcS                  Summit, date TBD. The theme for the meeting will be “The American Cancer Society
                                      and the American College of Surgeons: Reflecting on 100 Years of Collaboration and
      Daniel e. Kenady, Sr., mD,      Creating a Vision for the Future.” As the Society and the CoC look to the future, each
                 fAcS                 organization recognizes the value of the long-standing collaboration and the opportunity
                                      to continue making a difference in the lives of cancer patients and survivors.


                                   2010 Training Calls Were Well Attended
      Barry landry, mD, fAcS
                                   The CoC Steering Committee hosted a               AuguSt/SeptemBer 2010
     lisa A. rutstein, mD, fAcS    number of calls in 2010 on various topics         Clinical Trials Matching Service, Parts
                                   related to working with CoC-accredited            1 and 2—Part 1 provided an overview of
     frank S. rotolo, mD, fAcS
                                   programs and health care providers. These         CoC standards that relate to clinical trials,
                                   calls were well attended, with most averaging     the importance of clinical trials to cancer
        MASSAChUSeTTS              more than 100 attendees. If you missed            care, and an overview of the Clinical Trials
    peter hopewood, mD, fAcS
                                   any calls, or need a refresher, visit the CoC     Matching Service. Part 2 provided a roadmap
           MIChIGAn                Community on The Link. All calls are posted       to promote the Clinical Trials Matching
    marianne K. lange, mD, fAcS    in the CoC Training Calls and Webinars folder.    Service, including understanding the
        MInneSoTA                                                                    program’s priorities and needs, determining
timothy Sielaff, mD, phD, fAcS     A special thanks to the division staff,           key decision makers, and messaging the
                                   Commission on Cancer staff, Cancer Liaison        value of the Clinical Trials Matching Service.
    edward copeland, mD, fAcS
                                   Physicians, Cancer Committee Chairs,              Guest speaker, Terry Sarantou, MD,
                                   Surveyors, and other special guests who           FACS, CoC State Chair, North Carolina
             MISSoURI              contributed to the 2010 CoC Field Calls!
    Julie margenthaler, mD, fAcS
                                                                                     octoBer 2010
               MonTAnA             feBruAry 2010                                     CoC 301—This call built on the account
              Jeff rentz, mD       CoC Survey 201—CoC survey basics                  planning process discussed in CoC 201 and
                                   and ways in which ACS can support CoC-            provided strategies and best practices to
    Stephen J. Dreyer, mD, fAcS    accredited programs throughout the survey         prioritize work with CoC programs and
                                   process were discussed. Guest speaker,            develop strong working relationships with
     Annabel Barber, mD, fAcS      Holly Guerrero, Senior Health Initiatives,        key decision makers. Presenters discussed
                                   Midwest Division and Lisa Land Vogt,              the importance of the Collaborative
        neW hAMPShIRe              Administrator, Commission on Cancer
       teresa ponn, mD, fAcS                                                         Action Plan and the process for building
                                   mArch 2010                                        and documenting relationships with CoC
           neW JeRSey
     Jarrod Kaufman, mD, fAcS      CoC 201—Strategies to build and enhance           programs. Guest speaker, Jeanmarie
                                   relationships with CoC-accredited programs        Glasser, Assistant Administrator, Upstate
          neW MeXICo
             Vacant                were discussed. The call focused on effective     Cancer Center, Syracuse, NY
      neW yoRk b
                                   account planning and the tools available to       DecemBer 2010
tomas m. heimann, mD, fAcS         support the account planning process. Guest       New CoC Standards: What You Need to
                                   speaker, Jean Ann Bull, Health Initiatives        Know in 2011—An overview of the CoC’s
           neW yoRk e
     mitchell chorost, mD, fAcS
                                   Representative, Mid South Division                revised Cancer Program Standards, including
          neW yoRk M               April 2010                                        the timeline for pilot testing the standards
             Vacant                Working with the CoC Cancer                       in 2011 and the national implementation
                                   Committee—An overview of the structure            scheduled for January 1, 2012, was discussed.
            neW yoRk U
     leslie J. Kohman, mD, fAcS    and mission of the Cancer Committee and a
          neW yoRk W
                                   roadmap for ACS staff to help build effective
                                   partnerships with the Cancer Committee were
                                   discussed. Guest speaker, Shanna Lee, Mission       2011 Training Calls
       noRTh CARoLInA
     terry Sarantou, mD, fAcS      Delivery Manager, South Atlantic Division           begin on January 18
        noRTh DAkoTA               June 2010
     michael Bouton, mD, fAcS      Using Data in Your Work with CoC                    The 2011 call series will kick off on
                                   Hospitals—An overview of the National               January 18 with “The CoC Survey:
    Valeriy moysaenko, mD, fAcS    Cancer Data Base public benchmark and               Supporting CoC Programs in the Survey
                                   quality reporting tools, ACS Facts and Figures,     Process.” Future topics will include
     Jean Stevenson, mD, fAcS      the CoC Hospital Locator, and Cancer                “The Medical Systems Business Case,”
                                   Control P.L.A.N.E.T. were discussed. Guest          “Navigating the Health Care System,”
                                   speaker, Steffanye Hawbaker, Customer               a series of best practice discussion
     William Dooley, mD, fAcS
                                   Relations Assistant, Commission on Cancer           calls, and others. A full schedule will
            oReGon                                                                     be published on The Link in the CoC
    Katherine morris, mD, fAcS                                                         Training Calls and Webinars folder.
       PennSyLVAnIA C
     Aaron Bleznak, mD, fAcS

