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Tetris gets educational. Drop numbered blocks on top of each other to hit
the target numbers and earn multipliers. Warning: very addictive.

Price: £0.69 | Platform: iPhone | Download KooZac iPhone app

EDF Energy

The cold nights are closing in and if you are cranking up the heating or
the electricity at home, snap your own meter readings to make sure you
are not getting fleeced on inaccurate estimates.

Price: Free | Platform: iPhone | Download EDF Energy iPhone app

best ipod paids apps

Where’s My Water

Disney’s physics-based puzzler gets the Tim Burton treatment with a new
10 level Frankenweenie pack to mark the big haired filmmaker’s latest
animated flick giving the game a black and white makeover and adding new
levels and collectibles.

Price: Free | Platform: iPhone | Download Where’s My Water iPhone app

Pocket Warwick

Take control of the career of Warwick Davis, the diminutive star of Life
Is Short and Willow. Stay tuned to when we reveal why Warwick has
decided to venture into the app world.

Price: Free | Platform: iPhone | Download Pocket Warwick iPhone app

Finger Focus

Adding an artsy blur to your iPhotos, the image altering app will let you
swipe across the pictures to fake the depth of field and pinch to zoom
into any area that you want to stand out in the snap.

Price: £0.69 | Platform: iPhone | Download Finger Focus iPhone app |
Finger Focus iPhone app review

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