        PennSyLVAnIA e
        ned carp, mD, fAcS


       PennSyLVAnIA W             have you Visited the CoC Community?
    James mccormick, Do, fAcS,
                                  The CoC Community on The Link contains a wealth of information, tools, and resources to
           PUeRTo RICo            support your work with CoC-accredited programs. A number of new resources and folders have
    ignacio echenique, mD, fAcS   been added to the Community over the past year. The resource directory below is also posted
         RhoDe ISLAnD             on the CoC Community. If you haven’t visited the site lately, be sure to make a visit in 2011!
     theresa graves, mD, fAcS

        SoUTh CARoLInA
      nestor esnaola, mD, mph

        SoUTh DAkoTA
       mary milroy, mD, fAcS        Resource Directory             folDer D: Building and         folDer g:  Promising
                                                                   Maintaining the Relationship   Practices
            TenneSSee               Communities—
    nipun B. merchant, mD, fAcS
                                    Volunteers and Programs—       ! Introduction and             ! Working with Cancer
              TeXAS n               Commission on Cancer             Thank-You Letters              Committees, Working
    catherine Ann ronaghan, mD,                                    ! CRN PowerPoint for             with CLPs, and so on
                fAcS                folDerS                          Health Care Providers        folDer h:   CoC Training
              TeXAS S               1. CoC Community               ! Society Reporting            Calls and Webinars
    emily K. robinson, mD, fAcS
                                       Directory                     Template to the
                                                                                                  ! Access to Recorded
     robert Andtbacka, mD, cm
                                    2. CoC Division                  Cancer Committee               Calls and Presentations
                                       Relationship Managers       ! Collaborative Action Plan
                                    3. CoC-Accredited                                             folDer i: Media Alerts
       Simon Drew, mD, fAcS                                          Template and Worksheet
                                       Hospitals                                                  and Press Releases
              VIRGInIA                                             ! Siebel Business Process
                                                                                                  ! ACS CAN, Screening
     Kirsten edmiston, mD, fAcS     folDer A: Partnership          folDer e:  Evaluation            Guidelines, ACS–
           WAShInGTon               with Commission on             and Recognition                  AJCC Press Release,
      J. David Beatty, mD, fAcS     Cancer Guidebook                                                Message Wheels
                                                                   ! Sample Staff Objectives
        WeST VIRGInIA               folDer B:     The Basics
    magesh Sundaram, mD, fAcS                                      folDer f:   Additional         folDer J: Prevention and
                                    !   Working Together to        Resources                      Early Detection Resources
      charles cheng, mD, fAcS           Improve Cancer Outcomes                                   ! Cancer Site Presentation,
                                                                   ! Account Planning
                                    !   CoC Cancer Program                                          ACS Brochures, and so on
                                        Category List              ! ACS Books
                                                                   ! ACS CAN                 folDer K: Resources
                                    !   CoC 101 PowerPoint                                   for State Chair
                                    !   Society–CoC Partnership    ! Cancer Committee        Relationship Managers
                                        Presentation               ! Cancer Resource Network ! Presentations, Best
                                    folDer c: Preparing            ! ChrOniCle issues          Practices, State
                                    for the Relationship           ! CoC Standards             Chair Toolkit
                                    ! Benefits of Partnership      ! Clinical Trials
                                      Sell Sheet                     Matching Service
                                    ! CoC Facility Profile         ! CoC Survey


                          new Resource! Circle of Sharing™

    ACS ReSoURCe CoRneR   Launched in 2011, Circle of Sharing is the American Cancer Society’s online tool for
                          sharing cancer information and resources. Circle of Sharing gives cancer patients and
                          their caregivers the trusted American Cancer Society information, resources, and
                          tools they need to cope with a cancer diagnosis. They can then share as much of that
                          information as they like with other family and friends they invite into their Circle.
                          Circle of Sharing enables patients to enter information specific to their cancer
                          diagnosis and treatment. For example, if “breast cancer” and “radiation” are entered,
                          Circle of Sharing will provide links to American Cancer Society documents
                          about breast cancer and about radiation therapy, and will connect patients to
                          the Cancer Resource Connection so they can search for local resources.
                          Suggestions for promoting Circle of Sharing:
                          ! Visit to find out more about Circle of Sharing.
                          ! Share YouTube videos, patient testimonials, and the live demo at Cancer Committee
                            meetings. (Click on the “Learn More” button on the Circle of Sharing page to access.)
                          ! Distribute Circle of Sharing brochures, item # 4659.00 in the National Materials Library.

                          neW from the ACS books Department!
                          Chemo Cards and a new ACS book Catalog!

                                                         The ACS Books          Promoting Chemo Cards:
                                                         Department is          ! A PDF of a promotional flier for Chemo
                                                         pleased to               Cards is available in the Additional Resource—
                                                         announce                 Books folder on the CoC Community on
                                                         Chemo Cards, a           The Link. The flier offers constituents a 20
                                                         companion                percent discount on greeting cards and
                                                         collection of            gift books. Staff may purchase books and
                                                         greeting cards           cards at 40 percent off the retail price at
                                                         by Tani Miller, Print the flier
                                                         author of the            double-sided (flip on short edge) on 11 x
                                                         2009 ACS                 17 paper, and then fold to 8.5 x 11. Hard
                                                         book Chemo and           copies of the flier are also available at no cost
                                                         Me: My Hair Loss         in packs of 25 (product code: 9666.01).
                                                         Experience. Each
                                                         card features a        The Books Department has just published
                                                         positive, warm-        a new books catalog to help promote ACS
                          hearted message to encourage, support, and            books to CoC hospitals, health care providers,
                          give hope to people undergoing chemotherapy.          patients, and
                          The collection includes 46 cards, six
                          cards intended to provide support and                 The Books
                          encouragement to anyone undergoing                    Catalog is
                          treatment for cancer, with additional cards           available at
                          that focus on chemotherapy and hair loss,             no charge
                          including cards for men and women.                    to divisions
                                                                                through the
                          Chemo Cards are available through the National        National
                          Materials Catalog for the cost of $9.87 for a         Materials
                          set of six cards, or $1.98 for a single card. Free    Library, item
                          distribution is at the discretion of each division.   # 968601.
                          The retail price for a set of six cards is $19.75;
                          retail price for individual cards is $3.95.

                                  Facility Information Profile System (FIPS):
                                  Services and Resource Selections Updated for 2011
                                  The Commission on Cancer formed a                 ! The supportive services section has
                                  workgroup in early 2010 to review and update        undergone the most change. The list
                                  the Level I data items included in FIPS.            has been restructured into services and
                                  These data, which include program resources         groups offering care either on-site or by
                                  and services, are completed by each CoC-            referral. In addition to the psychosocial
                                  accredited cancer program for display on the        and supportive services and the support
                                  CoC Hospital Locator. The public, patients,         groups, there is a separate list of
                                  and information specialists use the Locator         American Cancer Society services offered
    Contact Information           resource and service information, and cancer        either on-site or in the community.
   IF yoU hAVe qUeSTIonS
                                  caseload data, to search for facilities that      A special CoC Flash e-mail newsletter will
                                  provide quality cancer care. The resources and    be disseminated to all CoC-accredited
 To SUPPoRT The AMeRICAn          services data items were updated to reflect       cancer programs announcing the changes
CAnCeR SoCIeTy–CoMMISSIon         the most current options in cancer care.          and requesting that programs review
  on CAnCeR ReLATIonShIP,
                                  The workgroup sought input from staff at          their FIPS Level I resources and services
                                  CoC-accredited cancer programs, professionals     data and update it accordingly.
      Stephanie Van Winkle        on staff at the CoC, and physician members        We encourage the American Cancer Society
      Director, Strategy and      of the CoC and its member organizations.          staff to utilize the CoC Hospital Locator to
  collaborations national home    Here are a few of the changes you will see        access the most current information available
              office              in the CoC Hospital Locator in 2011:              on resources and services from our CoC-
       250 Williams St., nW
        Atlanta, gA 30303
                                  ! A new list called “Cancer-Related Specialists   accredited cancer programs, and to review       on Staff at Your Facility” will replace the    the facility’s Level II data, which includes
                                     previous “Types of Physicians” list. This      the site and stage distribution for cancer
          nina miller                new section has medical providers and allied   patients diagnosed in 2008. The 2009 data
manager, cancer liaison program      health professionals, with an option to list   will be added to the Locator in March 2011.
    commission on cancer             the number of each that are board certified.
     633 n. Saint clair St.                                                         Questions regarding FIPS and the
                                  ! Diagnostic services and surgical procedures     CoC Hospital Locator can be directed
    chicago, il 60611-3211
                                     have been separated into two lists with        to the CoC at
                                     current selections suggested by physicians
          carolyn Jones              currently working in each field.
    coordinator, cancer liaison
      commission on cancer
       633 n. Saint clair St.
     chicago, il 60611-3211

 for more information on the
coc and its programs, log on to


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